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Morgana's practically jumping with joy as she and Nimueh reach Cenred's castle, where Morgause is staying.

Nimueh roll her eyes, not believing the woman's enthusiasm.

Morgause opens the door, and Morgana quickly blocks Nimueh from view.

"I have a surprise!" Morgana says eagerly.

"If it's a new boyfriend, I'm not interested." Morgause says, looking bored.

"Hey, he was very nice."

"He tried to kill us."

"Yes, well, there was that."

Nimueh rolls her eyes.

"I can't bear this argument any longer. Hi! I'm alive! What do you want?" she says impatiently.

"Here's the list," Morgause says, "Ah! Yes. 1. Gain throne of Camelot. 2. Kill Merlin and Arthur. 3. Obtain chocolate pie."

"I made a deal with your sister that if I killed Merlin I would help with Camelot, and I guess I could throw in chocolate pie." Nimueh says.

"Could you?" Morgana asks, "We've been wanting it for ever so long!"

"You have." Morgause mutters, "Are you planning a painful death for Merlin?"

"Yes. I was thinking maybe asphyxiation, a bad wound, fire, you know, that kind of thing. But I like playing with people before I kill them. Is that alright?" Nimueh asks.

"Sure, whatever you say." Morgause says.

"What about Arthur?" Morgana puts in eagerly.

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it." Morgause says.

"But I want to do it nowwwww!" Morgana whines.

Morgause and Nimueh exchange exasperated looks.

Nimueh was not enjoying this conversation. She really just wanted to asphyxiate Merlin and be done. Honestly, Morgana was being a spoiled brat. That's what growing up in a castle does to you.

Nimueh hadn't met Arthur, but she was dreading it. If he was anything like this…

In short: Least. Fun. Murder. Ever.

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