Piece 4: My First Love Hurts Me

Later, they were really in the mood for jokes that Mew accidentally grabbed Ying's glass on the tray and drank from it. Ying's eyes grew big when she saw Mew drinking from the same place that she drank. She felt herself blushing that she placed her fingers to her lips. Mew noticed her in this strange action and with a curious look on his eyes, stopped drinking, and asked her.

"That's my glass," Ying said consciously.

Mew looked at the glass and placed it back on the tray. "Sorry, I thought it was my glass," he innocently replied.

Ying only nodded and smiled a bit. Some Chinese believed that if the person you like accidentally drinks from the glass that you use (or if he unconsciously drank at the same spot which you drank), it means that both of you are meant to be together. The thought made Ying blush.

"Hey, Ying, are you all right?" Mew asked.

"Yeah, yeah," she lied. "I'll just drink from your glass."

So she picked up his glass and drank from the spot where she thought he had drunk from. She emptied the glass, and then flipped the glass with the bottom of the glass facing up.

"Now we're even," she grinned slyly.

Mew smiled his cute smile and drank from the glass which originally was Ying's. After that, he flipped the glass too. After sharing some laughter, they continued playing cards.

Ying decided to gather the tray downstairs so she can wash all the dishes and come back to have another card match. When she was downstairs helping her brother wash the dishes, Ying got the wilted rose again and looked at it in deep thought. Ying is a big liar. She is not okay, and her eyes said it all. Throughout the time that they were playing, it was evident that she was still totally in love with him no matter how much she denied it that morning. His thoughts were broken when he heard someone silently sobbing near the door. It was subtle, as the fireworks downstairs where still the center of merrymaking. He stood up and took a peek outside of the door.

He saw Ying leaning by the wall leading to the bedroom door. She didn't know that he saw her this way. It was a bit dim, but he could see the sparkles on her face. She was crying, and it was a heavy bit of crying session. Mew did not see Ying cry this much, even before. Ying had always been the tough one who would do anything she pleases and sway people to her demands. Yet, this time at night, he had never seen her crumble beyond words and cry in utter silence. He never knew Ying had at times cried like this for him at night. Well, he would never know, for he never looked outside his window and look up to her room. He didn't have to wonder why. The wound was still so fresh, so it would still hurt, of course. Seeing her cry like this made him feel like dying. The last time he had that feeling was during the time that he avoided Tong, thanks to Sunee's ultimatum.

"Ying?" he called out to her.

Ying looked at him, but instead of running away, stayed in place like a rock. When she saw the wilted rose in his hand, she cried all over again. Mew went to her, held her shoulders, and brought her to her room. He shut the door so that her brother will not see his dear sister in tears.

Inside the room, Mew hugged Ying tightly, still holding the rose in his hand. He began to shed tears for her. How will he make her understand that it is Tong that he loves?

"I'm sorry Ying, I'm really sorry. I never wanted to make you feel bad. I never wanted to hurt you. But I don't love you," Mew said.

"I know. That is why I am crying. I am crying because the hope of you loving me is gone. It has wilted like the rose you got from my box," she cried as she punched his chest.

Mew realized his folly and apologized for invading her private space. He dropped the rose from his hand and continued to hug his friend in tears. Their lonely and sad encounter continued amid the happy merrymaking and the firecrackers outside.

"I'm sorry for making you cry this Christmas," Mew said, trying to make her lighten up a bit. "I have such a bad gift."

Ying pushed herself away from his grip, wiped his cheeks and caressed his face. She forced herself to smile just as Mew wanted her to.

"This is the face of my first love," she confessed.

She took her hand away from his face and looked away from him. Mew studied her face real hard. Gosh, she IS still in love with him.

"It is just so sad I was not able to give you the 99 roses," Ying declared, her voice all broken. "I'll just give you the 100th rose that I have."

Mew didn't react or pull away when Ying leaned over to him and gave him a kiss on his lower lip. It was just a small and soft kiss, unlike the passionate kiss that he had with Tong. He didn't love her, so he didn't kiss her back. It may seem like forever, but Ying cherished the feeling of Mew's soft lips upon hers, and Mew savoured the feeling behind the kiss of the other person who loves him deeply.

Ying realized that Mew indeed didn't love her, so she pulled away in resignation. Gay as he is, Mew touched his lips again the way he did after his first kiss with Tong.

"This is my first kiss from a girl," Mew admitted.

"But your first kiss is Tong," she pointed out.

"Yeah," Mew replied.

Silence hung again like a curtain on a gloomy, windy day.

"You are the first guy I have ever kissed," Ying admitted to him.

Mew held her hand. "But please don't make me betray my feelings of love for Tong."

Ying shook her head in resignation. "No, I won't. I already accepted the fact that it is Tong that you love and not me. But allow me to cry still. It still hurts."

Ying cried over again in front of him, and Mew wiped the tears from her eyes.

"I'm sorry your first love made you cry," he told her. "I'm sorry I hurt my best friend."

He hugged her tightly, and she didn't resist. She was contented to feel weak, soft and lost under the arms of her gay Mew.

"Thank you for the roses, for the love, and the kiss," Mew whispered to her.