Chapter 1: Unexpected Conception

Draco pulled Harry onto the bed by his tie and they landed in a heap upon the red silk sheets. He let his tongue caress the inside of Harry's mouth and felt the man's hard groin pressing up against his thigh insistently. Merlin how much this man made him want him! He began unbuttoning his shirt, letting the image of Harry's beautifully tanned skin intoxicate him, Harry's well-hewn muscles stretched tight across his wiry exterior as Draco mouthed the exposed flesh. He felt Harry's hands slipping across the back of his neck, pulling him in for another passionate kiss. Harry's breath smelled of pumpkin juice and Draco reveled in the taste of it as their tongues collided with one another. He felt a tremor as Harry moaned against his mouth and it sent a tingle down his spine.

Draco rolled them over so Harry was pinned beneath him. He pulled back to remove his own shirt and felt Harry's hands as they explored the newly revealed skin. They were a tangle of tongues and caresses, both feeding upon the desire building up inside of them. Finally, Draco couldn't take it anymore; it had been far too long since they'd been able to touch each other like this. Harry being away with the Auror training group was frustrating to the blonde man but he knew it made his lover happy, he only wanted to relish this time they had together now. Quickly he reached down to release his lover's erection from inside his pants. He pushed the man's jeans down to his ankles and bent to explore this long-denied and tantalizing treat. His tongue swept out to lick at Harry's thighs in a teasing manner and he heard the man's frustrated growl. Draco pulled away from the tip of Harry's cock and watched as a tiny drop of pre-cum trickled from its slit. He couldn't resist the urge to bend down and let his tongue devour the droplet. The familiar salty sweetness of Harry burst within his mouth, making him crave more.

Draco let his mouth encase the tip of Harry's cock and Potter bucked his hips at the sensation of Draco's talented lips upon his member. Draco let his tongue slide around the tip as he deepened his hold on Harry's erection. He let it slide down deep into his throat and Harry's many moans were rewarding to him. His head bobbed up and down as he sucked hard on Harry's member, tasting the tiny bits of pre-cum steadily leaking from it. His tongue wrapped seductively around the shaft as his teeth grazed pleasurably over its tip, eliciting even deeper groans from within Harry. Draco had the man almost to the brink of cumming when he suddenly released the man's hard on, setting him free with an audible pop.

"What the hell Malfoy, this is no time to be a teasing little bitch!" Harry complained out of sheer frustration.

Draco hovered over the man, looking directly into his green-eyed gaze.

"You don't get to cum till I get what I want," he whispered.

Harry grabbed the sexy blonde's forearm, his touch caressing the black lines of the grotesque tattoo adorning his pale skin. Within moments, Draco heard a tantalizing hiss come dripping from his lover's lips and it made his cock immediately twitch. He loved it when Harry spoke the mysterious snake language, loved how it made his mark come alive. He loved the tingling sensation that rippled upon his forearm. He also loved the look within Harry's eyes as he spoke Parseltongue. His green eyes would darken with a lust-filled intensity that made the man seem lecherous and menacing all at the same time. That bad boy look turned Draco on immensely. He let out a low whimper of desire as Harry's tongue encountered the writhing mark. It made him want the man even more than before.

Draco whispered a spell that had them both naked and he pressed his hard on up against Harry's matching one. They frotted up against one another for just minutes before Draco slid himself down his lover's body, positioning himself between the man's thighs. He looked up into Harry's gaze as he bent down and let his tongue invade the puckered ring of the man's arse. His tongue lapped in and out of the tight sweet hole before pressing a finger into its recesses. Harry groaned as he pushed himself down upon Draco's digit, begging for more. Draco complied by inserting another finger and pushing rapidly in and out. He let his fingers scissor inside Harry, stretching his muscles, readying him for his cock. Within moments, he had Harry whining to be fucked.

Draco pulled Harry closer and smirked at him as he pushed his cock teasingly at his hole, only allowing the tip to enter him, making the man below him beg for more. Harry tried pushing downward to engulf Draco's member but Draco held his hips tightly in place, making his lover voice his desires. He saw the pained look of lust in Harry's eyes and almost gave in but Draco reveled in Harry's cries of unadulterated want and need. He enjoyed teasing the man. He pressed his arm up against Harry's lips, urging him to suckle at the mark once again.

"Give me what I want Harry… I want it to move at your command." Draco said in a soft yet demanding voice.

Harry looked up into Draco's dark and stormy gaze, once again whispering the magical language. Draco felt the mark pulse upon his skin, felt the magic of Harry's words course through him as he filled Harry's arse with the rest of his cock. Fully engulfed by Harry's tight muscles, he pumped furiously in and out, feeling the magic surge through his body like some enchanted aphrodisiac. Harry's voice was soft but steady as he spoke the words that awakened the snake. He felt it move beneath his tongue and heard Draco's moans of delight. He kept whispering the magical words as Draco pumped in and out of his body. They both felt the surge of power in the air as they met each other thrust for thrust. Their sweat clad bodies finally releasing the pent up desire that had built up for weeks while Harry had been away on Auror training. They came crashing down in orgasm together, both shuddering against the other before embracing each other tightly.

"Harry…?" Draco whispered into the dark as they lay quietly holding one another.

"Yeah Dray…"

"Did it feel different to you? I mean when you spoke the Parseltongue, I swear I felt some sort of magical energy penetrate the air or was that just me?"

"You felt it too?" Harry whispered back.

"What do you think it was?" Draco asked him.

"Not really sure," Harry said with a shrug of his shoulders.

He pulled Draco closer, kissing the top of his head and letting his chin rest there peacefully.

"Don't worry Dray; I'm sure it was nothing. I've never spoken Parseltongue when we were actually fucking so maybe it just heightened our awareness and intensified the orgasm."

Harry knew his explanation was rather lame but it was all he could come up with to ease the blonde man's anxiousness. Draco worried a lot and he didn't want anything to ruin the beauty of this moment especially since he'd be heading off to Auror training camp again in a few weeks. Wanting to savor every second he had until then, he pulled Draco's chin up and kissed him softly.

"If it makes you feel better, I'll ask Hermione about it okay?"

Draco smiled at him and then pressed his face into Harry's chest. Neither of the men gave the mysterious pulse of magic another thought but little did they know how much it would affect their lives…