Mew looked at the wooden toy that Tong had given him many years ago. The toy was finally completed, having had the red wooden nose in place. He, Mew, silently thanked Tong, and cried in silence. He remembered what Tong had told him earlier that night. He, Tong, might not be his boyfriend, but it doesn't mean that he doesn't love him.

Mew let his tears roll down his eyes and wiped them off his face. That was enough for him. Even if he and Tong were never meant to be together, in his heart, he knew that he and Tong love each other. He can still feel the chills he had the night when he and Tong shared a kiss at Tong's backyard at the end of Tang's celebration. Yes, the kiss was special, and so was his guy friend Tong. For him, whatever others think, or how long the years go by, it will always be Tong that he loves.


Tong received a text message from Donut. It read: You are so selfish, you could have told me earlier. I would not have hoped too long nor clung on you for too long. Hate you!

He sighed when he read the note. Then, another note from Ying came. It read: Tong, I am happy for you and Mew. Please take care of him.

He smiled when he read her note. He realized that Ying was in love with the love of his life, but that she had to give up. He placed his phone back to his pocket and went home to celebrate Christmas Eve with his family.