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Onward to the end story!

"Babe, were home!" Edward yelled as I heard them burst through the doors. I cringed at how loud they were.

"Shhhh." I tried to quiet them. Claire busts into the kitchen, big smile on her face.

"Hi, Momma." She came up to me attempting to give me a big hug.

"Hi honey, how was school?" I bent down to kiss her hair.

"Great!" She yelled.

"Keep it down." I giggled. "Your brother finally went down for a nap."

"Oopies, sorry. When is he going to wake up? I wanted to play with him."

"In a little while."

"Kay." She drug herself into the living room and I could her her turn the TV on.

I couldn't believe how big she has gotten. My baby was growing up. Edward and I waited until she could walk to get married. Then when she was three we had Garrett. While Claire looked exactly like Edward, Garrett was all me.

"Hi Sweetheart." Edward finally came into the room. He hasn't changed a bit since the first day I met him and throughout these past few years my love for him has grown so much. He has proved himself as an amazing father and the most perfect husband.

"Cookies again?" He teases my baking, while he wraps his arms around me from behind and burying his face in my hair. He loves the smell of it.

"Like you won't eat half." He hums into my neck.

"How have my girls been today?" Edward kisses my neck and skims his hands around my swollen stomach.

That's right. We already have another one coming. His idea and insisting, not mine.

"We're good. She's active, kicking like mad."

"Just a few more months."

"Oh yes, until we have another screaming child all night." I can't help but tease him. I know that he will sneak out of bed every night for most of the late night feedings and let me get my sleep. He loves having that time with our children, since he is at work all day and I have them at home.

"I can't wait." He turns us, leaning himself on the counter and placing me between his legs.

"Do I smell cookies!" The front door opens again. Then slam. My body tenses, knowing that the culprit behind it just woke my kid up.

"Uncle Em!" Claire barrels out of the living room, through the kitchen to get to the front door.

"Oh yeah. I invited them over for dinner." Edward now informs me. After weaseling my way away from my grouping husband I make my way to the front door to greet them. Emmett is swinging Claire from her feet and Rose is behind them looking miserable as hell.

"Hi honey," I can't help but go hug her. "How are you?"

"Ugh. Fat. Swollen. Can't move or sleep. Ready for this to come out. Whoever said this was a good idea was seriously wrong."

Oh yeah. She's thirty-nine weeks pregnant. Her doctor said that she could be any day. Just please don't let it be all over my floor.

"Garr! My man!" Emmett howls. I swear he doesn't come over to see us anymore. Only wants our children. Even the unborn. He pats my stomach and walks to the staircase.

At the top is my little boy, in nothing but his pull up. His hair is allover the place and rubbing sleep from his eyes.

"Garrett look! Em and Rosie are here!" Claire giggles as shes still upside down in one of Emmett's hands.

"Emmett," I scold. "My daughter is red."

He looks down at her and realized it to and set her down.

Garrett starts to slowly make his way down one step at a time. When he's about halfway, Emmett grabs him and lets him curl back up into him.

He may fall back asleep.

"Come on dudes, let's go watch some Sponge Bob." The three kids go into the living room and leave us adults to talk.

"You hungry Momma?" I ask Rose.

"Yeah but I don't think I can fit anything else in me." She starts to waddle her way to the kitchen.

"I'll go get the grill started." Edward gives me a quick kiss and head outside.

Rose is in a chair when I enter the kitchen and I can see the discomfort on her face. She's in pain.

"It's starting isn't it?" I ask her.

She nods. " I called my doctor earlier and the contractions are too far apart and my water hasn't broke yet so theirs still tons of time. If I go to the hospital they will just send me home anyways. And I haven't told Em yet because we all know what that will start."

I agree. I go to the fridge and get everything out for dinner. At least, since Edward invited them over he was going to do all the grilling tonight. I take out the hamburger and vegetables and get it all ready for him on the counter. Luckily, I got out more then enough meat earlier so we will have enough to feed Emmett as well.

As soon as Edward set the goods on the grill we all migrate out doors. Emmett plays with the kids on the swing set, Rose and I plop ourselves into some patio chairs and just smell the cooking food. As the time goes I can see the pain in her eyes get worse. Its now sixteen minutes apart.

Finally the food is done and I almost foaming at the mouth I'm so hungry. Edward sets on the food on the table as the kids come running. Claire crawls up next to me while Edward put Garrett in a booster. Emmett tries instantly to grab at the food, but its Claire who slaps his hand away.

"Ladies first!" She reaches for the biggest burger we have and puts it on her plate. Emmett almost looks like he wants to cry. Rose and I just shake our heads and go ahead and let them get their food. Edward makes work of getting Garrett's plate ready while I just supervise Claire's amounts.

Then I hear it. It drips down to the ground, the liquid.

"Rose?" I turn my head and look at her.


We both take a deep breath. Everyone is looking at us.

"Okay. Edward, go make sure that the grill is turned off. Emmett stop eating, and kids, I need you to get your shoes." They are all looking at me like I am nuts. But I have to remember that I am about to go through this with two insanely over protective men and two young kids. But I am thankful, that she didn't bust in the house.

"Whats going on?" Edward looks to me as he stand out of his chair.

I count to three. "Rose's water broke."

"Oh shit!." Emmett gets up so quick that his chair flips and dishes shake on the table. He runs inside. I'm guessing in attempts to get their things.

I just have to remember that he is a first time father.

We have some days to look forward to.

Make that some life.

Damn I wish I could have a drink.

The. End.