Even After All These Years

Massive spoilers for House of the Dead: What really happened after Ianto was brought back by the rift. And what will happen in the future. Happily Ever After can be a very long time. Dedicated to a friend c ould use a good pickmeup, but I'm not sure if this is the right story for it.

Jack came back to life. Both sad to be back, ecstatic to feel whole.

"Feel better?" Ianto descended the stairs, gingerly stepping over mechanical burning embers and broken plastiglass.

"I do now. I missed you."

Ianto smiled, picking the man up and softly placing him in a wheelchair. "It's better for us to have breaks. Remember the third time? It felt like centuries before we could speak again. "

Jack groaned, stretched, enjoying his toes wiggling as they ambled over to the large window. "Way too long. I know. I still missed you… Well, at least I know I can die from old age. It wasn't pleasant."

"I know. You still have the grey hair though. I like it. Makes you look almost respectable."

Jack laughed, head slumping as Ianto massaged his shoulders and arms, kneading out tension and stress.

"I'm just glad you're fully back. And it was good to see the Doctor again too."

"Yes. He seemed a lot happier. Will seem." Jack went low. "Sorry. I'm still a little loopy."

"Only Jack Harkness can still con the Doctor after all these millennia."

"What can I say? He needed me dead. I gave him a death."

"Quite the convincing performance too. Even I almost believed it. Granted, there was still a whiff of the porcine in the air, but you had almost everyone weeping in their seats." Ianto gave a wan face.


"Yes, Jack?"

"I still want to die."

"We will. Everything dies, Jack. Even us. The universe can't go on forever. We know that. When it dies, we'll probably die too. The heart of the Tardis is powered on the rift that was powered on a crack in the universe. It brought you back, and Ceriath used the rift to bring me back. Once the universe's heart stops beating, so will we."

"Yes, but."

Ianto shrugged as they looked out the window onto the newly saved world. "First, we have a planet to rebuild."

"Really? That's the first thing?"

"… I'm sure I can find a working temporal clock in one of these machines…."