I know, I know. Long time no see. I've gotten obsessed with Transfomers the way I was obsessed with POTC. Anyways, this is my first fanfic and this was what came out. Now, for the first chappie, all the transformers are in human form. I'm not gonna explain how, because I don't know why.

Sorry for the dark haired OC again, =]

Oh and sorry for the very cliche meeting of the two characters.

Your beautiful eyes
Stare right into my eyes.
And sometimes I think of you late at night
I don't know why.

-Beautiful Eyes (Taylor Swift)

I slammed my locker door shut after I had taken out my books. Then, glancing behind me, I found him staring at me. I've only seen him today. No doubt, he was handsome. With his blonde hair disarray, and his golden eyes- was gold eyes even possible?

Anyways, he was good-looking, yes. However, I couldn't deny that he did look like a heartbreaker. I don't know if he played with girl's heart and broke them harshly, or let them down gently. Anyhow, I would want nothing serious to do with him.

Of course, I was not a nice girl at all. I couldn't deny that I was not a heartbreaker, and that I am not a mean girl.

I sent a slight smile at him. It didn't hurt to flirt, did it?

He sent back a flirtatious smile. I couldn't deny I wasn't taken back. His smile was beautiful, could mine compare? Could even John's compare?

Was his name even John, maybe Johnny? I don't remember, I've gone out with many guys, none of them really had important significance to me. Him- he was really beautiful. He made me want to smile so much, but I bit my lip to refrain myself from doing so.

I allowed myself to look back at him one time, acting like a shy girl, and walk away. I didn't flirt in front of my classmates, I didn't act like a whore (as Sheryl, my best friend back in Hong Kong had playfully suggested), only I was playfully flirty when I got the chance to be. I kept my flirtiness a secret.

Well, in this month since I had transferred anyways. I figured they would find out eventually.

I wasn't as innocent as I looked.

Later that day, I was settled down on a bench, listening to music. It relaxed me and it was my saviour, kind of. I blended in with music and melted away into the darkest corners when there was music.

Words work fine with me. I tend to twist words, alter them and use them to my benefit. This was why I wasn't an easy target to mess with. I didn't hesitate to be a bitch to you when I wanted to try.

A noise distracted me from my music. I silently cursed that person- those people.

My head snapped up and my eyes focused on them, fake astonishment showed in my eyes. I pulled one earphone out of my ear, laughing filled my ears. I studied them, peering through my fake lenses. Two other boys were next to that boy whom I was flirting with earlier. They looked over at me. I felt their eyes sweep over my body.

Pervs. This has happened before, but then it felt weird, with these two boys.

I dropped my gaze back at my iTouch, stuffing my earphones back into my ears as well. Then, I stood up and started to my rented house.

I don't know what I was doing, how foolish I was. I bumped into him. Straight on.

It was like falling head-first into a wall of concrete, if you don't mind me saying.

As I felt myself fell down, one arm gripped mine and hauled me upwards, with so much force that I stumbled back a few steps, almost tumbling over. I looked up at him.

At first, his face was pure concern but then it quickly changed when he saw that I had no injuries or that I was hurt in any way. The corners of his mouth turned up into a way of a smirk and his eyes twinkled in a way mine would have if I was flirting.

But not now. Now, my role was the helpless girl, and I needed to play damsel-in-distress believably.

I shook my head to indicate that I was good.

I made to go on, but then his hand closed around my arm, holding me back. I turned back, frowning slightly, confused.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

He opened his mouth, but closed it again. Then, with a look of frustration, he pulled something out from his pocket- his iTouch. Quickly, he typed something into it and plugged in his earphones. He stuffed them into my ears.

::Are you okay?::

And then realisation hit me.

The jumbles of different words cut from radio speech that was going around was connected together to form coherent sentences.

This boy could not talk. He was a mute. I nodded my head vigorously. "Yes, yes, I'm all right. Why wouldn't I be?" I said.

::I hit you pretty hard.::

I looked up at his face. It was a mixture of confusion and amusement. Thank goodness he wasn't too much of a nice- I mean nice as in really really nice guy.

"I'm good. I can take harder than that," I smiled at him slightly.

He broke into a full grin as he typed furiously again.

"Whew, you type fast," I commented softly.

His hair shook, and I knew he was laughing, even though he was very silent. Then, he pressed the little button at the edge of the screen.

::Really? What's your name?::

"Um... Katherina Hart. Kina. Or... Kate, maybe. If you like, it doesn't matter," I shrugged it off, trying to sound casual.

::Why Key nah? I'm sorry, I don't have that word in radio stations.::

"Well... I thought I was being clever. You know, take the K and ina from Katherina and then merge them together. Boom, Kina."

He laughed silently again.

"I wish my touch would do that," I said, subtly flirting with him.

He raised one eyebrow at me questioningly. I tilted my head as if to ask 'what'. He held out his hand for... something. Oh! He must be asking for my touch! I scrambled around my bag for my iTouch and pulled it out, placing it on his outstretched hand.

He pressed a few buttons, here and there. Then after a few moments, he was done. He handed it back to me and I took it. Then I typed something into it, pressing the button.

::I'd like to talk to you more.::

::It's okay, I got your number already.::

I opened my mouth to say something, but closed it again. Then, jokingly, I pointed a finger at him, while smiling. "You are... just..." I didn't finish, I just shook my head, smiling and walked away.

I could feel him staring at me as I went home.

"Hi, I'm Kelsey."

I turned around.

"Kina," I answered carefully.

She laughed slightly. "I was wondering if I could join you for lunch, you seem quite lonely," she said. I laughed and nodded, then I pulled out the chair beside me.

"You're very quiet," she said, observing me.

I smiled. "Don't judge. I've been putting up this show for days and I'm getting tired of it."

"Yeah? Want an update of the status around here?"


"Janine and Kaylee. Queen Bees, sometimes their snobbish, but we get along. Chase and James. Hotties. We're friends, nothing more."

"So you're popular?"

"So, so," she answered me casually. "What are you like normally?"

"I'm... not a nice girl. I can be a bitch when I want to and I will not hesitate to want to when people piss me off. I'm... a flirt. I flirt playfully and shamelessly all the time. Unless I'm pretending to be innocent at that time. I go though guys more often than people change phones. But I'm not a whore. If I were, I wouldn't be afraid to admit it," I finally answered.

"You're in."

"In what?" I asked, genuinely confused.

"The circle."

I grinned at her, she grinned back at me. "Thanks."

"It's good. I think you're gonna cope well in this school. With that look, and that smirk," she said absent-mindly.

I gave a low laugh at that one. "Thanks again."

"By the way, there's going to be a party tonight. Wanna go?"

"Who'll be there?" I asked.

"At Orlando's, Bee's older brother house. Of course, Bee will be there. Bane and Willy, Ian, Rocket, the populars and other unimportant people."

"I'll be there," I said. My decision was made right after I heard Bee's name.

I had looked myself in the mirror, and decided that I would turn many heads tonight at the party. I wasn't one of those people who would blush and say 'you're prettier' when people compliment me. I simply reply 'thank you', because I already know I'm pretty.

I'm not vain, it's simply that I know my strengths and I used them to the stretching point.

I had tucked in my white shirt under a high-waist blue dress of sensible length. Over the shirt, I had worn my blue tight-fitting blazer, buttoned. My hair was left down, waves tumbling down to my waist, fringe resting on my forehead and covering one side of my eyebrows.

Makeup was very simple, gel liner and curled lashes without the mascara. My lips was a Revlon Colourburst peach colour, bringing out the softest of all pinks.

When I was satisfied, I walked out of my house, started my Cherokee Jeep 1996 and drove off.

Arriving at the party, I knocked the door and two guys opened the door. Willy and Banes. They sweep their eyes over me slowly, obviously not minding if I saw it or not. These guys...

"Willy and Banes," Willy introduced themselves, grabbing my arm, trying to take me somewhere.

I looked for Kels but she wasn't I heard someone clearing their throat.

I turned towards that person. Willy's grip loosened and I pulled my hand away, that person who had brown curls and a sweet face in general, he pulled me away.

"Thank you...?" I inquired.

"Sam. Sam Witwicky," he answered.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Bee walking to us.

He flashed me a quick smile and looked at Sam.

"Banes and Willy," he answered. Bee glared at their direction and pulled me away to a couch where we sat. He pulled out his iTouch.

::I don't want you to get hurt.::

I smiled warmly at him, can't help but feel like I wasn't as much as unloved as I thought I was. My whole life I've been sort of 'divorced' from my parents. I was an accident, I wasn't meant to be here. They never really cared much about how my whole life was. It was sort of their dream when I got accepted to this university.

"Thanks... I've... I've honestly never had someone care about me as much as you do," I told him truthfully.

He beamed up at me, his whole face brightened. I felt so good that I made him happy that I brightened up a lot too.

What was happening? What happened to the player that I was once? Was I melting?

And then my next thoughts were: Was it really that bad? Was melting really that bad?

::Why not? If I was in your life, I would have risked my life for you.::

"Why?" I asked, both bewildered and overwhelmed.

::Because you're beautiful. You're simple, but somehow you attract.::

"If you knew the real me, you wouldn't even risk anything for me."

::Don't. Don't say that.::

"Do you want to know who I really am? I'll tell you who I am. I'm to a mean, popular bitch who never cared what others thought of me. I never express one ounce of emotion, if I did, it was fake. I act on daily basis. I'm a female counterpart of the usual douchebag or player. I go through boyfriends more often than you cut your hair. I'm not someone who people risk their life for, Bee."

::Yet I'm willing to. Even if all that was true.::

I opened my mouth and closed it again. I couldn't find the strength to say anything to this boy who apparently told me he'd risk his life for mine.

"I... I don't deserve that."

::Yes you do. You deserve everything because you're so misunderstood.:: He smiled.

::By the way, where are your glasses?::

I didn't get this much, they usually assumed it was contacts, when the glasses weren't even real at the first time.

"Those are fake, I don't need 'em."

::I don't know if I should say you looked prettier with or without them.::

We chat for a long time. We talked about random thing like music and all, to things like family and friends. He started to get a little bit fidgety when I mentioned my boyfriends, which was really cute, if I must say myself.

As he went over to get something to drink, his two friends came sauntering up to me. Each sat down at two sides of me. Banes draped his hand over my shoulder.

"Hey," he grinned, a little drunk.

I smiled in return, squirming to the other side.

Too bad Willy was on that side.

"You're Katherina Hart, right? You're the one with the British accent," he said. I nodded and made to get up.

"Where're you going?" One asked, following me.

"Careful, Bee's gonna kill you," a man I recognised as Rocket said. They ignored him and walked on to chase me.

I walked faster, hoping to get away from them. It didn't stop them, I didn't think so.

"Hey girl, don't ignore us. We want to get to know you."

A hand grabbed me, pulling me to somewhere darker. I struggled. Why was I so damned weak? Or are they just really, really strong instead?

"Come on," Banes whispered in my ear as he tugged at my shirt. His hands brushed something that he shouldn't touch. I tried to slap his arm away, but it was in vain. Two more tugs, and the shirt came off. I gasped soundly as I groped around, trying to find my clothes.

"Bee!" I yelled, in attempt to get attention.

I got it, from Willy.

His hand slapped over my mouth. "Are you crazy, girl? Bee's gonna kill me if he finds out!"

I continue to struggle ignoring him. He pins my hands over my head, so I can't do anything. My final hope vanished and I just stopped. I closed my eyes in resignation.

At least I tried.

"Finally come into realisa-" His sentence was cut right off.

He was pulled off me and my eyes flew open. My hands started searching for my clothes desperately.

"That's enough."

Everyone turned to the voice, and so did I. My cheeks heated up and I looked down. I finally found them, and pulled them on. Then, I stood up again.

"Bee, get off Willy," he said again. He turned to me. "Are you okay, miss?"

I nodded- down, up.

"Bee, tend to her."

Bee glared one last time at Willy and Banes and went over to me, pulling out his iTouch immediately. "Are you okay?" I quickly asked him.

He frowned. ::I should be the one asking you that.::

my head vigorously."I'm good. I'm sorry, I tried to stay away," I whispered in his ear softly. He shook his head.

::I should have stayed.::

"You didn't want it to happen, so didn't anyone. It's not your fault."

Orlando looked at us once before wallking away again. As soon as he left, Banes tackled Bee to the floor. I covered my mouth. "Bee!"

I rushed over, only to be restrained by Willy. His arm tightened around my waist and I couldn't move forwards. I could only watch Bee and Banes fight.

"Want to go to the closet?" Willy whispered next to my ear. I shivered and shook my head.

Bee's eyes blazed a bright red and he punched Banes hard. Then, he proceeded over to throw Willy across the room.


He pulled my arm and he stormed out of the house.

::I'll drive you home.::

"Umm... I drove here though..." I answered.

::It's okay, you can get it back tomorrow.::

I nodded, not having the strength to argue with him any further. We stopped in front of a bright yellow car. A sleek racing car. I gasped.

"You're rich!" I exclaimed. He drove a Camaro.

He smirked. He opened the door for me and I stepped in, offering him a smile. He smiled in return and got into the driver's seat. Then we drove to my house in silence.

When we got there, he leaned in and stopped, out faces only inches apart. I held my breath. Then, he reached over and unbuckled my seat belt, leaning away from me, lettting me breath again. "Bee! Don't do that!"

::You don't like it?::

"No, you're leading me on," I answered.

Then, he reached over again and kissed me on the lips softly and pulled away. As he leaned away, I leaned closer to him and kissed him. He returned it, his tongue forced apart my lips and we found ourselves making out passionately.

I pulled away after moments.

But we stayed in that position, out faces barely inches apart. My had reached out to touch his face. "You know, I wasn't always this player-y. I remember once I was sensitive. I might even call myself sweet, the me back then. I don't remember though, when it changed ot how, what caused this change. But I remember that time..."

He didn't talk. Of course, he couldn't. However, his face was oh, so understanding.

I tilted my head with a slight smile, then I unlocked the door and walked into the house. One might call this 'carrying an air of mystery'.

Barry, my housemate, opened the door for me.

I walked in, thanking him with a smile. "Who were you with?" He asked, his tone demanding.

"Bee, why?" I asked.

"His name Bumblebee?" He asked incredously.

I laughed. "Bumblebee? What name is that? They say it's Anthony."

He narrowed his eyes at me. He'd never been nice to anyone in particular, sometimes, I think he hates all human beings, despite himself. I've tried flirting with him the first time I saw him. Hey, I flirt with every guy that doesn't look bad, and Barry... was kind of good-looking.

Barry Cade has coal black tousled hair, dark eyes that turn red when he's irritated and a strong build. He's got the dark, mysterious stranger look. He's more than good-looking but not quite insanely handsome to me.

Besides, I go for bad guys, not nice guys.

I shook my head and walked into my room, starting up my laptop.

I sat down on my bed and touched my lips, smiling.

Bee. Bee. He was the one. He was the one, perhaps, who would be the one who would really matter to me. I didn't know yet, I wasn't sure.

I never believed in things like love-at-first-sight. One look and you'll know he's the one? Don't be kidding me, man. That's kindergarten levelled fairytale-love-stories. It needs time, it needs time to develope and turn into something real.

This had a chance, if he was interested. And by the looks of it, he was. And maybe this was going to be real?