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Summary: Chloe couldn't kiss Brian, not if she wanted him to live. So she asks Alek for a favor, one she's sure he'll refuse to have any part in.

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Let Me Kiss You like You're Him

It isn't fair. Chloe knows that. She feels it deep in her soul, like an aching in her heart. But it doesn't stop her; she won't let it. She needs this.

She needs it.

"Alek…" Chloe looks up at him, all beautiful hard lines and soft green eyes that could go cold in a heartbeat. "I need you to do me a favor."

He just sighs, looking at her almost pleadingly. "I already told you that I can't stop watching you, Chloe."

"I know, I know." She bites her lip nervously, suddenly unsure if she can go through with this. "That's not it."

"Then I'll do my best." He smiles, not a sneer or leer, a genuine smile. It breaks her heart because she knows he means it. He'd die for her if he thought it would help her.

"Mai can't kiss humans, right?"

"You know that. Is this about that ridiculous human boy you're senselessly infatuated with?" There is a gentle reprimand in his voice, a darkening of his jade gaze. She almost changes her mind then, tells him to forget it, that it wasn't important. But it is important to her, and she needs him to do this for her.

"Kinda." She can't keep her eyes on him, can't look at him when she asks this of him. "I want you to kiss me."

Alek doesn't say anything. The silence drags on and Chloe finally forces herself to meet his eyes. They've completely shut down. Like looking into the eyes of the dead.

"Alek, say something." Because she can't stand the uncertainty burdening the still night.

"You want me to kiss you." The words lack the normal joking innuendo she'd expect him to say the words with. No mischievous light in his eyes. No salacious smirk. His voice has no emotion. None. It is as dead as his eyes remain.

"…yes..." She sounds so pathetically small, even to her own ears.

"You want me to kiss you…" And she thinks she feels a flash of rage from him before he's smothering his feeling again. "For him."

"Yes." Realizing that Alek isn't going to do it, that she's only managed to make him mad, she tries to backtrack. "But, forget it. I don't know what I was thinking."

And she's turning away from him, takes a step back towards her house. His hand lashes out and grabs a hold of her wrist, turning her back to him. "You want me to do this? To let you pretend for a moment that you could have him?"

"Yes." It's a whisper that barely reaches her own ears, but she knows he'll hear it.

Alek pulls Chloe closer, until she's flush against his chest. She can feel his racing heartbeat, pounding against his chest to meet the racing of her own. The hand on her wrist releases and brushes a lock of hair out of her face, and she closes her eyes. Pictures Brian's hands instead of Alek's, pretends the heart she hears is his.

And then his hand is cupping her face gently and his lips are against hers. Her hands come up, one winding around his neck to knot fingers loosely in hair she imagines behind closed eyes to be brown, the other clutching the fabric of his sweater to pull him closer. His lips are soft and firm as they move against her, and she wants more of him.

His free hand goes to her waist, long fingers just brushing against her spine. His grip is hard, but not painful. Like he's afraid that if he loosens his hold she's disappear. Run away again like she has so many times before.

Chloe finally breaks the kiss when she can no longer put off her need for oxygen. But she keeps her eyes closed, draws out the illusion for as long as she can, holding the wrong boy to her and placing the right one in his stead.

"I love you." The words slip from her lips without thought. The resulting wave of utter and complete agony rips her away from the fantasy and throws her roughly back to earth again. Her eyes snap open.

So close to him she can see the hurt creep into every line of his features, the anguish exposed in his emerald eyes. She can literally feel the sudden trembling of every muscle in his body, even as his breath catches.

And then he's tearing away from her, running faster than she's ever seen him move. And even though she knows she could catch him if she tried, she thinks that maybe she shouldn't. Because, she realizes, she had misread him again. Misunderstood him again.

His earlier anger wasn't because she was ignoring his warning that she shouldn't keep seeing Brian. It was because she wanted to kiss him while imagining someone else, it didn't actually matter who the someone was because it wasn't him. He hadn't stood guard outside her house all night every night because he was ordered to. He did it because he wanted to know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that she was safe and the only person he trusted to make sure she was was himself.

And, knowing that it wouldn't be real, knowing that it would hurt him, he had agreed to kiss her.

Because she had asked him to.

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