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Bonnie Bennett to Damon Salvatore: Aren't you a little old to be on Facebook?
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Damon Salvatore: I don't recall forcing you to accept my friends request, witch. And hypocrite much, Stefan?
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Stefan Salvatore:
Damon Salvatore: You're just jealous because I have so many more friends than you.
Stefan Salvatore: I'm willing to bet 99.9% of those friends are either compelled or fourteen year old girls.
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Damon Salvatore: Why don't you hop off my page and go write in your diary?
Stefan Salvatore: Actually, I think I'm going to go cuddle with Elena.
Damon Salvatore: I'd suggest you sleep with one eye open.
Stefan Salvatore: I'm not worried about it. There won't be much sleeping tonight.
Damon Salvatore: You brought this on yourself.
Elena Gilbert: Um...
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Elena Gilbert: thinks she'll stay home, catch up on episodes of Gossip Girl and eat unhealthy food today.
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Caroline Forbes: Oooh, sounds fun!
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Bonnie Bennett: Can I come?
Caroline Forbes: Me too!
Elena Gilbert: Of course! Yaaay girl's day!
Stefan Gilbert: Does that mean I can't come?
Elena Gilbert: Well last time I checked, you don't have the necessary part, so no.
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Damon Salvatore: Stefan should be able to come, shouldn't he?
Stefan Salvatore: Elena knows exactly what parts I have ; )
Damon Salvatore: Gag.
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Jeremy Gilbert: Oh come on, man. Really? Gross. Just gross. That's my sister.
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Caroline Forbes is now in a relationship with Tyler Lockwood.
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Tyler Lockwood: Love you :)
Caroline Forbes: Love you too!
Elena Gilbert: Yay! I'm so happy for you, Care!
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Bonnie Bennett: None of us saw it coming ;)
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Caroline Forbes: ;)
Damon Salvatore: Hmm... Taroline? No, that's terrible.
Caroline Forbes: Umm, what?
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Damon Salvatore: Your couple name of course!
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Bonnie Bennett: Oh! Umm Cyler?
Tyler Lockwood: This is weird...
Elena Gilbert: What about Forwood!
Caroline Forbes: I love it!
Bonnie Bennett: Me too!
Tyler Lockwood: So you just switch around some letters in our name and you get our couple name?
Caroline Forbes: Yep, pretty much (:
Tyler Lockwood: Girls are so weird...
Bonnie Bennett: Damon actually started this one xD
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Damon Salvatore: …

Damon Salvatore: That not so awkward moment when your brother's girl walks out of the bathroom dripping wet, without a towel on and you happen to be walking down the hall... (;
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Stefan Salvatore: For your sake, I hope you're joking.
Elena Gilbert: Damon!
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Damon Salvatore: Stefan- Oh, I'm not. Elena- Yes, darling?
Stefan Salvatore: Yeah right, I know you're lying.
Damon Salvatore: If I'm lying, then how would know that she has the cutest freckle right beside her... well, you know.
Elena Gilbert: DAMON!
Stefan Salvatore: You're dead
Damon Salvatore: Oooh, I'm shaking in mymznfkjlahr32
Elena Gilbert: Stefan?
Elena Gilbert: Damon?
Elena Gilbert: Guys?
Elena Gilbert: Okay, that's it. I'm coming over.
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Jeremy Gilbert: When in doubt, get high.
Elena Gilbert: Jeremy!
Jeremy Gilbert: What?
Elena Gilbert: I thought you were better than that!
Jeremy Gilbert: …
Stefan Salvatore: Oh god...
Damon Salvatore: Didn't you stop being emo loner boy when I compelled you?
Caroline Forbes: Do you want to borrow my black nail polish again? Lol
Jeremy Gilbert: … bitch
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Tyler Lockwood: Watch it, Gilbert! Salvatore! Donovan! You too.
Bonnie Gilbert: Omg so true! (;
Damon Salvatore: O.o
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Bonnie Bennett: What?
Jeremy Gilbert: Marry me?

Jeremy Gilbert is now in a relationship with Bonnie Bennett.
Elena Gilbert: Um what?
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Jeremy Gilbert: Surprise!
Bonnie Bennett: Elena! I'm sorry, I wanted to tell you but one thing led to another and well, here we are! Are you mad? )):
Elena Gilbert: No, I'm not mad. I'm just surprised.
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Bonnie Bennett: So you're okay?
Elena Gilbert: If you two make each other happy, then sure (:
Bonnie Gilbert: Thanks Elena! Love you!
Elena Gilbert: Love you too!
Caroline Forbes: Aww! How cute(:
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Damon Salvatore: Whoa! Get some, Baby Gilbert!
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Damon Salvatore created the page "Stefan Salvatore's Diary Entries"
Stefan Salvatore: Ummm what!
Damon Salvatore: I told you I'd get you back for that little comment earlier
Stefan Salvatore: Damon, no need to do anything rash...
Elena Gilbert: When are you two going to stop fighting?
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Stefan Salvatore: When he stops being an ass!
Damon Salvatore: When he stops breathing!
Caroline Forbes: This is going to be interesting...
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Stefan Salvatore's Diary Entries: Dear Diary, today has been harder than most. I feel as if there is a weight crushing me from the inside out: the starting point my heart. Will there be a day when I do not think of her? Long for her? Wish to feel her skin under mine? Smell the sweet scent of her hair? I fear not. I fear that the day I stop longing for Katherine is the day I drive a stake through my heart.
Stefan Salvatore: I hate you.
Caroline Forbes: Aww):
Bonnie Bennett: Whoa, that's deep.
Tyler Lockwood: **cough** **cough** whipped **cough**
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Elena Gilbert: …
Damon Salvatore: Uh oh, trouble in paradise, baby bro?
Stefan Salvatore: Elena! That was a really, really long time ago! I promise!
Damon Salvatore: Really, Stef? Because it was dated from two years ago...
Elena Gilbert: ….

Matt Donovan: "And how much longer/ Will this keep getting stronger/ I wonder what she's doing when I'm singing myself to sleep/ Causes he's a faker/ So see you later/ I wonder when you'll realize she means a lot more to me."
Caroline Forbes: Oh my gosh, I love that song!
Damon Salvatore: ^^Awkward...
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