Jaden sat on the edge of the cliff, just behind the slifer dorm at duel academy, dangling his feat over the edge. He was thinking about his crush, fellow dueller and classmate, Jesse Anderson. Being constantly, near Jesse was becoming difficult for him, and the pressure of maintaining his facade was taking its toll on Jaden. So because of the stress of keeping the secret Jaden would come out to the cliff, watching the waves wash in and out, and seeing the day fade to night, trying to work up the courage to confess but never getting to a point where he feels confident enough.

This particular day was the official first day of winter, and although Jaden was absolutely freezing he would not go in until he was certain everyone else was asleep. That way he wouldn't be caught. Or it normally worked like that, but it just so happens that that very night another boy decided to come out and watch the sunset. Just the boy Jaden didn't want to see at this time of day.

"Jaden? What are you doing out here?" questioned the bluenette, sitting down next to Jaden

"Uh... i was just thinking, what about you?"

"Came to see the sunset and to think about someone." replied Jesse with a serious look on his faec.

"Really? Who?" Jaden asked curious, but also a little nervous.

"Well, I was thinking about a guy i really like, my crush you could say, maybe even love, he's a great guy, a student here and one of my closest friends, but I'm nervous because i don't know if he likes me back, although i really hope he does. Jesse answered, staring at the sunset.

"You're nervous?" Jaden asked, receiving a nod in reply, "You've got nothing to be worried about, you're perfect, who wouldn't feel the same way?"

"So are you saying i should confess?" Jesse said, finally looking at the other boy and causing Jaden's heart to skip a beat.

"Yeah you should," As much as it pained Jaden, he really wanted Jesse to be happy.

"Well then," Jesse began leaning closer to Jaden causing the other boy to blush a light pink, "Jaden Yuki, I'm madly in love with you, i love your smile, when your happy I'm happy, when you cry i cry, i never want to be without you, i love you, i just hope you feel the same."

"I… I-i do, i love you too Jesse" Jaden admitted now bright red.

Jesse smirked before leaning in and kissing Jaden, just as the sun finally set, illuminating the new couple in moonlight.