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"It is time, Sister."

Those are the words that keep Morgana going. When she gets in the boat, those words mix with revenge.

And when she steps out onto the Isle of the Blessed, there's only 'revenge' left.

When she kneels beside the body, she says "It is time. Excitanunc, pretium. Surgeiametteulcisci."

Morgana's almost afraid when she sees the deep blue eyes open, and hears the laugh of someone who should have stayed dead.

Especially when the first word she says is something that haunts both of them.

"Merlin." Nimueh says.

"Yes," Morgana starts, "Yes, we will have our revenge. Soon."

"No, you're mistaken. He's mine. All mine. He killed me. You seem to be perfectly alive."

"He killed my sister!"

"Have you ever been dead? Having a dead sister is much preferable. There was this awful man in tight leather clothing…"


"Yes, that's it. There was also a rather nice girl, but she was contaminated with Merlin. By the way, who are you?"

"I am Morgana Pendragon, rightful Queen of Camelot."

"Then why aren't you Queen?"
Morgana remains silent.

"I have a deal. If I can have Merlin, I'll help you take the throne."


Morgana couldn't wait to tell Morgause.

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