The sun was quickly being covered by the clouds and the wind picked up. Some of the children outside of the Xavier Institute quit their games and headed inside. As Faith left the Professors office she became aware that he had not given her a room inside of the mansion. She quickly turned around and gave the big doors to his office a loud knock. After waiting a minute or so, and getting no answer, she sheepishly looked around and peeked inside. The Professor was gone.

"How could he have snuck past me…" Faith trailed off as she stepped back from the office. She looked down at all of her bags and sighed. Cool, cool. Guess I'll go find Jean or something. AsFaith reached for the biggest and heaviest bag another hand shot out and grabbed it first. The hand was large and muscular and was connected to the completely jacked teacher that she had met earlier.

"Let me get that for you. A lady should not have to carry her own luggage, especially with all these willing men around. " Boomed the deep Russian voice from the art teacher, Peter.

Faith couldn't help but stare at his figure. He was muscle from head to toe and had wonderfully striking features. Oh God, he could snap me in half with a finger. Russian accent? Shit. He's so good looking. She blushed and regained her pose and reached for another bag. Peter beat her to it and stacked all of her bags on one of his massive arms.

"So let me guess, super strength?" Faith giggled as she made sure the bags were steadily placed on his arm.

Peter laughed and shook his head. "Yes but not just that, let me take you to your room first and then I can show you." He balanced the books back and forth on his arm and moved them up and down to show her that he was capable of holding even more weight. "The Professor wanted me to tell you that he is sorry for not showing you himself but he had some…uh, business to take care of. So I guess, let's go?"

Faith tagged along as Peter lumbered down the halls. As they walked he gave her some more information on the other teachers of the school. Quickly she switched to her hidden jacket camera and switched it on to make sure everything Peter said was caught on film.

"Well we all kind of have nicknames here, not the students, just the teachers. It's mainly for when we figh…I mean train with each other. We train our powers so that way we know them better. Feel free to call us by our real names or nickname. Nobody minds either way. "Peter stopped walking as they came up upon a large window. "See the sky? How suddenly the weather has changed from good to bad? You see the woman with the white hair sitting on the bench? That is Storm. You can just call her Storm instead of her real name, Ororo. She can control and manipulate the weather to her liking." Peter looked a bit worried for a second. "Obviously she is not in the best of…how you say it in English…moods? Yah". They continued their walk to her room and he continued his run down of the other teachers. Dropping back a little behind Peter she pulled out a tiny note pad and began scribbling down names, nicknames and powers associated with them.

"Ah!" Peter's loud voice scared Faith and she clutched her note pad so tight she thought it would rip through her skin. "Here is your room! Lucky number 208. Third floor, 15 rooms, all teachers. My room is 203 if you ever need anything" He said with a wide grin as he tossed her a key and set the bags down onto the floor.

"Thank you so much Peter! I wouldn't have been able to make it this far with all of my stuff." Faith said as she started to unlock her room. She wanted to get inside and make her own first video commentary on the film before she forgot anything that happened today. As she started dragging her bags into her room she heard Peter clear his throat.

"Aren't you forgetting something Ms. Shultz?" His grin turned into a huge smile and as it did his skin starred to turn and flip and mold into what looked like shining steel. He raised his gigantic arms up and his body clanked and screeched with every move. His dynamic facial structure was quickly changed into a metallic form. "Now, if you would like, my nickname is Colossus and this is also what I can do."

Faith's jaw dropped. She had never seen anything like this before. She took a step back and realized that might be insulting to him. This is magnificent! I hope my camera got a good shot of that…transformation! I hope he's not expecting me to do some sort of mutant power thing now. Fear quickly shot through her body but was calmed by something she remembered the Professor saying. All the mutants have no doubt that she is like them and nobody would ever think to ask, even if they wanted to. Thanks to the Professor's telepathy powers. Faith slowly walked up close to Colossus and ran her finger down his forearm and to his palm. She could practically see herself in his metallic skin. His large hand grasped hers and she noticed how big he really was. He must be over 6'5,damn. Faith just couldn't get over how fascinating his mutation was. Softly, they heard footsteps coming from around the corner and Colossus quickly shot back his hand from Faith. Kitty rounded the corner and looked less than thrilled to see Peter and the new co-worker together.

"Hi Faith!" Kitty said with a, fake as could be, smile as she leaned against Peter. "How do you like everything so far? Just getting to your room?"

"Yeah everything is great! Peter just brought my bags all up for me and…" Faith started but was interrupted as two younger mutants came running by.

"No students in the teachers area!" Kitty yelled after the kids. "Sorry about that. Well I guess we'll just leave you to unpack and stuff! See you at dinner. We all eat together at 6:30 in our little lounge area on this floor."

"Thanks but I'm not so hungry. I might just take a walk or something." She replied as Kitty led Peter down the hallway. He turned around and gave her a little salute and continued his way.

Faith pushed all her bags into the room and closed the door. Her room was much bigger and prettier than expected. The interior was like the rest of the mansion, very dark combinations of wood but light blue floral curtains hung from a window that took up more than half of the longest wall. A small circular blue carpet was spread out and the bed sheets were also shades of blue. She even had her own bathroom and a desk she could work on. For motivation to completely unpack her bags she didn't let herself look at the view from the window until everything was in the giant vintage dresser or in the cabinets. Finally she brought herself to the window and smiled at the view. There was a great big pond with beautiful bushes and trees surrounding it. The mountains were perfectly placed in the distance and the forest was starting to turn shades of red and orange to prepare for the upcoming fall season.

"Like out of a book" She said to herself as she fell back from the window. Quick glances let her know that if she did some of the video now she might be able to grab some food before dinner and take it on her stroll. Placing her camera on the bed she went to the window, took a chair and made herself a little interview spot.

"Lovely back drop isn't it?" The voice of the Professor shook her mind and scared her. Almost tipping off of the chair she grabbed onto the inside window sill and regained her balance.

"Oh. Yes. This room, these view, it's so beautiful Professor. I… I was just…" Faith hung her head, ashamed that he had caught her.

"Now don't be upset. Please continue! I was just making sure that blue was still your favorite color and that Peter was of assistance. Don't mind Kitty Pryde, she can get kind of protective of Peter. They have feelings for each other…occasionally. Also, there's no need to call me Professor. You may call me Charles Xavier. Or just Xavier like all the others do. Hopefully I'll see you in the morning before you start your first therapy lessons with the students? Have a good night my dear."

Faith could feel Xavier slowly creeping out of her mind. It hurt a little, like the headaches. She shook it off and reluctantly turned to her video with little motivation.

"Hello my good people! This is my first day here, at the mutant school. A bit scary but so far so good. I landed the job perfectly and my interview went by with flying colors. They all actually believe I'm a mutant like them! After a long day of awkward first encounters I think I'm headed off to an early bedtime. Goodnight and sleeptight everyone. Enjoy the following clips I shot from today." Faith got up and hit the stop button on her camera and collapsed on her bed. Shit. That was shit. Marina better be able to edit well. Gotta make it look like a legit interview happened. She rolled over and wrung her hands together. An instant stress reliever. I still don't understand why Xavier would keep me here after all that he knows about this project. Maybe they want to do tests on me. Ha! She sat up and looked out the window. Peter was such a nice guy. Hot too. They all are such nice people. I just don't want to do this film on them. Why can't they all be mean like Kitty? Faith hopped off of the bed and stuck her camera back into one of her pockets. Time to grab something to eat and take a look at the grounds.

Faith wandered into the bottom floor kitchen where the students grab their meals. She quickly grabbed an apple and a granola bar and made her way outside. The sun was just touching the top of one of the mountains off in the distance. She had about an hour till sunset. The mansion had a few tall towers that loomed in the semi dark sky. Walking farther away from the mansion she could get a full view of the whole place through her camera. After snapping a few pictures she checked them out. There seemed to be a dark spot on a side of the school that the sun was hitting fairly well. She rubbed her camera screen to make sure it wasn't dirt. Then she zoomed in on the spot. As she zoomed the form of a body started shaping.

"What the…" She gasped for she was sure that it was a person. Quickly she shot her head up back to the mansion and aligned her camera up so she could look at both the picture and the school. The person was gone. Slightly nervous about going near that part of the building she turned the other way and decided to take a picture of the pond and of her room from the pond. The wind was defiantly picking up much stronger and she thought about how worried Peter seemed at Storm earlier. Ha! Maybe he likes her instead of kitty. She giggled to herself and thought of Kitty angrily yelling at Peter about their relationship. Heading towards the pond a few rain droplets hit Faith on the face. Better make this quick. Her pace quickened to a fast walk and she made it to the pond. The pond looked deep, dark and mysterious. The flowers and rose bushes around it made it inviting and she could imagine students taking advantage of mother nature's pool during hot spring days. As she brought her camera up to the view of the window of her room she saw Peter waving at her from the first floor. Faith smiled and waved back while wiping the rain off her of face. It was coming down really hard now and the wind was becoming so bad that her breath had been taken away a few times on her walk over. She backed up a little more so she could have more of the school in her picture and as she did so her back hit against an old tree. Faith leaned against the tree and brought the camera back up again to the window. Again Peter was waving but it seemed more frantically now.

"Damn boy, I'll be inside in a second hold on." She grumbled to herself as she brought the camera up one more time. This time, as she peered through the lens, what she saw left her jaw hanging open. There was a man, if you could even call it a man, sitting on the roof of the mansion right above her bedroom. He had piercing yellow eyes and a long tail that was being thrown about in the wind. She gasped and dropped her camera. As she did so a large thunderclap shook the earth and sky and the tree behind her began to creek and moan with the wind. Quickly she threw her camera into her bag and before she could stand up a louder thunderclap made snapping sounds up the side of the tree. It let out a roar and began to shake. Paralyzed with the thought of the creature above her bedroom, the storm and the tree she sat in fear. Suddenly a whooshing of wind and a loud sound like something was thrown against a wall or dropped onto a floor came from behind her. A funny smell filled Faiths nose and purple smoke engulfed her.

"Be still!" Yelled a voice, heavy with accent, over the wind. Hands wrapped around her chest and she looked down horrified to see that whatever was grabbing her had blue fuzzy skin and only 3 large fingers. She kicked and squirmed but again the thing yelled at her.

"Mein Gott! Be still!"

Faith obeyed and was again engulfed in purple smoke but this time she could feel herself being apart of the smoke. It was quick, and painless but she felt like she was enveloped inside herself. Then suddenly she was inside of school looking up at Peter and the blue person.

"What were you trying to do? Scare the life out of her Kurt? Xavier would have your ass if he saw this. You can not just surprise people like that! Jesus Christ! She would have come inside when she was done what she was doing" Peter was yelling at the blue thing. His words were mixed with Russian which made it hard for Faith to understand if the blue thing was good or bad.

"Do not use the Lords name in vain Peter! I do not care if you are an atheist, just stop! I was trying to help. Did you not see that tree? It would have fallen on her if I had not been there!" The blue thing was defending itself to Peter. Maybe he was good?

"Um…" Faith coughed and instantly both boys were bent down over her. She edged towards Peter a bit. "I'm sorry. I just wanted to get some pictures of the school. I didn't realize how bad the storm was going to get." She stood up and brushed herself off a bit.

"Ah it is okay. I was just worried about your safety. Kurt here had to make a fool of himself and scare you like that." Peter shook his head and ran his hand through his hair. He had turned back into his regular non-metal self. "I'm going to go work on a painting. I need to relax. Nightcrawler, introduce yourself."

Faith watched as Peter walked away and then turned to the blue thing. He was taller than her and an interesting shade of blue. His eyes were yellow just like she had seen on the rooftop. He was intimidating but then he shot her a big smile which calmed her down.

"I'm very sorry for scaring you Faith. Mein name ist Kurt Wagner but in the Munich circus I was the incredible Nightcrawler! You can call me whichever you would like. Um, as you already figured out, I am a teleported. Please forgive me for earlier. I just wanted to help. The tree just looked like it was going to fall any second!" Kurt looked down, he seemed so ashamed.

"No Kurt, don't worry. That was really sweet of you. Thank you so much. It seems everyone already knows me around here but yeah I'm Faith Shultz. The new student therapist." She smiled cheerfully at him and started to reach for a handshake but then she remembered his hands and retreated.

"Ah! Another German! Do you speak any? Oh and might I say, you have a beautiful name. Faith, such a great thing to have" Kurt's smile grew and he seemed very excited about making this new friend.

"Only a little from what I took in college. Yeah my family is pretty religious so that's how I got the name." Faith was growing tired and wanted to go back to her room but she was enjoying the fact that she was answering Kurt's questions honestly. He could tell she wanted to go and rest.

"Sehr gut! Well, this must be a long day for you so I will let you go now. Um, Faith, would you like to talk tomorrow? After the school day is done? I have to teach gym with Logan but I am free after 2 o'clock." Kurt said as he started making his way to his bedroom and Faith on the way to hers.

"Yeah sure! Sounds good to me! Meet me in the lounge?" Faith was already half in her doorway now and she could see Kurt was only 3 doors up from her.

"Ja! That would be very nice! See you then!" He did a small little happy dance and closed the door to his room.

Faith flopped again on her bed and as she did she heard the sound of thunder and a loud snapping and cracking noise. She jumped up and ran to the window in time just to see the old tree that Kurt had saved her from fall.