Chapter Six

Much to Kurt's dismay, Blaine had indeed been grounded. Kurt tried to do anything to help, like offer suggestions of how to explain the date to his parents and how to convince them it wasn't his fault. He even gave Blaine ever so slightly higher marks to help him prove to his parents he wasn't rebelling. Kurt knew there was most definitely a rule about this, but at this point, he didn't even care. He'd given a student a hand job; a slightly raised mark wasn't the worst of his concerns.

Blaine wasn't kidding when he said his parents were strict, though. They'd grounded him until spring break, which was nearly two months. He'd done everything to try to explain the situation to his parents except tell them he was gay. Kurt had tried to suggest that option, but Blaine went pale whenever the idea was mentioned. Kurt had been lucky; he had an understanding, loving, and open dad. Thus, it was a little hard for him to understand why Blaine might be so nervous about telling his parents he's gay. Either way, he wasn't going to push the issue. Blaine would come out to his parents when he was ready.

In this time, though, Kurt found it hard to occupy himself. He'd kept up with his grading to an unhealthy degree. It now felt wrong to go out without Blaine, especially alone to a bar. It felt like he was trying to pick someone up, which he most certainly was not. Kurt was not terribly fond of drinking, either. And going to the theater just felt lonely…

So most of Kurt's nights were either alone on his sofa, watching television or grading papers, or at the gym. He remembered this was how it used to be before Blaine, but it all seemed so distant now. He was so used to always talking to Blaine, even if only through text, but his parents took his cell phone away when he got home (They let him have it during school in case of emergency, but they turned texting off). Kurt couldn't even drive him home anymore, because his parents expected a phone call as soon as Blaine got home. Kurt had to stay later than when school ended, helping students and attending teacher meetings. So Blaine got used to using the bus or his own car again, always sneaking by before he left for a quick kiss and a sad look.

His parents timed his internet use, but Blaine still got on instant messenger with Kurt. It usually wasn't for long, but it was nice to see his face when they video called on Skype. (Kurt couldn't help but notice some band posters on Blaine's wall that he didn't recognize. He took a mental note to ask Blaine about them later.)

It was when his parents went out on a date that things took an interesting turn. They turned off the internet, so he didn't have that, but he called Kurt on his house phone. In all honesty, their phone call started out innocent.

Kurt was washing his dishes when his cell phone rang. His brows furrowed: no one called him. Well, Blaine did, but he was grounded, thanks to that Rachel bitch. The furrowed brows shot up though when he saw " Blaine Home" flashing on the screen. Once he realized what was happening, he didn't waste a second to answer.

"Hello?" He chewed his lip nervously. It was quite possible that it would be Blaine's parents asking about Blaine's grades or some other inconsequential thing. It seemed unlikely, though, since he only ever gave his work phone out to parents.

"Mr. Hummel? Kurt, I mean? That's you, right?" Kurt grabbed at his chest, hearing Blaine's voice. It's not that he hadn't heard it over the past couple of weeks, but it was still miserable to go this longwithout hearing it.

"Hey, Blaine. Yes, it's me. Who else would it be? Jesse St. James?" Silence buzzed over the phone for a second.

"That isn't funny, Kurt. It could perfectly well be Mr. St. James. It's not as though he wouldn't jump at the chance to be at your place…and we haven't really been able to see each other lately. I mean, I wouldn't blame you…it'd break my heart, but I'd understand…"

"Stop. Blaine, stop. One, I wouldn't cheat on you. Two, I love you, Blaine," He could hear the boy's breath catch over the phone. "I have no intentions of breaking up with you." Kurt lifted himself up onto the counter of his kitchen, letting his feet swing freely as his dishes were left to soak in the soapy water he'd abandoned. Then the thought occurred to him: How was Blaine even calling right now? "So, Mr. Anderson, what brings this call? I mean, couldn't you get in trouble for this?"

"Well, I could, but my parents are out. They aren't going to shut down the house phone, I mean, that could be dangerous. What if the house caught on fire?" Kurt chuckled.

"You sneaky little bastard." Kurt felt like he was back in high school, the days where he actually had someone telling him what he could and couldn't do. It was odd; he'd been independent for so long now. "How long do we have?"

"Well, they'll be out for a couple of hours. They went on a date to a movie." There was a moment of silence. "What have you been up to?"

"Boring adult stuff." He waited for Blaine to say something, because he didn't want to bore Blaine with the details, but as always, Blaine was waiting to listen. He could never get used to how Blaine didn't mind listening to anything and everything he said. "I was just washing the dishes. I went to the gym. I paid some bills, graded the last of the test. You got an A, by the way. Um, that's about it. It's really lonely, not being able to text you."

"I know, Kurt. I miss it too." He could hear Blaine walking around in his house. It felt too weird to ask where he was going, but then he heard chewing over the receiver and realized he'd gotten a snack.

"So what have you been up to?" It always felt weird to ask that after rambling about himself, but it was only polite to return the gesture.

"Aside from the fact that I'm almost tempted to see if I can join the basketball team this late in the season just to get out of this house? Nothing." Kurt had to laugh. The mental image of Blaine playing basketball was just too much. He was just so tiny. "That's so not funny! I get home and do homework way in advance. I can't even watch television. Do you know how many books I've read so far? Neither do I because I lost count! And then every time I go to text you or call you because I miss your voice," Kurt's heart skipped a beat at that, "I can't! It's miserable Kurt."

"It'll be over soon enough." He was really trying to be reassuring, but he was struggling with being apart just as much as Blaine was. Then it was silent. What was there to talk about? They hadn't done anything in the past month.

"Wanna play twenty questions?"

"Um. Sure. You start though." It seemed a little childish; he hadn't played twenty questions since high school. Then again, he had to remind himself, Blaine was in high school.

"What's your favorite color?" Of all the questions to ask, of course Blaine would ask something as trivial as his favorite color.

"Purple. What's one thing you want to do before you die?"


"What? Blaine…?"

"Promise you won't laugh? I mean, it's kind of silly." He could practically see Blaine's face in his mind right now, shifting nervously, fingers grabbing onto the bottom of his shirt, and his brows knit down.

"I'd never laugh if it was something important to you, Blaine." Kurt shifted, trying to prepare himself for the answer in case it did make him laugh. For all Kurt knew, Blaine's dream could be to be a clown, although he highly doubted this.

"I want to sing for people. Not just anywhere, , in a huge venue, like the Staples Center, and I want it to be full. I want to look out and hear their cheers and hear them sing along to songs I wrote."

"Blaine, you'll get there one day? Okay?" Kurt's heart was practically swelling with love for this boy and his big dreams. Kurt used to dream big like that, and then he became a teacher. He loved teaching, but he used to dream of singing in front of a crowd, too. When his dad had a heart attack, though, he wanted to be able to support him in any way he could, and performing doesn't exactly always pay. Especially not when you're just starting out. Kurt was willing to support Blaine along the way, though. Blaine deserved his dreams more than anyone else Kurt had ever met, so he'd love and support the boy any way he could.

The questions stayed innocent like that for a while, but eventually Blaine asked…naughtier, questions. Kurt was drinking water and nearly choked at the first naughty question Blaine asked.

"Do you masturbate?"


"We're allowed to ask anything. Do. You. Masturbate?"

"I get that, but what kind of question is that? Of all the questions, you ask if I masturbate? What do you expect me to say? "No, Blaine, of course not. I'm practically a monk.""

"Fine, then. Do you ever masturbate thinking about…me?"

Kurt shifted. He obviously had, but it was a bit of an invasive question. Ever since they'd messed around in the car, Kurt couldn't get the mental image of Blaine's cock out of his mind. It intruded from the time he got home, and frequently, until the time he went to bed. It didn't help that he was so distanced from Blaine, otherwise it might be better, although he doubted it. He'd gone without sex for so long. "Blaine, you can't change your question."

"You encouraged me to change my question, and then you tell me I can't? I say I can, and I say you're just too shy to answer it. Would it help if I answered it first? Because I do. I mean, I do think of you." Kurt choked on the air this time. Some part of him figured Blaine did, but he'd never actively thought of it. If Kurt hadn't been so distracted in his own thoughts, he may have heard how nervous Blaine sounded when he said that.

"Well, um, yes. I guess. I mean, no, I don't guess. I mean yes. Yes." Despite having had sex before, Kurt still got mildly uncomfortable talking about the subject. Especially when it ventured off the "normal" sex. Kurt was quite "vanilla" when it came to his sexcapades.

"Your turn."

"What? How—I can't think of anything after that." Kurt shifted. "Just ask another one. I'll catch up eventually."

"Are you in the mood right now?" Kurt was tensing up so much he was practically shaking because, quite frankly, it should be forbidden for Blaine to be saying any of this when he wasn't allowed to see Kurt.

"Yes, Blaine. A little, I mean." He shifted on the counter uncomfortably, half hard in his pants.

"Feel free to say no or whatever, Kurt, but I was thinking maybe we could try doing i—phone…sex, I mean." Kurt was already off the counter, hurrying to his bed and flopping back in it. His hand was rubbing against himself through his pants as Blaine continued. "I mean, it's been a while since the car…"

"Yes. I mean, sure. I…Lets…How does this start? Should I tell you that I'm rubbing against myself through my pants? That I'm laying on my bed right now? Shit, that sounds weird to say out loud, doesn't it?" Kurt could have sworn he heard a whimper through the phone.

"No no, that's what you're supposed to do. Kurt, uh, I've taken off my pants and um…" He heard the boy swear under his breath. "This isn't how I expected this to happen. I thought it'd just come more naturally…"

"Phone sex isn't really natural." Kurt pressed the phone between his ear and shoulder, unbuttoning his pants and shoving them down with his boxer-briefs. When he placed his hand on himself, he forced out a moan. When he was alone he usually kept the noise to a minimum; it was weird to make noise when there was no one around to hear it. He had to remind himself that he wasn't really alone though, because Blaine was on the line and could hear everything. "That night, though Blaine. Mm. The way you unraveled on top of me. The way you looked completely fucking into it."

Another whimper came from the other side. "My hand is-s at the base of my penis." Kurt chuckled at the use of the word "penis". It felt like such a school term now. "I'm pretending it's your hand though." Kurt's laughter stopped. Oh. Oh.

Kurt had been stroking himself slowly and lazily, not really expecting this phone sex thing to actually go anywhere. It had always been one of those things he'd heard of, but not expected himself to do. "Fuck, Blaine." He could practically feel the testosterone pumping through his veins as he began to move his hand faster over himself, dragging his precome along the length. "Have I ever told you how incredibly sexy you can be without even realizing it? You don't even try, which is what makes it so fucking amazing and I just want you. All of you."

"Oh God, Kurt. Fuck, I want you too." He heard the breathing over the phone increase, and they were mostly silent after that. Just the occasional pant, groan, or whimper. The warmth was creeping up in Kurt's stomach, his hand hurrying its pace as he felt it. Normally, he'd want to drag the feeling out and try to slow down once he felt that sensation in his lower abdomen, but this was an exception because all he could think about was Blaine in the car. His cock in Kurt's hand, his face, and the way he was gripping as if to hold on to reality.

There was no going back as he felt the warmth begin to spread through his body. His hips were thrusting up into his hand, come spilling out over his hand. His head was pressed into the phone, whispering Blaine's name over and over again. He could vaguely hear Blaine doing the same with his name. He squeezed himself a tad tighter, hand motions slowing as he felt himself coming to again. And then he was left panting into the phone. He could hear Blaine doing the same. They stayed like that for a little bit before Kurt finally groaned and reached over to grab a tissue. His clean up job was subpar at best, but it was still better than letting it dry on, or worse, letting it get on his sheets. The smell of sex had permeated the room, but he didn't really care. The only thing he wanted right then was Blaine in his arms. That wouldn't come for a while, though, and even when it did, it wouldn't be permanent for even longer. He let out a sigh.

They talked on the phone for a little while. Blaine was already a drowsy mess after that. Most of his words were incoherent at best, if not just random grunts to acknowledge he was still there. It was kind of cute. They finally had to go when Blaine looked at the clock and realized his parents would be home within the next half hour or so, so they said their goodbyes and hung up.

Kurt finally finished his dishes, took a shower, and crashed on his bed.

Ever since this revelation, they'd done it a couple more times. With every time it was less and less awkward. It got to the point where when his phone rang and said "Blaine Anderson", Kurt was already hopping into bed and pulling his pants down. It felt horribly wrong, but the more comfortable Blaine got with it the better he got at it and the harder it was to resist. He was describing how his hand moved and how hard he was, and while Kurt considered himself a pretty strong guy, he couldn't help but get turned on by that.

Even so, Kurt had the day Blaine's grounding was lifted marked on his calendar. It had a big star and was circled. It was the first day of spring break, though, and he could only imagine that Blaine might be going out of town. Most of the senior class was planning to go to Florida, and he hadn't had the he heart to ask Blaine if he was, too. Kurt was still hopeful, and he had a million hugs and cuddles saved for Blaine if he did stay.

The time passed slowly. Painfully, achingly slow. But, inevitably, the day before spring break came. The entire class was working on their midterm, so it was dead silent. Not even Blaine looked up from his test. Kurt took this opportunity to watch Blaine: The way he stuck his tongue out from between his lips when he was concentrating, the way he would go to run his hands through his hair only to realize it was gelled, the way he tapped his pencil until Jeff kicked him to make him stop.

When he noticed the first student finishing up, he stopped gazing at Blaine. He folded his hand neatly on his desk and smiled as the kid walked up, nervously laying it on his desk. The rest of the period was miserable now, because if he watched Blaine someone might catch on. So he grabbed a midterm and began to grade; the faster he got these done the more free time he'd have.

Blaine didn't finish until near the end of class. Kurt offered a reassuring smile; his tests were hard. They were intended to prepare students for the AP test. Kurt almost couldn't believe how soon that was about to roll around. He couldn't believe how fast everything had gone by since he and Blaine had gotten together. It'd been nearly four months and nothing had gone wrong. It almost felt like a miracle.

When class finally ended, Blaine waited until everyone left before stepping up to Kurt's desk without cue. Kurt looked up, removing the reading glasses he had been using while grading papers, and gave Blaine a second. The boy looked lost in thought, or confused. "Should I get the door?"

Blaine shook his head. "No. I was just—My grounding ends tomorrow. It's spring break, and my parents are out of town." Kurt stared for a moment.

"Your parents are out of town?" His head tilted to the side, waiting for Blaine to say what he wanted to say. He always let the boy work through his thoughts.

"Yeah, and I'm not leaving…so I was thinking maybe you could come over? See my place for once? Well, technically my parents' place." Blaine placed a hand on Kurt's desk, brows getting closer in worry.

"Blaine, of course I'll come over." Kurt smiled, Blaine already leaning over Kurt's desk for a kiss. It was so routine, so familiar already. He responded by leaning over, lips meeting Blaine's for a quick kiss. Admittedly, his eyes flicked over at the door beforehand, just in case. He hated having to do it, but if even one person knew…

"They leave in the morning tomorrow, so maybe you could hang out in the afternoon." Kurt nodded as Blaine smiled. They said their goodbyes before Blaine hurried out and to lunch.

The rest of Kurt's day was uneventful. He didn't have much to look forward to. He had two classes, and then the end of the day would finally come. There was still no bringing Blaine home, as he had to grade papers and enter grades until much later into the afternoon. Blaine did come by before he left, popping in just to wave a goodbye to Kurt and remind him about the next day. Kurt nodded, telling him to get out in a playful manner. Then, he was left to himself.

Grading had always been the worst part in teaching. Kurt hated monotony. During class, it was like acting. He had to get up in front of a crowd of students, keep them entertained, not be shy, and still teach them. Every day was a new challenge and no day was ever alike. There were so many variables when there were twenty-something students were thrown into the mix.

Once he finished entering the last grade, Kurt got up from his desk and made his way home. It felt routine, and not the good kind of routine he had with Blaine. He liked that they kissed every day nearly the same time; he didn't like that he did the same thing every night alone. Feeling shitty, Kurt grabbed a beer and spent the night relaxing on the couch.

He hadn't meant to fall asleep, but he woke up to his phone buzzing on the table. His beer was only half empty, and he cursed himself for wasting half a beer. Pressing the answer button on his phone, he placed his phone to his ear.

"Hello?" He murmured, still half asleep.

"Hey, it's Blaine. I got my phone back!" Kurt sat up, looking for the nearest clock. It was only ten o'clock in the morning, meaning Blaine's parents hadn't left long ago.

"Morning, Love." A tiny squeak came from the line. Kurt finally got up, rubbing an eye as he walked over to the kitchen and grabbed the orange juice out of the fridge. He felt disgusting, still wearing the clothes he was yesterday, so after he poured himself a glass of juice, he shrugged his vest off. He pulled his tie off and unbuttoned the top few buttons of his white shirt. It wasn't much, but it was at least something until he could shower.

"You're still coming over, right?"

"Of course I am, Blaine." Kurt sipped at his orange juice while placing two slices of whole wheat bread into his toaster. "Is there anything I should bring?" Kurt let out a teasing chuckle. "Like porn?"

"Shut up! I didn't know! Just—just get over here. I miss you."

"Fine, fine. Just give me time to shower and get ready."

"Are you kidding? Kurt, that could take forever."

"Just give me an hour or two? I crashed on the couch last night."

"An hour or two?" His boyfriend whined. Kurt began finishing unbuttoning his shirt and shrugged it off, carefully switching ears as he pulled each sleeve off. He tossed his shirt into the dirty hamper and unbuttoned his pants, leaving them like that. It felt too weird to completely undress with such an innocent phone call going on.

"Yes, Blaine, an hour or two. I'd rather not stink."

"Fine. I'll see you in an hour or two." Blaine sighed, they said their goodbyes, and then hung up.

Kurt rushed his usual routine. He was eager to see his boyfriend one on one for the first time in weeks. It was tearing him apart. He still had to look good, though.

His hair was sprayed into place, but not so heavily that it wouldn't move. It still had to look fluffy and natural. It was spring break, so he didn't have to wear work clothes. At the same time, he was still going out so he wanted something dressier than his Diet Coke shirt. So he put on a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, a blue and gray vertical striped shirt, and a pair of dark gray venetian style shoes. He finished off with a dark belt with a shiny silver buckle. It was modest compared to some of the stuff Kurt had in his closet, but he didn't want to scare Blaine off. He'd just slowly let Blaine get use to his fashion-forward sense of style.

Kurt didn't realize how much he was rushing to get to Blaine until he got stuck in traffic. He sat there with the radio on, tapping his fingers against the steering wheel. He was so close and yet so far from Blaine and it was nearly killing him.

But he did eventually make it. Blaine lived in Staten Island. He lived in a huge house—almost painfully so. It made Kurt shift uncomfortably every time he saw it; he couldn't help but want to hang his head in shame at the size and dinginess of his own apartment compared to Blaine's home. Although he doubted the Andersons paid millions for it, it had to be worth that now.

Blaine was already hurrying down the driveway as Kurt parked, and once Kurt was out of his car, Blaine's arms were wrapped around him. Kurt kissed Blaine's forehead.

"Hey. It's been a while." Blaine was nuzzling into Kurt's shoulder, but managed to hum a response. They stood like that, holding onto each other for a while. In such a snooty neighborhood, he doubted anyone would look, and if they did, they'd turn a blind eye.

"Are you ready for the tour?" Blaine was still resting his head on Kurt's shoulder, not wanting to break contact.

"I guess." Kurt finally locked his car, and they walked into Blaine's house hand in hand.

Blaine's house was as extravagant as Kurt had imagined from seeing the outside. First off, it was huge. It had four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms. No one who didn't know someone got a four bedroom house. Then there was the fact that everything was so posh. All of the woods matched; Kurt would be lucky if he could afford two things in the same color of fake wood. Blaine seemed embarrassed by it all as he gave the tour. He tried to show Kurt only the main rooms, like the living room, dining room, kitchen, and his bedroom, but Kurt wanted to see everything.

It was then that they ended up on the couch. Blaine didn't even bother with the formalities: His lips flew to Kurt's and his hands were on Kurt's thighs. It wasn't until Blaine's hands became more adventurous and Kurt found himself bucking against them that he finally had to nudge Blaine away.

"What? W—It's been so long and I thought we could…"

"We could what, exactly? I'm not exactly saying no, but Blaine, I want to—No, need to know where you plan on this going." Blaine looked down, blushing. He had looked so innocent before, but now he was looking even more innocent. How was this the boy he was thrusting against a few seconds ago?

"Well, you see, Kurt…we've been together for a long time." Blaine shifted uncomfortably. "I read in a magazine once that people usually have…sexual relations…three months in. And and and…Jeff and Nick and even Wes aren't virgins and I was just thinking while you're over here and I have the lube and the condoms and I've seen porn and how it's done and…"

"Blaine." Blaine immediately shut up, which he should have done to begin with because quite frankly that was an embarrassing speech he just graced Kurt with. "We can wait. I'd prefer if we wait to give you time to think. We haven't seen each other one on one in a long time, and we have all week. I don't want you to think you have to do this because some magazine tells you or because your friends have done it. This isn't like getting your ears pierced, Blaine. Once you do it, it can't just go away and heal up. I want you to do it because you're ready and you want to. You matter, Blaine, and I don't want you to forget that. I don't want you to give anything up that you aren't ready for or do anything that makes you uncomfortable, because, Blaine, I'll be here when you are ready. Sometimes it's hard to make promises and even harder to keep them, but if there is one thing I can promise you, it's that I will never leave you because you aren't ready to do something. Especially not over sex, Blaine. There are a million other ways to show our love."

It was exceptionally hard to give that speech. His dad had given that speech to Kurt when he was younger than Blaine. He'd told Kurt he mattered just like Kurt had told Blaine he mattered. What made it so hard was that this was probably the first time Blaine had ever heard it. It was a shame that his parents hadn't told him this earlier; it was a shame that he was asking Kurt to take his virginity because he saw it in a Cosmo magazine. So Kurt leaned over, cupping the side of Blaine's cheek and kissing his forehead for a second time that day. "I love you, Blaine. Okay?"

Blaine was nodding. "I love you, too, but I still want to…"

"Not today, Blaine. I want you to have time to think about it. To honestly think about it. If you back out of the idea, that's fine. If you don't, we'll take it from there. Okay?" Blaine nodded again. "Are you ready for a bad movie marathon?"

Kurt didn't know when he fell asleep, or what time it was when he finally awoke. He didn't have any intentions of staying at Blaine's, yet he found himself waking up on the sofa. More importantly, on top of Blaine. They had been snuggling, and Kurt shifted his head to rest on Blaine. The rest was history. Blaine laid back and Kurt snuggled on top. They had fallen asleep like that. When he looked up, he saw Blaine awake. He wasn't sure how long Blaine had been awake, and he lost track of what he was even thinking about when Blaine flashed a smile.

"Morning, bright eyes." And like that, the moment was ruined. Kurt playfully smacked at Blaine's chest as he rolled off of him.

"Want me to make you breakfast?" Kurt was already searching through the kitchen for food.

"I was thinking I could make breakfast!" He heard the boy call out.

"I would rather not eat Fruit Loops." He snickered, grabbing the instant pancake mix from the cabinet. It wasn't fancy or special, but it was all they seemed to really have. Blaine finally followed Kurt into the kitchen.

"Shut up, Kurt." Blaine sat on the counter and watched as Kurt made the mix. Once the batter was ready, Blaine dipped his finger in it and smeared it on Kurt's nose. Kurt retaliated, and when Blaine went to go for more he nudged the boy's hand away.

"No way! I want to actually make pancakes. You may not be, but I'm hungry." Kurt sprayed the Pam on the pan and poured the mix, beginning cooking. Blaine slipped behind him, much like he did when at Kurt's apartment, and began unbuttoning Kurt's shirt. Kurt raised an eyebrow, turning back towards Blaine in question.

"How did you even sleep in this?" Kurt's expression didn't change, but he didn't stop Blaine from unbuttoning; he had an undershirt on, anyways. "I had a lot of time to think while you crashed like the old man you are."

"You really know how to woo a guy, Blaine." Blaine finally stopped unbuttoning, and admittedly it was much more comfortable than before.

"Sorry." He kissed at the crook of Kurt's neck. "I was thinking though. I do want to have…sex, with you. I think I'm ready. I mean, I know I am. But you were right about something. I don't want to rush into it. I want it to be perfect. So I was thinking like…we could plan it."

"Plan sex?" Kurt raised an eyebrow again. He'd never actually set a certain amount of time aside for sex.

"Yes." Blaine hissed back. "I want it to go perfect. I want everything, the candles and the music and everything."

"What date should this old man put in his calendar, then?" Kurt flipped a pancake, trying to ignore the absurdity of this conversation.


"Well, then, we need to have a serious talk then." Blaine looked confused. "About sex?" And then Blaine was horrified. "If you can't talk to me about sex, then you aren't ready to have sex." And once again, his expression changed, trying to feign bravery and like he wasn't totally discomforted by the idea. "Great, then. We can talk about it over pancakes."

The rest of the time Kurt made pancakes, Blaine looked completely and utterly horrified. He tried to make it look otherwise, but the nerves were getting the best of him. It was obvious his parents hadn't taken the time to talk to him about sex before, otherwise it may not have been so embarrassing for him. Talking to his parents about it was a lot worse than talking to his boyfriend about it… of course, his boyfriend was also his teacher…

Either way, when they sat down, Blaine mechanically put syrup and butter on his pancakes. Kurt did the same, but used much less of both. The sound of their utensils clanking filled the room for a while. Kurt finally made the first move to talk.

"Do you have any questions?" Blaine refused to make eye contact.

"No. I'm pretty sure I know how it all works." He nodded awkwardly.

"Blaine, I'm serious. You do know it's completely normal and common for couples to talk about sex before they have sex, right? It's unhealthy not to." Kurt continued eating his pancakes, hoping Blaine would calm down and take all of this more seriously.

"Well…we need…lube? I mean, I have some, and…"

"I have lube. And condoms." Kurt intercepted.


"Yes, condoms. To prevent the spread of STDs and to prevent pregnancy, but we don't have to worry about the latter." Blaine's eyes were wide and questioning. "What?"

"Do you have…an STD?"

"What? No! No."

"Then why do we need one…?" Kurt stared at Blaine.

"It's safe. I mean—I know you're a virgin, but not everyone you might have sex with will be. I mean—"

"You're not?" Blaine stared back at Kurt for a moment, obviously getting his answer out of the look on Kurt's face. "No, I mean, I should have expected you to. It just didn't really occur to me. But," Blaine blushed, looking at his pancakes intensely. "I mean, if you're sure you're clean, I'd still prefer if we didn't use one. I mean, I've heard it's better without and I was just thinking…"

"I'd prefer if you got in the habit of using one."

"Please, Kurt. Just…please?" Kurt pressed his fingers to the bridge of his nose. It was hard to tell Blaine no. It had always been hard to tell Blaine no, but now it was especially hard.

"We'll see how the moment goes, but Blaine, you should really consider getting in the habit…"

"I know. Just this once. Please?"

"We'll see." Kurt sipped on his orange juice, trying to keep calm. The situation was becoming awkward, even for him, and he was getting antsy. He had shifted in his seat quite a few times from the nerves and he hoped Blaine hadn't noticed.

"And I'll top?" Kurt nearly spit out his juice. He had to force the liquid down his throat. "I mean, I've never really imagined you topping, no offense. You just seem like a bottom."

"You—well—actually…" Kurt tried to clear his head. Blaine imagining Kurt bottoming stuck in his head. That, and the fact that this boy probably based too many of his opinions off of porn. "No. I was thinking—well, that I would. I mean, it's your first time."

"…We'll see." Blaine looked up with a mocking smile. They stared at each other before finally laughing. Partially from nerves and partially from just how awkward the entire situation felt. Kurt reached a hand over the table and Blaine mimicked the gesture so they could hold hands.

"So, whose place should we "do it" at?" Blaine rolled his eyes, giving Kurt's hand a light squeeze.

"Yours. It's cozy." Kurt raised an eyebrow. "And your bed is bigger." Kurt gave a slight nod in response. "Can I come over early to, um, set up?"

"Set up?"

"I told you, I want it to be perfect." Kurt smiled, reaching in his back pocket. He'd been internally debating whether or not he should do this, but the time seemed right enough. He slid the item he'd just retrieved from his pocket across the table, Blaine's eyes going wide. "A key?" Kurt nodded.

"I've been carrying it around for a while, trying to figure the right time. You've more or less implied that your parents aren't the most…accepting of people, and I'm not always home. I just—if anything happens, I want you to have a place to go. You're always welcome, mkay?" Blaine nodded, taking the key and adding it to his own key ring. He smiled, playing with the new addition and Kurt watched, mentally beating himself up every time he remembered how old Blaine was.

Kurt did finally go home, though. Blaine reminded him to be ready for Monday. How could he forget? They parted with a sweet kiss before Kurt made his way home.

Sunday passed dreadfully slowly. Blaine had sent a few texts about shopping for "stuff" for the next day. He refused to mention what though, which made everything so much worse. Kurt was nearly dying from curiosity Sunday night when he got a text from Blaine asking him to be out of his apartment from noon until two in the afternoon.

I guess I could, but is that really necessary?

Yes, Kurt. I need to set up. Everything needs to be perfect.

Kurt chewed on his bottom lip. Kurt had been through his first time. He'd been with guys who were intimate and it was their first time. If there was one thing Kurt knew, it was that first times were never perfect. They may be good, but they're never how one imagines. Kurt didn't have the heart to tell Blaine though, or stop him from trying.

They texted until Kurt fell asleep. On his bed, too, for the first time in three days.

Kurt woke up to Blaine unlocking his front door. He shot up, nearly having a heart attack until he saw the mess of curls poking in. He rubbed his eyes, comforted that it was just Blaine. He waved Blaine in and the boy finally skipped through the door, locking it behind him.

"What time is it?" Kurt mumbled, collapsing back into his bed.

"Eleven-ish? I'm sorry, I'm early." Blaine put down the bags he'd carried in with him, and Kurt was tempted to peak and see what he'd brought but Blaine stopped the thought immediately. "No! It's all a surprise. You should be getting up though. I mean, it's kind of late to be sleeping."

"It's spring break." Kurt rolled onto his side, just feeling lazy and tired.

"Get up." Blaine jumped onto the bottom of Kurt's bed, causing it to shake. Kurt whined until he finally crawled out from under the sheets. Kurt took note of how Blaine's eyes dragged over him. He then remembered Blaine had never seen him in his boxer briefs, or even without his shirt on.

"If I'd known you were coming over I would have gotten a little more dressed up." Kurt gave an awkward smile, grabbing for the jeans he'd worn yesterday to pull them up. He didn't bother zipping them.

"No, I mean, we're going to do it…have sex, today. I mean, you're going to be naked then."

"What? No. I planned on having sex with my clothes on." Kurt smiled, walking to the kitchen to grab an apple. It'd have to do for breakfast, because he still had to get dressed and ready to leave for a couple of hours. Blaine hit Kurt's shoulder. "I was kidding, obviously. So what do you expect me to do for two hours?"

"You didn't plan anything?" Blaine looked a little guilty.

"Not really. It was a bit of a short notice. Maybe Jesse and I could go on a date?" Blaine stared in horror. "I was kidding, Blaine. I'll probably just sit in a coffee shop. They sometimes have live music and talent." Kurt shrugged.

"Well, then, get ready and do that. I have lots of work to do." Kurt smirked, shaking his head as he went to shower.

Kurt finished his normal routine and was kicked out of his own home. It was weird and sweet that Blaine was going through all of this trouble. He'd never had anyone who wanted to do anything like this for him before. He realized it was partially for Blaine, but it was sweet none the less.

Kurt spent a good twenty minutes just walking around New York City. He didn't have a specific coffee house he was even looking for, just somewhere to relax for a while. When he passed one that had music streaming out from the front door, he walked in and ordered. It was a boring two hours, and he kept checking his phone. He wasn't sure if Blaine would need the two hours in full, or if he might at least text him and entertain him. Blaine didn't. And it did take nearly the whole two hours. At 1:55 PM, Kurt got a text.

Okay, everything is ready!

Kurt didn't even rush. Blaine had kicked him out of his own house for two hours, and even if they were for good intentions, Blaine deserved a little bit of punishment in return. And what he stumbled on when he got home was some mixture of hilarity and sweet and horror.

The lights were out, but it wasn't dark, so the light still shone through. There were candles. Candles everyfuckingwhere. Enough candles to raise the temperature a degree or two. There was some instrumental music low in the background, and the smell of food filling the tiny apartment. Roses were littered all over his floor, leading towards the kitchen. Kurt closed the door behind himself a tad too loudly.

"I'm in the kitchen!" Blaine called out in a sing-song voice. Kurt slowly walked that way, trying to take all of this in. When he turned, he saw Blaine in an apron. He still had his clothes on, which Kurt was thankful for. On the counter there was chocolate. Way, way too much chocolate. Enough chocolate to feed all the children in Africa. There was fruit and an assortment of other goods to be dipped in said chocolate.

"Blaine, what did—what is all of this?"

"I wanted everything to be perfect." Blaine took the chocolate stained apron off. Kurt wasn't even sure how melting chocolate could be messy or difficult, but Blaine had found a way to make it so. His only response was a nod. He really wanted to go along with all of this, but it just seemed so awkward. "I—I made chocolate?" Kurt nodded again, eyes still wide. "Do you want a strawberry?" His voice was getting higher by the second.

"Yeah, yeah. Let's—get to it." Blaine took Kurt by the hand and led him to the counter, lifting him up onto it. Kurt was surprised he was strong enough to do that, eyebrows raised. Blaine just smirked, grabbing the strawberry and dipping it in chocolate. He blew on it, the chocolate still hot, before pressing it against Kurt's lips. Kurt responded, biting down. It was taking everything not to laugh at the absurdity of the situation. He'd never done this. Sex had always just been sex, and Blaine was trying so hard so he didn't want to be rude. Just when he thought he was going to break and laugh, Blaine's lips met Kurt's, firm and moving languidly. Blaine had to stand on his tip toes to reach Kurt like this and it was kind of adorable and Kurt was beginning to think he could get into this.

"You had chocolate on your lips." Blaine mumbled, not entirely parting from Kurt so he could feel the vibrations against his lips. Kurt didn't even have a chance to respond as Blaine nipped down on his bottom lip. Yes. He could definitely get into this.

Blaine's hands moved along Kurt's thighs as they continued kissing. Kurt hardly even realized he'd wrapped his legs around Blaine until Blaine pulled away, untying the legs from him. He chuckled low, in a way Kurt had never heard from the boy before. It was dark and sexy. "Not yet, Kurt. I'm not letting all this fruit go to waste."

"We have to eat all of the fruit?" Kurt whined, trying to pull Blaine back.

"No, but we have to eat more than one strawberry." Kurt rolled his eyes.

"We don't have to."

"Kurt." There was a tone of warning. Blaine was trying to be nice about it, and he had gone through quite a bit of work to try to make this go well. Kurt let out a sigh before grabbing a cut up banana, dipping it, blowing on it, and eating it. It felt less sexy when Blaine wasn't the one doing it, but he really just wanted to eat to get to whatever Blaine had planned next. Something told Kurt this was just the beginning.

Blaine kept giving Kurt fruit, neglecting to eat any himself. Kurt was starting to feel really full and guilty for eating this much chocolate. "Blaine, if you want me to gain weight, you're doing a great job. Seriously, you haven't had a single bite." Blaine rolled his eyes, dipping a fruit into the chocolate and putting it in his mouth. Kurt didn't even have a chance to stop and remind him to blow on it.

"Fuck." Blaine was spitting the fruit hurriedly into the garbage, but assumedly the damage was already done. Kurt wasn't entirely sure what to do to make it better, so he pulled Blaine back over to him.

"Would a kiss make this better?"

"Not really." Blaine was pouting, and it was kind of cute but certainly not a turn on. Kurt still leaned in, lips working against Blaine's when they met.

"It's going to be fine." Kurt offered a weak smile, hopping off the counter. "Maybe melted chocolate wasn't the best idea?"

"Yeah…yeah. Maybe not." Blaine took Kurt's hand, leading Kurt into the other room. When they got to the sofa, Blaine grabbed a fist full of Kurt's shirt and nudged him onto the sofa. Kurt went down with a muffled expression of surprise and an "umph" when he hit the sofa. Blaine was crawling on top of him, and he began to kiss at Kurt's jaw line before he stopped. Kurt let out a needy whine, because he'd never really had to deal with this much foreplay and it was becoming less sexy and more frustrating.

"What now?"

"Can you hear the music? Maybe I should go turn it up."

"Oh my god. Leave it alone. It's fine." Kurt was trying to pull Blaine back down, but Blaine pulled out of Kurt's grip to go turn the music up. Propping himself up onto his elbows, he watched Blaine. "I'm starting to wonder if you really want to do this or if you're just stalling." Blaine looked back with a glare.

"Of course I want to do this, Kurt. I told you, I want it to be perfect." Kurt groaned, laying back down in annoyance. Blaine finally returned, crawling back on top of Kurt. Kurt was sure the moment had been sufficiently ruined until he felt Blaine's lips against his neck, tilting his head back to give Blaine more access. Blaine took the cue, tongue running along the length before he began to suck. Somewhere deep down, Kurt realized he'd get a hickey from this, but somehow he didn't care because it was Blaine.

Blaine's hands began to explore Kurt unashamedly, and Kurt didn't protest. They slid down his chest, fingers creeping under the fabric of Kurt's shirt when they reached the bottom. They moved up, tugging the shirt up with them. Blaine only parted from Kurt's neck to pull the shirt off. The kisses began to move down Kurt's chest after that, kissing at his collar bone. Blaine licked, and he'd start to suck before he began moving places again, never staying in one place to leave another hickey.

Kurt whined when Blaine made it to his nipples, allowing his teeth to scrape over them. "Fuuuck, Blaine." It'd been so long since anyone had given him any attention of this sort. His fingers went to run through Blaine's hair, but were unwelcomingly met by gel. He found Blaine's shoulders, though, and squeezed onto them momentarily. Blaine looked up with a smirk, returning to the erogenous zone with delight.

Kurt's hands began searching, moving down to tug Blaine's cardigan off. Once he was successful in that feat, he began to try to pull Blaine's shirt off afterwards. He couldn't help but wonder why Blaine had even worn so many layers to begin with. Realizing Kurt's trouble, Blaine sat up and removed the garment. Before he leaned back over Kurt, he soaked up the scene of Kurt under him, straddled over Kurt's waist. He smirked, fingers tracing a line down Kurt's pale skin, sending a shiver down Kurt's spine.

Blaine was then leaning over again, going in for another kiss when their noses bumped. It wasn't hard or enough to make either one of them bleed, just enough to make them uncomfortable and aware of how dark it was.

"Blaine?" Kurt looked up, hands on Blaine's waist.


"I love the romantic lighting and everything, I really do, but can we please save that for the next time? I mean, I want to see you?" Kurt's brows furrowed, nervous to offend Blaine. Blaine's shoulders dropped, lips turning down.

"This isn't going well, is it?" He was slumping with most of his weight falling back on his haunches above Kurt, and quite frankly, he looked very puppy-like at the moment. Kurt gave his waist a light squeeze.

"It was a very nice gesture, Blaine. You're a bit of a hopeless romantic, and it's very, very cute." He had to swallow, actually trying to sound sexy. "But I want to see you when you come." He knew that'd make Blaine brighten up a bit, and it did. Blaine scrambled to get up, quickly blowing candles out. Kurt also got up, turning the lights on. Once every candle was out (and Kurt made sure it was every candle; he didn't want his apartment burning down while he fucked Blaine), Kurt took Blaine's hand and nudged him on the bed.

Kurt's hands ran along Blaine's bare chest, smirking against Blaine's lips as they kissed. It started out well enough, deep and slow, but their kisses grew needier and Blaine began playing with Kurt's waistband. So Kurt parted, crawling down between Blaine's legs. Blaine propped himself up on his elbows as Kurt unbuttoned his pants, tugging them down with Blaine's boxers. Kurt was only a tad disappointed when he saw that Blaine was only half hard; the boy was probably nervous. Kurt had every intention of changing that, though.

Kurt curled his fingers around Blaine, leaning close as if he was going to put his lips on him. He could feel Blaine tense in excitement, whimpering as Kurt just let a small breath out along his cock. It wasn't as if he were panting on Blaine; it was just enough to let Blaine know he was close, so, so close, but not actually on him.

"Blaine?" he murmured, close enough to Blaine's length so he was sure Blaine could feel the vibrations hum along the skin.

"Y-yeah?" He was trying so hard to keep still, and he was still there, propped up and watching Kurt.

"I'm going to fuck you. I'm going to have you gasping my name, clutching onto sheets, begging for more." Blaine was hard, so Kurt finally let his tongue slip out, letting go of the cock to lick a strip from the base to the tip. Blaine let his elbows out from under him, collapsing back onto the bed with a low moan. Kurt looked up under his lashes to catch a glimpse of Blaine before continuing, parting his lips over the tip of Blaine's cock, smirking around it when he heard a sharp intake of breath and a vague murmur that sounded something like a broken, "Oh my God." From there, he let his tongue do the work, swirling around the tip and dragging along the ridge and down the underside. Blaine was already squirming, muttering nonsense with the occasional moan of Kurt's name. It wasn't until Blaine bucked uncontrollably that Kurt pulled away (of course, he expected Blaine to eventually try and his hands the boy's hips, effectively pinning him down), smirking when Blaine panted out a whine. Satisfied with himself, Kurt removed the jeans and boxers that had only been pulled down to Blaine's thighs all the way off, tossing them carelessly onto the floor. Kurt slid his hands up and down Blaine's thighs, content with the picture below him.

"Are you going to take off your pants? Or do you plan on never letting me see you naked?" Blaine whimpered, hand reaching down and slowly stroking himself. Blaine's cheeks were pink, partially from desire and partially embarrassed that he was stroking himself in front of Kurt.

"That's a good idea, actually." Kurt joked as he unbuttoned his pants, pulling them down and kicking them onto the floor before doing the same with his boxer-briefs. Blaine was watching, and he let out a low moan when Kurt's cock sprung out from its confines.

Kurt crawled over Blaine, reaching to his nightstand, pulling out the drawer, and grabbing the container of lube. Blaine shifted strangely beneath him, and when he spoke it was quiet and not uncertain, but definitely worried. "On a scale of one to ten, how much is it going to hurt?" Blaine looked up at Kurt, eyes searching for some sort of comfort.

Kurt paused to look at Blaine, a moment's uncertainty crossing his features before he posed the question on his mind. "Blaine, are you sure you're—"

"Yes," Blaine assured, pushing himself up on an elbow again. "I want to do this. I want this with you."

Kurt considered him for a moment and nodded. "Then all you have to do is just breathe, okay? It'll be a little uncomfortable at first, but if you remember to breathe it'll be fine." Kurt closed his eyes for a moment, trying to push away the guilt of how young Blaine was. Kurt squeezed some of the lube out on his fingers, warming it up a bit as he spread it against them. Blaine had adjusted, accommodating for the fact that Kurt was about to be in between him.

Kurt moved his fingers against Blaine's entrance, moving slowly as he pushed one finger in. Blaine gasped, a moment of shock at the new feeling before he remembered to breathe. He relaxed against Kurt, releasing a shuddering breath, and Kurt moved his finger in and out. "Just tell me when you can take—"

"More…" Blaine breathed out. Kurt stared at him uncertainly for a moment—it didn't feel like enough preparation for someone as young as Blaine, for a virgin—but nodded, adding the middle finger to his index and ever so slowly pushing in again. A sharp intake of breath followed, quickly followed by a deeply exhaled moan. Kurt curled his fingers in him, and Blaine released a low moan when Kurt hit the spot, squirming beneath him and tossing his head back, reaching blindly with his hands for something to hold on to and finding his ground only in the sheets. "Moooore…please, Kurt…" Blaine begged, his voice raspy and urgent this time.

"Blaine I've barely put two—" Kurt kept moving his fingers in and out, stretching Blaine out as he tried to reason with the boy.

"More…" Kurt's brows were furrowed, but he nodded and added more lube before adding a third finger. Kurt made sure to go especially slow. Blaine's fingers were gripped onto the sheets, knuckled white, as he moved the fingers in and out. Kurt continued pushing in slowly, knuckle by knuckle, giving Blaine time to get used to the feeling. He twisted his fingers, curled them just so, and stretched as much as he dared. Blaine ventured to press his body down into Kurt's hand.

"I want you to fuck me." Blaine eventually said, nipping at his lip.

Kurt stared for a moment, removing his fingers from Blaine. Blaine whimpered at the empty feeling. "Yeah, maybe you should get on your hands and knees? I mean…It's just easier the first time like that…" Kurt tried to explain. He was genuinely nervous for Blaine, who seemed overly eager to do this. He was already scrambling up and on his hands knees in a flash. He looked back at Kurt.

"Please just fuck me? N-no condom, please. I want you inside of me. I want you to come inside of me." Kurt chewed his lips, debating the options. It was hard to think clearly, Blaine's ass right in front of him, spread and ready for him. All Kurt could do was nod as he grabbed the bottle of lube again, pouring more in his hand and warming it up before spreading it over the length of his cock. Kurt got up onto his knees, positioning himself behind Blaine before slowly pushing in. At first he only dared to push the tip inside, keeping a firm grip on Blaine's hips. He moved slowly, inch by inch, until he was nestled deep inside Blaine, whose hand slowly gave out beneath him. He managed to keep his ass in the air, ready and wanting as he kept whimpering, "Fuck me" over and over again.

Kurt gripped onto Blaine, keeping his pace slow at first, but it was so hard when he heard Blaine begging under him. Blaine kept trying to push back into Kurt, sloppily meeting each thrust with a little more force than Kurt was comfortable with. But Blaine was persistent and, finally, Kurt gave in, hips thrusting back and forth into Blaine. He could tell when he hit Blaine's prostate because Blaine would make this positively obscene moan, expletives and nonsensical, jumbled words intertwined with each moan.

Blaine's fingers were tightened in the fabric of the bedding and all the muscles in his back and shoulders visibly tensed as he finally came. It only took a few more thrusts before Kurt was coming too, tossing his head back with a load moan, the warmth creeping over him with a dizzying pleasure before it all flowed away. Kurt was panting when he pulled out from Blaine, who collapsed onto the clean side of the bed and on his back.

Kurt took a moment to watch Blaine like this. His cheeks were pink, the blood taking a moment to flow away. His cock was going limp again. He had a light sheen of sweat over him. His eyes were half shut, and over all, he looked pleased. Kurt crawled over him, laying on top of the boy. Blaine let out a groan.

"Get off." The boy was obviously exhausted and probably a tad overheated.

"It's a mess on that side. Your cum is everywhere." Kurt placed a kiss on Blaine's shoulder.

"Then go sleep on the sofa." Blaine's lips twitched up into a smile.

"How about you get up so I can change the sheets?" Kurt got onto his knees, trying to pull Blaine up.

"I don't want to mooooove!" Blaine was using all his weight against Kurt, a smile plastered to his face.

"Get your butt up or I'll change all the locks." Kurt wasn't serious, and he was sure Blaine could tell as he was still smiling when he got up, but it did get Blaine up.

Kurt changed the sheets, and both of them curled in the fresh set. Kurt flicked through the channels of the television as Blaine rested his head on Kurt's chest. There wasn't much on, so Kurt left it on CNN before looking down at Blaine, kissing the top of his head.

"Kurt? I love you." Blaine nuzzled into Kurt, one arm laid across Kurt lazily.

"I love you, too." Kurt closed his eyes and they fell asleep like that, left to their own world for whatever short time they had. Kurt knew soon enough Blaine would be graduating and they wouldn't have to hide anymore, but it felt like a forever away.

Kurt woke up some time before Blaine, who had rolled away from Kurt in his sleep. So, Kurt took this opportunity to prop himself and watch Blaine. What use to feel creepy felt natural. Blaine looked so peaceful and relaxed. Kurt fell asleep again while watching him like this.

This time Kurt woke up, Blaine was cuddled up against him again. The channel on the television had changed to ESPN and Blaine gave a sheepish grin. "My parents watch CNN. Admittedly, they only watch it to say how wrong it is. They prefer Fox News." Kurt nodded, trying to understand. Burt usually just watched the local news and Kurt only put it on CNN or Fox News when there was nothing else on. "Want me to make breakfast? I may not be an omelet master like you, but I'm pretty good at getting the perfect ratio of milk to cereal."

"Yeah, I'll just…vacuum up some of the rose petals."

"But then they'll all be wasted!" Blaine looked over, slightly defeated.

"They're going to start to wither." Blaine still looked horrified. "Fine. I'll start to pick them up and find something to do with them." Blaine smiled.

The both of them rolled out of bed and Blaine started to walk to the kitchen. His walk was so awkward, more of a waddle, and he looked back embarrassed. "I'm sore." He tried to explain, blushing. Kurt tried to give a comforting smile. This was the unglamorous part to sex, the part that Blaine had never seen if or when he'd watched porn.

So, Blaine went in the kitchen and Kurt grabbed a bag and began to pick up rose petals by the hand full. When he'd been kicked out of his own house for two hours, he hadn't expected Blaine to make a mess. But now Kurt had to pick up rose petals on the floor, candles all over, and clean the numerous bowls and pots Blaine had used to melt chocolate. Kurt just reminded himself that this was one of those things that he'd look back on and laugh about.

Kurt had finished picking up the flower petals when Blaine wobbled into the living room with their cereal. "You didn't have any good cereal." Blaine sat down, putting Kurt's cereal on the table and beginning to eat his Special K with a frown.

"You mean I didn't have anything frosted or fruity?"


"Because they're not exactly good for you."

"But I love Captain Crunch." Blaine was trying to adjust himself on the sofa, trying to make sitting more comfortable. He let out a sigh when he realized there would be no comfortable position. Blaine finished eating first, putting his empty bowl on the coffee table and snuggling against Kurt's side as he continued eating. "Are things going to change between us, Kurt?"

When Kurt looked down, he saw Blaine looking back up at him. His eyes were wide and full of worry and hope. Kurt put down his cereal, turning a little to face Blaine. "Yeah, they're going to change." Kurt cupped the side of Blaine's face. "But they don't have to change for the worse, mkay?" Blaine nodded, a half smile adorning his face.