"Snapshot" By RavenAK.

Apparently unconnected moments in time, about everything, about nothing, about them. Soul/Maka/Crona, because ever since their roads connected they are undividable.

Disclaimer: Soul Eater belongs to Ohkubo Atsushi, Square Enix and Shônen GanGan. Not me. No, sir. The song "Song To Say Goodbye" belongs to Placebo.

Warning: Spoilers for the manga. They might get heavier as the story progresses.

Nine: Song to say Goodbye.

You were Mother Nature's son,

Someone to whom I could relate,

Your needle and your damage done

Remains a sordid twist of fate…

"My blood is black".

Indeed it is. But the color is hardly the only difference. It's thicker than regular blood, and it changes shape as it changes medium. It takes the form of a sword, of needles, and now even thorns.

And it hurts. Badly. It rips through his own skin, stings, perforates, hurts. He can't tell anymore which stains are of his own blood and which ones belong to her. It's all the same, though. She was the one to infect him in the first place. His blood is hers, and hers is his.

So it doesn't matter which one of them bleeds to death first, right?

It doesn't matter if they both fall, right?

It doesn't matter if it's painful… right?

Watching the fight unfold is like having his mind split in two. He sits at the Black Room, watching, unable to do a thing, and it's just like watching a movie, save for the unspeakable pain that shoots through his entire being whenever Crona stabs him, or Ragnarok stuns him.

It's the pain reminding him that it's real, that his fear is justified, that it's him who's killing this one person who reminds him so much of himself, who shares his same blood…

…and the memories of wanting to destruct his own flesh and blood some time ago, start coming back to him, so shamelessly, because insanity is like this, it sets him free, so free of guilt and regret.

And, subtly and abruptly at the same time, Crona's face is no longer hers, and it looks a ton like his brother now.

His grin widens as he plays, madly, out of tune, the song his brother used to play, on his scythe-keyboard, and then changes it into something completely different –darker, uglier- halfway through. Because this is the person he is. Dark and twisted and so very free. And murdering the song that he took so much pride in, is like smothering Wes till there's no more air left in him.

Crona covers her ears in pain, as Ragnarok screams, trying to make the sound die, but his laughter drowns everything else around him.

This is (not) him. It's the Little Demon, it's (not) himself. He tries to reassure himself that he would never, ever kill his own blood, because it would be like killing himself, and he does (not) have self-destructive tendencies. Right?

"This music is too loud, I don't know how to deal with it". And Wes becomes Crona again. "I'm just going to kill you, I'll kill you and make you shut up!"

"Nice luck trying". He answers. He doesn't recognize himself anymore. And he attempts to slice Crona's limbs off again.

He doesn't know how long this fight will take, but he hopes that his friends will arrive in time to make it stop before they bleed to death.

"I don't want to obey these rules anymore…" Crona repeats as a mantra, blocking all of his attacks. "I want to be free, I don't want to obey anymore".

"I can relate to that". He answers. "I'll destroy you, I'll destroy everything until there's no more noise".

The senseless fight goes on and on until all he sees is black. Blood. His own. Crona's. Their clothes. It's all the same. There's blood spattered everywhere both on the battlefield and inside of his mind.

He holds onto the winged light sphere and feels his soul tremble. Fear is what drove him to this place, fear is what drove Crona here as well, and fear is what made the Kishin what it is.

But courage is not enough.

"Come on, dance, give in, don't be so gloomy". The Imp encourages him. "We're about to win this".

"I'm not so sure". A part of him wishes for Crona to kill him, to end with his pain and guilt, and with the Imp's smugness; but that would mean leaving Maka behind, unprotected. If he kills Crona instead, Maka will never forgive him.

He hopes that something will tragically kill them both in a mysterious way.

"You annoy me". Crona says. "Why won't you give up and die?"

She jumps using one of her swords for leverage, and kicks him in the face, thorns growing out of her foot. He falls to his side, but quickly returns the favor, turning his leg into a blade and sliding it across her ankle, bringing her to the ground as well.

"I can't afford to die. It's too troublesome". He manages to get up, wiping the blood off of his face. He looks at the girl on the ground, wincing in pain while Ragnarok screams at her to get up, now. "See ya".

His intention is to chop off her head while she's busy tending to her foot, but Ragnarok materializes out of her shoulder and uses his infamous screech. While he's stunned, she gets up again, and Ragnarok's full dragon form takes over, wings extended fiercely and screaming a desperate tune.

He goes back a few steps, preparing for the attack, but as Crona starts to take flight, his Meister appears out of nowhere and stands right between them, staring at him with an expression he can't decode.


Author's Notes: I'm sorry it took me for freaking ever to update, real life has been mean to me. Also I can't write fight scenes. Sorry, readers.