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What if…

What if things had been different?

What if Chad Dylan Cooper had been the ordinary boy from Wisconsin? What if he'd won the opportunity of a lifetime – to star on his favourite TV show, So Random?

And what if Sonny Munroe had grown up in Hollywood? What if she was Hollywood's bad girl, the famous, bigheaded diva? What if she was the star of the number one tween drama show?

And then what if the two kids' shows had a rivalry? What if they were sworn enemies, even though they wished for the contrary?

Compared to reality, things would've been quite the opposite…

Or would they?

Chad's POV

"Chad? Chad, sweetie?"

I groan, rubbing my eyes and waking up to my Mom shaking me softly.

"Huh?" I moan, my voice kind of groggy.

"Chad, wake up." Mom smiles at me, "We're here. The studio."

It's as if those last two words set me off. I jump up in my car seat – I probably would've fallen out of it if not for the seat belt – suddenly awake and alert. I gaze out the window, trying to get my first view of Hollywood life. And then, I see it.

Right outside the window, tall and strong, stands Condor Studios, the place where all my dreams were about to come true. And right on the wall of the studio, a giant poster is hung. I beam as I realize it's the poster for the show I'm going to star on – So Random!

So Random has been my favourite show right from the beginning. I've laughed myself silly every Friday watching the show, I've followed all the cast members on Flitter, I've had a crush on Tawni Hart for a reasonable number of years… and soon, I will be right there, with Tawni, with them all, performing on their stage!

You can probably tell, I'm almost exploding with excitement!

I walk through the door of Stage 3, aka, So Random, trying hard to not grab my mother's hand in fear. I'm a TV star now – I don't need to hold my Mom's hand. And I certainly don't want anyone here to notice that I am kind of a… cringe… Momma's boy. Yeah… that confession is gonna have to wait till my new cast accepts me as a member, maybe even a friend.

Mom has quite the contrary approach. She grabs my hand and squeals and grins, making me feel even more anxious.

"Oh, this is so exciting!" She squeals, sounding more like my teenage sister than my early-forties mom. "You must be so ecstatic, sweetie!"

I roll my eyes a little – the last thing I want is my mother calling me 'sweetie' in front of a bunch of cool Hollywood kids. That'll be like when you first build up the courage to sit with the popular kids at lunch in high school, only to have your klutz-of-a-best-friend show up and spill mac and cheese all over you by accident. Yep… it's happened to me before. It's not pretty, trust me.

"I am, Mom." I smile, trying to keep my cool as I watch random people walk past, some I recognize as extras from the show, some I don't. I recoil in horror as my Mom begins to lick her index finger, before leaning closer to wipe something off of my face.

"Mom!" I whisper-yell, "Not in front of the cool Hollywood people!"

I pray silently that Mom will take this as a hint to shut up, but instead, she smiles, a tear showing up in her eye. "That reminds me of when you asked me not to embarrass you during your first sleepover! You were seven years old… so adorable!"

I groan, "Mom!"

She laughs, even though a little hint of sadness shows in her eyes, "I'm sorry!" She says, putting her hands up in defeat, "It's just, you know, it's not everyday that a mother has to hand her brilliant son over to show business. I'm just so… proud! And worried…"

I laugh. As much as I love my mother, she does have a tendency to love me back too much. So much so, it actually gets protective. A little too protective at times. "Mom, we talked about this," I say calmly, strutting a little to make myself look more confident, even though I'm freaking out inside. "Show business won't change me."

Mom is smiling at me, before I lean up against the nearest wall and her eyes drift off of me before opening wide. "You have a big head." She comments.

I blink, "What?"

"You have a really big head!"

I shake my head. "I don't not! I'm the exact same guy I was back home in Wisconsin!"

Mom sighs, before motioning a large head and saying, "With a much bigger head!"

I huff, shaking my head more vigorously this time, "My head's the exact same size! I don't get what the heck you're talking about!"

"Behind you." Mom whispers and I'm confused until I turn around and notice the large door for the So Random stage with all the stars' faces, where, indeed, my head is much larger. Like, bigger than my real body.

"Whoa…" Is all I can muster up. "I do have a big head…" I then turn back to my Mom with a smirk and add, "Awesome."

She rolls her eyes a little, smiling, as a man comes up to greet me, and I recognize him straight away.

"Chad, it's great to meet you!" He grins, shaking my hand, and I beam.

"Mr Pike!" Yep, Mr Pike. The producer of So Random – and the man who made all my dreams come true. He smiles at me, pulling away from the handshake and nodding approvingly.

"Please, call me Marshall." He tells me, and I nod, before he turns to see my mother. "Dianne?" He asks, and she nods, taking her turn to shake Marshall's hand, "We are very glad to have Chad join our cast. And I can assure you, he will be very safe here. I'm sure he'll fit right in."

I smile at the compliments, as my Mom half smiles, half glares. "Good." She says sternly, "Because do you know what we do to people in Wisconsin who make promises they can't keep?"

I glare up at the ceiling in embarrassment. Here we go again…

Marshall pauses to think, before saying, "You… make them into cheese?"

Mom nods, putting an arm around my back protectively. Marshall bursts out laughing.

"I see where Chad gets his sense of humour."

I gulp, deciding to butt in. "Actually, I get it from my Dad…" I say, cringing, "She's not kidding." I then decide to use this as a way to get my mom out of here before she freaks out my boss anymore. "But…" I say, putting my arm around her back, "…she is hungry after all that travelling, right mother dear?"

"Okay, okay," Mom smiles, holding her hands up in defeat, "I get it – someone wants their Mom to leave." I nod half-heartedly, before Mom takes my hands in hers and I gaze at the ceiling, hoping no-one will see this… "Now, I know I've said this a hundred times…"

"Don't talk to strangers." I say, rolling my eyes a little.

"No." Mom says, before blinking, "But… yes."

I tilt my head a little, confused. Oh, she's talking about that other thing… "Don't swim after eating?"

Mom sighs, frustrated, "No, but yes!"

Ugh! What else could it be? "Don't skateboard with a soccer ball in your mouth." Yeah… you only do that once…

Mom laughs, putting her hands to my face and squeezing my cheeks, "I am trying to tell you how proud I am of you!" She grins, "I just… couldn't… be… prouder!" She rubs my face with each word, and I roll my eyes once again.

"Mom… go." I say, winking at her, and she laughs, hugging me before leaving the studio. I then turn back to Marshall who smiles at me, looking a little sheepish after what Mom said. He shakes it off and instead tells me to follow him.

"Well, here we are." He smiles as we walk into a large room, and I grin when I notice the sarcophagus, the photo booth, the gnome, along with various other things.

"The Prop House!" I say, "I've heard about this place… it's so cool!"

I collapse onto the faded green couch in the middle of the room, leaning back in comfort. Ah… this is the life!

Marshall smiles at me, "Well, I have to go take care of some details for next week's show, but if you need me, just ask someone for directions to my room and knock. I'll be happy to help you."

"Thanks, Sir." I say as he walks off, and I decide to have a look around. I get up, walking around the room, admiring the props I recognize from sketches. The pink hat from the Cowgirl sketch, the photo booth from the Mall sketch, the gnome from the Gnome sketch, and then the sarcophagus from the Mummy sketch. Hmm… no-one will mind if I nose about in there. I remember when Zora was in there, in the sketch. My friends and I used to say that that was probably where she slept in normal life, not just in the sketch. Ha, ridiculous, right?

"Agh!" I yell, when I notice someone's in there, eyes closed, arms crossed.

"Agh!" She screams in return, exhaling vigorously, "Don't you knock?"

"Sorry…" I gulp, recognising the girl as my heart rate slows down, "I didn't realize you'd be in here… but you're Zora, right?" She nods. "Cool! I'm Chad, I'm new."

She smirks, "Obviously. Otherwise, you would've known to knock. Now, if you'll excuse me…"

She closes the door of the sarcophagus, and I blink. Well… she's something special…

"How come you get to be the chicken anyways?" I hear a voice say, a familiar voice at that. I turn around to see two guys walk in, one dressed as a chicken, one as an egg. Nico and Grady… whoa. I've always wanted to hang with these guys!

"Hey!" I grin, trying to look cool, just to make a good impression. The two turn to see me and smile a little.

"Hey, dude." Nico says, walking closer, "Uh, where's your visitor's pass?"

"Oh," I say, "I don't need one. I'm not a visitor."

"Wait a sec…" Grady says, "You're that funny guy off the internet, aren't ya?"

"That's me!" I laugh, hoping they actually do mean me. I then offer them a hand to shake and they both shake it in turns. "Chad Dylan Cooper."

"Cool, nice to meet you." Nico says, "I'm Nico, and this is Grady. You're our new cast member, right?"

"Right. I smile, especially since, yes, my concerns have been put to rest and they were calling me that funny guy off the internet. Hey, it seems these two could be pretty good friends. We start to talk – about So Random, our lives, my time in Hollywood so far. And then, I decide to ask about something else…

"So, uh, what do you guys think of Tawni Hart?"

I know… kinda direct and to-the-point. But it's something I have to ask. Didn't I mention I have a celebrity crush on her? Okay, so I also have another crush on another famous girl… Sonny Munroe. But the girl's an international megastar… I don't think I'll ever get the chance to meet her. So I guess Tawni Hart's an admirable second.

"Tawni?" Nico asks, looking like he's suddenly uncomfortable, and I frown. Hmm…

"Hey, everyone!" A female voice says from behind me, and I turn to see the girl herself, Tawni Hart, holding a Tween Weekly magazine and grinning. Oh… my… gosh… "Guess who's on the cover of Tween Weekly… again!"

Nico rolls his eyes, taking the mag from her. "Yeah, we're all on the cover, Tawn."

Tawni scans the cover, raising her eyebrow, confused. "Really?" She asks, "Coz all I see is me!"

I grin, trying to take this as an opportunity. "Hey Tawni!" I say, trying to be cool… but it kinda fails as my voice squeaks a little from excitement. The girl stares at me weirdly, and I gulp. "I mean… sup?"

Tawni blinks, before her glance avoids me and drifts to Nico and Grady. "Who's this guy?" She asks.

"Oh, I'm Chad." I say, offering a hand for her to shake. "Chad Dylan Cooper."

"Ohh…" She says, flicking her hair and shooting me a megawatt smile. "Nice to meet you… I'm Tawni, but, of course, you knew that."

I nod as she smirks, probably at the fact that I'm sure I'm starting to sweat a little at the brow from embarrassment. Yeah… my cool-guy act has failed. Luckily for me, before I get even more embarrassed, Marshall walks back in.

"Ah, I see you've met everyone." He says as Zora steps out of her sarcophagus. I nod, smiling.

"Yeah, and I just wanted to say, it's gonna be awesome working with you guys."

Marshall nods contently, before asking if anyone would want to give me a tour of the studio. Tawni offers, boredly, whilst looking at her nails, and I smile. Yes! Some potential time alone with her! I follow her out of the room, and the tour (and my attempt to impress her) begins.

After 20 minutes, I'm tired, weary, and bored of my 'potential time alone with her'. At first, I was trying, really hard, to get Tawni to notice me as a possible ideal for a boyfriend.

I've changed my mind. Friends is enough with this girl – she's way too self obsessed that she hasn't even noticed me. Even though she's extremely hot. Hmm, that must be why she's such a bighead. Well, surely there can't be a girl more bigheaded than this one… (A/N: Don't be too sure, Chaddy ;))

"Ooh, and this is a camera, which loves me!" Tawni informs me as we approach the stage. She runs straight to the camera, making kissy faces before running off. I watch her go, winking seductively at the camera and smirking, and then I follow my tour guide once again.

"And finally…" Tawni says, swinging a door which has a gold star on it wide open, beaming, "…this is my dressing room, where I do my make-up, my costume changes, my pre-show chillaxing."

"Cool." I say as she walks to what I presume to be the changing place when she draws the curtain. "So, where's my dressing room?"

"Dunno." Tawni says from behind the curtain, "Why dontcha go find it?"

I shrug, "I don't know where it would be."

She then un-draws the curtains, wearing a pink tracksuit rather than her previous gold sparkly jacket and denim shorts.

"Wow," I smirk, "You're a fast changer."

"And you're a slow leaver!" She says with a false quirk to her voice. I laugh as she heads to the other side of the room, where gym equipment is sat.

"You think I'm slow, you should've seen my Mom this morning!" I say, "I pretty much had to kick her out the door!"

There's suddenly a knock on the door and we turn to see Marshall.

"Tawni?" He says, "We have a bit of a problem."

"Which is?" She asks.

"Well, Chad's dressing room isn't yet ready for him, so you'll need to… share a dressing room for just a few days."

"WHAT?" She yells, and I groan. Great… a few days sharing a room with Tawni? It's pretty clear this is gonna be awkward, especially since she talks to herself in the mirror (she did it earlier on our 'tour'… it was weird). And the fact that I'm a guy and she's a girl? That's gonna add to the awkwardness factor even more.

"Is there no-one else I can share with, Sir?" I ask, just to save Tawni the trouble.

"Afraid not." Marshall says, "Nico and Grady have no room, and Zora uses the vents. I don't think she'd like someone else being up there with her."

"No, she wouldn't." A voice comes from the vents, and we all jump back to see Zora herself. Whoa… that girl is weird…

"We'll make some arrangements," Marshall says, trying to be assuring, "We'll get a curtain put up so you two can have some privacy, things like that. Chad'll have his own dressing room before you know it!"

Sensing the tension, Marshall leaves with a sheepish smile on his face, and Tawni growls, sitting on her armchair with her arms crossed.

"It's okay!" I assure her, "We can make this work, like Marshall said. Don't worry about it – I'll just stay on this side and mind my own little business. That okay?"

Tawni scowls at me, and I realize that, already, someone in Hollywood hates me. Wow… that was quick.

"Let's just get one thing straight…" She says firmly, pointing a finger my way, "If you think you can try anything with me, just coz we're sharing a room, I will make sure you never work in this town again, got it?"

"I… I wouldn't try anything, I swear!" I protest, but she laughs.

"Please! You haven't been able to take your eyes off me since you saw me!"

Ugh… I could so slap her right now. But, being a gentleman, I resist. "Not true." I say instead.

"I'll admit, Chad, you're funny." She says sharply, "But if you try anything – if you steal my spotlight, if you try to flirt with me… you will be dead in this town before you've even started! Do we understand each other?"

I gulp, "Uh… sure…"

"Okay then!" She says, suddenly perky, "Let's go rehearse!"

She then gets up, skipping out of the room, and I wince, before jumping at a young voice from the vents.

"Dude, you're in for it."

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