Kiss the Girl


Silver-Eyed Rukia

Rated: T (For hinted sexual actions)

Summary: Left alone by the person she came with Natsuki enjoys herself at the bar until she spots someone among the crowd that sparks her interest.

Pairing: hinted(!) Shizuru x Natsuki

Note: I am NOT dead, I swear! Just totally busy :( And no, this is NOT a Songfic, the story was just inspired by the song from Katy Perry.

Note 2: This isn't beta-ed, so please ignore any mistakes. Or point them out and correct me, whatever you prefer. Enjoy reading the first part of this two-shot.

The bodies of roughly hundred females clashed together to the dull beat of the bass coming from the speakers that graced every corner in this establishment. Heads, tinged in every color imaginable, bobbed up and down to the rhythm, arms and legs extended in weird, yet effective looking dances. The smell of perfume lingered in the hot air and mixed with the sweat from the dancers it created an intoxicating cocktail of smells.

I watched from the far corner, sitting in a comfortable stool at the bar. Nao had left nearly as soon as we had entered this club and had vanished into the crowd, some girls hot on her heels. Girls, as in more than one. Really, that damn Spider never could get enough. I let my gaze wander over the mass of people and spotted two of the girls that disappeared along with the redhead making out in one of the many conversation pits. I didn't want to know where Nao had vanished to.

The hot air made me thirsty and I began to tap my finger to the rhythm of the beat; the music was way too loud to yell for the barkeeper to come over. I already had downed what felt like four B52s and I was still as clear as ever. 1:0 for heavy drinker. I lazily turned my head when the woman behind the counter jammed another B52 onto the wood and I gave her a grin. The woman blushed a soft shade of red and made her amethyst orbs all the more outstanding. Maybe I should ask for her number?

"You look like you have been dragged here too, am I right?"

I was greeted with a shy smile and flaming red hair, which was tied together into a high ponytail behind the girl's head as I turned my own one towards the source of distraction. She didn't look older than 15 and I thought I was young with my 19 years. Not wanting to be rude I turned my body a bit towards her, taking my shot along with me.

"So obvious? Yeah, my friend dragged me here, said something about me needing a girlfriend. But really", I made a gesture with my hand, pointing at everything and nothing in the motion, "in a place like this? You don't know if someone's honest with you or just drunk beyond believe."

Her laugh was barely recognizable but I still caught it; it was a nice sound. Not too high pitched nor too forced. Just a light-hearted laugh. She held out her hand for me to shake and I gladly accepted.

"Aoi Nagisa, nice to meet you."

"Kuga Natsuki, same."

She laughed again and I felt a smile forming on my lips. The good mood of the girl was starting to rub off.

"So", I stretched the syllable for a lack of words to start a conversation, "what are you doing here?" Way to go Kuga! We're in a lesbian bar, what the hell do you think she wants.

"I'm waiting for somebody to be honest", she replied and the pinkish tint around her cheeks told me that this someone wasn't just someone. I noticed a tall woman standing behind Nagisa and I raised a brow, but the silver haired female put a finger in front of her lips, signalizing me to shut my mouth. I did; her eyes were mesmerizing me. A cocky forest green, the exact opposite of Nao's often lazy lime green ones.

She leaned forward and breathed something into the redhead's ear, making her jump in surprise and the blush grow in size. I smirked.

"Shizuma! I told you to stop that or you'll give me a serious heart attack one day." I heard that she wasn't really upset with the woman as she responded to the kiss she gave her. I looked away, downing my fifth B52 that night without blinking.

"Natsuki-san, this is my girlfriend," Nagisa blushed as she said that and it looked good on her, in a weird way, "Hanazono Shizuma. Shizuma, this is Kuga Natsuki." We exchanged handshakes, but when I wanted to withdraw my hand she gave it a light kiss, like a knight giving a kiss to a princess. I felt one of my own blushes creep over my face.

"Shizuma!" Nagisa smacked the older girl playfully over the head and the playgirl kissed her, apologizing through the contact.

"Come Nagisa, let's dance." Her voice was as soft as her features, but her eyes told a whole other story. Lucky Nagisa.

"See you around, Natsuki-san!" And I was alone again. If you can call being surrounded by nearly hundred other people lonely, then I felt a bit lonely. I waved with my empty glass and ordered another drink. While waiting for my B52 I let my eyes wander off again, spotting Shizuma and her redheaded sidekick in a heated dance in the middle of the dance floor. No wonder, that woman was drop dead gorgeous in her tight blue jeans and the white blouse. The black tie that hung loosely around her neck was just another add to her sexiness, at least in my opinion.

When I heard the familiar sound of glass meeting wood I started to turn around, but was stopped when something caught my attention. There, standing near the entrance, was a woman that let my mind go blank in order to find words to describe her. And believe me; sexy wasn't even starting to describe her. She looked a bit lost as she stood there all by herself, fidgeting with a ribbon on her left wrist. I felt my mouth go dry and downed the shot standing on the counter without giving it a second glance. Now or never Kuga. You can make it. You can surely make it. How the hell should I make it?

I stood up, wiping my sweaty hands on my black jeans and made my way trough the crowd, my only goal being the beautiful woman still standing where I had last seen her. I was glad I gave myself liquid courage.

Just when I was like two steps away from her some girl appeared in front of her and made me stop dead in my tracks. Don't tell me she already had a girlfriend?

"I think I need to call heaven, seems that they lost an angel." I swear, if it hadn't been for the many people being with me in this room I would have started to laugh out loud or to vomit. Where the hell did she get that pick up line? Between the remains of food from last week? The chestnut blond beauty didn't seem to like the girl's first impression either, but she was way too kind to show it. Common Kuga! Be the knight in shining armour! Call me childish, but I like fairytales.

"The only thing you need to call is an ambulance, 'cause you make me sick", I deadpanned, moving closer to the taller woman and sneaking an arm around her waist. "And she's mine so buzz of, sucker." The teal head's protest was cut short when I felt soft lips pressed against my cheek and she stomped off to god-knows-where; I didn't care. God, if a kiss to my cheek felt this good, I desperately wanted them to have elsewhere on my body. Guess the alcohol's to blame for these thoughts. Yeah, most likely. I just love sarcasm.

Snapping back to reality I withdrew my arm and took a step backwards, giving her some space. I hope she didn't mind that little act just now.

"Ookini, Stranger-san. For being my heroine of the day."

I didn't know if she was making fun of me or not, but her honey-coated voice made it hard to make it out.

"Yeah…. I mean, my name's Kuga Natsuki, nice to meet you!" I forcefully grabbed her hand in an attempt to cover my nervousness. She shook it and smiled at me. I bet I'm drooling by now. Snap out of it, brain!

"My name's Fujino Shizuru, the pleasure is entirely on my side, Na-tsu-ki" the chestnut blond replied, purring out my name like she owned it. Only then, as she moved her hand to tuck a strand of golden colored hair behind her ear, I noticed the color of her eyes. They were tinged in crimson, looking like cherries in her calm, pale face. I stared, then blinked and stared some more. And the only thing coming to my mind was: "Are you wearing contacts?"

The merry laughter was worth the stupid question and she just shook her head, her smile looking way more natural now.

"I am afraid this is my natural eye color, but I have yet to meet someone with the same tinge to them." Shizuru looked at my face, her orbs lighting up in what seemed to be pleasure. "But Natsuki has a beautiful eye color herself. My, such an intense green. So pure, without a hint of brown or blue to them." Her eyes roamed over my body. "And Natsuki's eyes aren't the only beautiful things I notice."

Wow, I know her for like three minutes and she already made me blush.

"Touché. Uhm, that may sound a bit rushed but do you, you know, want to dance? With me, maybe?" I asked because I had noticed that the music had changed. The music currently playing was slower than the disco beat from before, a perfect opportunity to dance very close to each other. So I held out my hand and hoped that I didn't look like a complete fool.

"I would love to dance with someone as handsome as Natsuki. You shall guide the way."

Her way of speaking was unique, just like her eyes, but I liked it. Not that slang crap that Nao loved to make use of. Not that I'm any better, but yeah…. As I pulled her onto the dance floor, gentle I might add, I secretly checked out her clothing. A tight purple top covered her upper body, a bluish-black skirt doing the same with her waist and her nicely shaped butt. Long, slender legs were stuck in brown, leather boots. A plain outfit, yet she looked more elegant than most people in here. Talk about charisma.

Most of the people left the dance floor due to the more romantic music and only couples were now occupying it; arms embracing hips and necks and bodies pressed together in a loving motion. When we finally reached our destination I turned around and faced the crimson eyed beauty, slowly placing my hands on her hips. She did the same, only that she placed her hands on my shoulders.

I was damn nervous; she made me feel like a fool with her aura of aloofness. Shizuru made it look like she was better than anyone else in here, yet it didn't make her look arrogant or something of that sort. Like a high class noble among simple civilians.

I hesitantly began to dance to the rhythm of the music, taking her with me. Despite being that nervous I wouldn't let the chance to lead her through a dance slip. But when she suddenly closed the distance between our bodies with a swift motion of her arms I had to suppress a yelp of surprise.

"My, Natsuki seems be a shy one", she breathed into my ear, moving along with my movements perfectly. A mischievous smile graced her delicate, slightly red painted lips as her eyes captured mine in a challenging way. "Hard on the edges, soft inside, hm? I like that."

I raised a slender brow at that statement. "You're one to talk. You make it look like you're some innocent little girl and what do I find behind that façade? A teasing vixen. You can't fool me, Shizuru." The smirk I received made me think twice about whether I just had won that verbal fight or if I had lost it. And that I got no answer wasn't helping either.

We danced for a while longer, talking about god and the world while doing so. I found out that Shizuru moved to Tokyo just recently and that she was searching for a place to stay. She was currently living in a hotel her parents paid for.

`That's you chance Kuga! Go on and ask her!´ I cursed my inner voice at times, but some of the suggestions aren't that bad. So I asked her.

"I could offer you a place to stay if you want to. My apartment is way too big for one person alone anyway, so…" I left the sentence unfinished, searching for an answer in her serene face. Shizuru just smiled at me and her lips moved closer to my own ones, making me licking them unconsciously. But just mere inches away from my lips she stopped.

"I'd like to move in with someone like Natsuki, thanks for the offer. I'm gladly accepting."

Translation: Ookini (Kyoto Accent) - Thanks/Thank you

To be continued

That was the first part of the two shot. I may add that this was written AGES ago and isn't written the way I'd write now I think. But it isn't that bad, I've written worse stories than this ;) I think :D

Look forward to the next part, I think you won't be disappointed, if you already liked this.

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