This is the last chapter. *cries softly* I had so much fun writing this, and finally to have it end is something I'll miss. But I hope you guys find the ending to be something that's like an "I'm sorry" for making these characters miserable half the time.

Ba ba dum da dum. Ba ba dum da dum. Derek sighed and opened his eyes. Ba ba dum da dum. He rolled onto his back and grabbed Stiles' cell phone off the bedside table, checking the caller ID before reluctantly answering the phone.

"Stiles? Stiles Stilinski, where are you? You disappear for days and you don't tell me where you're going? That's not acceptable. Scott doesn't even know where you are, either? I thought you told him everything." Sheriff Stilinski said from the other end of the line, sounding impatient and stressed, also worried.

"Mr. Stilinski," Derek started, hearing him go silent, "Stiles is—"

"Who the hell are you? Why do you have my son's phone? I'm a police officer. Where is he?" He demanded answers, threatening with his authority. Derek knew that authority too well.

"I…I-I'm Stiles' boyfriend. I know you're a police officer. He's uh, he's right next to me." Derek said, not knowing what else to say. If Stiles' father knew he was Derek Hale and fucking his son, he'd surely get a bullet or two.

There was a pause, then a sigh of relief, "Is he okay?"

"He's just fine. He's sleeping right now. I'm taking good care of him, and we should be back today. You don't have to worry." The wolf promised. He wanted to protect Stiles just as much as his father did, so it wouldn't be a problem. The problem would be who he was. Sure, he'd been cleared of all the charges against him, but he was still someone Sheriff Stilinski hated.

"O-Okay, thank you…" He started, but then realized he didn't know the teen's name. Stiles had talked about him before, and he knew his son was gay… or something like that; he liked boys. But he didn't know the name of the boy his son was always gushing about.

"You're welcome, Mr. Stilinski." Derek said, then hung up, setting the phone back on the table before cuddling into his 'boyfriend' who looked adorable as ever while he slept, leather jacket still on him, making the wolf smile. It would smell like him for the longest time when they would be apart.

The kid's head was on his arm, head turned away from him, one of his arms back so their hands fit together, the back of his hand in Derek's palm. It wasn't intentional, he knew Stiles hadn't woken up in the middle of the night, he'd slept like a rock all night. He ran his fingertips along the younger teen's jawline, thumb ghosting over his bottom lip before moving down his chin and onto his neck, feeling his pulse and the smoothness of his skin, marks starting to fade and get back to the slightly pale color that he loved so much. He had to remember not to leave such dark marks on him, or his dad would hate him more than he already did. He leaned forward, placing a soft kiss against the marks he'd made, hearing Stiles' heartbeat pick up as he stirred.

The younger teen groaned and stretched, stopping when he felt lips on his neck, hand coming up to brush his thumb against Derek's jaw, "Mm, good morning."

"Hi." He whispered against his skin, placing pecks up until he got to his lips, engaging in a short, sweet kiss before pulling away. The kid smiled up at him.

"Why were you kissing me in my sleep?"

"Because I love getting myself close and taking in your scent." The wolf said truthfully.

"Oh," He glanced at Derek's throat, seeing no marks he'd made in the previous days. He was slightly disappointed, "Mine are gone."


Stiles reached out, fingertips running down the other's jaw and neck, looking up at him after, pulling a face, "You healed them."

"I didn't mean to. I sort of wanted the burning pain in my ass to end so… Maybe you could put the marks there again."

"Yeah, I will… After breakfast. I can't have sex on an empty stomach." The kid chuckled, turning on his side, placing a kiss to Derek's lips.

"We can't stay here long, we have to go back to Beacon Hills today." The wolf told him, wrapping his arm around him anyway, "Your dad called."

"What? A-And you talked to him? What did you say? Did you say who you were? Did you tell him where we are?" Stiles rambled, feeling his lover's arms tighten on him.

"Yeah, I talked to him. I said we'd be coming back today… And I said I was your uh, your boyfriend… But no, I didn't tell him where we are." Derek explained, watching the younger teen's cheeks redden at the word 'boyfriend'.

"You're my boyfriend now?" Stiles asked, holding back a smile.


"Well, what about my input?"

"What about it?"

"Kiss me."

The younger teen leaned up before the other had time to, connecting their lips, letting Derek have control over the kiss seeing as his day was over, but surprisingly, the wolf was gentle and let him share lead. Derek's hand moved from the side of his face, thumb brushing against his jawline, to moving down his body, sitting up slightly to push the jacket off the kid's shoulders, Stiles' tongue invading his mouth as he sat up, pulling the wolf into his lap and holding him by the hips. The older teen groaned as Stiles' tongue traced his bottom teeth and inner cheek, exploring a bit before pulling away, Derek breathing hard and his cheeks flushed. He licked his lips slowly, staring into his boyfriend's sandy brown eyes.

"Now I see why you said you were mine." The smaller teen said quietly under the intense stare, rubbing his thumb against the wolf's cheek, pulling him closer and brushing their lips together, pulling away slowly and watching him open his eyes, "Okay."

"Good." Derek nodded, shakily getting up, lust running through his veins. He resisted though, and moved back, leaning against the nearest wall and letting Stiles get up. The younger teen smiled at him and stepped closer, getting on his knees in front of him.

"I wanna try something before we go." He said, reaching up and undoing his lover's jeans, pulling them down a bit, gently fondling the bulge in his boxers before pulling them down as well, looking up as he wrapped a hand around the base of his cock, leaning forward and taking the tip into his mouth. Derek let out a shaky breath and held the side of Stiles' face and neck, groaning softly as the smaller teen took more of him in, sucking gently and getting used to the taste.

"Stiles, fuck that's good. You're doing so good." The wolf said lowly, watching the younger teen suck harder, trying to imitate what Derek had done to him. His hands moved to his lover's hips and gently pulled them back and forth in a rocking motion.

"You sure?" The older teen asked him, trying to hold off the motion to see if he was really what he wanted. Stiles moaned around him and opened his mouth a bit wider, setting his hands on the other's thighs.

Derek started to move his hips, gently fucking the smaller teen's pretty mouth, watching him take it, enjoy it, locking their eyes before the wolf's head rolled back, letting a soft, pleasure-filled whimper leave his lips. Stiles moaned louder and him, tongue feeling as well as it could along the underside, seeing the other's head whip back down to look at him, loving the look of his slightly red cheeks and lips stretching to fit him, tongue hot and fucking amazing on him, slippery and losing it's innocence.

"Oh, God." He set his other hand on top of Stiles' on his thigh, feeling a low heat in his stomach, "You look so fucking innocent."

And just like that, Stiles' eyes got a bit more wider as they stared up at him, almost doe-like. Derek almost lost it right there; he was so on edge because of this kid, and he noticed. He smirked a bit, as well as he could, then started bobbing his head, hand going to wrap around the base again, moving in short pumps.

"S-Stiles, Stiles, Stiles. I'm gonna… You-You have to move." Derek said a bit desperately, trying to gently pull the kid away from him. But the quirky, and persistent, teen moaned loudly around him in protest, whole mouth vibrating as he sucked harder, trying to get it out of him, wanting another experience, and wanting to make Derek happy.

The wolf came with a loud groan, more slipping from him as he saw his lover take it, trying hard to swallow it all, some dripping from the corners of his mouth as he let him ride it out. Derek pulled out, breathing heavy, come dripping from his length. The kid wiped his mouth on the back of his hand, swallowing what was left in his mouth, liking the taste of his lover. He leaned back in, taking the other's cock into his mouth and sucking the mess he made off him, licking his lips after he pulled off. The older teen looked down at him and breathed shakily, the kid carefully putting him back in his boxers and jeans, fixing everything before he stood, adjusting the button to make sure it wouldn't come undone. Derek was on him after that, he couldn't help it. He locked lips with his lover, tasting himself on those now swollen and red lips, turning them so he'd have Stiles pressed against the wall. He was ready to get on his knees and return the favor when the younger teen pulled away, taking a deep breath.

"We don't have time, Derek," He said, letting his lips brush to his boyfriend's, "Come on, we'll be late." He took the wolf's hand, lacing their fingers together as he pushed himself off the wall and took him over to the dresser to get them in fresh clothes.

"Where are the clothes I wore here?" The older teen asked, not seeing them anywhere close. Stiles took off his shirt.

"Downstairs. I washed them. I'll get them if you want to wear them instead." The smaller teen said, a bit disappointed the wolf didn't want to wear the clothes he got him. He probably should have got more darker colors, but he put on a smile anyway.

Derek nodded, "Please."

Stiles left to get his clothes, and the older teen picked up the shirt his lover had left on the floor, intent on keeping it. His scent would be on it for at least a month. He looked into the drawer of clothes, picking out new jeans and a red t-shirt. He hadn't worn red or any bright color in years. He changed, slipping on the shirt as Stiles walked back in the room, wearing different jeans and a white shirt. He did a double take at his boyfriend.

"You're wearing a color. You're wearing the stuff I got you." He said, that instantly bringing a smile to his face. He held up the clothes in his hands, "You want a bag or something for these?"

"No," Derek smiled, stepping forward and taking the clothes from the kid's hands, setting them down before tugging at the hem of the white shirt, "I want you to wear some."

Stiles' eyes widened and he quickly shed the shirt, chuckling when Derek helped him put the dark fabric on, the V hanging lower on him because of the size, one of his collarbones showing since it was a little lopsided. The wolf grinned.

"I like that on you."

"Y-You do?"

"Yeah." He gave a peck to his lover's lips, then gathered the shirt the boy had slept in, Stiles understanding from when he wore the other's jacket. It just smelt so good, just like the older teen and the woods, which he'd just come to appreciate.

Derek grabbed the leather item off the bed, then began to fix the messed sheets, a hand on his ass stopping him. He looked up, "We'll be late." Stiles reminded, grabbing his arm and pulling him from the room. They went down the stairs, putting on their shoes, just another thing that made the kid think the beautiful supernatural being in front of him was more like a very over attractive regular individual. He grabbed his keys and headed out to the car, the chilly air making him want to turn back and get a hoodie from inside, but he felt a warmth on him, the same scents he smelt last night flooding his senses. Derek walked past him, only the shirt in his hands now. Stiles smiled and slipped his arms into the leather sleeves, getting into his Jeep with the wolf.

The ride back was filled with laughs and pounding music, he found Derek liked The Black Keys and John Mayer (even if he could never admit the second to anyone else), and lots of hand holding. They kissed at stoplights, only small ones until Stiles spotted a group of girls in the car next to them checking out Derek. He grabbed his face and full on kissed him, glaring at the girls after, only to have one of them, the odd ball of the group cheer them on while the others scoffed. The older teen looked at him with a surprised expression over the protective moment, he'd only glanced at them when he felt the eyes on him. Stiles just smiled and turned up the music.

When they pulled up to Stiles' house, the younger teen got nervous about what he was planning on asking, and Derek got nervous at the cop car in the driveway that had almost run him over twice this year. Stiles turned to him, "I want you to meet my dad. Unless you don't want to, but you've been cleared of the charges and now I finally have a boyfriend after a year and a half of being out and just… You don't want to, do you? That's cool. I should probably give this back to you." He rambled, unbuckling and going to take the jacket off. There was a hand on his shoulder.

"I'll meet him officially." The wolf said out of care for his lover. Truthfully, he didn't want to get shot with a Winchester today, but he was willing for Stiles.


"Yeah, let's go before I change my mind."

They got out of the Jeep, holding hands again as they walked up to the house. They parted at the door and the younger teen walked in first, Derek following haphazardly before closing the door.

"Dad?" Stiles looked around, his father emerging from the living room, going to say something before catching eyes on Derek.

"Stiles, are you alright? Does he have a weapon on you?" The Sheriff asked quickly, eyes glancing to his gun still in the holster on the table.

"What? No. Dad, this is—"

"Derek Hale. I know. Step forward to me, son. You," He pointed to the older teen, who raised his hands to show there wasn't a threat, "Get away from my son. Get out of my house."

The wolf started to back out, feeling low and like a criminal for loving Stiles, every bad emotion coming back to him. It made his stomach flip and his heart sink. He stopped when there was a hand on his wrist.

"Dad, he's not going anywhere. And you're not gonna shoot him. H-He's the one you talked to on the phone this morning. He's my boyfriend." Stiles said, even surprising himself when his father moved away from the table, his expression softening.

"What?" His eyes were on his son now, alarmed that Derek Hale had been with him all weekend, that he was the one Stiles always talked about, "No, Stiles… He's a criminal."

Stiles hated that word used with his lover's name. He turned to Derek, "Can you wait outside?" He asked, the wolf nodding, "Don't leave."

Derek nodded again before leaving the house. Stiles turned back to his father, who was wearing a very confused expression and slightly disapproving look on his face. He sighed, "He's not a criminal. He… He's amazing."

"Stiles, he could have killed people. He's a dark and dangerous person."



"He buried his sister because Kate Argent killed her, and his Uncle… And his whole family. He's not dangerous, he's alone and trying to survive. He… He's broken, Dad." Stiles ranted, starting to tear up, his voice breaking and trembling, "He lost his mom, too, you know. And he didn't have anyone there for him. He didn't have you like I did. He doesn't have anyone but me, and it kills me that he's hated without anyone really knowing him."

Sheriff Stilinski was speechless. In almost no time at all, his son had connected their and Derek Hale's life, started crying, protected the other boy, and made him feel horrible. He'd never really thought in depth about what Derek Hale had been through. He saw him as trouble, and if he wasn't around just a little more, his son could have ended up like him.

Stiles sobbed quietly, finally getting it all out that the wolf wasn't a bad guy, "He's a good person, Dad. He's good, I promise. He's taken good care of me this weekend. He-He… He—" Another sob racked through him.

Mr. Stilinski took his son into a hug, holding him tight. Stiles sobbed harder when he remembered that Derek could hear everything. The wolf appeared at the door, looking through the window, a very emotional look on his face, jaw clenched to keep himself from spilling any tears. The Sheriff looked up at him, and saw he was staring at Stiles, giving a look of want and protectiveness. They met eyes and it clicked. He was concerned for Stiles. He went against his better judgement and waved him in, loosening his hold on his son. The younger teen heard the door open and he turned, taking a moment to stare at the wolf before running into Derek's welcoming arms, sobbing into the fabric of his new red shirt, feeling so secure as the arms tightened on him. He noticed the uneven and shaky breathing of his boyfriend and looked up, seeing him holding back tears. He just held him tighter. The older teen leaned down and whispered into his ear.

"That night in my house, when you thought I'd been dreaming, I had a nightmare about you. You died. I-I just needed you close after that, I had to make sure you would stay safe."

Derek looked so broken in that moment, it was a Derek he'd never seen before. All the raw emotion and telling him that he basically cared for him ever since that night and he was actually scared for his life then… It wasn't something he expected. The next words caught in his throat and he searched his lover's eyes for a moment, then did the only thing he could think of. He kissed him, not caring that his father was right behind him. He needed Derek to know. They broke apart after a moment, and the Sheriff cleared his throat. Derek did the same, letting go of the boy he loved.

"I should go," He said with a half steady voice, trying not to see the sad look on Stiles' beautiful face. He leaned down and gave him a peck to the cheek, wiping away a stray tear with his other hand, "I love you."

The younger teen stood motionless as he watched Derek leave the house, hearing those three words over and over again in his mind. He let out surprise exhale, looking up at his father.

"H-He said… He, t-that he…" He was stunned. His father looked at him for a moment before sighing and yet again going against his better judgement. If Stiles was in love, then he would be happy for him. He waved a hand to the door, and Stiles darted outside, running after Derek's walking figure, tackling him to the ground in his front yard and laying on top of him, faces an inch away, seeing the wolf's eyes lowly glow blue for a good reason, not bad. He couldn't help the smile that invaded his lips.

"I love you, too."