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Lips of Deceit

Another new school year starting already, I could not believe how fast this summer went. Hell, I could not even remember what all I did with my time. I sure as hell was not one of the poor teachers who had to put up with summer school. Basically the only actually time worthy thing I did for the entire summer was visit my mom in Phoenix. That was hotter than a bitch. I had grow accustom to the weather in Chicago, I was not longer used to the firing sun that Arizona had to offer.

I did however manage to enjoy as much quite time as I possibly could. We all know that when teaching those high school shits you don't always get that quite with their smart-ass mouths always running. Okay, not all of them are like that but we do know that there are quite a few who believe it's the "cool" thing to do by running their months none stop. Like that little shit Mike Newton. The fucker never shuts up. Thank goodness he is a senior this year. I don't know how much more I can take of him. Always trying to check me out and shit-talking smack because he thinks he will get the girls.

I, however, must be a pretty cool teacher because students don't mind spilling the entire dish that is going around the school to me. That is a good thing about handling the older ones, well the ones that have grown up. If someone needs a shoulder they know that I am there and I will never judge.

Another thing that I enjoy about teaching high school is that you don't always have new students every year. You get quite a few in different classes a few years in arrow, depending on exactly what you get to teach that year. Yes, you don't know all the students but there are always familiar faces around. This trimester I have a student assistant, Bree, she is now a junior and I had her, her first trimester her freshman year. Such a sweet girl and I know that she will be a big help.

I have made quite a few good friends that work here over the years. Rose is the mechanics teacher. Yes that's what I said; a chick teaches that shit to hormonal little boys. Well maybe not a chick, more like a goddess. Rose is one of the most gorgeous women I have ever encountered in my life. I have not clue why she decided to settle on being a damn teacher. That lady should be in the magazines. Her body is like one from Sports Illustrated, with her sleek blonde hair, and piercing blue eyes. Every male student drool over her and she actually has a waiting list for her class.

I also have Angela. She is one of the History teachers. She is married to Ben one of the science teachers. Then of course next door I have the wonderful Jessica Stanley. She is another English teacher and school whore. Basically if you are a male teacher at Trinity High School and not married you have slept with her. Fuck even some of the married ones have as well. I swear some of the students have as well. But that's her gig and I am not going to try sticking my nose in that bullshit; although though some of the looks that Newton gives her sometimes almost confirms it.

I realize that I cannot lie in bed anymore thinking of all this crap and it's time to get the hell up and get ready. I jump into the shower and quickly wash up, thankful that I don't have to go into the school really early for anything being that was all were there last Friday and finished setting everything up that needed done.

After my shower I get out and throw on my robe to wear while I blow-dry my hair so I could let it fall down my back in its natural brunette waves. After I quickly put on some mascara, a light amount of eye shadow, not needed blush because for some reason I was blessed with the God given talent of being able to blush at just about everything, I am basically a walking cherry tomato, I walked into my room and put on my new pencil skirt outfit. Navy blue skirt matched with a white buttoned up blouse then paired with my new, too high navy blue heels that match.

I grabbed my purse and was out of the door of my tiny ass apartment for the day. On the way to work, I stopped and picked up a cup of coffee and muffin to have for breakfast before class started. As I pulled into to the school I still had about forty minutes until the kids would start to pile in.

As soon as I walked into the building I stopped into the office momentarily to check my mailbox. As I grabbed my mail I noticed Principle Cullen talking to a few people in the back of the office. There were a few familiar teachers and someone that I did not recognize. What I did notice was Jessica standing next to the man, with drool practically coming off of her chin. I was tempted to walk over and offer her a tissue to wipe it off. But I was not sure who the person was and I think it would not be best to cause any type of scene in front of Mr. Cullen on the first day. I would have plenty of time for that throughout the year.

Standing from afar I was able to notice the fantastic ass on Mr. Unknown; nice and plump. I finally tore my eyes from it and noticed his unruly hair, which for some reason seemed oddly familiar to me. Don't ask how. Because I knew no one with crazy disheveled hair like that. But, messy as it was, it looked fun to play with.

Jessica shook the man's hand and was now walking away which snapped me out of my gaze. I got up to my classroom still having plenty of time before class began. As I placed my things down I started up my computer and got all the lights turned on to pass time. I started to get out all the books that I would be assigning to the first period students.

As I completed that task I realized that there is not much time left until class began so I decided to walk out into the hallway and watch the students and converse with other teachers. I got to the hallway and low and behold Jessica was already right there. I guess that it does not help me that her classroom is next to mine. My eyes naturally roll at the site of her. Now don't get me wrong, she really is a sweet girl, women or whatever, she is just extremely loose. Probably some shit to do with her self-esteem or whatever.

I watched her and began to notice that she was a nice looking person. I don't swing that way but if I did, she would look doable. She has below the shoulder length brown hair with giant curls in it, light brown eyes, nice body – nothing toned like my friend Rose – but nice. When she smiles it's kind of big and her nose is funny shaped but all those traits just make her Jessica.

"Bella!" She said walking over to me. Cue the eye roll before I look up to her.

"Hey Jess." I smiled back at her.

"How was your weekend?" She asked.

I saw her Friday when we finished setting everything up. For some reason though, I am not sure why, she was not able to make it out with us on Saturday night for our end of summer shit faced night.

"Good. I was hung-over and in bed all day yesterday."

"That seems to be what everyone was doing. Sounds like you all had a good time. I wish that I had been able to make it."

"Yeah me too. You would have had a ball." Or two. I am leaving that part out.

"Oh crap! I saw you were in the office this morning."

"Yeah." Her point was?

"Did you see him?" she asks excitedly.


"The new Vice Principle. He is so freaking hot! Like movie star, sex slave, porn god, hot." She is talking a bit too loud.

"Shhh. Jess we are in school." I shush her.

"Sorry. But it was unbelievable."

"If that is who you were drooling over then no, I only saw his back side."

"Oh just you wait!" To my luck some students then walked by us into each of our classrooms and we ended the conversation. I, of course am not always that lucky because now Rose is walking to us with a big shit ass grin on her face. She makes eye contact with me and then winks before she bust up laughing.

"What?" I say a bit meaner then I meant to.

"Oh nothing," She gushed out, still unable to laugh. I narrow my eyes at her. "Sorry." She takes a big deep breath before she continues. "Seen the new V.?

"No." What is it with everyone?

"I did!" Jessica chimes in. "Hot."

"Oh yes, definitely." Rose looks back to me with a smug look on her face.

She knows something.

"So how was yesterday for you?" Rose asks me.


"Yeah I figured as much." She winked again at me.

Bitch is totally laughing about my one nighter that I somehow managed.

Saturday night a bunch of us teachers decided to go out for drink. It was our way to mourn the end of our summer. Well six too many shoots of tequila on top of the dozens of beers we all had and sex was sounding great.

I have been single for years and at the time something other than "Buzz" was sounding pretty good. Add in a few hours on the dance floor and the next thing you know, you wake up in your bed with your clothing scattered throughout your apartment. All the proof that you have is a note on the bedside table saying "Thank You for the great night", no name – which I could not remember – and no phone number. I probably did not help that I had drank so damn much that I didn't even remember doing the act or which man that I had danced with that I had brought him.

As the day went on I remembered glimpses here and there. Like his deep stunning green eyes that sucked me in immediately. And the energy that flowed through us when we touched.

Hey now don't judge me. I am a girl in needs that have not been properly taken care of for a long time. But I do understand now that that does not make much sense being that I don't even remember any of it. But at least when I called Rose yesterday she said that he was really hot and of course spent a good twenty minutes laughing at me and my lack of memory. She could be such a bitch sometimes.

Just then the bell rings, signaling the students to make their way to class.

"I'll email you later." Rose is walking away with her devilish grin on her face. Something was definitely up with her.

I walked into my classroom and make my way to the front while I wait for all the students to come in and the second bell to ring

Usually I have a seating chart since I don't trust the little shits enough to sit wherever they wanted. But since it was the first day I let them be where they wanted so I can get a feel for who can be by whom.

First hour went by smooth and quick. I got all the books handed out and we went through the schedule for our semester. There was not too much complaining. I was happy that I knew half of my class already and they already knew that I wouldn't take any shit. Yeah I have only been a teacher for a few years but I learned really quickly not to take any shit from them.

Second hour went about the same. I had a fucking freshman class so it will be interesting whipping them into shape. I fucking hate freshman first trimester. They are in the mindset that they are all grown up now and the shit so they enjoy acting out quite a bit. Oh, little do they know, they still have quite a ways to go.

After a second I make my way out into the hallway during the break between classes to just get a break from my room. Jessica is of course out there again. This time instead of accepting glances from the teenage boys her eye are glued to the end of the hall. I swear I see the drool rolling down again.

Then I see whom she is staring at.

Wow. He is hot. Wait, hot doesn't even fit to describe him…sex god maybe. Or whatever all those crazy word were that Stanley used earlier to describe this man.

Our new Vice Principle.

That hair makes it pretty damn noticeable that it is him. Sex hair. That is what I am going to start calling it. It would make great handles. However I would not mind running my fingers through it. Then there is his jaw. Holy Fuck his jaw. It's so defined, so shapely. What I would give to just lick it. That is the kind of jaw that should have a tongue constantly attached to it. Maybe nibbled here and there.

His body looks nicely toned under his clothes. Though I don't know why the school has a dress code. I am sure none of us would mind a good like that walking around in less than a shirt and tie.

Making my way back up his body I accidentally made eyes contact into his green eyes. He was looking right at me. I instantly look back to Jessica who is staring as well. Out of the corner of my eyes I see that he looks down to the ground. I look back over and see him running his hand through his hair, pulling on it slightly.

I'm frozen for a bit. There is something about him doing that that seems oddly similar to something that someone I know does. I just can't seem to figure out whom. But it's frightening me a bit.

Just as he looks back up to me and catches me looking again the bells goes off for class.

Saved by the bell!

I was so engrossed in my observation that I hardly noticed the kids walking past me and into the room.

Third period goes much like the others. Assigning books and going thorough what will happen that trimester. Thankfully next I have lunch. Unfortunately neither Rose nor Angela has lunch when I do. So that leaves me stuck with Jessica. Ben did have our lunch and a few others but I decided to just grab a quick salad from the Cafeteria and go back to the classroom.

As I am making my way around the salad bar I do feel eyes on me. Swiftly glanced around, he is there. In the corner of the lunchroom standing with one of the teacher on Lunchroom Duty, he is watching me.

Our eyes meet again. I look down to void him being able to see my blush. Something is definitely right about the way that he looks at me.

I hurry getting my food and water, pay and make my way up to my room. I get on to my computer and check my emails for the day. I have a few forwards from people.

As I eat, I go through them all. I hate it when they build up and then I just get annoyed and delete them all. My favorites are of course those damn emails that people put together of the pictures of the Wal-Mart people from the site that they post that shit on. I never get one that fails me. That shit is just too funny. Oh, the people that are a part of this world. I wonder if people ever go on that site to browse the pictures for a good laugh and then find a picture of them on it. That shit would just be way to epic.

I do, though have some from Rose and Ange

From: Rosalie Cullen (Sent 9:00am)

To: You

Good Morning Sunshine!

Thank goodness first period is almost over. Second is my FREE PERIOD!

How is your day going so far? I swear if it wasn't for having a freshman class I would swear it is last year all over again. It's all the same little pervs from last year. I am kind of missing those seniors.

What are you doing tonight? Emmett is picking me up when the day is over to go out for drink with his dad and cousin.

That reminds me, have you seen him yet?


I hit reply.

To: Rosalie Cullen

From: You (Sent 12:20pm)


No. I am not sure what I am going to do yet. I guess that it just depends on how my day has gone. It serves you right to deal with all those boys! You are the one who choose to teach that crap. I have my free period next.

Last, Yes have seen him. Okay so he is hot. What is it with you and this guy?


I have another from Rose from earlier.

From: Rosalie Cullen (Sent 10:09am)

To: You

Have I ever told you how much I hate freshman boys? I sure if I could get away with not bending over a car during this trimester I would so not be doing it!


I just laugh at that one. The last one that I have left to check is one from Angela.

From: Angela Weber (Sent 11:09am)

To: You


Good Morning! I did not see you around this morning. I just wanted to see how you are feeling. Rose said that you were a bit under the weather yesterday. I don't see how you could not be. You drank half the guys under the table. I still do not understand how you do it.

How is your first day going?

Oh, I want to try and get a few of us girls together to go out to dinner this weekend. Are you up for it?


Angela just naturally brings a smile to my face. I have never met a more pure person ever. I swear there is not a mean bone in that person's body. I will never understand how she can put up with Rose and me. But I guess that she just helps level us out.

To: Angela Weber

From: You (Sent 12:31pm)


Good Afternoon. My day is going okay so far. I guess as best as can be expected for the first day.

Rose can shut her trap. She wasn't too hot either. She sounded like terrible on the phone as did I. Well the groans we was making in the background. Serves him right, trying to keep up with the big boys. LOL.

As for dinner, yeah, I should be able to I have no plans yet. Just let me know when or where.


As soon as I hit 'send' the bell rang for lunch to be over. Lucky me now has free period and since there is no grading or anything I have nothing to do. I throwaway my garbage and kick back in my chair and start bull shitting some seating charts so they are done for tomorrow. I love the whines that I get for a reaction from them. Always makes me laugh.

As I am almost finished with my first hours I hear my door open. One thing that I don't like about my desk being in the corner of the room where you can't see the door is that you don't see when someone is coming or who it is until they are already in. I am finishing writing the current name that I am on before I want to turn.

"Excuse me. Miss Swan is it?"

I freeze. That voice. It's so velvety and warm. I slowly turn around in my seat.

It's him.

"It is you." He is slowly taking steps towards me.

"I'm sorry?" He looks kind of sad now. He then runs his hand through his hair again.

Suddenly, I get a memory flash of a small hand going through hair like that in the dark. Those same hairs tickling my neck and chest as lips are kissing down my body.

He looks up again staring at me hard and licks his lips. Those lips. Pump and full with sexy written all over them. Those are the lips that were kissing down me. It's all back now. All of it. Saturday night. He is the guy. My memory is coming back hard-core now. The bar, the dancing the bumping and grinding.


Oh my gosh the bathroom porn make out session! Dragging him home with me. The couch, the shower, the bed.

I'm fucked!

"The bar." He takes a step closer.

I can only nod my head I am so speechless. I instantly begin chewing on my bottom lip from my nerves. I had a one-night fuck session with the new Vice Principle at the school I work at.

"Did you actually forget?" He takes yet another step.

I shake my head.

"This is kind of awkward." Another step.


"I did not expect to see you again. Although it should not surprise me. Emmett did say that some teachers from here were going out to that bar that night. Did he just say Emmett? As in Rose's Emmett? I am so fucked! He takes another step closer and is now only a few feet from me. I try to scoot my chair back but it was stuck on something. I am unable to tear my eyes away from him to find out what it is though.

"I'm about as shocked as you are." Yay me! I formed a sentence. Although I am not terrible disappointed about it. Work is about to get a lot better being able to stare at him every day. But we work together now. Nothing good can come from that. But Ben and Angela manage. Time out, how do I even know that he is interested? Maybe it really was just a one night thing. He is just here to set me straight in that we are just going to be collages that the other night was just a drunken mistake.

I quickly shake my head to shut up the mental debate that was going on inside of my head. Crap he is closer now. His hand extends out and he caresses my cheek. The burn. The moment he touches me it's like a burning flash of heat shot through my body. It was even better that I remembered.

"Gosh you have been all that I have been able to think of the last few days. I have not been able to get you out of my head." His deep emerald eyes gazed into mine. I was lost again at that moment, lost in the jewels of his eyes that captured me.

I was at a loss of words.

His hand came off my face, leaving me feeling at a loss without his touch. But then he tucked my hair behind my ear, and cradling my face.

Then he was there. He leaned over a carefully put his lips on mine. I swear there was a spark between our lips. I found myself leaning towards him and kissing back. He brought his other hand up to my face and deepened our kiss. My hands clutched onto his arms, slowly making their way to his shoulders. His mouth opened slightly, allowing his tongue to trace my lower lips. Now having access, I let my tongue come out to play with his.

After a few minutes he pulled back. Both our breathing was hard. Neither of us spoke. We were frozen in that position speechless, looking into each other's eyes.

Minutes went by. No one moved.

"Fuck it!" He pulled me from my chair by my arms to my feet. I found myself against my desk in a flash with him pressed on me. His mouth was back on mine and my hands found their way to his sexy ass hair. Kissing him so was so sexy I was surprised I was able to stay on my feet. My legs were becoming jell-o. Vice here must have felt it because he lifted my up and sat me on my desk not letting our mouths lose contact.

One of his hands was tangled in my hair while the other rubbed up and down my thigh. I was growing extremely wet. Wet, ready, and wanting. Then both of his hands where on me legs, pulling me to the edge of the desk, causing my skirt to ride up some. This was fine by me. He was now standing directly in between my legs and could feel his growing length pressing against me. My legs automatically wrapped around him trying to push him closer to me for friction to help subside the increase throbbing in-between my legs.

Understanding what I was doing, his hands went around me to cup my ass and help push me harder to him. I could not hold back the moan that I let out into his mouth from the contact. Releasing my mouth his lips went straight for my neck. I had to bite my lips to stop any noises from escaping. He was sucking one my earlobe, then neck. Over and over again.

Shit. I was so fucking horny it was not funny and I was totally about to get it on at school right now.

I then made use of having my hands tangled in his hair and guided his head the little bit of cleavage that was hanging out from my shirt. I felt his tongue going down the crack of my boobs as he brought one hand up to cup it and give it a squeeze. Without unwrapping my legs I leaned backward some to give him more room to few as he unbuttoned the top button and kissed the new exposed skin.

That is what he did until he got to where my shirt was tucked in. Which I was more than happy to un tuck for him so he could finish. One my shirt was completely opened he took a moment to stare.

"Gorgeous. "He whispered before bending back down and licking my chest. "Taste so good."

"Oh, God." I squeed out as Vice flipped my bra cups down and began taking turns sucking one my nipples.

By this time there was a lake in my panties. I also needed to make a note to self to dig out the beginning of the year's announcements that I threw in my desk somewhere so I could look up this sex god's name. Because I hope to be screaming it many more times to come.

At this moment I knew that I would not be able to take it much longer. I grabbed his belt loop and brought him as close to me as I could and un-tucked his shirt.

Stunned he brought his head up from my chest and looked at me.

Biting my lip, I grabbed a hold of his tie and loosen it just enough to take off him. Then I began with his shirt; slowly, button by button, letting myself take in the glorious view that was his body. Open it was open I let my fingers graze his tones defined stomach before kissing his chest and letting my tongue draw a line down to his bellybutton.

As soon as I looked up he slammed his mouth back to mine. At this time his hands were back on my thighs making their way to my underwear. Waiting for him to depose of them I allowed myself to begin undoing his belt.

He froze.

"Are you sure?"

"Oh Yes!" I put my mouth back on his. Before I knew it my panties were gone. I was not sure how he got them off so quick but I was not one to complain. I just took it as a sign to make quicker work of my hands. As I was popping open his pants I felt his fingers rub against me.

"Jesus, you're so wet." Then he pushed two in me.

I let out a moan and grabbed a hold of him to stop myself from falling off the desk. He was starting pumping his fingers in an out of me, causing my head to fall against his chest.

I reached into his pants feeling his long length that I slow began to stroke.

His thumb started circling my clit as I brought my head back giving him access. He mouth found my neck and began sucking and licking all my exposed skin. I then felt the build growing in the pity of my stomach and I was clenching around his long fingers.

"Let go." He licked my ear.

Then I lost it. My orgasm hit causing me to draw blood from biting my lip to be quite.

"That was so fucking sexy." Vice began sucking and palming my breast again. This time, rougher. Just the way that I like. My nipples were so hard I was getting turned-on again. As I began to come back around I remembered that my hand was wrapped around his hard cock that was still in his pants.

Grabbing hold nice and tight I started stroking again. The faster my hand went, the harder he was on my tits, and it was driving me nuts. With his pants getting in my way I slipped them down so I could release him.

He was fucking huge!

I've seen big. But he was big! Long and thick! I was excited that I was about to have that in me again and about the fact that he had stuck it to me a few times over the weekend.

Suddenly so not regretful about the weekend at all!

"Shit!" He said shaking his head.

"What?" I looked up at him.

"I don't have anything on me."

"It's okay." Thank god for birth control!

Taking himself in his hand he took a small step forward which put him right at my entrance.

At the same time he slammed himself into me and crushed his lips on mine, quieting me from the scream I was about to release. Once he was fully inside me he stilled his movements. As we caught our breath he started placing soft kisses one me.

My hands went back to his hair while my hips automatically started to rock against him. His hands grabbed tight on my ass and smashed me back up against him. This time I was unable to stop my noises. He just felt so damn good.

This time he didn't pause but kept a strong hard pace in and out of me. Not sure where to hang on my hands roamed his entire body. Part of that being his ass. Hanging onto it while he pushed in and out. Fuck his ass was nice and tight.

I arch my back, sticking my tits out closer to him. He bit down on my nipple causing the familiar tightening in my lower stomach. I am about to let go again but I am not ready. I don't want to.

"Jesus." I felt him swelling inside me. "Come on baby. Cum for me again. Give those pussy juices to me."

That's all it took. I am unable to hold on any more.

I'm now over the edge.

As I orgasmed, my legs tighten around him and I am gone. The world is no longer there. It's just me, falling. I can hear him grunt as he gave me his load in return but I can't see him.

I began to come down from my new high addiction and cannot hold myself up. I start to fall over on top of my desk. I knock over my pencil cup first. Thankfully he catches me before I am able to make a real mess.

"Easy there." I rest my head in the crook of his neck. Damn he smells good. Like fresh air, pine, and lavender. Finally after a few minutes past he pulls himself out of me with a hiss. I close my eyes, sadness from the now empty feeling. The King has left the pussy. That's what that is. The king of Pussy's. One that I would allow to rule over me time and time again.

Hell maybe even again now. But then my eyes wonder to the clock. Shit! There are only five minutes left of this class hour.

"Fuck!" I jump down off of my desk.

"Is something wrong?" He puts himself back into his pants and does them up.

"The time, I have class in a few minutes." I do up my shirt and tuck it back in as he does the same. Mother fuck, I can't find my panties on the floor. What the hell did he do with them? I look up to him while he adjusts his tie.

What the hell does this mean? I'm so fucking confused right now. What I am hoping for is more lunch hour quickies. The smarter part of me knows that that is not a good idea to do in school but fuck it. I am in a lot better mood now; well I will be when my panties are back on me.

Once his tie is adjusted he walks back over to me, grabbing me around his waist and pulling me to him. Putting his forefinger under my chin he tilts my head up and gently presses his lips to mines. One, twice, three times. He tightens his grip on my waist.

Shit I'm getting turned on again. And I still am not wearing anything underneath!

Just then he pulls away and looks straight into my eyes. It was if he was trying to see into my soul trying to read me. I stared back for a few moments trying to figure him out. Something was off. There was a look there that seems lost and confused.

"I wanna see you again." He placed one last quick kiss on my cheek. I was in such a daze that I was not able to respond before the bell rang. With that he let go of me and walked back to the door but not without turning around and flashing me the most mouth watering, panty dropping, turn on smile.

Fuck I REALLY need to find my damn underwear!

Once he was out I ran to my desk and pulled my purse out from underneath finish out the mirror in there to check my appearance. Not bad. I just needed to run a brush through my hair quickly and my face was kind of flushed. Students began to file in and taking seats while I took a moment to get myself together.

This was the hour that I had my student assistant, Bree Tanner. I had her in a few classes last year and I was thrilled when she asked to be a student assistant this year since she was now a junior and was allowed to. I agreed immediately. I knew that with her help I was going to be having a lot less work to take him and grade. She made her way into the class room and went to go and sit at a table up front. I was just about to get up and offer her my sit when I saw a piece of cloth sticking out from under my keyboard.

Shit my panties!

I scanned the room debating whether or not I would be able to slip them on without anyone noticing.

Then the bell rang.

Guess not.

I reached down and stuffed them into the side pocket of my purse.

As the students got there new book and took a few minutes to go through it and see what we would be looking at this year I took a few minutes to look at my emails and to email Rose's retard ass. I know that is what that stupid bitch was laughing about today. Oh how I wanted to tear her a new asshole.

I saw that I had an email from Jessica. Not sure if that was a good or bad thing. Being that she does have the classroom next door. Hopefully they didn't hear anything. I am pretty sure that we were quite. I decided that getting to Rose first was most important.

To: Rosalie Cullen

From: You (Sent 2:12pm)

Dearest Rose,

I just had a nice little visitor come in and see me on my free period. Care to explain to my HOW THE HECK YOU LEFT THAT DETAIL AWAY FROM ME! Goodness sake I was terrified! Like, I don't even know what to say to you at the moment but thank you for making me your amusement of the day.


I'll let her squirm a bit and leave out how it actually went. Bitch needs it. Yay, time for Jessica. Ugh.

From: Jessica Stanley (Sent 2:01pm)

To: You

Okay what was that all about? Saw the new hot ass VP walk into your classroom and didn't leave for about 30 minutes. What the heck? Are you in trouble or something?


What a nosey bitch!

To: Jessica Stanley

From: You (Sent 2:21pm)


No I am not in any trouble. It turns out that I had met him before and we were just catching up.

Don't forget to delete your e-mails.


That sounded okay right? I was not really lying at all. But of course when writing that it only made me realized I don't even know his god damned name! I've fucked this man numerous times and I don't even remember his name. Hell at least he knew my last name and on top of that he had the fucking access to look into my employee file and find out whatever he wanted. Shit.


Oh hell yes. That would be my response from Rosalie the bitch titty whore. Okay well maybe she is not all of that but damn her.

From: Rosalie Cullen (Sent 2:30)

To: You

Awe Bella. Come on. You know that is funny shit right there! Only you would be able to complicate things by screwing the new VP. At least Emmett and I were already involved before I started working for his dad. But hell this guy is going to be a boss. Oh the entertainment this is going to create for me. How I love you Bella! Never a dull moment.

Anyway show did it go when he popped up to see you? And you better not lie to me! You already know that gossiping ass Jessica already e-mailed me and told me that he was there for a while. Considering how well I know you and from what I saw on Saturday I am not even going to have to let my imagination roam too far to turn out. You know what all us teaches love good classroom fantasies. Well although I have made mine a reality many times over. So spill!


Damn her. Damn her straight to hell! Leave it to Rose to be the one to know better than anyone. Then fucking Jessica has to go and give her a heads up. Fuck. I quickly deleted the e-mail before responding to her. Rose might not care about her language in her e-mails because the damn principle and owner of the fucking school is her father-in-law but I am not in any way trying to get in trouble. Fucking private schools!

To: Rosalie Cullen

From: You (Sent 2:35pm)

Please don't even inform me again of your school fantasies that you want to reenact with your husband again. Thank you. Just hearing that kind of crap around him is bad enough. I don't need it from you as well.

Okay fine you busted me. Maybe something did happen. Sue me. It was good. I'll give you the details tonight. No I have NO clue what the heck it is going to mean now. But before he left he said that he wants to see me again.


Leaving my desk I went back to the front of the class and went over a few things with the kids for a while. When there were about ten minutes left of class I let them have that time to themselves. Hell it's the first damn day. Not a whole lot you can do. And I refuse to be one of those bitch ass teachers who load them with homework from the beginning. I like to have a few days before all the whining and bitching starts.

When I setback down there was another e-mail from Miss Rosie.

From: Rosalie Cullen (Sent 2:47pm)

To: You

Wants to see you again? What the fuck. You two work together. He is going to be seeing you five days a fucking week. What the hell. R.E.T.A.R.D.E.D.


To: Rosalie Cullen

From: You (Sent 3:07pm)

Grow up Rose.

From: Rosalie Cullen (Sent 3:14pm)

To: You

I'm just saying! I'll see you in a few minutes hussy. I cannot wait for this shit


What a stupid bitch. But I can't help but fucking love her. It was then 3:15pm and the school day was out. Oh my favorite thing about the first day was there was not a damn thing that needed to be taken care of once the school day was over. No club meetings, no staff meetings, no homework to check.

Fifteen minutes after the buses pulled out and I had all my torturous seating charts done I headed down to the front of the school to be up with Rose before we headed out. Nothing like getting a good buzz on after a school day.

Once I got to the front of the school to the lobby I spotted Rose and her beast of husband Emmett. The man was huge. No not fat huge but muscular huge. Dude was buff. But he had is soft side that was just saved for his wife. He could melt her heart with those blue eyes of his. With them what the even so good looking, even at his age, Principle Carlisle Cullen. He was only in his early fifties but man looked good; blonde hair with only a slight grey tint to it and the same eyes as Emmett. I know that much of the staff here drooled over the poor man but I didn't have it in me. I was too fond of his adorable wife, Esme.

I also notice Mr. Vice standing with them. Gosh I hope that he was not coming out with us tonight that would just be way too awkward.

As I made my way to them I was able to see that there was someone on the other side of Vice that Emmett had been blocking me from seeing. She was beautiful. Strawberry blonde, amazing skin, legs for days and dressed to a tee. She was also standing really fucking close to him. I was not comfortable with this. I started to make my way into the office hoping that Rose would just follow me and I could avoid that scene but I was not so lucky.

"Bella." Crap. I turned around to Mr. Cullen waving me over. Shit. Shit. Shit.

"Hello Mr. Cullen." I smiled at him trying to avoid vice at all cost.

"Please, Bella, school hours are over and there are no students here. Please call me Carlisle."

"Sorry."I glance over to Rose and her face was scary. She was holding something in, she looked so, sorry. Like she was trying to tell me something with her eyes.

"So how was your first day?" He asked. Looking back to him I accidently looked at Vice and he looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Was he worried that I was going to bust him out or something?

"Fine, thank you. I think it's going to be a great school year." I robotically answered.

"Oh. Speaking of new school year. Have you meet the new Vice Principle? Edward Mason?"

"Hi" I squeaked out. He just nodded to me. Still what a worried look on his face.

"Edward this is Bella Swan one of our English teachers." Once Carlisle spoke vice, or well Edward, reached his hand out to me and I shook.

Once our hands released Carlisle spoke up again and I could have sworn that I was dreaming.

"And Bella, this is Tanya Denali, Edward's fiancée."