Tengoku no Hi

~ Heavenly Sun ~

An Okami Fanfiction

We all know the legendary tale of Amaterasu, the beautiful Sun Goddess who took the form of a white wolf. Although many mistook her for a simple canine, she traveled across the landscape with her tiny companion, Issun, bringing peace and happiness wherever she roamed, using her Celestial Brush.

Amaterasu slew many evil forces across the land; Orochi, the dreaded eight-headed snake; the grotesque Spider Queen who dwelled in Tsuta Ruins for centuries; Crimson Helm, who corrupted the Gale Shrine and poisoned the air of Kusa Village; Ninetails, the demon fox who ruled Oni Island. All fell to the Heavenly Brush techniques of the legendary White Wolf.

And then, after cleansing the land of evil and bringing back its lost beauty, Amaterasu went on to face the ultimate enemy; Yami, the supreme overlord of Darkness. She bravely went to face him with the help of Waka, a prophet of the Moon Tribe. But, with Waka defeated and Amaterasu's Divine Brush Powers stolen from her, all hope seemed lost.

That was when her faithful sidekick, Issun, spread his recordings of her Heavenly deeds to everyone they had come across. Everyone who had been helped by the white wolf, sent their prayers to her, hoping the Divine being would hear and draw strength from them.

In the end, Yami was defeated, and Amaterasu readied herself to return to her home in the Celestial Plain. Along with the Moon Prophet, Waka, she returned to the Heavens, leaving behind a legacy that would be remembered for centuries to come.

But now, 100 years have passed and a new threat is rising. Amaterasu knows she will have to return to Earth once again. But what kind of events will occur this time? Will she and Issun come back together for another adventure?

( Sakuya's P.O.V. )

The leaves of the Great Tree Konohana rustled lightly in the night breeze that blew through Kamiki Village. All was calm; the breeze rustling through the cherry blossoms, the monsters kept at bay by the Heavenly presence that surrounded the Great Tree. Sakuya, the tree spirit, looked down upon her roots and noticed a slight glow beginning to emanate from the base of her thick trunk. Slowly her form emerged from the Tree; she squinted slightly as the glow became brighter.

No…it couldn't be…could it? The Spirit thought; the faint glow had become a bright beam, and was slowly starting to fade as a form materialized within. Sakuya hovered slightly above the ground as the image of… a pure white wolf? A small gasp escaped from her lips.

It is…Amaterasu has returned!

The vague shape that formed what looked like a wolf took a step forward, a little flower appearing under her pad. But the light grew brighter again; slowly, the image elongated, the pads shaping into delicate hands, the muzzle shrinking in. Sakuya stared in awe as the wolf before her morphed. She's…changing her form? The Spirit thought as the light faded once again.

( Amaterasu's P.O.V. )

Standing there, in the place of the wolf, was a beautiful human girl. Her hair was of purest white, her skin a creamy ivory colour. On her cheeks were red markings that resembled stripes, and a circle on her forehead. Her eyes were closed as she drifted softly to the ground. Under her bare feet appeared a few perfect little plants.

Slowly the girl's eyes opened; they were a deep coal-black, but they were guarded, almost as if only the purest of souls could see into her heart. On her back, a Reflector was mounted, flames appearing around the edges as it spun. She took a step forward and reached out with her hand. Sakuya watched, mesmerized; was this really the Divine being who had come to Kamiki all those years ago? Yes... the Tree Spirit could sense that warm, Heavenly presence that glowed around the girl. She knew it now. This was indeed the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu.

"Amaterasu…after all this time, you have graced Kamiki with your presence again," She said.

A small, serene smile appeared on Amaterasu's delicate features. "Sakuya," She said; her voice echoed slightly when she spoke. "It's been a long time since we last spoke. How are things here?"

Sakuya's face darkened. "Not well, I fear. The Guardian Saplings… I'm slowly losing my power once again."

Amaterasu nodded once. "I see. So it is true…the forces of darkness have returned…"

"I was worried that was the case. So that is why you have returned."

"Yes," The former wolf said. "Waka predicted that the world would be put in peril once again. This is why I have come back here."

Sakuya nodded slightly. "But why change your form? I don't understand."

Amaterasu blinked slowly. "Everyone here found out what I am. If I returned to Earth as Okami Amaterasu, the people here may still recognize me. I must protect Nippon without humans knowing who I really am. You see?"

"Ah, yes…but what of that bug, Issun? He was by your side all of that time."

The Goddess looked up, a small smile appearing on her lips. "Oh, I have a feeling I know exactly what he's doing these days…"

( Issun's P.O.V. )

Issun sat in his house on a high perch in Ponc'tan, looking out over the bustling little Poncle village. A scroll sat unrolled on a table before him, a paintbrush in his hand. He sighed at how beautiful it looked; a detailed portrait of the rising sun.

Just thinking about the sun reminded Issun of that furball…all those good times they had together. It had been so long since that last goodbye…

Getting up slowly, the Poncle walked over to the window and looked out, his thoughts wandering.

"Ah, Ammy…how I miss you, ya big furball…"

Issun spun around when one of the guards outside the door came rushing in. "Elder Issun! There's an outsider here to see you."

"Who is it?" He said as he walked slowly toward the door.

The Poncle guard shook his head. "She won't say. But she says it's urgent."

Issun opened the door, tramping down the path of lily pads toward the entrance. Ugh…who dare disturb Issun, the great artist! This had better be good… He thought grumpily as he bounced out of the entrance and…straight into something very soft and warm.

( Amaterasu's P.O.V. )

Amaterasu blinked a few times when she felt something go down her kimono. With a gentle hand she reached down and grabbed whatever it was; she held it by the scruff and examined it closely, her head tilting to the side.

"Hey! Would ya put me down! I swear, don't make me pull out my trusty-"

The little sprite was cut off by Amaterasu hugging him to her chest. "Oh, Issun! I've missed you…"

Slowly Issun looked up, his tiny form growing tense as, Amaterasu guessed, he studied her.

"Hey, wait a second…No, it couldn't be…"

He bounced out of Amaterasu's grasp and onto her shoulder, to get a better look at her face.

"There's no way! Ammy!"

She smiled, overjoyed at seeing the little Poncle. "It's good to see you again, Issun."

"You big furball! You keep me waiting for 100 years and not even a letter! Oh, I could just-"

He was again cut off by being hugged close to Amaterasu. She giggled slightly. "Just as feisty as ever, I see."

Issun's yells slowly were reduced to mumbles as he buried his face into Amaterasu's chest. "Wow, Ammy, you sure have changed…"

The Goddess rolled her eyes and flicked him, sending him tumbling to the ground. "And just as infatuated with the ladies. You really haven't changed a bit, have you Issun?"

He sat up, dazed, and resumed his bouncing. "C'mon Ammy, gimme a break. You come back here after 100 years in the form of a cute girl, what else am I supposed to do?"

Another slightly echoing laugh emanated from her. "Alright, you can have this one time. But only this one time. Understood?"

Issun seemed dazed. "Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say, babe."

Amaterasu reached down and scooped the Sprite up, letting him bounce on the palm of her hand. "Anyway, I've come here to request your help with something. Think you're up for it?"

The Poncle drew out his sword Denkomaru and gave it a slice through the air. "Hah! Just 'cause I've gotten old doesn't mean I still don't have a thirst for adventure!"

Amaterasu nodded. "Good. Remember the first time we set out on an adventure together?"

"How could I forget? I made you famous! Even still, my artwork of you is all over Nippon!"

The Okami laughed a little, her flawless features lit up. "Not much of the famous Wandering Artist anymore, are you?"

Issun continued bouncing, his hands crossed over his chest. "Hey, this place desperately needed me. With Old Man Ishaku gone, Ponc'tan was gonna crumble without an Elder. Then I came along! Best day of their lives, I swear."

A shake of the Goddess's head. "Oh, sure. Anyway…" She paused, analyzing how this all might play out. "I'll be straightforward with you, Issun. Waka made a prediction. Dark forces are returning to Nippon…"

The Poncle's bouncing slowed slightly. "So that's why you're here, isn't it..?"

Amaterasu nodded. "Yes. And I can't possibly do this without the help of the Great Issun."

Issun straightened up proudly. "Yeah, I know. You were pretty useless back then, and I bet ya still are, Furball."