This is the first fanfic I have written for Spirited :) I loved this show from the day it came out and have wanted to write a story for it for a long time now.

When I read the other (very few) stories on here I shied away knowing my stories would pale against the talent of the other writers. I finally gave in to myself after a marathon of watching season 1 lol.

Now after what seemed like a life story I will let you read :L

Just some info: Swearing is included in this story and it's based around episode 5.

Jealousy! Of course, I would fucking feel jealousy of all things to feel as a damn ghost. Here she sat in her bed apologizing for living a life. She sat here being sorry for going back to Steve for a night. Of course nothing happened, though I don't know if she would let anything happen if he had said yes after all. I would never be able to understand why he said no anyway. It was only last night I was dreaming of her dancing in front of me and I held her waist...finding her ticklish spot. Making her feel awkward in the hall in the morning gave me a chance to see her differently in a good way. It was then that I realised there was more to her. Then earlier on today that little Terry bloke was asking her out, looking a little overly-confident to me.

Then all was revealed. I figured out what was going on and found myself actually feeling angry about it. Maybe even angry at Suzy though I can't exactly blame her for anything. I think that dream uncovered something I have been lying to myself about for a while. I'm falling for the only fucking person that can see me. I wondered if that was the only reason. I thought maybe if another beautiful woman like Bonita in the other apartment could see me, then I would love them instead. But, no that wasn't it. Suzy had something about her that got me excited and wanting more. Sometimes I look at her and my transparent heart skips a beat. She was unpredictable, you never knew what was going to happen.

I looked at her longing for her touch as always. She was reaching for me now, wrapping her arms around me and I was able to feel her.

"Don't wake up." I told her. We pulled away from each other and I held her hand in mine, feeling the warm, smooth texture that made her skin. I leaned in waiting for a moment like this to happen, just centimetres from her face. I heard a small faint voice getting louder.

"Mum! Mum!..." We both woke up as her daughter got the attention she called for...

Okay it wasn't too good but I will be continuing and my stories might be a little longer than this.

Season 2= 4 days :D Can't wait!