"Scott! I don't want to stay here, man. He's crazy, and I don't need to know what he does at night. He might sit on the rooftops... you know, if he had enough rooftop left, and wait to eat deer when they prance by." Stiles told his best friend, freaking out at the plan he'd put in place without him knowing.

"Calm down. How bad can he be? And anyway, it's just for a little while, you'll be fine." Scott patted him on the shoulder, backing toward the front door, trying to make his escape.

"Dude, don't leave me here. I don't want him to kill me, and I think he'll try." He followed Scott, a desperate expression on his face.

"Stiles, he won't." Was the brunette's last promise before he managed to slip out the door, leaving his friend to fend for himself.

Stiles rested his head against the old, worn wood of the door, taking a deep breath, wondering how he'd get through the night. He turned, looking around the run-down house, staircase looking eery and frail. It felt cold, drafts from every angle, broken windows making for small chips of glass on the floor, along with all the dust. He pulled his sweatshirt closer around his body, crossing his arms as he started to walk around.

"Lights don't even work," He whispered, flicking one of the switches up and down, "How does he live here?"

"Are you going to complain all night?" Derek stood at the top of the stairs, looking down at him, watching the way he tensed at the sound of his voice.

"I'm not complaining, I just don't like being in a creepy house that will be pitch black soon." He answered, eying the wolf as he tapped his fingers against the wood railing.

"There's a lighter in my room. You can use it." Derek shrugged, walking down the stairs, pushing past the other teen and padding into the kitchen- one of the few rooms he'd actually cleaned up after the fire.

"I promise I won't burn the house down," Stiles said without thinking, watching as the taller male tensed, fists clenching, "Oh... That came out wrong. Sorry... Y-You want me to go get the lighter now?"

"It's not dark out yet." Derek growled out, jaw set, annoyed the kid would be afraid of the dark.

"Yeah. Yeah, sure. Okay, alright." Stiles nodded, following him into the kitchen, leaning against the counter when he got there.

He watched Derek, noticing the alertness with every move he made, eyes never looking at one thing; like he was expecting something to swoop down and try to kill him. He watched his body, too. The way he moved; precise movements, strong and thought out, battle tactics ready to be executed at the drop of a pin. His body looked tense, like he could sense the eyes on him, but Stiles didn't look away, he was too busy noticing the way his muscles moved under his shirt.

"Scott says I have to feed you. What do you want?" The wolf asked, trying to sound softer, but it didn't really take.

"U-Uh, whatever." He stuttered, averting his gaze to the floor, tapping his fingers against the counter, playing out the beat to the last pop song he heard.

Derek nodded, trying to ignore the nervous habit he guessed Stiles had, remembering the song that had been playing in his Jeep. He failed at tuning it out, and leaned his head away, not wanting Lady GaGa stuck in his head.

"Stop it."

"Stop what?" Stiles asked legitimately.

"Your hand." He answered, setting a firm hand over Stiles', making it lay flat on the cold counter top.

The shorter teen swallowed hard, looking down at Derek's strong hand on his, an electric shock running up his arm... He didn't know why he felt the sudden urge to feel how calloused the hand was.

"I'm sorry." Stiles muttered, slipping his hand away, his heart pounding.

Derek said nothing in return, walking over to the fridge and opening in. He hoped Stiles wouldn't make any comments about how there was a light working in the fridge and not in any other room, and to his surprise, he heard none.

He handed a sandwich to Stiles, then grabbed one for himself before making his way up to his bedroom, leaving the other teen alone downstairs. Stiles waited until he heard the wolf's door shut before letting out a deep breath and wondering what had just happened to him. Derek didn't try to kill him for being annoying, he didn't even make a rude remark. He wondered why he didn't feel scared that his hand might have gotten ripped off, or his body beaten to a pulp or... something. His body had reacted so differently than he was supposed to. He shook his head, unwrapping the plastic from his sandwich and taking a bite, walking back into the den where he was supposed to sleep on the couch.

Stiles woke with a grunt, opening his eyes to see nothing but black, wind whistling through cracks and holes of the house, making him feel blind and paranoid. He got up from the couch carefully, feeling what was left of his sandwich fall off his chest. Holding his arms out in front of him, he made his way over with small steps to what he thought would be the stairs.

He held tight to the railing, setting his hand on the first step to know where to put his foot. He climbed the stairs, tripping a few times and falling to his knees when he reached the top. Crawling to where he remembered Derek appeared, hopefully from where he emerged from his room. Stiles stopped when his head hit wood, and he felt his hand up it, fingers wrapping around an ice cold doorknob. He stood, turning the knob and cautiously walking in the room.

Another rush of cold air hit him, and his arms instinctively came closer around his frame, trying to keep himself warm. He stepped wrong, forgetting this room wasn't like downstairs where there was open space, and fell face first onto something soft and bouncy. Before he could get himself up, someone did it for him, picking him up and holding him against one of the walls.

"Ow, shit." Stiles groaned, grabbing the hands that were holding him up, trying to get them to let go, "D-Derek? Dude, it's me, y-you know, annoying and awkward Stiles?"

The hands moved him so he was feet on the floor again, fist still crumpling his shirt, "What are you doing?"

"It's dark." He reached up, feeling the other's face; stubble on his jaw, lips turned down and pressed in a firm line, eyes probably staring daggers, and soft (with the exception of left over gel styling product), bedhead hair. Yeah, that was definitely Derek. "And I need that lighter now."

Derek's hand shifted, first pushing Stiles' hand away from his hair, then reaching into his pocket and pulling out a lighter. He flicked it on, a soft flame eliminated them and half the room, Stiles finally able to see. The wolf had a hard look on his face, bare shoulders tense, muscles in his arm flexing as he tightened his hold and pulled him closer.

"You had to wake me up because you were scared of the dark?" He grumbled, voice a bit different than usual. He could hear the other's heartbeat racing in his chest, and could see how wide his eyes were.

"I-I'm sorry, I just... Are you okay?" Stiles asked, seeing how dilated Derek's eyes were, even though the flame was right in front of his face. He could barely see the blueish green anymore, and his skin was covered in a fine layer of sweat... but he said he'd been sleeping, not fighting with anything or working out.

"I'm fine." He answered a little too quickly, letting go of Stiles' shirt and flicking off the lighter, trying to get his head straight.

"Did I catch you at a bad time? Maybe I shouldn't have woken you up... You would have been more mellow tomorrow." The shorter teen mumbled the last part, trying to deal with being in the dark again. His comments didn't go unheard.

Derek whipped around, grabbing him by the front of his sweatshirt, throwing him down onto the mattress, pinning him before he even had time to bounce. He heard him gasp, and faintly saw the surprised expression on his face as he looked around blindly in the dark.

"And what did you think I was doing, Stilinski?" He whispered roughly, watching the other teen search for something to say.

"B-Bro, it's okay to have wet dreams. It's completely fine." He set his hands against Derek's chest, not necessarily trying to push him away, feeling every breath he took, and the growl that vibrated.

The wolf noticed the way Stiles' eyes widened, and his heart almost skipped a beat. His chest was heaving, breath wheezing a bit. He was scared now, and that just excited Derek more. He leaned closer, breath hot on Stiles' face.

He almost convulsed when he felt how close Derek was, "A-Am I going to die? Are you gonna kill me?"

"I'm going to rip you apart." He growled, unzipping Stiles' sweatshirt and hearing him whimper. He resisted the urge to get closer, and pulled himself back up, taking a step back to work his belt open.

Stiles felt his body move away, and he thought about what to do. Where did Derek move to, and is going to actually going to rip me apart? He didn't want to wait and find out. He jumped to his feet, and made a dash for where he thought the door would be. Derek sighed, reaching out and grabbing him by his t-shirt, ripping the lower half of it. He pushed the shorter teen up against the wall again, setting his hands on either sides of his head, hearing him whimper again and try to get away.

"Hey, hey," He set a hand on the kid's shoulder, feeling him tense, "Calm down, okay?"

"I can't calm down when I'm just about being attacked!" Stiles yelled, sliding down the wall, trying to slip past Derek's thigh, only having it block him.

"I'm not attacking you." He said calmly, pulling his lip in between his teeth as he felt hands on his upper thigh.

"You're going to rip my throat out, aren't you?" Stiles continued, feeling around Derek and the wall, trying to grab anything to give him leverage. The wolf rolled his eyes, and pulled the other teen up from the floor, hands on his shoulders.

"P-Please, don't kill me. Oh God, I'm gonna die. Please, don't. Please, I-" He was cut off, Derek's lips on his, making his breathing cease and his eyes widen.

Derek's hands moved to his hips, holding them firm against the wall, working his lips against Stiles'. Feeling his lips hesitantly start to cooperate, moving slowly, Derek couldn't help thinking maybe he liked it, too. Stiles got more confident he wasn't going to die, and leaned into the kiss, eyes closing, his tongue poking out and clashing with Derek's. Fighting for dominance, which the wolf won with ease, a soft moan slipped from the shorter teen's lips. Derek broke the kiss even though he didn't want to, watching the other open his eyes.

"Stiles," He loosened his hands, regaining the lost breath, "I..."

"Yeah." He nodded, spine tingling at his name being said. Derek had never called him by his name before, and God, it made him feel good. He moved his hands up, feeling along Derek's skin, rubbing his thumb over his bottom lip before leaning in and kissing him.

The wolf pulled Stiles away from the wall, slipping the sweatshirt off his shoulders, feeling him shiver as more of the night air got to his skin. Derek ignored it, stripping him of his ripped shirt, gliding his hands down the smooth skin, swallowing the soft groan that left the shorter's mouth as he reattached their lips.

Derek felt hands pushing him away, and he growled to say he wasn't going to allow it, but the kid was persistent, so he broke the kiss and backed away, giving a look that he realized the other couldn't see. A flame showed itself again, a smirk on Stiles' face when Derek checked his pocket to find out he'd been picked.

"No more creepy werewolf eyes on me." He said, walking over next to the bed and lighting the candles before flicking the lighter closed again.

A dull light swayed and danced against the walls, against the heated skin of the teens. Derek got a good look at Stiles; he wasn't as wimpy as people thought. Strong arms, and a lean torso, abdomen muscles clenching with every move as he sat on the edge of the bed. Stiles grabbed onto Derek's belt, pulling him close and undoing it, slipping it out of the loops. He licked his lips and shot a glance up at the wolf while he popped open the button and tugged the zipper down.

Derek helped him push them down, kicking them away after pooling around his ankles. He looked back down at Stiles, watching him tuck his thumbs into the waistband of his boxers and pull them down an inch, licking his lips before chuckling and moving away. Derek groaned in frustration, getting on the bed and grabbing Stiles, pulling him close. Resealing their lips, the wolf moved his hand down, roughly palming the other teen through his jeans, hearing him groan and feeling as he pressed his hips up.

"You're really gonna tease me like that?" Derek muttered into the skin of Stiles' neck, lips closing on the pulse point and sucking harshly, teeth gently biting down to make a mark.

"Y-Yeah. Because I know I-I'll get it rough." Stiles said shakily, rocking his hips into the hand, not caring if the other drew blood with his teeth.

He pulled his mouth away when he was satisfied, tongue poking out and swirling over the mark, "You were always gonna get it rough."

"Then do it already." Stiles' hips bucked, the hand squeezing, then letting go. He heard the clinking of his belt being undone, and he lifted his hips as Derek stripped him of his jeans and underwear in one movement.

Derek crawled between his legs, spreading them open. He set a two fingers to the other's plump bottom lip, "Suck."

Stiles took the fingers into his mouth, coating them, hearing a soft sigh from the wolf as he sucked gently, letting his tongue feel around. He felt exposed with his legs spread open and the guy he was supposed to be scared of between them, but he was getting comfortable with the quiet sounds Derek was making, and his body was aching to be touched.

Derek pulled his fingers out, trailing them down to Stiles' entrance. He slipped one in, feeling him tense and his breath hitch. He looked up, seeing the shorter teen's eyes screwed shut; body tense and still.

"Relax," He said softly, setting his free hand on the other's abdomen, "Breathe."

Stiles tried to listen, willing his body to relax and stay relaxed for Derek to do whatever he needed to make it feel good. The wolf moved his finger around, letting the kid get used to it before adding a second, starting to scissor them. Pushing them in deeper, brushing the tips against a certain bundle of nerves, a small, broken, and surprised moan left the shorter's lips.

Stiles lifted his head, meeting those blue-green eyes, "Do it again."

The taller teen nodded, obeying, pushing the digits in more roughly and jabbing against his prostate. A surprised yelp came from Stiles, and he jumped a bit, causing Derek to crack a smile.

"Are you going to be like this the whole time, because I can hold you down." He said, amusement fluent in his tone, almost chuckling at the look he got.

"I-It just... I never knew it." The shorter teen bit his lip, hips rocking onto the digits inside him, slowly fucking himself on them.

"Well, how about I make it good for both of us?" Derek reasoned, taking his fingers out and tugging down his boxers, making a small noise of relief to be free of the fabric.

Stiles eyes widened. The guy was huge; bigger than him, but he was thicker and that was something he was proud of, but he couldn't deny that he was a bit nervous about where it would be next. He watched as Derek spit into his palm and slick up his hard member, his hips gently thrusting forward into his hand. He laid his head back when the wolf crawled closer, and he felt the head of his cock against his entrance, as well as his own twitch and leak with anticipation.

"Don't put any payback into this, okay?" He said suddenly, earning an odd look and stitch of the eyebrows, "I-I mean, don't fucking kill me, okay?"

A dark chuckle came from the wolf, and he grabbed Stiles' legs and pulled them around his waist, stretching his forearms out and setting his hands on either side of the other teen to support his weight after. He gave a small nod before pushing forward, starting to bury himself in the constricting heat. Stiles closed his eyes again, head back onto the pillows, feeling as Derek stretched him farther open. A dull pain was radiating through him, and he thought he could deal with it, and anyways, first times were always supposed to be lousy, right? But this was Derek Hale he was with, nothing about him was lousy or dull. He was always intense.

Derek let him adjust, feeling his walls relax around his cock, steady breathing and fast heartbeat becoming the norm. Stiles gave a grunt and a slap to the arm, telling him go ahead and start moving. The first few thrusts were slow, testing how he'd react, then he got a feel for what the kid wanted, and picked up speed little by little.

The wolf couldn't help the noises he wanted to make; the ones he was stifling. He didn't want to show too much emotion or signs of letting his guard down. He wanted to hear noises from Stiles, to make him moan and beg for him, make it the best the kid had ever had... although this was his first time, Derek could sense it. It excited him to know that he was the first one to take Stiles, and he was going to make sure it was memorable. He wanted to set the bar high for anyone else, hoping they'd all fail in comparison to him.

Small moans and harsh breathing were falling out of the shorter teen's mouth, the sensation of feeling everything, every little movement Derek made, was making him shiver. He had his hands firmly on the wolf's biceps, feeling them flex.

"D-Derek, faster." Stiles stuttered out, thrusting his hips up. He felt him comply, low growls starting to be heard from above him. That was what he wanted, to know Derek liked it, it made him strive to do better.

He was moaning louder, putting on a show, throwing his head back as his hips bucked without permission. Derek hiked Stiles' legs up higher on his waist and began pounding into him, fighting off the urge to change and risk the kid's life, but his eyes were already burning bright blue and felt the change coming on. He dug his hands into the sheets, claws puncturing the mattress, vision going red as he saw Stiles as prey. A loud growl rumbled in his chest and he squeezed his eyes shut, resting his head on the other's shoulder, hearing the blood pumping through his veins, everything amplified. He was in trouble.

Stiles could tell something was off with the noises Derek was making, they were more primal than the others. He looked to the side where the wolf's head lay, distinct fangs showing in the low light. Stiles shuddered; it scared him, but he was damned if it didn't excite him that much more. But he had to think logical... What was logic, again? He dug his fingernails into Derek's arms as the head of his cock brushed against his prostate. He whispered the wolf's name in his ear, hoping it would have some kind of effect.

Derek was focusing on the other's heartbeat, thoughts of how he could silence it swimming in his head. He could feel the heat of Stiles' skin against his cheek, and he so badly wanted to bite him, turning his head and seeing a clear shot at the kid's throat, wondering how hard he'd have to bite down before he stopped breathing. He glanced up at Stiles' mouth, seeing his name on his lips, blocking out the sound of his heartbeat and hearing it; desperate and lust-filled, telling him to come back to him. He thrust harder into the willing body below him, feeling the pleasure and remembering what he was there to do. Fangs started to fade away, returning to normal again, and he leaned forward, lips on the kid's throat. Stiles' heart skipped a beat.

"Stiles," The wolf groaned lowly against the skin, a small shudder of relief racking through the shorter teen. Derek jabbed himself in deeper, a yelp leaving Stiles' lips.

"S-Say it again." He gasped out, orgasm creeping up on him, the hits to his prostate still coming, pushing him closer and closer.

"Stiles." Derek repeated, bucking his hips forward and gritting his teeth at the growl he wanted to let out.

A loud groan left the shorter teen's mouth, throwing his head back in euphoria, spurts of white painting both of their stomachs as he came. Derek watched and felt as Stiles' orgasm washed over him, his own hitting him like a bus without warning seconds later. Their thrusts slowed as they rode it out, the wolf finding Stiles was really oversensitive after he came. After pulling out, Derek laid on the bed next to him, looking over to make sure he was okay. Stiles fought to get his breathing back to normal, legs falling flat onto the bed, hand reaching up to wipe the sweat off his forehead.

"Are you okay?" Derek asked quietly, turning his head back to staring at the ceiling. He thought maybe he'd been too rough, maybe he'd hurt him when he changed. He sneaked a glance at Stiles' throat, making sure there was nothing more than the hickey he'd made earlier.

"Yeah," He nodded, looking over at him, shuddering slightly as he turned on his side, "I-I'm fine."

"You don't sound fine." The wolf felt eyes on him, but he couldn't look back, he wouldn't allow it if he had hurt him.

"That's only because I can feel your... stuff inside me." Stiles said honestly, actually liking the slight burning pain he could feel coming on. He would be sore tomorrow, but he didn't really care.

"Oh... Sorry." Derek didn't take his eyes off the ceiling, feeling a bit embarrassed, but that subsided quickly. That was something Stiles should have been embarrassed about, not him.

"Don't be," He shrugged, "It's something I don't have to be curious about anymore. I'm okay."

"Good." The wolf nodded, everything going silent. The shorter teen's heartbeat was still a bit fast, but his breathing was just about normal again. He felt the bed move, and saw Stiles trying to get up, boxers in his hand.

"Don't get dressed." He said quickly, leaning up on his elbow and grabbing the kid's hand, pulling him back down to the bed, almost all the way on top of him.

"B-But I'm cold again." Stiles reasoned, partly that he was actually cold, partly a bit insecure being naked in front of him now.

"Then I'll get you warm again." Derek shrugged, grabbing the back of his neck and pulling him in for a kiss, enjoying the fact Stiles melted into it almost instantly, letting him roll them onto their sides. Reaching behind him, he took the corner of the comforter that had been pushed aside that morning, and laid it over their bodies.

The shorter teen broke the kiss with a light gasp as Derek pushed his body close, as close as he could get without being inside him again. Chest to chest, and hips to hips. He looked up at him, seeing a smirk on his lips.

"Well, you said you were cold," He chuckled softly at the look he got, and slipped an arm around Stiles' waist before closing his eyes, "Go to sleep."

"Yes, sir." The shorter teen gave a nod, holding back a chuckle before leaning in and kissing Derek's nose, an annoyed growl escaping said wolf's mouth, "Just checking to make sure your opinion didn't change."

Scott walked into Derek's house, the morning sun shining through the windows and various cracks and holes, rays of light splayed across the floor and walls, making the house look more alive than it seemed any other time. Scott padded into the den, confused to see Stiles not on the couch.

"Huh, weird. Where could he be?" He whispered to himself, looking around to make sure his best friend wasn't sleeping curled up in a corner or anything.

Derek opened his eyes, hearing Scott's voice as if he was right next to him. He lifted his head, seeing it was lighter outside than when he'd woken up hours earlier, not moving much from the spot he fell asleep in. He looked down at Stiles' head on his chest, and shook his shoulder, watching him stir before his eyes fluttered open.

"Mm, what?" The shorter teen rubbed his eyes, then looked around, "Oh."

"Scott's here. He's wondering where you are." Derek told him.

"What? When did he get here? Why didn't you wake me up sooner?" Stiles scrambled to his feet, tripping over himself as he was trying to find his underwear.

"Yes, Scott's here. He just got here... Because he just got here." Derek got out of bed as well, grabbing his jeans, hearing Scott walk back to the bottom of the stairs and tap his fingers against the railing.

The shorter teen groaned in frustration, slipping his legs into his jeans, making another noise as his boxers bunched while he was pulling the denim up. He grabbed his shirt and quickly put it on, shooting a glare at Derek for the big rip in it. The wolf just shoved his sweatshirt into his hands and pushed him out the door.

They looked out to the stairs, seeing no Scott, Derek mouthing "Kitchen" to Stiles before they hastily made their way down the stairs to get into the den so Scott could find them there. While shrugging on his sweatshirt, the shorter teen tripped on the last step and grabbed the railing to keep himself from falling, grunting as he fell with a small thump on the maroon rug ass first. Derek rolled his eyes, leaning down and gripping the front of his open sweatshirt, ready to pull him up when a yell stopped him.

"What are you doing?" Scott pushed Derek away, helping his friend off the floor.

Stiles and the older wolf shared a glance, then Derek shrugged, "...He made me mad."

"Well, that doesn't mean you can try to kill him!" The young wolf yelled, looking Stiles over, "What did you do? Punch him in the throat then throw him around?"

"Yeah, he did. See Scott, I told you he'd do something like this." Stiles nodded, shaking him by the shoulder.

"You're not staying here anymore. Get your stuff, I'll get your car ready." Scott said, taking the Jeep's keys when they were handed to him, stomping out of the house to start the car.

Stiles smirked, looking back over at Derek, "I got a question."

"And what's that?" The wolf asked, looking amused.

"Do you find me attractive?" He raised an eyebrow, shaking his hips a bit for emphasis.

Derek rolled his eyes, and gave a firm slap to the other's ass, watching him lurch away and groan softly, "Oh, it hurts so good."

He made his way into the den, starting to collect his things and shove them into his bag. Stiles heard him laugh, and he couldn't help thinking this wasn't the last time he'd be an inches away from Derek being ready to kill him again. And, really, that's exactly what he wanted.