Set after Afterlife minus the choppers that had come swooping in to ruin the day (although it does mean another movie, yay! (except I heard it wasn't coming out till 2012 *sad face*)).

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With over 400 survivors on board the ship it was difficult for some people to handle the intimacy. Alice had learnt to combat this unfortunate situation by becoming almost entirely nocturnal. She didn't need much sleep so she was available for Claire and the others when they were discussing important details about finding a permanent residence but she tried to avoid most interactions with the other people. If the survivors had been asked they would have answered with 'Alice who?' To them she was more of a legend that had taken down Umbrella and paved the way for a new life. She had become the ghost of the ship. Her friends found this amusing but did worry about her and whether she would actually stick around for much longer.

Claire was the only person who got to see her on a regular basis. Alice would drop by their cabin or find her during the night in some deserted hallway. They had been together for four months now and still hadn't told anyone, which was Alice's request; she didn't like her private life exposed. It worried Claire when Chris and K-mart would wonder aloud whether today would be the day she disappeared for good. The only time she felt completely sure of Alice's presence was when she would find her in the night and they would frantically strip off their clothing and collapse together wherever they could. With Alice's hands on her body Claire was able to believe in a world after this diseased life.

'Where are we Chris?' Claire strolled into the control room and stood by her brother. He was checking over all the instruments as he did everyday. It was a habit he had fallen to; to detect any unwelcome change the ship might throw at them.

'We're almost back to Alaska, another week and we should hit the beginning of the south-east coast.' He peered out the forward window, squinting as if he could make out the land mass already, 'Before we get there we're going to have to get a solid plan in place. Do we come ashore as soon as we reach the coast? Do we sail on a bit towards the middle?' he turned to look at his younger sister, 'Might be less chance of infection if we land as far away from the Canadian border as we can.' She was nodding slowly then moved over to the radio and fiddled with the dials; trying to clear any static.

'Have we had any responses?'

'No it's been quiet. To be honest I'd be surprised if we found a legit one for the rest of the trip.' The mood grew sombre and the dying light was sending unwanted shadows into the small room.

'I'll take first watch if you want,' Claire broke the silence, 'Go get something to eat.' Chris reached out and squeezed her shoulder as he passed; giving silent encouragement. Nearly as soon as he'd left, the door opened again and Alice entered silently. She walked to Claire's side and took her hand. It was a rare gesture from the stoic woman and Claire wondered if she'd heard the conversation. They stood silently as the sun returned to the ever ravenous sea.

In one of the cabins a lone man was pacing and muttering to himself. He repeatedly threw angry glances at the sparse objects in his room; sometimes dragging his hand through knotted hair. His eyes most frequently landed on the knife that was lying on his bed. It had already tasted blood; his wrists dripped freely with the crimson liquid. His muttering intensified and some of the words became audible.

'Caging us, taking us away . . . experiments, more experiments.' Spit fell from his lips and the anger was replaced with fear, 'Infection . . . going to infect me. But I won't let them, they can't fool me so easy.' His pacing slowed until he stopped completely. He stared at his wrists then calmly walked to the tiny bathroom attached to his room. He cleaned the blood from his arms and tore a shirt to make bandages. Returning to his room he picked up the knife and held the stained blade to his chest. 'I won't let them.'

Alice was with Claire in their cabin. One of the adults had taken over their shift an hour ago and now Claire was fast asleep. When Alice judged the redhead had fallen into a deeper slumber she carefully removed her arms from around her lover's waist. She managed to get off the bed without stirring the redhead, then she exited the warm room and entered the freezing hallway. She hated leaving Claire in the middle of the night like this but she needed to make her rounds of the ship.

She had perfected her skills in moving silently and unseen and any of those who happened to glimpse her usually passed it off as a trick of a tired mind. Every night she made these secret walks. She didn't always know what she was looking for but it made her feel better that, if anything out of the ordinary was happening, she would be ready. Her natural instinct to distrust everyone forced her to always assume that something was bound to go wrong at some stage. She knew that been cooped up in this tin can without anywhere to go if things got rough would wear on peoples' tempers. There had already been a few minor disputes amongst some of the passengers, but nothing that couldn't easily be handled.

As she came out onto the main deck she paused to breath in the clean, crisp air. The stars were out in force tonight and their light gave the ship an eerie, moonscape look. The ship had been slowed down and the sound of gentle waves breaking across the bow carried through the night. Alice passed a dark alcove and barely glanced at the couple that were making use of the secluded spot. They didn't notice her drift by.

She made her way to one of her favourite spots at this time of night; the bow. The railing had rusted a little so she was careful not to lean too hard on the thinning metal. Even during the day this place was almost always vacant. Nothing blocked the cold northern wind that pierced even the thickest of coats. She could handle the cold if it meant that she wasn't disturbed here. This was a place where she was able to think clearly. She often came here when the people aggravated her more than usual. She had thought about leaving many times; perhaps just commandeering one of the choppers that were still stored in the levels in the middle of the ship. But she couldn't leave Claire and she'd overheard Chris say they were nearly to Alaska anyway so she would grit her teeth and stick it out.

She stood there for a few more moments; breathing in the cleansing air. Then she turned on her heel and continued her rounds.

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