Hi it's me Charlotte! This is my First fanfic so please go easy on me! And also this is my first time writing a story so I'm sorry if it's bad! The story after the Silverio Gospel attack

"Ichika! we can't hold it any longer!" Charlotte shouted.

The winged IS stops, but later Ichika was seen charging towards it.

"You won't escape from me!"

Then a huge explosion was seen, Ichika was nowhere to be found.

"Ichika!" The girls shouted.

(Ichika's POV)

"What the, what is this?" I said as I'm trying to get away from the winged IS.

There's a tiny black hole sucking me up, I don't know what to do.

"Arrrrggghhhh!" I tried to release myself but my attempts were futile until I was sucked up by it and disappeared.

(Few months later)

Ichika suddenly disappeared after the Silver Gospel event. No one knows where he is as he just disappeared along with the winged IS. Her sister and the five girls are starting to worry about him. It's also been a month since Chifuyu is looking for him every day. The five girls can't help but miss him. But Charlotte misses him more than any of the girls. They tried to look for him but Chifuyu forbade them to search because the tournament is coming. They have no choice since she's their teacher after all. But now they are wondering where Ichika have been. They're thinking that he might be dead, but tried not to believe it.

Now the tournament day has arrived (A/N the tournament is still with pairs, but since Ichika is gone, Char's partner is Laura now, since they're very good sisters), and still Ichika hasn't come back to the academy yet. Chifuyu-sensei told them not to worry about him and focus on the tournament.

"Easier said than done" thought Houki.

As they wait in the waiting room looking at the screen to see who are going to fight in the first round, an IS breached the shield of the academy in the arena.

"What happened?" asked Rin.

"I think it's another unmanned IS that is developed by America nowadays" said Laura.

As the girls rushed to the arena, they saw the IS flying in mid-air.

"I think I've seen that IS before" said Charlotte.

"Yeah, me too, it's really familiar" said Cecilia.

Without hesitation, Houki blasted off to the IS, not thinking what will happens next. When she's about to slash it with the karaware, it disappeared.

"What the…." Said Houki.

"HOUKI –SAN, BEHIND YOU!" Cecilia shouted.

But before Houki can react to what Cecilia shouted, her wings are already cut down. Leaving her no choice but to land to a safe place. As Char, Rin, Laura and Cecilia are preparing to engage a battle, they heard a little chuckle from the IS. Leaving them a confused look on their faces.

"Why the hell it's laughing?" asked Rin, having a puzzled look on her face.

"I don't know either, maybe it's trying to make fun of us" Cecilia looks irritated. As they we're talking, the IS disappeared again. The girls are startled; looking for the winged IS that just suddenly disappeared in a flash.

A moment has passed, the IS appeared again behind Cecilia. Not noticing what happened, she started to descend as her wings and her weapons were cut down by the winged IS.

"How the hell did he do that?" asked Laura.

"I don't know, if that IS is being piloted by a human, I think she's the greatest pilot in the world, not mentioning Orimura-sensei." said Charlotte.

As the IS landed down 20 steps in front of the three remaining girls, they heard again a muffled laugh from the IS. It's like the winged IS is playing with them since from the beginning.

"Who are you?" asked Charlotte.

(Surveillance Office)

"Should we send reinforcements?" asked Yamada-sensei. "No, observer what that IS is doing." Chifuyu ordered, confused how her students are easily defeated, but the winged IS didn't kill any of them. That left her a confused state.


"Who are you?" asked Charlotte again. Now the IS opened a Private Channel to Laura and Charlotte and replying, "You don't remember me?". Laura is now pissed, lifting her rifle and pointing it towards the winged IS.

"I don't know who you are and what are you planning to do here?" asked Laura while still pointing her rifle towards the IS.

"Stop it Laura" Charlotte said.

"Why should I? He's our enemy!" Laura shouted. Charlotte put her arm on Laura's rifle that made Laura calm.

"His voice is familiar" thought Charlotte. As Charlotte started walking towards the IS, Laura is startled

"What the hell do you think you are doing?"

But Char didn't reply as she didn't hear anything to what Laura is saying. As she's in front of the winged IS now, she told him, "Remove your mask and reveal yourself".

The IS did what Char told him. And with Charlotte's shock, she quickly hugged the IS and started crying. Making Laura and Rin ask themselves, "why is she crying?"

"I don't know" Laura replied. As Char released the IS from hugging him that revealed his face, the girls started running and hugged the IS and they all undeployed their IS and shouting:


They all started crying. As they released from hugging him, Charlotte is still there, burying her face into Ichika's chest.

"Are you alright Charlotte?" asked Ichika.

"Yes, I'm fine" Char replied as she wiped her tears from her eyes.

As they were talking, Laura saw a book flying towards them and shouting:

"LOOK OUT!". All of them evaded it except Ichika, as his guard is down, it hit his head and stumbled to the ground. As he stood up, he face palmed and said


"Refer me as Orimura-sensei when we're at school" she ordered.

And she hugged him. As she released her, she ordered,

"Everything's fine now, get back to your dorms now. Ichika, come with me in my office. In my order, leave!". All of the girls saluted but made Chifuyu glare at her brother for not doing so.

"This will be a one hell of a punishment again" Ichika thought as he regretted for not saluting when he looked at his sister.

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