Romiet and Julio!

There once were two rabbits called Romiet Montegold and Julio Caplumat. They were both from different families who hated each other so much that they lived on two different islands separated by shark infested water. Everyday after their carrot pie lunch they would run to the cliffs and use binoculars to see each other. They would then send carrier pigeons with messages stuck to their feet across the water to talk, as it was too far to hear each other even if they shouted!

One day they decided to risk their parent's wrath and scampered down to rickety old bridge. They were hopping along when...


Romiet and Julio's dads were watching from the top of the cliffs and as soon as Romiet and Julio were snapped up by the sharks they exclaimed "YES FINALLY THOSE TWO PEACE MAKERS ARE DEAD! WE MAY NOW BE ENEMIES!" Then they shot each other. Their wife's decided to get married and join the two islands in the middle. That piece of land was dedicated to Romiet and Julio for the bravery made by love. It was named lovers land!
The end! : P