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Summary: Isabella swan is a tenty-one-year old with no intentions of starting a family any time soon. She will be starting her first year teaching at Fork's elementary but it is one hot day in at the end of May she is walking through the mall with her brother Emmett and suddenly she finds herself the caretaker of a two and a half year old. Three and a half years after she obtains the child from a horrible situation the child's biological father returns.

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Chapter 1: Finding Ethan

Bella POV

Saturday - May 30, 2010

"Emmett? Why in the world did you drag me to the mall!" I questioned my older brother while he literally dragged me through the mall.

"Because Isabella we have to enter the contest!" I groaned as softly when he called me Isabella but not only because of that, but also because I noticed he was nearly skipping through the mall. Seeing such a giant of a man doing such an act was as funny as it was embarrassing! I really did not want to be seen with him when he was acting like this, but he had a tight grasp on my wrist as he moved through the mall. I had no escape.

"I want to win the jeep they are giving away! Oh! Almost forgot that there is a girl that is helping hold the contest. She is hot and who ever wins the jeep also wins a date with her! There is a guy as well so if a women wins it all works out, but it does not matter because I am going to be winning!" Emmett said with an extremely high sense of self confidence. I had no clue where he got the strange idea he had any chance of winning. Though...he had allot of luck with such things so perhaps he would win.

It all made sense after he explained it. A couple of weeks earlier he had totaled his car and needed a new one. He had asked me for a ride and since we lived together and he was a bit annoying when he got persistent. Eventually I gave in and we ended up at the mall. Emmett was gym teacher at Forks Elementary, where I would be starting at the end of August. After moving back to Forks Emmett offered to let me a place to stay. He owned a rather large home with plenty of space. His friend had moved and offered Emmett the house. I did not know the whole story but it seemed like his friend had inherited the house and did not want it. Since I did not want to stay with Charlie I took him up on the offer until I could get a place of my own.

"Emmett? Why don't you go find this jeep. I am going to walk around the mall. I'll call you when I am done to see where you are alright?"

My big brother pouted but nodded once. "Fine...but I wanted to spend time with you while I win my jeap...pwease little sissy?" I groaned at the puppy dog face he was giving me. I ended up patting his cheek with a small smile. It had taken years to get over that look he gave me. "Nope sorry, go find your future jeep." I turned and walked in the opposite direction with a soft sigh.

As I walked away I heard him whine but I continued walking and chanted in my head...

Just keep walking...

Do not look back...

Just keep walking...

I kept repeating this. I knew if I looked back I would not be going anywhere but to find the damn jeep! Of course I loved my brother and did not mind speanding time with him but we had spent the whole week together! I could tell right now he just want to prove how right he was when he won the jeep.

Soon enough I was out of ear shot and wandered into a child's clothing store. Perhaps I would get my soon to be born niece and nephew a cute outfit. My brother Jasper had married my best friend Alice. At first I thought it was odd my brother was in love with my best friend but watching the two of them together no one could deny their love for one another. They were perfect for one another.

Jasper and Alice married soon after her eighteenth birthday. Jasper was Emmets twin. They were nothing alike and no one could even tell they were twins. The only similarities were the height and the bright blue eyes.

I was excited for my brother and could not wait to spoil my niece and nephew. Alice was eight months pregnant with twins and was on bed rest. Her belly was so huge she was unable to keep her balance. Besides the doctor wanted her on bed rest for the last month. We lived right next door to one another and I visited her as often as I could.

I headed straight to the baby sections and smiled at all of the adorable outfits. 'this must be what it is like when Alice is shopping...hmm...I suppose it is fine. Maybe I will shop for babies and children s clothes instead of my own...Alice is always shopping for them anyway.' I laughed softly at the thought, a sheepish smile on my lips. My train of thought was broken by a child's whining and a mothers harsh voice.

"Ethan! I tolled you to shut the fuck up and stop making noise!" The women growled out. I looked over at the situations. The words were spoken by a women with wild red hair and deep hazel eyes. The child she was speaking to was on the floor next to her leg. He looked to be no older then two. He had bronze hair and deep green eyes, it was hard to tell though because they were clouded by tears.

"b-but mama...it huwts!" He held up his arm a bit which looked limp and bent in the wrong position. I had plenty of broken bones in my life and I immediately knew the toddlers arm was busted.

"Shut it Ethan your fine!" She screamed at him, clearly losing her temper with the boy. She raised her hand, he immediately flinched seeing the movement. A loud clap of skin meeting skin sounded as the women slapped him across the face and the child fell to the ground. I gasped loudly. No one else was in the asle and I picked up my phone and called the police. Other wise known as my father. I told him briefly the situation before going to the child.

I scooped the crying child into my arms before she could touch him again. "Put my child down NOW!" The women demanded, grabbing the arm that was holding the boy. I winced slightly. "No mother would treat her child like this! Now release me, or you will feel what he felt." I said back to the women who did not release me. She just raised her other hand to do who knows what. I held the child tighter and took my other hand and slammed my fist into her face knocking her to the ground. 'thank you daddy for teaching me to punch!' though at such close rang I had ended up hurting my finger. I would get it taken care of later. I had learned to defend myself thanks to my two older brothers as well.

"I called the cops and they should be here soon lady." I smirked at her. She glowered and turned heading straight to the door, ready to leave. Thankfully a security guard came it, having clearly been called by the shop owner. "Grab her! She injured her child!" I demanded and he did just that.

"What's happening here miss?" The security guard said walking over and holding the women in place.

"This women was screaming at her child because he said he was in pain. His arm looks to be broken. She smacked him across the face and he hit his head on the floor." I clutched the small boy against my chest. He was clearly very upset and with good reason.

The officer nodded with a frown. "Did you call the police?" I nodded. "Yes but it was the Forks police...my dad is the chief. I told him to call the Seattle police." I informed the man in front of me. As I held the child I realized just how small he was. What in the world had this child been through?

"Good...I alerted the police as well and an ambulance should be here soon." He said turning to the women a few moments later. "What is your name?" He asked in a stern voice.

"Victoria Volchok." She said in a clearly disrespecting voice. "My husband James will not take this sitting down." She growled out. The security guard sighed. "There are cameras in this store Miss Volchok and from what I can see the child is injured and if the video tapes prove this young ladies statement you will be going away for a long time. I would not make things more difficult for yourself." The officer said his voice just a bit above threatening.

Around five minutes later two EMT's walked in, heading in our direction, followed by the police.

"Is this the boy we were called for?" The man asked the security guard,motioning to the boy in my arms. The officer nodded as he passed the women off to the police. "yes, she helped him and his mother who slapped the child and possibly caused other injuries before arriving at the store."

The two men nodded and walked over, trying to gently take the child so he could be treated. Ethan had another idea though. When he saw them approaching he grasped me tighter with his good arm and when they tried to touch him he screamed one word. "NOOOO"

I immediately held him tighter. "Shh..its alright Ethan...do you want me to come with you?" I asked softly. I only hoped his name was Ethan. It was what the women was calling him. I looked to the EMT's and the police for permission, they nodded there head agreeing. I questioned the boy again because I received no answer. "Want me to come with?" This time Ethan nodded vigorously into my chest. "We will send an officer to the hospital soon." The police said to me. I smiled a bit to show I understood but did not answer verbally.

As the EMT's lead me to the ambulance I questioned them quickly. "Can I call my brother to let him know whats going on?" The man nodded. "Sure." Once I was seated I pulled out my cell phone and dialed my brothers number. Wincing a bit as my bad finger hit the button. I brought the phone to my ear and my brother answered quickly.

"Hey Bells, where are you?"

"Hey Em...um...I am heading to the hospital...can you come down?"

"Why did you break your arm again?" He questioned laughing softly. Obviously worried.

He was so close but so wrong. "No...I will explain later. Take your ime but come soon alright?"

"Alright Bells...as soon as they pick the winner I will come." I nodded even though he could not see me. "Alright. Take my car okay? You still have my keys right?" He agreed and said bye. He had the keys because he had begged to drive my car. Emmett was clearly worried but he knew I got into trouble a lot and I had called him so he probably figured I was overall alright.

Soon enough the ambulance arrived at the hospital. Ethan had finally stopped crying but refused to let the EMT's touch him. Once we entered the hospital a nurse led us to a room. 'The doctor will be with you soon." She said gently before leaving the room.

"Alright Ethan...how about you sit down here." I said setting the boy onto the table. He cried harder as I set him down. "Shh...its alright. The doctor is going to fix your owies." I said gently. He nodded and calmed down a bit but was obviously still upset.

A few minutes later the doctor walked in. He was a rather handsom man with blond hair and blue eyes. "Hello...I am Doctor Carlisle Cullen." He said shaking my hand. "What happened miss...?" He questioned softly.

"His mother slapped him and it seems like he has a broken arm...he also banged his head." I said with a small smile.

"Hm...you look rather young to be a doctor miss Bella."

I rolled my eyes a light blush coating my cheeks. "Years of experiencing itmyself." I muttered a bit embarrassed by my clumsy nature. The doctor nodded with a small laugh before turning his attention to the scared little boy clutching my arm.

"Hello there little one...can you tell me your name?"

Ethan watched him a moment before answering. "E-Ethan."

"Oh! That is a very nice name. Can you tell me how old you are?" Ethan nodded looking a bit proud of the fact he knew. "I...this many...soon I be this many." He held up two fingers followed by a third. So he had to be turning three soon.

"Oh really? Your such a big and brave little boy, can I see your booboo?" Carlisle questioned motioning to his arm, holding out his hands, waiting. "Mama say no booboo...but it huwts wots and wots." He said tears filling his eyes once again. I immediately kissed his head lightly. "Your mama was wrong Ethan, it is a booboo and the doctor will make it better."

Ethan sniffled a bit but nodded. "Okay."

Dr. Cullen smiled gently and took the boys arm into his hands gently. Running his fingers and moving it as carefully as he could. "I think your opinions right...it is probably broken but we need to do an x-ray to be sure.." The man said as he gently placed Ethan's arm back into Ethan's lap where he had been holding it before it was picked up.

The doctor turned his attention to Ethan once more and spoke calmly. "How did you hurt your arm Ethan?" I was surprised he was questioning him when normally the police would. As I looked around a moment I noticed a tape recorder. I am guessing he had done this before and knew it would help. I turned back to Ethan, curious myself what had happened with him."Daddy." He said softly.

"What did he go?" Dr. Cullen asked him.

"Push me...down stairs..." Ethan answered as if it were a common occurrence, the sad thing was it probably was completely normal for him.

"Your daddy pushed you down the stairs" Ethan nodded when the doctor asked him. "Yeah. Dada was mad." Ethan said softly, looking into his lap.

"Okay...how about we get your hand fixed?" He asked, getting off the subject so the boy did not get too upset by what was being said. Ethan nodded and I carried him to the room with the X-ray machin and set the boy down. "The big machine is going to take a picture of your arm alright?" Ethan nodded and allowed the doctor to position his arm correctly. "I will be right out there and will be back when it is done okay?" Ethan but his lips but nodded. "now stay still." I said as we headed out of the room. When it was over I picked Ethan up and carried him back to the room.

Ethan's arm was indeed broken. Not that I doubted it. They then took Ethan's weight and height were taken before they applied the cast. They asked him what color cast he wanted and picked bright green. He seemed to like the color. Dr. Cullen had another doctor come in and apply the cast since it was not his specialty. Ethan handled it as well as any two and a half year old would. He cried.

After the cast was applied they Dr. Cullen said he needed to finish examine Ethan and he removed the boys shirt and immediately frowned. I looked down at the boy and gasped softly. He was covered in new bruises, old healing bruises, few old scars and a few burns. Dr. Cullen put on a calm face quickly and pulled out a camera and took pictures of the injuries. Also once his shirt was removed it was pretty obvious he was pretty skinny and under weight.

The doctor cleaned the cuts and bandaged them as best he could. Then it came time to remove his pants to check his legs. "NOO , no no." He said gripping his pants. Obviously not allowing Dr. Cullen to finish the exam and he was much more upset then he had been the whole time we were at the hospital.

"I just want to finish your check up Ethan what's wrong?" Dr. Cullen asked the terrified toddler. "No you huwt me like dada and mama." Obviously he had gone through something pretty badly. Five minutes later he had gotten so hysterical they decided they had to sedate him, for his own well being and so they could properly examine him.

As I sat in the hall the police arrived and asked me for a statement for their records. I refused to leave the hospital so they gladly took my statement then and there. I reiterated the story I had an told a few different people all ready. Nothing had changed much besides the stuff that happened since arriving but they would get the information from the doctor or not from me, a random women who saved the boy. The cop recorded the statement and wrote notes as well. Asking a few different questions before thanking me for the treatment.

I asked if they knew more information about Ethan and he seemed to debate telling me for a few moments but he finally told me everything. I figured it was because I was the daughter of the chief in Forks. Also because I had demanded information because I felt a connection to the boy.

The doctors say he was molested and beaten badly by his mother and father. He is malnourished and dehydrated Victoria admitted to it but we can not find James. He is not the boys biological father. It seems he found out and took off before we could get him into custody. Victory squealed pretty quickly. Out for herself and no one else." He shook his head slightly. Clearly hating everything that had happened to the boy and the fact a mother could allow such a thing to occur.

"He is not going back to them right?" I asked quickly. Honestly I think I would have kidnapped the child if he was going anywhere near those people again. The cop smiled a bit and shook his head. "No, definitely not. He will be put in foster care. The father is unknown he he will likely be adopted once Victoria is charge and her rights as terminated."

"Can I become his father parent?" I asked quickly before I even realized what I was saying. I was basically demanding the right to care for a child who I had just met. When just today I was sure I did not want kids so early in life!

He sighed a bit before answering my demand. "I do not know Ms. Swan...but he seems to be very attached to you and trust you because you helped him. I think your chances are pretty good. I will put in a good word for you. He seems to be waking up now. "You should head in, it is not normal procedure to let anyone but family in but it is a special case so go on inside." He smiled gently.

A few tears fell from my eyes but I nodded and quickly headed inside. I absolutely would be applying for guardianship of the child. They had Ethan attached to an IV and was in a hospital gown. He had a bandage on the back of his head where he got hurt when he fell, but other then that he looked alright. He slowly opened his green eyes and stared around the room before whimpering softly, clearly distressed by the current situation."Shhh, it is alright Ethan. I am right here and I am not going any where...just go back to sleep hun, you need to rest..." I cooed softly and stroked his har and rested my other hand against his. It did not take too long for sleep to over take him once more. I smiled softly and stroked his cheek.

I knew then and there, seeing his frightened green eyes that I would not let him go somewhere with out me. I was going to fight to become his foster parent and then adopt him. For now I sat there holding his little hand and watching him sleep. He was such a beautiful child.

This little boy would definitely be my son. I knew it. Something inside of me told me he would indeed be mine.

Little Ethan...

I did not know if Emmett won his jeep or not but I had gotten something better. A son. Even if it was not the best of circumstnces and he was not biologicaly mine but he would be my son. If somehow I did not get what I wanted I would fight to be a part of his life. For now though I believed he would definitely be mine.

"I wonder how dad would like to be a grandfather..." A small laugh left my lips imagining my father as a grandfather.

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