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"Lucy I...I don't want to lose you!Not now, not ever" Natsu said, tightening his grip on her, giving her the message that he wasn't planning on letting her free.

"NO!Let go of me!Natsu!" Lucy shouted, pinching his arms in hope of loosening his grip on her.

"What if I don't?" Natsu whispered behind her.

Lucy bit her lip, she didn't want to answer his question. How come of all the time she had to remember all that happened, it had to be when they kissed.

"You will because..." Lucy trailed off, tears pouring out of her eyes.

"Because?" Natsu urged her to continue. But the answer he got, just those simple words stopped his world.

"Because...I don't want to be near you anymore" I whispered. I felt his grip loosen, and he became stiff after hearing those words. I took that chance to pry his arms off me, backing away from him at the same time.

I looked at him through the rain that was pouring hard on us. He was looking at me, as if waiting for something.

"Why?" He asked, hurt was clear in his voice.I smiled sadly at him, my tears still kept rolling on my face.

"Why?Your really asking that? baka Natsu...I'll tell you thou" I took three steps towards him. Now I was standing in front of him, I used my tippy toes to reach his ear.

"I can't stand being near someone who hurt me, that made me feel unwanted, but..." Lucy started trailing off as she wrapped her arms around him.

"..even if I felt all that, I still loved you Natsu, that time until now, but I can't be with you so..."Lucy whispered her answer, letting go of him. Making a space between them, as she gave him her smile.

"Goodbye Natsu Dragneel" Lucy whispered, backing away from him. Letting the space between them get wider and wider, as she ran away from him.

Leaving our favorite dragon slayer, standing in the cold rainy night as he stared at the celestial mage that stole his heart, yet made it stop with just those words.

Lucy P.O.V

Natsu you stupid idiot! Baka!Baka! BAKA! Why'd you have to kiss her? Of all the person you had to kiss in front of me it had to be Lisanna? The girl that controlled all of you in the palm of her hand.

I can't make up my mind Natsu! I know I said my goodbye, but in truth I didn't want to! I still love you my stupid dragon slayer! But I hate you at the same time!

You really hurt me! You shattered my heart when you didn't even stop me from leaving the guild. Then you shattered my heart when you kissed her. That scene just made all the memories coming back to me like a typhoon. And you know what I'm glad I met you.

The person that saw me when I ran away from home. The person that brought me to a new family. The person that made me fall in love for the first time. Natsu all of that was you. And you'll always be in my mind...especially in my heart. Goodbye my idiot dragon slayer.

"Lucy how about a last goodbye to the guild?" a voice stopped Lucy from running. Her running brought her to the cliff side. Her chocolate teared eyes looked up to the owner of the voice.

"Loke..." Lucy whispered. Loke smiled at her,arms wide open. At this gesture it just made Lucy cry more, standing up she ran towards Loke's open arms.

"W-Why'd all of it had to happen? If all of it didn't happen we could...we could!" Lucy cried hard into Loke's arms. Loke rubbed her back, saying soothing words to make her stop crying.

"could have been together!" Lucy cried her heart out. Loke knew this time that he lost her. He lost to Natsu, because her heart just longed so much for him.

"Come on Lucy let's say our goodbye's to everyone" Lucy said, carrying her bridal style, while she cried and cried.

Loke wants to see that beautiful smile she always has, and one thing would only make it come back. Even if he was going to be hurt in return, atleast he made that stunning smile come back.

Natsu's P.O.V

"Goodbye" Lucy whispered.

Goodbye? No! Don't say goodbye Lucy! Don't leave me like Igneel did! I won't hurt you again!

"I won't..." Natsu whispered. Really you won't hurt her anymore? While you already did? a voice said.

"I said I won't, I'll never let her hurt so much again because of me" Natsu answered. No you won't. Your already too late, she's gone and it's all your fault! the voice said.

"I'll find her!" Natsu shouted, he sniffed Lucy's scent and started following it. He saw the building, as soon as he did he pushed his legs faster he knew it. She was there and he'd stop her from leaving.

Normal P.O.V

The guild doors opened and revealed two persons. One was a guy holding a girl. And all the guild members eyes were on them. It was Loke and Lucy.

Loke set her down as both of them went towards their Master. Who was sitting in the middle of the room.

They reached him and Makarov looked solemnly at the two. He had a feeling that something will go wrong.

"Master, we are leaving" Lucy said, she wasn't crying anymore, but tear trails was still present. Lucy just gave him a sad smile.

"Are you sure?" Makarov asked, hoping that she would say no.

"Yes we are" Loke answered before Lucy could.

"So I guess this is goodbye Master... And to everyone too, thanks for all the time you spent just for a girl like me" Lucy said looking at Makarov first, then at the rest of the guild that was watching like hawks.

Levy started crying, along with Mira. Erza refused to shed a tear, but you could see she was about to cry herself. Gray stopped mid-walk towards Lucy. He was about to apologize for what happened, but froze when he heard what she said.

"Bye minna" Lucy said, giving them her smile that they loved. Lucy was about to reach the door when all of a sudden someone came running in.

"LUCY!" Natsu shouted, he was panting hard. Lucy stared wide eyed at him.

"I-I have to go...LOKE!" Lucy shouted as she made her way, but stopped when Natsu blocked her way.

"Move out of my way Natsu" Lucy said harshly as she could, but Natsu saw through her wavering voice. He stepped forward only to be a foot away from her.

"I won't let you leave Lucy" Natsu said, wrapping his arms around her. Lucy stiffened at his touch.

"I have to go okay? I don't want to see you anymore" Lucy whispered as she started struggling out of his grip. Still Natsu didn't let go of her.

"Let g-" Lucy was cut off by Natsu.

"I love you" Natsu said. Lucy's eyes widened at what she heard.

"I love you!I love you!I love you LUCY HEARTFILIA! So please...please don't leave me" Natsu continued.

"I-" Lucy was once again cut off.

"Follow your heart Lucy" Loke said, giving her a smile that just clearly showed approval. Lucy's eyes watered at this, but she still tried pushing Natsu away from her.

"Lucy I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused,be happy with Natsu. I know that you love him so much more than me" Lisanna went near the two, her eyes showed complete sorry and acceptance.

"We too are very sorry Lucy, punch us as much as you like" Erza said, behind her was the rest of the guild.

"Everyone doesn't want you to leave, so do I Luce. So don't leave me ever again" Natsu whispered hugging her tighter. Finally Lucy's tear descended her eyes as she hugged him back.

"I'm not leaving" Lucy cried into Natsu. Natsu too was crying, it was a rare sight for everyone. Some too were crying at the sight of their favorite celestial mage crying.

"Yeah your not, because if you do I'll find you even when your at heaven" Natsu assured her. Pulling away from her at arms length.

"Baka you can't go to heaven" Lucy said, smiling.

"Weirdo your my heaven" Natsu said as he leaned in and kissed her on her lips. Lucy's eyes closed as she kissed him back, her last tears leaving her closed eyelids.

The guild erupted into cheers and shouts, crying and congratulations. No one left. No one died. The Fairy Tail family is complete once again. Their only celestial mage had remained with them. Their family. Team Natsu. And most especially she remained with Natsu. So all in all it was still a happy ending right? ^^



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