This past week has definitely not been a good one. It's been a couple weeks since me and Eli had sex and the condom broke. At first, I thought I was going to have my period, because I had cramps and moodiness, but it only followed with spotting. Not enough to be a period, but it's lasted a while, so I counted it as my period. Then, the other night me and Eli were trying to… fool around… and usually, when he sucks and plays with my breast, it feels good, but this time, it just hurt. It felt like my breasts were bruised from the inside out and school has been miserable. My bra's usually fit snug, but they've really hurt with all the tenderness. Alli and Jenna were worried when I told them, but I assured them that it was just because of my period, which never really came. Plus, after gym class is the worst. Not only are my breasts throbbing by then, but I was also completely tired. I feel asleep about 50 times in class this week. Plus, three mornings I had to run out of the classroom to puke. I always had a headache and backache, to the point Eli had to always rub my back whenever we sleeped together. I couldn't tell if he liked rubbing my back, but I could tell I wasn't feeling normal. Plus my nipples had gotten darker, and Eli had taken notice. I had to go to the bathroom all the time and I always wanted eggs.

Then it was time for the moment of truth. I, Alli, Jenna, Adam, and Eli sat in my bedroom, waiting for the timer to Bing. I and Eli sat at the edge of the bed, his arm around me, our finger laced, his thumb rubbing my hand, and he whispered sweet nothings into my ear. Then Jenna tried to cheer me up by telling her that it isn't always as hard as it looked. Alli didn't say anything, but she hugged me twice. And optimistic Adam thought of reason's other then pregnancy that I was feeling like this.

We sat and waited and waited and waited. Then the timer binged. I refused to be the first one to look at it. I looked and Alli and she shook her head. I looked at Jenna, and she nervously looked around the room and rested her eyes on Adam. Adam shooked and said "I don't handle these kinds of things very well…Eli?" Eli looked up at Adam, his arm still around me. He looked at Jenna and Jenna stared back. He let his arm down and got up and went into the bathroom across the hall.

After a couple minutes had passed, he walked in. He held the test in his hand, and kept his eyes on it. It looked like he had a little smile on his face. He looked up, and Adam sort of ackwardly pushed himself off the wall. "Well?" he asked.

He looked at me dead in the eye. I went into the little trance, and then snapped out of it. I walked up to him, going for the test. He held it back, not letting me get it. I went for it again, and he held it out farther.

"Eli, what are you doing?" I asked. Jenna started to walk towards us, and went for it again. "Eli, let me see it, let me see the test, Eli! Let me see it!" "You're pregnant Clare," he said. My arms went lip and fell down to my side. "What?" I asked. He looked me in the eyes for a minute, then reached his arm out to me and held me. "I wanted to tell you" he said. I started to cry and held onto him really hard. After a couple of ackward seconds, I could hear Alli's bangle's move, followed by her heels.

She came over and gave me and Eli a hug, followed by Jenna and Adam patting our backs. When we all broke loose, I looked at Eli, then layed my head against his chest. We walked back to the bed. He gave me the test and I sat down next to everyone.

Alli and Jenna ashured me everything would be ok. I wish I could believe them. I and Eli decided to tell our parents tonight. We just need to know how.

OK guys, how should they tell theyre parents? Should it be like a happy kind of we-know-this-is-horrible-but-were-trying-to-make-it-normal-so-you-dont-kill-us kind of thing, of sorft of intense?