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Seasonal Cabin

Chapter 1

"I can't believe I let you talk me into this." Olivia grumbled as she stared at the cabin in front of her.

"Come on Liv. You were excited about it a week ago." Alex replied as she grabbed her belongings out of the car.

"Were, being the operative word."

"So what's different now?"

"Alex the point of this was to be able to spend time with our boyfriends. Well me and Dean aren't going out anymore."

"Oh no, what happened?" Alex questioned as she opened the door to their cabin and entered.

"He said he couldn't make it, that he had a very important meeting that he couldn't miss. That's the 7th time he cancelled on me this month. I told him since he's too busy for a girlfriend we shouldn't date and that about sums up the conversation." Olivia responded following Alex into the cabin and placing her things on the floor. "So as you can see, I'm not too excited about being here for the next two weeks while you and Matt be all lovey dovey."

"Liv it'll still be fun, and hey, maybe you'll see a couple of cute guys around."

"Just because I'm not in a relationship anymore doesn't mean I'm ready to jump in another one."

"You never know." Alex smirked.

"Yeah whatever. I'm going to go pick a room and unpack." Olivia stated as she headed down the hall. Each room was nice but she decided on the room that had a view of the lake. Plopping her suitcases on the bed, she was about to unpack her things when Alex called out to her.

"Hey Liv?"


"I'm hungry, you wanna go eat?" Alex questioned popping her head in the bedroom. "It's almost dinner time so we can go eat at the hall."

Olivia's stomach grumbled signifying that she was definitely hungry. "Yeah I can finish packing later. Do you think I should take a coat?"

"I'm not taking one, I'm just going to wear a light jacket since the hall isn't that far away, but if you want to bring one you can. I'm just too lazy to haul one around." Alex laughed.

"I think I'll do the light jacket too considering I'm almost as lazy as you are." Olivia smiled. "Let's go."


Upon entering the hall Olivia could see that there were at least 100 people and she was sure there was more than that. She could hear the chatter of families talking and the noise kind of reminded her back in high school when she was at an assembly waiting for it to start. The smell of food invaded her nostrils and she had to admit that it did smell pretty darn good.

"Come on, let's go make our plates and find a table." Alex led Olivia over to the food and grabbed her plate. "An all you can eat buffet, now this is awesome." She grinned.

"You're so fat Alex." Olivia laughed putting some mash potatoes on her plate.

"Shut up. We just got here and you already have three things on your plate. I'm empty handed." Alex chuckled surveying the food and putting stuff on her plate as well.

"Well we don't want the food to go to waste. I'm just helping them dispose of it." Olivia smirked, grabbing silverware and heading to a table. She choose a spot against the wall so she could see outside; currently the only sign of movement was a guy cutting firewood.

"So what do you think of this place?" Alex asked taking a seat.

"It's nice, really nice. And it's cozy, almost reminds me of home. Well except the fact that I'm in the middle of nowhere and I have to walk in the snow just to get something to eat." Olivia replied.

Alex sighed. "Liv, will you just give it a chance?"

"Sure, I'm just saying that I could be at home snuggled up on my couch reading a book or watching movies."

"Oh will you be quiet."

"I'm just making a point."

"And what point is that?"

"There's no place like home?" Olivia grinned and Alex laughed.

"You're impossible."

"Yeah I know. What time do you have to pick up Matt from the airport tomorrow?" Olivia inquired munching on her Mac 'N' Cheese.

"Mmmm his flight gets in at 3:30 but I'm gonna leave the cabin at noon."

"Alex, it only takes a little over two hours to get to the airport."

"I know, but just in case traffic and the roads are bad I want to have enough time to be there a little early.

"You know, just because you're going to be there early it doesn't mean that his flight will be." Olivia smiled.

"A girl can hope." Alex laughed. "Forgot the drinks, want anything?"

"Water's fine." Olivia replied as she watched Alex get up and leave. She directed her attention outside and once again she saw the same man cutting firewood. She couldn't see much since it was dark out but she could make out a tall man with broad shoulders. He had no coat on, but he was wearing a sweater that squeezed his muscles perfectly. She averted her gaze to Alex wondering what was taking her so long. She spotted her talking to some woman laughing and Olivia figured they must know each other from how relaxed they seemed.

Olivia sat there and stared out the window for another 5 minutes before curiosity got the best of her. Rising out of her chair, she went over to the hot chocolate dispenser and poured 2 cups and added marshmallows to one. She weaved her way through the people and exited the back doors. Rocking on her hills she watched as the man continued to swing his axe downward.

Sensing her presence, the man turned to look at her and heaved a big sigh as he tried to catch his breath. "Hi." He greeted as the cold air filled his lungs.

"Hi." Olivia replied quietly. "I…um…brought you some hot chocolate. I figured you must be cold and maybe thirsty."

Placing his axe down he slowly walked over to her so he was face to face with her, but with him being a little bit taller Olivia had to slightly look up to meet his eyes. Reaching out, he grabbed the hot liquid that she offered, his hand slightly touching hers; though they were cold from being outside she could still feel the heat radiate off of him. "Thank you." He offered a small smile and Olivia almost melted at his smile, especially with his blue eyes staring at her so intensely.

"You're welcome." She replied softly. "I'm Olivia."

"Elliot." He responded giving her outstretched hand a gentle shake. With the cup of hot chocolate in his hands he looked down into the cup and then into hers and back into his. "No marshmallows?" He questioned with a quirk of the brow, but Olivia could see amusement dancing over his features.

"Nope, sorry, they were all out." Olivia smiled knowing that she was lying, but he couldn't possibly know that.

"And yet, you have some in your cup, quite a few actually." He smiled.

"Well if I knew you wanted marshmallows maybe I would have shared…maybe."

"Well maybe I would have appreciated it."

Olivia smiled at him enjoying the playful banter between them. "Do you always come out here when it's dark and chop wood?"

"No I normally do it during the daytime but I've been sort of busy today and this was the only time that I had the chance to get it done."

"Why not just work on it tomorrow?"

"Well some cabins wanted the firewood tonight and I actually wanted to get as much done as possible. There's suppose to be a storm coming tomorrow night and I want to make sure there is enough firewood." Elliot stated as he took a sip of his hot chocolate.

"You work here?"

He nodded. "Yeah, great pay." He smiled.

Before Olivia could ask another question the door opened. "There you are, I've been looking everywhere for you." Alex stated and then her eyes diverted to the blue-eyed man. "Oops, didn't mean to interrupt." She said as a slow smile crept up onto her face. "I was just coming to tell you that I was heading back to the cabin. I can wait for you or I could just see you tomorrow morning." She smirked, eyeing Elliot.

"Alex!" Olivia exclaimed embarrassed as her cheeks turned red. In the corner of her eye she could see Elliot grinning.

"That's not the name you'll be screaming later." Alex teased.

"Oh my god, kill me now." Olivia groaned as she looked towards the floor, too embarrassed to look up and meet Elliot's gaze. "I'll be there in a minute." Olivia glared at Alex but she only got laughter in reply as she walked off. Sighing, she looked up to meet Elliot's gaze and saw amusement written all over his face, as if he was holding in a laugh.

"Friend?" Elliot questioned smiling.

"Unfortunately yes."

"Well, she seems nice." Elliot chuckled.

"She's horrible! I can't believe she said that. She just made this situation awkward." Olivia smiled softly.

"It's not that bad. I should get back to chopping and you should get inside before you catch a cold."

"Me! You're the one that has been out here for god knows how long without a coat and you're worried about me getting a cold?" Olivia laughed.

"Well with a big heavy coat I wouldn't be able to swing the axe, plus, I'm a man, I can handle the cold. You woman are like a damsel in distress in this weather." Elliot grinned.

"And this is the thanks I get for getting you a cup of hot chocolate." Olivia replied, all the while smiling.

"No marshmallows." He smirked.

"Ugh!" Olivia rolled her eyes trying to keep the smile off her face, but it was impossible. "I should get going, but it was nice meeting you Elliot."

"You too Olivia." Elliot replied as he watched her go back in.

"Oh and Elliot?" Olivia called out as she stuck her head out the door. "Don't come complaining to me when you get sick." She smiled.

Elliot laughed. "Yes mam."

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