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He heard the whispers. He saw the members of the inner circle asking their questions, thinking they were been so subtle. He could have used this though. He could have waited until she was alone. He could have finished the job that that idiot Frank was supposed to do. But that brunette never left her side. So many times he could have taken the leader that mattered, but the brunette was always there, always watching. If he was going to get a chance at Claire he would have to take out her little guard dog first.

It had been a long afternoon. They had questioned everyone they believed to be knowledgeable but also discreet in their dealings. And still they hadn't found him. There had been a moment when someone told them of a man they often saw at the railings that maybe matched their description, but when they'd gone to check there had been no one there.

Now Alice was standing at the bow, enjoying the solitude and cool night breeze. She had secretly met with Chris and they'd made an agreement to take turns keeping an eye on Claire. They were up in the control room now; Claire on watch, Chris on the pretence of keeping her company.

She closed her eyes and breathed deeply. If she concentrated she swore she could smell land.

She heard the sound of footsteps coming near and frowned. She had hoped her little hiding place would remain undiscovered, but it seemed nothing could stay private on the ship. The footsteps didn't sound familiar, but she was tired and didn't really want to take notice. When the footsteps came faster though she turned in suspicion. Someone ran into her at full tilt.

Maybe they hadn't expected her to turn so soon, or maybe she was just lucky, whatever was supposed to happen she didn't want to guess at, what did happen was that she was only hit a glancing blow. She was spun around and ended by clutching at the rail; it shook beneath her hands and she remembered how rusted it really was. She backed away as fast as possible but the person who had hit her came again. He grabbed at her shoulders and tried to push her back towards the rail. But she was ready this time. She ducked under his arm and slammed a punch into his kidneys. The blow stunned him and he staggered away from her. She didn't need to see him to know who he was.

'Zac Ovens.' She stood back from him, waiting till he could breathe properly.

'And you are the secretive Alice, who no one seems to know anything about.' He laughed breathlessly. Alice frowned at him; he wasn't exactly sounding sane.

'So, I'm guessing you're the one behind the attack on Claire. And if the ramblings of that guy in the container are anything to go by, you weren't going to stop with her.' He laughed again.

'No I wasn't, but as it turns out, I'm not even going to start with her anymore.' With that he lunged at her.

With the edge of the ship so dangerously close, Alice was been careful not to try anything that could end with them both overboard. She managed to take a step to the side that allowed her to evade the majority of Zac's charge, but he stuck his elbow out just as he moved passed her and clipped her across the cheek. The hit had her dazed, but she forced herself to focus. She was definitely not the one going to die today.

In the control room Claire was laughing at Chris's impersonation of Luther when he'd kept him locked up within the prison.

'And every morning he'd come down and tell me "You wanna get out? Well only The Man can unlock that door, and down here I'm The Man." Then he'd turn around and swagger off like he was Clint Eastwood or some shit.' Claire was almost in hysterics and Chris was having trouble getting the story out through his laughter, 'But can you blame him really? He had to keep everyone together in there. It was probably his daily pep talk, coming down and taunting the guy in the cage, made him feel tough.'

Claire slapped at him, 'Don't defend him, he's an idiot.'

Chris contained his chuckles, 'Yeah, but that idiot has got leadership skills and his good for the morale around here.' Claire rolled her eyes and waved off the excuses.

The moment of silence was interrupted by the changing of the shift. A woman, Claire recognised as one of the survivors found on the ship, walked in.

'Hey guys.' She greeted.

'Hi Rachel,' Claire stood up and stretched her stiff limbs, 'Guess I'll go see how Alice is doing.' Chris jumped up after her.

'I'll come too.' He practically glued himself to her side as they excited the room. Claire had a suspicion that he was on orders from Alice to look out for her, so she didn't question him.

Since the night was quickly settling around them Claire believed Alice was probably on one of her rounds of the ship. There were still a number of people drifting through the hallways, so Claire decided to begin her search outside. She wasn't sure where Alice would be so she wandered aimlessly in the direction of the bow; Chris following her the whole time.

'Do you have any idea where she is?' Claire turned to look at her brother, he was rubbing at his arms, trying to ward off the cold.

'You can always go back inside . . .'

'Shh.' Chris cut her off, 'Do you hear that?' he had his head cocked to one side listening intently. Claire copied his actions and was able to make out the sounds of a conversation. She couldn't hear the words clearly but the tone was unmistakable. She sprinted in the direction of the bow. Chris was right beside her.

'You wouldn't believe how hard it is to get good help these days.' Zac was speaking calmly as they circled each other, 'I've had to rely on idiots and mad men to carry out my plans, and you saw how well that worked out.' Alice was trying to get him positioned in front of the railing where she would have the advantage, so she tried to distract him by humouring his tirade.

'Yeah, the man who attacked last night was a real charmer. What did you expect to happen if he'd succeeded though? We would have caught him and put an end to this either way.' If she could only get him to move another few feet.

'He was told to accept all responsibility for the murder. That way I could continue my work without the annoyance of your inane questions. But he just couldn't keep his damned mouth shut I guess.' He had stopped moving now, not quite in the position Alice would have hoped for, but close enough, 'That is how you found me right? Frank told you. Funny, I would have thought his delusions would have been strong enough to leave me out of the picture.' It was Alice's turn to smirk.

'I can be very persuasive when I want to be.' She crouched ever so slightly, readying herself for the leap.

'Ah, I thought it might have been you who pulled my name from him. It seems I've underestimated you quite a bit.' She was just about to make her move when the sound of running footsteps intruded on their private stand off. They both froze.

'Alice?' Claire and Chris both came sprinting around the raised bunker then stopped when they spotted the scene in front of them. Alice had cornered Zac against the railing and hadn't taken her eyes off him at their approach. Zac, on the other hand, was smiling pleasantly.

'And the cavalry arrives.' He chuckled and raised his hands, 'Okay, I surrender. I'll go quietly.' He took a step forward, but stopped when Alice moved to intercept his path. He looked at the siblings behind Alice with his eyebrows raised.

'Care to call off your dog?' Neither of the Redfield's moved though. Zac frowned and for the first time Alice could see fear on his face, 'You know you have to let me go, it would be going against your own moral code to kill me.' He reasoned, but it still had no effect. Alice eased a revolver from its holster. Before he could draw the air into his lungs to scream, her arm shot up and a single gunshot rang out.

All three waited as the splash sounded below. They stood for many more minutes, looking at the hole in the railing. Finally Alice turned to face the siblings. Chris was the first one to speak.

'Thank you.' She frowned at his words, 'For doing it, so we wouldn't have to.' He wrapped his arm around Claire's shoulders.

'This should never have happened. Why can't we just live? Why do we have to keep protecting ourselves from other humans? It's not right.' Alice shook her head and both Claire and Chris could hear the anger in her voice, but only Claire knew where it was directed.

'Come on Alice.' She held her hand out to the brunette, 'We have to move on.'

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