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"Greetings, I am Calindi the second fragment" said the girl with flames on her shoulders.

"I am Yammennes, the first fragment" said the other girl with blue crystals on her shoulders.

"Good day, I'm Ichi-"

"Yes, we know you Ichika Orimura, and we also know that you're having a hard time on your battle against someone that is stronger than you" Yammennes said.

"How did you know about that?" he asked.

"We've been watching you the whole time Ichika." Calindi explained.

"Let's set aside the introduction for now, we don't have much time. Your friend there can't hold any longer in buying you some time." Yammennes said. "Kaluva, let's begin now."

"Who's Kaluva?" Ichika asked.

"That's me…" Byakushiki said.

"What?" Ichika was shocked.

"Fragment names are originated from our third form." Yammennes explained.

"So does that mean…" Ichika stopped.

"Yes, our third form is Reiraku Kaluva, the fourth fragment." Byakushiki said. "Enough with this, let's get started, there's no time left."

"You're ready now?" Calindi asked.

"Yes, I am." Ichika replied.

"You better get a hold a lot on yourself." Yammennes advised. "Kaluva, do it now"

"Alright." Byakushiki replied. She took a deep breath and muttered some words.

You'll live in shadows of shade and commit eighth sin
Unrequited existence will turn
Everything into sin.

Suddenly, the whole place where they are standing was overwhelmed by darkness.

(Aden's POV)

"Dammit Ichika! Wake up now!" I thought to myself as I keep on parrying Rafael's attack.

"Come on kid, is that all you got?" Rafael taunted.

"What the?" I stopped when I saw a red glowing light on where Ichika was lying unconscious.

"Ichika!" I flew towards it, but as I get closer, I noticed that something is not right.

"It's not him…" I thought to myself as I saw him. The white colours in his suit turned into black, and the blue colours turned into red.

"Ichika, what's happening on you?" I asked him. No replies.

"Ichika, Ichika, Ichika!" I called while shaking him. Then suddenly he lifted his head up, I saw his eyes, but it's not what it seems to be, it's red, glowing red.

"No, you're not Ichika!" I said as I backed off.

Then suddenly Byakushiki along with 3 other girls appeared in front of me.

"Aden, we need your help. Buy us again a little time until Ichika completes his third form." Byakushiki requested.

"Okay, but who are these 3?" I asked her.

"I'll explain later, for now, get back to "him" while we are completing this." Byakushiki said.

"Alright, wish him and I luck." I said to them and left.

(Normal POV)

"Alright. Kaluva, you can go back inside him now. He needs you more." Yammennes ordered.

"Okay, wish of best luck for us." Byakushiki said and disappeared.

"Alright, Storm, you're ready?" Yammennes asked.

"As always" Stormwing replied.

"Calindi, how about you?"

"Ready as ever." Calindi replied.

Different auras released as they started, yellow for Calindi, Blue for Yammennes and Whilte for Stormwing.

(Aden's POV)

"I'm back." I said to Rafael.

"What could be happening there hm? Your friend seems to be awake now." Rafael said.

"Yeah, he is, but he needs some time before fighting you again." I smiled.

"Heh, about time. I'm getting bored with you." He said and dashed toward me and kept on slashing me, but I only parried his attacks.

"Are you just gonna parry my attacks? Come on, fight back!" he shouted and smashed me downwards and crashed to the ground.

"GWAAAHHH!" I grunted in pain as I crashed on the ground. I stood up and changed my weapon. I released a polearm with spikes around the top (A/N: I can't explain what it looks like, but I have a model of it. You can check my profile if you want to see it :D)

"Oh? That spear is from Bakarma right? He passed it down to you when I defeated him?" Rafael asked.

"Yeah, he did it. Since he mentioned that one day, you will fall." I said.

"Oh, so you're betraying me for a very long time. How sad, but that day will never arrive, and your today is your end!" Rafael said and dashed towards me.

"What a foolish you are Rafael, charging towards me while I have this weapon." I said and swung my spear and hit him even that he didn't get closer. "Bakarma's weapon is extending, you forgot that?"

"Ugh." Rafael kneeled down as he was hit by the extending spear, and stood up and disappeared.

I closed my eyes, and felt that it's hard to find his tracks, and suddenly I heard a dashing movement behind me. I quickly turn around and Rafael attacked me but luckily I parried his attacks.

"That weapon is useless in close range battle, you remember?" he said as he keeps on slashing and I parry his attacks.

"Yeah, I know that. And that's why I have this." I said, backing off and extended my spear and tied him up.

"Grrrrr…!" Rafael gritted as he tries to release himself being tied up. Without wasting any time, I quickly pulled him and crashed him to the ground.

(Laura's POV)

"What the hell? They keep on coming!" I said to them as I saw many drones arriving again in the academy. I'm getting tired of fighting with these drones.

"If this keeps on going, we might not make it to the end." Tatenashi said.

"I guess I'll need their help again."


"Clarissa, this is Laura Bodewig"

"Ah, Second Lieutenant. How can I assist you this time?" she asked me.

"We're gonna be needing stealth troops in the IS Academy, we're being attacked here" I said to her.

"Ah, I'm sorry second Lieutenant, for now I can't someone jacked up our systems, all cores here are unable to deploy." She replied.

"Is that so? Okay." I said and cut the line.

"What now? What did they say to you?" Tatenashi asked.

"They can't, someone jacked their systems. They can't help us today." I said to her.

"Dammit! How are we going to deal with this unlimited number of drones here?" she pouted.

Then suddenly a huge blast exploded in the drones. We quickly looked back who did that, and then we saw Yamada-sensei there and the other teachers/instructors with her.

"Tatenashi-san, Laura-san and the others, please get back to the academy now, we'll take care of here from now on. We know that you're tired already." Yamada-sensei ordered as the other instructors flew towards the drones and destroyed them one by one.

"Hai, sensei." I replied even though I still want to fight. Then I looked where Aden is fighting, I saw him parrying Rafael's attack.

"Good Luck, Den-kun" I said to myself and headed back to the academy with the others.

(Normal POV; Surveillance Office)

"Why sensei? Why did you send us back here! We can still fight!" Rin asked shouting.

"Watch your tone, girl. I know that you can't fight any longer, as I see what you were doing there outside." Orimura-sensei said.


"No buts. Get your rest now. I'll send you back there if the situation gets worse. In my order, leave!" she ordered.

"Hai, sensei" They all saluted and left the room.

(Rin's POV)

"I really can't believe it that Orimura-sensei kicked us out of the battle!" I was disappointed.

"Rin, I know how it feels being kicked out there with situations like this, but please understand that we are not strong enough to hold a battle for a long period of time." Houki said.

"Well, I can!" I swung and swung my arms, but suddenly my shoulders ached.

"AAGHH!" I grunted in pain as I felt my shoulders ached. I remembered I got hit there earlier.

"Rin, are you alright?" Cecilia asked.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm alright." I replied while putting my right arm on my left shoulder.

"No, you're not alright. Houki-san, carry her to the clinic." Tatenashi ordered.

"Got it. But where are you going?" she asked.

"Somewhere silent and cool up myself. Can't stand the noise coming from outside." She replied and left.

(Aden's POV)

"Dammit, how long will it take Ichika?" I asked myself as I keep on parrying Rafael's attack.

"Come on kid, earn your keep. I know you want to defeat me, why not do so?" Rafael taunted again.

"Say whatever you want to say, old man. I have my reasons why I am doing this." I said as I backed off.

"Reasons huh? Maybe because of Shinonono Tabane?" Rafael said.

"Hm... That's none of your business." I said and charged towards him, stealing shield energy from him and I went back where I am standing earlier.

"I'm getting fond now of playing with you, I totally forgot my true objective here." He said and disappeared. He reappeared again behind me and immobilized me.

"What the? I didn't notice him!" I thought to myself. I closed my eyes and prepared for an impact.

I felt the pain as I crashed again to the ground when he smashed me.

"Is this as far as I could go? Is this all? Am I being defeated?" I asked myself.

"What's wrong? Is that all you got? Come on get up, you can do better than that" Rafael taunted.

I stood up, but that's the worse move I made, as I saw him charging towards me again.

"Laura, I'm sorry." I thought to myself as I closed my eyes prepared for my end.

Then a large explosion was heard.

(Laura's POV; her dorm)

"What the…" I suddenly shivered cold.

"What's wrong Laura? Are you alright?" Houki asked.

"No, I got a feeling that something bad happened. I'll go back to the surveillance office to see Aden's status." I said to them and left the room.

(Still Laura's POV; Surveillance office)

"Orimura-sensei, what's happening in Den-kun's battle now?" I asked her.

She didn't reply, instead, she pointed to the screen where there's a large smoke covering an island. I saw Rafael above, but Den-kun is not there.

"I really don't know what happened, but I only saw that Aden caught the explosion earlier" Orimura-sensei replied looking away.

I suddenly fell off to my knees when I heard that.

"No, Den-kun!" I shouted and cried. Then suddenly I stopped crying when Orimura-sensei spoke again,

"Save your cries up later, He's safe." She said as she pointed to the corner of the screen, I saw Den-kun there standing, and someone is in his front.

"Thank God…" I said to myself as I'm relieved.

(Ichika's POV)

I made it in time. Luckily the transformation was fast enough.

"Ichika?" Aden asked.

"Yes, it's me, and I've come to retrieve my power, I know you can't handle it." I said to him.

"Look at you, making a big dramatic entrance stealing my spotlight…" he joked.

"Lol? Who's spotlight could this be? Anyway, you don't possibly believe that he deserves to be our main event, do you?" I asked him.

"Now that you've mentioned it, you're right." He replied.

(Aden's Thought)

I noticed a huge difference from him now; his suit is now pure white, as in all white. No other colours, and there's a white energy wings on his back, and he got another sword on his left hand, it's glowing blue. (A/N: I have a model his sword too. Just check my profile)

(Ichika's POV)

"Alright, Ichika, we'll leave now. We'll see you later after you dump this old man." Stormwing said and disappeared along with Calindi and Yammennes.

"Okay. Aden, get back to the academy now, I'll take of here from now on." I said to him.

"Alright, I'll see you later." He said and flew back to the academy weakly.

I looked where the teachers are fighting the drones. They're still battling against numerous drones. Then I quickly saw Rafael charging towards me, but I evaded him.

"Wow, can't you wait? That's cheating you know." I picked.

"You're so confident now huh?" Rafael asked.

I didn't reply, instead I dashed towards him without any delay and slashed him and went back to my position, like it's only a sec that I did everything of it.

"Wow, I feel lighter today." I thought to myself.

"What the hell?" Rafael was shocked on what he witnessed.

"I shouldn't make this any longer…" then I dashed to him and casted Ripclaw Strike on him. And before he could react, I quickly used Shield Energy Rune and stole all of his Shield Energy making him undeploy his IS.

"No, is this the end?" Rafael asked himself while kneeling. Then I pointed my sword on him.

"You should realize that in every bad thing that you will make have a huge consequence, even how small it is." I said to him. "Don't try to escape, or worse punishment will be the least of your worries." And I saw Charlotte flying towards me.

"Ichika, are you alright?" she asked as she hugged me.

"Yeah, I'm alright. I know you have something to say to your father." I said to her.

"I'm sorry father; I'm not going back there ever again. I wanted to stay here, stay with my love." She said as she quickly looked to me and I smiled to her.

"I see, then I have nothing to do to take you back, since you find your special someone."

I contacted Orimura-sensei to call the instructors left in the academy to take care of Rafael. They arrived with Orimura-sensei. And Orimura-sensei asked Rafael. Just as they finished the battle against the drones.

"What the hell has gone into your mind Rafael? Planning to destroy the academy and declaring war against the whole world?" Orimura-sensei shouted.

"Yes, as that will make us the most powerful people in the IS world…" he replied.

"You sure have a lot of guts to do that, well, look at you. You can't even defeat teenagers, how about the others? Well, enough with it. You will be taken care of the IS Military Division. Just explain yourself there." Orimura-sensei said. "Instructors, escort him to the Division….." she was interrupted when a chopper arrived.

"No need for escort, Miss Orimura, we're here to take care of him." One of the person in the chopper arrived.

"I see, I was about to call you. Who sent you here?" She asked them.

"We received a call from one of your instructors, but she didn't let us know who she is."

"Maya…" Orimura-sensei thought. She looked to Yamada-sensei. Then she saw Maya made an awkward smile.

"Alright, I'll leave the rest to you. Contact me when you arrived to the headquarters." Orimura-sensei ordered.

"Got it, we'll leave now" they saluted and left along with Rafael in the chopper.

"Well, let's get back to the academy now. Ichika, along with the personal IS holders, tell them to meet me in my office tomorrow morning and report everything. For now, get some rest, I know you had a hard time today."

"Hai, sensei" I saluted and headed back to the academy with Charlotte.

(Normal POV; Academy)

"Well, I'm really glad that this matter is over" Ichika said as he stretches his arms.

"Yeah, and I'm freed also. Thank you very much Ichika." Charlotte said to him and kissed him. "I love you"

"I love you too, Char. I won't let you go" he said.


"Hey, you two. You're making out in a place like this?" Rin said along with the others.

"Hey there guys." Ichika greeted them.

"Nee, Ichika. You alright dude?" Aden asked him.

"Yeah, I'm okay. Don't worry about me." Ichika replied.

"You seem not okay, look at you, you're eyes are really red." Aden said.

"Don't worry about it, it's a mark of the gifts of the fragments" he explained smiling.

"Fragments? What's that?" Rin asked.

Then suddenly Byakushiki appeared along with the other 3 fragments appeared.

"We, the Fragments, are the first cores created in every generation." Byakushiki explained.

"So, does that mean, Byakushiki is a…" Houki stopped.

"Yes, I'm a Fragment too, the fourth."

"I'm Yammennes Painflare, the First Fragment"

"I'm Calindi Flamelord, the Second Fragment"

"I'm White Crystal Stormwing, the Third Fragment"

"And you are..?" Cecilia pointed to Byakushiki as she asked her.

"I'm White Light Kaluva, the Fourth Fragment" Byakushiki introduced.

"Hey, I thought you're Byakushiki? Did you change your name?" Laura asked.

"No, my name came from our third form, Reiraku Kaluva. That's why I was named like that" she explained.

"I see." Laura said.

(Normal POV; Next day; Orimura-sensei's office)

"Good morning Orimura-sensei" Aden greeted.

"Good morning, how did it go?" she asked

"The plan we planned didn't go as it is, they can detect people in stealth mode" he said.

"Okay, that's all I wanted to hear, since your "two friends" told me everything."

"I see, wait, where are they now?" he asked

"They're sent back to their homes, where they belong." Orimura-sensei said.

"Glad to have heard that. Thank you sensei" he said.

"Alright, you can go now, you're the last one reported." She said.

"Ja ne" he said and left the room.

(Aden's POV; Garden)

"Well, it's good that this matter is over now. I can have a breathe" I said while stretching.

"Yeah, at least we're safe now especially Charlotte. She's freed now from his father's strict supervision, she can have a breathe too, like you. Hehehe" Laura said laughing.

"Yeah, I mean, every one of us can have it" I said smiling. "Anyway, how did the battle on your side go?"

"Well, it's no big deal, we kept on destroying drones, but more of them are arriving. It's like unlimited reinforcements" she said. "How about on your side?"

"Hmm, it didn't go as nicely as I expected, I nearly died on Rafael's final attack, but luckily Ichika made it in time and blocked the attack for me." I said.

"Wow, that's pretty tough. You alright then?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'm alright. Have some body pains only here. Especially my back." I said.

"But most of all, I'm still glad that you're alive." She said and kissed me, wrapping her arms around my neck. "I thought that you were dead when I saw Rafael's final attack on you."

"Yeah, I thought that I was going to die in that moment. Luckily Ichika saved me." I said and kissed her again.

(Charlotte's POV; her dorm)

"Nee, Ichika, you alright there?" I asked him while he's looking outside the window.

"Yeah, I'm okay. Just wondering what will happen in the future days." He replied.

"Nah, don't worry. Nothing bad will happen. As long as we're together, we can surpass everything." I said and hugged him.

"Yeah, you're right. I'm really lucky to have you Char." He said and kissed me. I kissed back wrapping my arms around his neck.

"I love you, Ichika"

"I love you too, Char"

(Normal POV)

"Well, how's everyone's life today?" Aden asked.

"You know what it is! Feels great! No more worries." Rin said

"Well, how about we enjoy our lives today?" Houki suggested.

"Yeah, sounds great! How 'bout we go to the beach? Where we first visited when we enrolled here?"Cecilia suggested.

"That's cool!" Ichika said.


"Well, if you're planning to do something enjoyable, please share it sometimes." A voice was heard behind them. There, they saw a girl with blue hair and red eyes, along with two more girls with green and purple hair. "How about we come with you?"

"Tatenashi Sarashiki, Yachiyo Akaba, Albana Cisan… Of course, you can come too. The more, the merrier!" Rin said. "Well, let's pack up now! Let's meet in the beach entrance in two hours, see ya guys!"

"Well, we better get going." Aden said and left with Laura and everyone split up.

(2 hours later; beach)

"Are we complete now?" Rin asked as she head count.

"Yes, we are. Let's go!" everyone said and did what they want to do in the beach.

They seemed to be happy today, as their major problem was solved now. Not knowing what will happen in the future, but still, they set aside it and have some fun with their friends. Little that they didn't know that the time flies so fast, and they're already second year students, and Tatenashi is fourth year now. Is there new battle/struggles awaits them? But they still didn't think of those things as they have a life too... to help them survive.

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