From Pain Springs Happiness

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of One Tree Hill.

Couple: Haley/Brooke

Rating: M

Chapter 1


The last four months had literally been Hell on earth for Haley and her son Jamie. She could remember when Nathan was an amazing husband and father, but lately she had not seen this side of him. It was heartbreaking and frustrating to look at the shell of a man she once knew and loved. Even more painful than this though was remembering everything that she had given up in order to have him in her life.

She had to give up on the irrational feelings that she had for one of her closest friends in order to do what would be best for her family in the long run. Always assuming that the feelings she harbored for the other were simply lust but as the last four years had crawled on she realized just how lonely she felt with the life she had settled on. She missed the other many times over the years, but it was at its worst now that her husband had grown to hate everyone and everything around him. He was so selfish and ungrateful.

Leaning her head back on the couch she looked up at the ceiling in the beautiful house that Nathan had bought with his shoe contract and she closed her eyes returning to a time when everything was hopeful and everyone was still together. A time that could have changed her entire life.

'Four Years Earlier…

It was graduation day and everyone was beyond happy to have made it through high school in one piece, it had been four long years of trials and errors, ups and downs, laughter and tears and now it had come to an end. And how else would they go out but in a huge party?

Of course, Haley was nervous; she had just given birth to an amazingly beautiful young boy that she loved with all of her heart. Never one to party or drink she did not even know why she was at the party when she should be home watching over her son. She never knew what it felt like to love until she looked into his beautiful blue eyes and now she knew why she was there. It was not school and it was not to sing, it was to be a good mother to her son and to make sure that he had a father.

He would have everything that she never had and he would above all have people who loved him. Lucas had already said he would be a huge part of her son's life and she wanted more than anything to have Brooke be his god mother because she had helped her out a lot over the last year of high school. Giving her a place to stay and opening her arms to her whenever no one else would, it meant the world to her, and honestly they had grown to be a lot closer than Haley had every expected.

She had been sad the day that she moved out to move back in with Nathan and that was the biggest shock to her. That was when she really started to realize that her feelings had grown, that was when she realized that she actually lusted after the gorgeous brunette.

Hating to admit it she suppressed those feelings, because she would not want to be like every other girl and guy in Tree Hill who envied or crushed on the popular cheerleader. The tutor never wanted to be one of those people, yet that smile made her heart race and those dimples made her melt, every touch made these infectious butterflies erupt in the pit of her stomach, and it was terrifying.

Knowing that Brooke would be leaving soon only seemed to intensify these feelings, the loss of her only tempting her to ignore her mind drink and act on her feelings if only for one night. Those were very un-Haley thoughts though. She loved Nathan this had to be just lust but it felt like so much more.

Walking up to the brunette she wore a bright smile even though brown eyes shined with sadness. "Hey there."

"Hey there tutor mom."

Standing there for a moment they simply stared into each other's eyes wearing gentle smiles and sad eyes. Haley did not know what to say so she simply spoke her mind. "I'm going to miss you this summer Brooke."

"Aw don't say that, I'm barely holding myself together as is." She said through teary hazel eyes it was obvious she was trying her hardest to hold them back.

"I want you to be James's God Mother." Her voice was shaky as she said this.

"Oooh, that did it!" Brooke said as the tears started to pour from her eyes now and she enveloped the blonde in a warm and loving hug. Nothing could have meant more to her. Sure she had Chase and he was a sweet guy, but she knew that that would not last. It was fun. Haley was something more to her, she loved the woman and she wanted to be a huge part of her life and her kid's life. She wished she could be a bigger part than she was most days, but she learnt to suppress that.

Haley loved the way that she felt wrapped up in the strong arms of her taller friend, and perhaps she cherished the moment and held on a bit longer than most friends would. Could you blame her though? What was there not to love about the brunette?

As the night progressed drinks were consumed and alcohol levels were raised immensely, even Haley who had been trying her hardest to keep herself at only a tipsy level was feeling the effects. She found herself wandering through the parked cars in front of the house and she honestly had no idea how she ended up there, but her legs were wobbling and she was having a hard time making her way back toward the party. She kept thinking about how disappointed her son would be if he knew, but Deb was right they had to be kids for one more night.

"Hales." She heard the deep and raspy voice she recognized very well behind her and she turned quickly, too quickly, she had to brace herself on the car behind her. Now looking up into beautiful hazel eyes she had grown to adore.

Leaning in the brunette crashed their lips together; the feeling of soft lips against her own mixed with the sensations of fingers tangled in her hair pulling her closer caused the shorter of the two to moan out in enjoyment and pleasure. Her body immediately heated up, her heart beat quickened, and she shook as she felt that wet tongue run along her bottom lip begging for entrance.

Surprisingly she granted her entrance allowing her lips to part, feeling the other woman's tongue pass her parted lips she groaned out again in pleasure. Brooke's body was now pressed against her own holding her in place against the car.

In that moment she realized two things. One; this was the best god damn kiss she had ever had. Two; Nathan definitely did not have breasts and she definitely enjoyed the way that they felt pressed against her own. These things were confusing but her alcohol smothered mind would not allow her to think, only enjoy.

Brooke bit down hard on her bottom lip tugging it between hers and sucking at it gently as Haley let out soft noises and heavy breaths of excitement. Finally the brunette pulled away and she stated "Sorry… I've always wanted to do that." Her breath was hot against the blonde's face, but she did not mind as the words barely registered in her mind. She had always wanted to do that? How long was always? She wondered.

Seeing the shock behind large brown eyes the brunette knew that she had said too much and quickly tried to amend. "I-I'm sorry Hales, I'm really drunk and I shouldn't have—"

Before she could continue lips were crushed against her own in another passionate kiss this time the taller woman was thrown off guard as she moaned out her body growing excited at the control the tutor was taking. She had expected to be slapped when she kissed the other, not kissed in return.

"Mmm… Haley… Wait… Are you sure?" She asked through kisses and soft moans as the blonde started to push them toward Brooke's car.

"Don't make me second guess this Brooke." Haley said with determination as she looked to the car. "Is it locked?"

"Um yeah, but I—" She searched for her keys, upon finding them she held them up with a large dimpled grin spread across her face. "—Can fix that!" With this she unlocked the door and crawled into the front seat, it was not the most spacious car considering, but she would suffer whatever aches she would have in the morning in order to do this tonight.

Haley followed closely behind the beautiful woman straddling her waist, leaning down she kissed her again taking the brunette's breath away in the process. Neither of them cared who could have seen them or about what troubles it could bring all they wanted was to be closer. Which the blonde made obvious as she started to tug at Brooke's shirt wanting her to take it off.

"Mmm… Haley James are you really trying to strip me?" She slurred amusedly raising a seductive eyebrow at the other woman.

For the first time that night she felt just an ounce of embarrassment at her actions, but it quickly passed as Brooke lifted her shirt over her head revealing her black lace bra and what it concealed. Brown eyes wandered the exposed skin hungrily and the blonde quickly latched her mouth to the other woman's long, perfect neck. Her fingers running along the toned stomach of the cheerleader each touch sending electricity throughout Brooke's body; this was definitely more intense than any other one night stand. This was not a one night stand. This was not a game, this was Haley.

"God." She groaned out as she felt teeth bite into her collarbone. "Tutorgirl I never knew you had such a naughty side, Nathan is one lucky man." Always one to say the wrong things when she was drunk, she knew all too late that what she said would put an end to their rendezvous.

Teeth halted where they were and Haley's body went cold. Any heat and passion drained from her and she suddenly felt sick to her stomach. She was married, she did have a child, this was not some dream or drunken mistake, at least she was not going to allow it to be one. Not her, not miss responsible. Quickly she opened the door to the car and stumbled out trying her best to ignore the pain behind those hazel eyes, it should not hurt her.

"I'm sorry Haley I shouldn't have—" She didn't get to say anymore before a door was slammed in her face. The next day she would leave and never again would she be that close to the blonde singer. That was heartbreaking, for the both of them.'

Startled out of her daydreaming she heard her husband talking to someone outside, the voices too faint to hear clearly. This peaked her curiosity, was he laughing? He had not laughed in so long, not since the accident. Cautiously she walked out the door onto the back porch and what she saw literally left her speechless. Next to the pool talking to her husband stood Brooke and Peyton two of her closest friend in high school, neither of which she had seen since graduation.

Of course the one who had shocked her most being Brooke. She had never thought she would see her again with how things had ended between the two of them and here she was, looking more beautiful than ever. While her life was falling apart it seemed that the brunette had put her life together. Both girls started toward her and snapped her out of her awe as she smiled brightly "Oh um, hey you guys!"

O o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

End Chapter

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