A/N: I've only read halfway through book 2 of this series, but I thought of this drabble idea as I was watching a mourning dove drink from my bird bath. The scene is set during the owl's stay at the Mirror Lakes.

Edit: I changed the first paragraph, so hopefully it's easier to read.

It was twilight, the magic hour between night and day that tinged everything in soft peach. The band of owls flew to down to the lake shore, and as they descended, two mourning doves flapped up from the ground to the cover of the trees, yelling as they fled:

"Owls! Savage head tilters!"

Twilight glanced at the frightened doves. "Anybody hungry?"

"No, I just ate," said Soren.

Digger had eaten too, and the doves were much larger than Gylfie, so the owls let them escape.

"It's funny, though," said Digger, as he alighted on the grassy shore. "I wouldn't have even noticed them if they hadn't flown away and made all that racket."

"I heard their heartbeats before they flew." Soren landed next to Digger. "Noisy things."

"What were they yelling?" asked Twilight. "Something about head tilters?"

"Yeah, that's what they called us," replied Soren. "Maybe it's because we can turn our heads upside-down."

"Maybe," said Digger, dipping his beak into the water and tilting up his head.

"Oh!" Gylfie's eyes brightened. "Head tilters! That's it!"

"Huh?" Digger turned to look at her.

"Doves and pigeons suck up water when they drink. They're the only bird family that can swallow water without tilting their heads up."

"Weird," said Digger.

"So do you think they call all other birds head tilters?" asked Soren.

"It wouldn't surprise me," said Gylfie.

"Huh, I can't believe they'd make such a big deal about the way they drink," said Twilight. "It's not like they can yarp pellets."