How can you say its the end,

when its only the beginning.

We won't be the last to know.

For others their tales are just beginning.

We grew up with them, that's undeniable.

But so will our children,

as we read to them.

This isn't the end.

He will always live on.

If not in the books,

then through our hearts then through our songs.

We were all saved, by this scarred boy wizard.

We all took a chance,

Now see what we discovered.

We sat with him there, within that cupboard.

We were all there when his secret he discovered.

We were there as the basilisk attacked.

We cried as Cedrics dead body he took.

We were all there.

And that's what matters we were all there.

One with each other.

We all know the feeling,

A feeling only we will know.

The excitement of that knew book in his hands,

you were eager to go.

Up to your room,

deep within your covers.

Held close to you, Harry Potter.

~~~~~~~~~ HP ~~~~~~~~~~~

I saw the last movie yesterday. And truth be told I bawled my eyes pout. This is the first poem I've written in months. Tell me what you think! I will be updating my fanfics soon though! Sorry about the long wait!