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Chapter 52 - The Ex-Girlfriends of Wisconsin

Sonny's POV

Chirpy as ever, the girl from earlier, Billie, skips over after Jacob and Terence finish my gargantuan sandwich with a belch. She grins.

"Sonny, you did it!" She squeals, "I'm impressed!"

I shrug. "I had a little help." I confess, pointing to the two boys beside me in the booth, who wave at Billie, slow and synchronised, with sarcastic grins on their faces. Billie rolls her eyes.

"Typical." She mumbles, "So are ya done? Anything else you wanna order?"

My stomach rumbles. Admittedly, I haven't eaten all day and was kind of looking forward to the Meatball Maniac as something to eat. But oh well. I probably wouldn't have fit that monstrous thing into my tiny, stick-figure stomach.

"A grilled cheese would go down a treat right about now." I decide. Billie flamboyantly doodles my order on her pad.

"Comin' right up, hon." She coos, before turning to Chad with a flirtatious smile, "Anythin' for you, cutie?"

Chad just smiles, "I'm not hungry, thanks."

Billie shrugs, "Suit yourself," and skips away again.

Chad looks at me with uncertainty. "I know what you're thinking…"

I blink. "Well, would you clue me in? 'Cos all I'm thinking is 'I'm hungry and I want my grilled cheese' but something tells me that's not what you mean."

Chad chuckles under his breath, "You mean you're not confused by Billie's…" He pauses, at loss of an appropriate word, "…affections?"

"What are you saying? That you think I'm threatened by some girl flirting with you?"

Chad shrugs, "Well, the 'some girl' you speak of is my ex-girlfriend…"

"You think I didn't notice that?" I say, smirking now, "C'mon, Chad, it's obvious." Chad just shrugs again. I put a hand on his shoulder, "Chad, don't worry. She's just flirting – I don't blame her. You're an amazing, attractive guy… and your famous. Girls throw themselves at famous people all the time. Don't worry about her and her flirty ways – I know you'd never cheat on me, so there's no reason for me to overreact at her flirting. You're not that kind of guy - and I believe that regardless of any video evidence - so I'm not worried or threatened by any ex-girlfriends who throw themselves at you." I finish with a small smile, "So don't worry."

Chad finally gives in and sends me back a warm smile, "I forgot you're not the jealous type."

"Not around people I trust." I correct, nudging him on the shoulder. He chuckles.

"How did I get so lucky?" He asks gently. I roll my eyes.

"You're not allowed to say that. Don't say that."

"Why not?"

I sigh, "Because you're not the lucky one. I am. Remember what I was like without you?" Chad just shrugs. "Exactly. So shut up. I'm better off with you. You've changed me."

"N'awww!" Billie's voice coos from behind. Chad and I twitch a little, and turn to see her stood there, swooning, with my grilled cheese in her hand. "That's so adorable! And rude. But adorable!"

Chad rolls his eyes, "I think we've found our resident Chastity."

So Chad gives in after a while and finally agrees to go hang out with Billie and her friends after her shift. You can tell he's not overly happy about it, and is obviously feeling very awkward.

I think I know why.

There are at least ten, fifteen people crowding a couple of tables near the door of the restaurant, all with very colourful, animated expressions on their face. Be it shock, awe, confusion… anger… no-one's just sat there like a sour lemon, that's for sure.

Okay, so maybe that was the wrong expression to choose…

Ronnie's expression darkening her pretty (but not that pretty…) features makes her seem like she is literally sucking a lemon. Disgust and anger paints the picture pretty clearly; that she doesn't want Chad here. Or maybe me here. Probably both.

Not that anyone asks her permission. Chad and I are pretty much thrown into the centre of the group, chucked around like in a game of pass the parcel. It's way more terrifying than that scary-large guy-hug I was thrown into yesterday with Chad and his pals. This is just so much bigger – and more frightening. Surprisingly. I didn't think that was possible.

It's just that, these are the popular kids. I suppose back where I come from, they're the equivalent of the Falls kids, and I can deal with them. But these guys seem just… different. They're not actors. they're not professionals (no matter how immature and unprofessional I'd consider girls like Portlyn and Marta).

They're teenagers. Just regular high-school teenagers.

I've never been in a high school environment. I've been on the Falls since middle school and been taught in a little classroom for like five, ten kids in a studio since then.

I don't have a single idea what to do here.


Swallowing hard, so hard it's almost like I'm trying to swallow a large pill of some kind, I hold my head high, swing back my shoulders – like I learnt back when I was thirteen years old – and prepare myself for the terror that being out of my comfort zone had to offer.

"So, Sonny," Billie is the first to start conversation after Chad and I have met/been re-acquainted with the company. She flings Chad and I into two seats – Chad is next to her and I get the joy of being beside my boyfriend, opposite Miss Lemon-face.


Regardless, I have to sit there with a large smile on my face, ignoring the elephant in the room. "Yeah, Billie?" I say sweetly. I give her a bright smile, just seeming to anger Ronnie more. She taps a loud tune on the table in front of her, noisy and impatient, like a war song. Nobody pays any attention but me. Even Chad is too busy with Billie wrapped around his neck. He pulls an apologetic face to me and I shrug again, knowing it's not his fault yet passionately raring to get away from here as fast as possible.

"What's it like dating this hunk o' man? Sweet, huh?" Billie jokes, pinching Chad's cheek like he's some kind of child. I force the smile to keep going, to which it tiresomely responds.

"Luckiest girl in the world." I insist, earning a chorus of coos from Billie and a couple of other girls. Ronnie stays absolutely silent, the thrumming getting more violent, like the war is getting closer.

"That's so sweet." Becca, one of Chad's other exes, comments, though the comment is rather bittersweet. "You get to date him as a comedy superstar though. When we dated him, he was a little nerd with the potentiality of becoming a star. We just boosted his confidence for you, and he wouldn't be cool without us. So you're welcome."

I don't know how to reply to that. Neither does Chad. Luckily, Billie jumps to our rescue. "Becca, shh." She whispers as if we can't hear her. "That might hurt Chad's feelings."

'Might' could be an understatement. I can see the awkwardness and embarrassment in his eyes and wish I'd let his friends stay for this when I see James' fellow Pigheads nudge each other in the gut, sending mocking messages to each other concerning Chad. I swallow hard, wishing for the presence of Support System version one-point-oh.

Unfortunately, Danny was in a rush to get home after his phone call, and the other boys drove home too, so really we're stuck here.

Oh, damn.

And as if I thought things couldn't get any worse…

Ronnie's war song reaches its climax and she speaks. "So, Sonny," she says, her voice on the borderline of sweet, and mocking. "How's your job? Molly Falls?"

"Melody." I correct, my throat tight.

"Right." Ronnie acknowledges, giving me a rotten smile. Chad sits up in his seat in discomfort and Billie, next to him, follows, her grip tight on his hand. "How's that Skyler kid? Still single after we made out?"

Chad cringes. Luckily, this curveball she's sent me is easily returned. "Nah, he has a girlfriend." I grin, returning the ironic tone to her like a backhand in tennis. "She's one of our cast members. And she's pretty and fun and kind… they're very happy together." Thank you, Chaskyler.

My swift return knocks Ronnie out for a moment, but she's back up on her feet soon enough, wanting more. "Oh, really?" She says, "Hmm. So two of my men have been stolen from me by actresses. Interesting."

Chad steps in, like a referee, "Okay, Ronnie, that's enough. Leave her alone."

"Yeah, you're not dating Chad or Skyler." I point out, not wanting to let this girl get the better of me. I'm Sonny Munroe – I'm not letting some Wisconsin so-called hot-shot outsmart me. "We didn't steal them. You were just stupid enough to let them go." And then I address the other exes too, unable to stop myself, "Yup, you were ALL stupid to let Chad go. You took him in for the money and fame like the gold diggers you are and then dumped him when you got bored. And now he's mine. You lost him. I won. Commiserations."

And that's game, set, and match. Or knock-out. Or whatever it's called. I pry Chad away from a shocked Billie and thank everyone for their (fake) hospitality, before tugging a dazed Chad away like a towboat.

But an ache in my heart tells me it's not the end.

It's only the beginning.

"So, you confronted the ex-girlfriends of Wisconsin." Chad sums up as we exit the restaurant. "Sweet."

I bite my lip, "You're not mad, are you?"

"At what?" He raises an eyebrow, "That you schooled my creepy exes or that you dragged me out of that meeting-from-hell?"

Sensing his sarcasm, I shrug, "Both…?"

Chad smirks, pulling me into a hug, "You're silly." He mumbles, kissing me on the head. I blush, hoping that his exes saw that.

"Now…" Chad pulls away from the hug and huffs. "How do we get home?"

"We could call your Dad?"

Chad shakes his head, "He's at work."

"What about the boys?"

"Oh, hello there!"

I cringe. Chad shoots me a look that's almost ironic and we both turn around to see Billie and Ronnie. I swallow hard, gripping onto Chad's hand like Billie was earlier. Billie is giving us a sweet smile, while Ronnie looks like she's trying to make me burst into flames with her stare. A stare so heated and dark and burning, it could probably work.

"What are you guys doing here?" I ask, maybe a little ruder than necessary. Billie gives me a smile that's almost condescending.

"We were just leaving." She says a little too sweetly. "What about you two? You going home?"

"Yes, actually." I say, my voice still defensive, "We were just about to call someone for a ride."

Ever innocent, Billie gasps, "We could take you home, if you like!"

Well, if there's anything we learnt from that suggestion, it's that there's one thing Ronnie and I seem to agree on, anyway. We both fold our arms, synchronised, yelling, "No!"

Unfazed, Billie chuckles, "Awh, c'mon, girls! This is the perfect opportunity for us to hang out a little. You know? We can get to know each other. Talk a little. It'd be nice if we could all be friends, right?"

"Over my dead body." Ronnie spits, "I'm not sharing a car with that slut."

"Yeah, same here." I retort. Chad tightens his grip on me like I'm an over-agitated puppy who's about to run off. to be honest, I'd rather run home than stay here with two of my boyfriend's ex-girlfriends, one of which hates my guts with a burning passion (a feeling that is quite mutual).

Billie, regardless, pouts. She turns to Chad, a look of desperation on her face, "C'mon, Chad! It'd be nice for us all to hang out, right?"


"If you think I am sitting in a car with that freak after what she did to me, Billie, you're crazy!" Ronnie hisses, stomping her foot like a child, "I. Will. Not. Allow it!"

...See, there's something about Billie, just like there is with Chastity; that her pouty, annoying faces she pulls and constant begging just won't stop until you give her exactly what she wants.

Chad ended up giving in to his ex-girlfriend's charms, just to get her off his back, saying it'd be nice for him to catch up with two of the girls he used to go out with and it's every man's dream. Obviously, Billie's not too big on sarcasm, so with a squeal of excitement, she fetched her car from the parking lot and came and picked us all up at the front of the restaurant. Leaving the three of us alone... smart move. It was a surprise Ronnie hadn't stepped out in front of a bus by the time Billie got back.

Billie offered the seat next to her in the front of the car to Chad, and Chad, knowing it'd be almost suicidal to let (force) Ronnie and I to sit together, he threw me into the front seat and Ronnie in the back next to him. It was awkward for the poor guy, I know, but at least he would try to be civilised with Ronnie while I was really, after all the glaring she was doing, ready to throw a grenade at her. At least, next to Billie, I wasn't prepared to commit a homicide. Apart from break Chad's heart, she hadn't really done anything wrong, and Chad wouldn't want me to get involved in his ex-relationships and make everything worse.

One thing that was confusing me though was Billie's eagerness in having Chad and I around. It was kind of weird – especially after what I said to her earlier, about her being a gold digger (which was maybe an over-exaggeration).

But then, maybe she isn't like Ronnie (pfft, please, that's for certain). Maybe she wants things to be nice between her ex-boyfriend and herself. Maybe she wants to make friends with me.

Not all ex-girlfriends are bad… right?

I question her on her motives in the car, while Chad and Ronnie sit through an uncomfortable silence in the back.

"So, um… Billie?"

She gives me a wide smile, "What's up, buttercup?"

"Uh…" Her charms throw me off a little bit. I suddenly understand why the girl's so popular – she makes you melt like butter on toast. "Um…"

"Don't be shy, Sonny." She says, "Spit it out."

"Why did you offer Chad and I a ride?"

She blinks, shocked by my question, "What, is it now criminal to be nice to someone?"

Now it's my turn to blink, "Um… no…"

"There you go. Just bein' nice to y'all."

"Oh." I have no response to that, "Well… that's very kind, thank you."

I don't even dare to speak after that.

We reach Chad's house in an awkward silence, no-one daring to say anything. Chad and I pretty much rocket ourselves out of the car, wanting to make a break for the door without turning back. However, a certain ex-girlfriend won't let that happen.

"You're welcome, guys!" Billie shouts out, innocently smiling and waving at us out of her open window.

"Thanks, Billie." Chad says (a little late in the thanking), returning the wave.

"Yeah, thanks." I mumble, avoiding eye contact. I hear a snort from inside the car and see Ronnie (still) glaring at me. And I just explode.

"My gosh, what is your problem?" I yell out, putting my hands on my hips. Ronnie just mocks me, copying my words and movements and tone of voice. I scowl. "Seriously, Ronnie, shut up. What the hell did I ever do to you?"

"Oh!" Ronnie scoffs, stepping out of the car and slamming the door shut, coming just an inch away from my face. "Oh! Have you forgotten what you did to me at your precious-little-princess birthday party?"

I just smirk at the memory, "Oh, no. I only wish I could do it again."

Ronnie is clearly not amused. She shakes her head slowly. "Oh, you are going to pay for it!"

"Oh yeah?" I raise an eyebrow. Challenging her. "Show me how. Dazzle me."

Ronnie, in the heat of the moment and having no clever retort, just slaps me in the face. I recoil and Billie gasps and Chad grabs Ronnie's arm and drags her back to the car.

"Well, it was lovely seeing you two, but we gotta go," He is saying, so quickly that I can only just make it out, "Bye bye, have a nice life, yada yada…"

"It was nice seein' you, Chad!" Billie exclaims as she gets in the car, "Sorry for that… I'd still like to see you both at The Medley Hut again soon though!"

Chad and I exchange a wary look. "Uh, sure, sure, maybe… I mean, if we get a chance…"

"Swell!" Billie cheers, before getting in the car with a scowling Ronnie and driving off. Chad walks up to me, still looking shocked.

"Well… that was nice." I mumble, rubbing my pink cheek. Chad chuckles awkwardly.


"Not your fault." I shrug, "Something's puzzling me though."

"What's that?"

"Billie." I say as we turn towards the door, "Why is she so eager to see us again?"

Chad pauses for a spell, before speaking again, "She's a decent girl… maybe she wants to make it up to us after just happened?"

I, however, am not as sure. "I just find it kinda suspicious."

Chad smirks, "What, is she, like, some evil genius trying to get rid of you or something?" He lets out a loud laugh, punching me lightly on the arm. "I doubt it, Sonny."

Too deep in thought, my only reply is, "Hmm…"

Evil genius? No. No, I doubt that Billie is some kind of evil mastermind with a white cat and a monocle and a volcano lair. But what if Billie is behind what happened to Chad the other day? At the restaurant in LA? Maybe it's a little farfetched…

But you can't be too careful. It could've been anyone we know. With the right motive, the right reasoning…


So with that in mind, I follow Chad into his father's house, dazed.

3rd Person

The phone rings in their hand – a small jingle that cuts through the silence and the darkness of the room. They look at the ID and smirk – a text from James. Their accomplice probably wanting a check-up on their progress. They check the text:

Are you close enough? Are you ready for the plan?

They smile. After seeing Sonny and Chad today they know they are ready for the plan. They know that, given the opportunity, they will be able to take it to their advantage and make sure their enemies knew that they aren't going to go easy on them. Tomorrow the plan will begin and will go down perfectly, inch by inch, and Sonny Munroe and Chad Dylan Cooper will be dragged into a whirlwind they will not find easy to escape. A whirlwind so twisted that, when it is over, the end will arrive for the couple and they will be sorry that they ever got together in the first place.

The figure sits in the dark returns James' text quickly and confidently and James, on a plane to Wisconsin, smiles devilishly as he receives it.

I'm ready.

He and his accomplice are going to make sure that this Channy everyone is so obsessed with is terminated.

And then he will have Sonny Munroe all to himself.


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