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Chapter 17: Soccer Practice!

-2 weeks after last chapter, last week of August-

Edward's POV

"I really hate you Emmett." I grunted as I lifted my left leg for the fifteenth time. Two weeks earlier had I finally gotten the casts removed. They had kept them on longer then expected because they want to be sure they were fully healed. So once they were removed Emmett immediately had me strengthening them. Today was the first time he added weights to lifts he made me do. Twenty lifts with weights for my left leg. My right leg was needed more help. Just lifting it ten times nearly killed me. The doctor had told me my right leg had been fractured at least three times if not more. It was lucky I had any movement in it at all.

"Yeah yeah. Just keep working Edward! Five more then try fifteen with your right." He said. I really did hate him! I was probably exaggerating but at this point my leg was burning, but I knew it was the only way to strengthen them. My goal was to walk again and to do that I needed to rebuild the muscle on my legs and strengthen the bone as well.

Emmett nodded when I finally finished with my left leg and removed the weight and had me start with my right leg. "Ethan wants to know if your coming to his soccer practice today? I told him to ask himself know Ethan. So are you coming?" I looked over at Emmett and laughed softly before grunting and moving my right leg again. "What good would it be to come to his soccer practice? I am stuck in a wheelchair." I muttered before looking over as I finally got my leg to move for the eight time. "I don't think he cares Edward as long as your there." Emmett said walking over to look down at me, arms on his hips. "I think it does matter." I muttered, cursing as my leg hit the mat harder then expected. "What kind of father can I be from a damn chair." I honestly had been feeling this way since I arrived here and realized what few things I could do. I only had one fully functioning limb. My other arm was getting better but I still could not grasp things tight enough. My legs were so week I could barely move them. I knew I should be grateful that I could move them at all but I just couldn't at times, especially when I was doing therapy and realized how little I could do.

"Your coming, whether you like it or not Eddie boy." Emmett said sternly a tone of voice he rarely used. "Besides do you realize how much progress you have made since your casts were removed from your legs?" I did not bother to answer. It really did not matter what my answer was because he would simply continue as if I had stayed completely silent. He took a small breath. "You could only lift your left leg a half inch and you could not even move your right leg on your own. Today you were able to lift your left leg twenty times with a five pound weight and your right leg...If I am counting correctly eleven times so far...that is a huge improvement in two weeks. Get a goal and stick to it. If you do not make it, extend it a bit but never give up on those goals got it?"

I suppose there was no winning with Emmett. He was making perfect sense at the moment and I truly hoped he was right. I did not want to be stuck in a wheelchair and hoped one day I would not be. For now though I was and had to do my best to be their for my son and daughter, even if I could not stand from the chair. I looked up Emmett as I lifted my leg for the fifteenth time. "I want to walk by Christmas..." Emmett grinned. "Then you should say it more determined. I really do not believe you when you say it like that..." I groaned a bit, thinking a bit on how I could respond in a more determined way that Emmett would at least believe. "Fine...I will walk by Christmas!" He nodded a bit, obviously pleased by my answer. "Good...lets work on getting you standing since where done for now with your legs...more arm exercise!" I groaned plopped back onto the mat, having sat up during our talk. Slowly I sat up up and he brought me over to one of the exercise machines so I could work on my arms. "I really do hate you Emmett Swan!" I informed him once again.

After another half hour of working on my arms I headed was wheeled out of the room. Emmett helped me in the shower, something which I was determined to do my self as soon as I was strong enough. The rest of the day passed pretty smoothly which I was not expecting but it was nice. Bella had taken Samantha to an appointment with Ethan's therapist and then to the school so they could figure out if she could start first grade with Ethan or should be put in kindergarten instead.

Ethan's practice was at three and Bella arrived home a little after one and came to my room. "Hey. How did everything go?" He asked her when she moved to sit down on my bed. "Alright..." She said softly. After a few moments she spoke again. "She will be able to start first grade, she is surprisingly smart for a child who has never been to school or her mind nurtured." Bella said with a small smile. "Zafrina and the teacher who conducted the test said she needs speech therapy. She can say a bit more then when she first arrived but allot of her words are used in the wrong context and the sounds are off." Bella said calmly as she stared up at the ceiling, humming softly in thought.

"I was expecting that. Samantha had said during therapy that they never let her talk and the only time she would talk was when she was alone and before Ethan left she would talk with him...other then that she was pretty much silent...I can not believe that as a child she was forced to stay quiet...I know Ethan was as well but...he got out of there so much earlier then her..." She ran her fingers through her hair, turning to look at me, obviously pretty upset, and I could not blame her. "Why did I not save her sooner? Why did it take so long to get her away from him?"

I scooted myself over a bit and wrapped my arms around her, albeit a bit awkwardly and smiled a little. "You didn't know she was there Bella...I am the one who should be asking myself there questions.." I said softly, letting out a shaky breath. "I should have came back when I heard my son died...seen him for myself...not taken her word for it. I should have never gone on that mission distracted, but I did and paid the price for own physical well being and my children unfortunately were tortured as well." Bella shook her head a bit, tears in her eyes. I was positive most of it was due to the situation earlier with Samantha. "Not your fault...its the people who did that to her, to Ethan and to you...You and your children have been through hell..." She said pressing her face against my chest.

For the next half hour or so we talked about random things, trying to distract one another from what had been said earlier. We normally had deeper talkes at night when the kids were sleeping and what not question anything. "Emmett is dragging me to Ethan's soccer practice...I did not want to go at first but Ethan wanted me to and Emmett said me being in a wheelchair is not a good enough excuse not to go...are you and Samantha coming?" Bella smiled a bit her eyes still red from earlier. "No, I am going to stay home with Rose and Samantha, Ethan asked if Samantha wanted to join but she said no. I don't think she likes the idea of playing soccer."

"It might be good to find something she would enjoy and look forward too..." I said softly. It seemed like a good idea, after all I could not wait to be able to do something. Especially the piano. It was something I really wanted to do but was unable to at the moment. I had asked Ethan more then once if he could play. It helped a bit but it was not the same as if I were the one playing. Ethan was always excited to show off his piano skills. "Yeah I was talking to her about that earlier as well...Zafrina was showing her pictures of different activities...she immediately got hooked on the horse riding magazine and pictures. I asked if she wanted to try going to ride a horse...she said yes. She also liked gymnastics. So we will see how that goes."

I agreed with her line of thinking and riding horses seemed like it would be a good family activity. Something that everyone could do! I also heard people who were in wheelchairs could ride horses, so it really could help more then just Samantha. Though I had never ridden a horse. She grinned when she heard what I said. "I do not think I will ever get on a horse Edward. I am too clumsy for my own good. Perhaps that is something you and Samantha can do together...or you and the kids...but I refuse to get on a horse." I laughed and shook my head. Of course she would refuse...ah well the kids and I would just have to do a little convincing to get her on horse back.

A little while later Emmett knocked on my door before walking in. Bella had gone off to help Samantha who was trying to do some type of practice work to prepare for school. They had determined that she could start but would need some extra help as well. So they sent some work for her to do. Zafrina also decided it would be best for her and Ethan to be in the same class and have Bella as their teacher. Though she also said that they should not be grouped together often and allow them to have individual tasks. Having Ethan in the room should help her settle down.

"We are leaving now Edward, so come on.' He motioned for me to get a move on. I sighed and got myself into my wheelchair, something I had been practicing. Getting in and out of the chair with out help as often as possible. It was starting to get easier then when Emmett first starting having me do it. "Alright, I am coming." I muttered as he grabbed my jacket off the bed and slipped it on before wheeling myself out of the room. Ethan was waiting by the door in a pair of jeans, sneakers, and a white long sleeve shirt. He looked a bit nervous and I smiled over at hims. "Whats up buddy?" I asked.

"Nothing." He muttered, clearly lying. I sighed softly. "No really whats up Ethan. Something is bothering you?" Ethan turned back to me and looked down a bit. "Sarah's not coming..." He said quietly, almost so quiet I could not hear it. "I thought she was joining with you?" I asked because last I heard she wanted to play soccer as well.

"She said it is not girly enough! She did not want to play with boys on soccer teams..." he said clearly a bit bitter about what his friend had said. "I still want to go but she promised she would join with me!" He said crossing his arms and staring at the floor. "Well Ethan...maybe she just decided not to play soccer. I am sure you will make some new friends from your team."

Ethan nodded sadly but pulled on his jacket before we all headed outside. When we were in the car headed toward Port Angeles since forks did not have a soccer league for elementary aged kids. So he truly would be in a new environment with new people. Bella had said that was always hard for him and he tended to have Sarah so it was easier but today he was with out her and would be with other kids. "Nervous?" I asked him. I was sitting in the back with him having asked Emmett to put me in the back so I could talk to him.

"Yeah...I mean what if no one likes me?" He asked, clearly worried that it would be an issue. I really wish Bella was here! She would know what to tell him. Four weeks definitely was not enough time to truly understand the true feelings of child. I did not answer right away but finally answered his innocent question, a question every child would ask. At least most children. "I am sure they will Ethan. If they don't then it is their loss. If you don't find it fun you do not have to go back but try it a few times and see if you like it." I said nodding my head with a small smile."Besides Uncle Emmett and I will be there. So if anyone is mean let us know alright?" Ethan nodded once more, sending me a small smile. "Okay...I really do like soccer though so I hope it is fun. I wish Sarah was coming too...she did promise" He mumbled the last part.

I did not responding but Emmett who had clearly been listening told him exactly what he thought of the situation. An explanation which caused me to laugh. Something I did not do too often. "Women have a right to change their mind, change it again, and simply change it as many times as they need to change it to get what they want. So you will have to learn to deal with it! Sarah will definitely keep changing her mind if she is anything like every other girl I have met!" Ethan looked a bit confused as to why I was laughing but took Emmett's words at face value. Apparently it made perfect sense to him.

~Ethan's POV~

When we arrived at the field I turned slightly watching as Emmett helped my dad out of the car. Emmett motioned for me to go on ahead. "Go ahead Ethan we will be right there." I frowned a bit not wanting to go alone but they had to sign me in and what not and most of the kids were already on the field. Most of them were boys but there were one or two girls too. "Are you sure?" I questioned looking at my father and Emmett.

"Go ahead Ethan, remember everything will be fine, just try to talk to someone, or just kick the ball until practice starts." I had brought a ball with me so I nodded and walked off into the field with my soccer ball. As I looked around there were about twelve kids there and some seemed to know one another, while others seemed to be more on their own. I just set the ball down and kicked it a bit. Looking over my shoulder now and again, seeing Uncle Emmett and daddy at the table talking to another guy.

Looking around I realized in the other field were older kids. The team I would be on was supposed to be fore six to eight year olds and the other teems went from nine to twelve.

As I looked around the field I kicked the ball couple of inches in front of me and kept walking as I kicked it. Mom called it dribbling but I did not care enough to remember the proper terms for everything. I really was not paying attention to where I was walking but accidentally bumped into a kid who was in front of me. I looked up and smiled sheepishly. "Sorry...I was not paying attention." I said quietly, but loud enough for the other to hear. "It's fine! Are you new here too?" He asked smiling at me.

I nodded slowly. " the soccer team I guess..." I informed the other with a tiny smile. At least this boy seemed at least somewhat kind.

"I just moved to Forks and dad signed me up for soccer here. I used to play in my other town but we had to move because dad got a job at the hospital." He said shrugging a bit. "Hey whats your name? Do you live around here?" He asked after a few moments seemingly building up the courage to ask. He seemed about as shy as I was. "Er...I live in Forks too..My name is Ethan Swan..." I answered the others question before asking him what his name was. "Cool! I am Alec...and I am seven!"

I did not say anything, well I did not get a chance because he asked if I wanted to kick the ball back and forth. I agreed quickly liking the idea of playing soccer with someone before practice started. As we played he told me he was in the first grade even though he was older. He had to repeat first grade because he was sick and was not in school often enough to pass. Alec was a little taller then me with brown eyes and short black hair. After a little while the coach came up and I took a small breath. I was worried about the other kids but also about the person who would be teaching us. No matter how much Mom and everyone told me not all men were like him I could not help but feel uncomfortable around strangers. I felt a little better knowing uncle Emmett and my dad were around.

-Ride home-

"And Coach Marcus said that we would meet every week! In two weeks we have a game! Isn't that cool dad!" I said staring at my father. He honestly looked interested in what was being said. "Oh and I met a boy named Alec, he lives in Forks too and is in the second grade...and um..." I paused not sure what else I was missing. I had been talking to him since we left the field about all the different things we did during soccer practice. It was more of a day of meeting the other kids but the coach did teach some things as well.

"That all sounds great Ethan. I am glad you found a friend to do soccer with. How about the other kids? Were they friendly?" I nodded a bit, frowning a little. "Victor is mean! He is eight and the oldest kid. Not nice to anyone...but everyone else is really nice." I said as I thought of him. He really was mean. If uncle Emmett was talking about him he would be a jerk! Mommy did not like be saying those words though so I just called him mean.

He nodded slightly. "Yeah...there is usually at least one kid who is not very nice but I am glad the other children seem kind."

"Yeah they seem nice...OH and I am going to ask mommy to make snacks for the games. The coach said we could. Should I? Do you want to make them? Oh maybe we can just buy something. Oh daddy are you going shopping with us for school stuff on Saturday? Mommy said she would take us Saturday and to ask if you wanted to come. I like school clothes, and backpack and um school stuff!"

-Edward POV-

I actually thought for a few minutes when Ethan asked me if I would go school shopping with him and Bella. I still did not like crowds much. Though looking at Ethan's face I nodded. I figured it would be fine. Especially since I knew Samantha would be going. We would be in the same situation because I knew Samantha did not like crowds either.

"Sure I'll come." He cheered, grinning widely. He seemed so excited after soccer practice. It was nice. I had seen him this excited before but it did not seem to be often. Ethan was rather reserved and tended to keep to himself, but from being so worried before soccer practice to actually excited was amazing. Normally practice would be on Saturdays in the morning but it was in the afternoon on a Thursday this week because there was no school to be worried about.

When we arrived back at the house I turned to Ethan. "Go tell your mom everything." He nodded and quickly ran into the house. Emmett came over and helped me out, the drop a bit too much for me to do myself."Happy you came?" Emmett asked with a shit eating grin. It was obvious I was happy but he liked to rub things in when he was right. "Yes Emmett,you were right." He said rolling my eyes a bit. "I am glad you were! Now remember bed earlier because you will be up early for your work out! If I remember correctly you also have a therapist appointment as well right?"

I groaned and looked the opposite way. I had completely forgotten about that. I had avoided going for awhile but after awhile, Bella convinced me I should go, even Ethan told me it would make me feel better. I wish I had a theripist like Ethan and Samantha where I got to play with toys the whole time. I knew it was for the best because I still could not sleep through the night and I was having trouble being around larger groups. Perhaps talking to someone would help to an extent. Certainly explaining everything to the military had not helped. They had even said they would be back to question me more but for now they would give me time to recuperate.

"Thanks for reminding me Emmett. I almost forgot why I hated you." I growled a bit. Though it was teasing. "Anyway lets get inside...I am hungry and need some food!" I motioned to the door and Emmett pushed me inside even though I could roll myself inside.

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