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Chapter 1:

Priscilla watched the battle from the relative safety of an abandoned building. She knew she could do a much better job than most of these half wit soldiers; which was why she was so annoyed that Lennox had made her stay here.

Priscilla felt the ground shake beneath her. The door was blasted open and a huge metal hand reached inside. Stifling a shriek, Priscilla backed away from it, but hit a concrete wall. The hand grabbed her round the waist and pulled her out of the building. It began to move back to where it appeared from, with Priscilla kicking and screaming all the way.

"Let go of me! I said, let go!" Priscilla screamed at it.

The Decepticon completely ignored her.

"You worthless hunk of transforming scrap, PUT ME DOWN!"

When she still got no response, something inside Priscilla told her now was the time. She closed her eyes and concentrated on a rather satisfying image of the Decepticon being burnt to the ground.

Then Priscilla felt tendrils of heat licking her bare skin and she knew it was working. As the Decepticon loosened it's grip, Priscilla jumped. She hit the ground with a force that knocked the wind out of her, but she scrambled quickly to her feet and ducked behind a building. The Decepticon exploded as the fire reached its internal systems, and fell to the ground near to where Priscilla was hiding.

Jumping out of her hiding place, Priscilla got out the way of the burning parts. She moved stealthily, trying to get back to where she'd originally been; but that was harder than it sounded. Another Decepticon managed to find her.

This is it, Priscilla thought. I'm going to die here in the middle of a desert, where no one cares. I hope Lennox survives, I wish I could have said something to him, to let him know how I feel. I wish I hadn't been so rude to him when he locked me in that building, he was only trying to keep me safe. This is the end.

Tears cascaded down Priscilla's cheeks as the Decepticon advanced towards her...

6 months earlier

Priscilla woke to the sound of her designer alarm clock. She climbed out of bed and made her way to her on suite bathroom. Priscilla took her nightdress off and sank into the massage tub. She let the hot jets of water firmly pull her out of her morning dose. Pressing the waterproof buzzer on the side of the tub, Priscilla sank down beneath the bubbles to hide herself. Miss Buckley, her personal assistant, opened the door and walked in.

"Good morning, Miss Night. How may I be of assistance?" Miss Buckley greeted her.

"I'd like my breakfast bringing up for me." Priscilla replied.

"Of course." Miss Buckley replied. She was well used to Priscilla's bluntness and lack of manners, so it never bothered her any more.

Within minutes Miss Buckley returned with a tray laden with delicious food: French toast, omelette with herbs and fresh orange juice.

"You may leave." Priscilla said curtly.

Miss Buckley nodded and left Priscilla to eat her breakfast by herself. As she delicately eat her toast, Priscilla thought about how she could fill the rest of her day. As her father was extremely rich, Priscilla didn't work so she was often bored. Not that she'd ever get off her high horse and go to work. Oh no, she enjoyed having the day to herself, even if that day was sometimes rather dull.

Priscilla dressed in her best jodhpurs and went down to her fathers horse stables. She saddled up one of the mares and took her out for a gallop round the estate. She jumped all the cross country jumps and when she finally got back Priscilla's cheeks were flushed, but she was properly grinning for the first time in a while.

"What are you doing?" a stable hand shouted at her.

He ran over and grabbed the horse off Priscilla. Her wide grin faded and her signature stuck up look replaced it.

"I am riding a horse. What does it look like?"

"This mare was supposed to be giving a lesson today. She has done far to much work already!"

"Do I look like I actually care? I can have you fired at a whim, so I'd shut up and get on with your job if I were you."

The stable hand nodded and shuffled off. Priscilla sighed heavily. What a great start to the day; pathetic staff bossing her around. Did they even know who she was? She didn't need to worry about her fathers reaction, he was always far to busy making more money to notice what she did.

Priscilla was on her way back up to the mansion when she stopped dead. Sitting there, on the drive, was a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport: the fastest road car in the world. She pulled her mobile from her pocket in a daze, and rang her first speed dial entry.

"Hello Priscilla." her father answered.

"Hey dad. Have you invested in any cars recently?"

"No, I can't say I have. Any reason to your line of questioning?"

"Well, the new Bugatti Veyron Super Sport on the drive is a bit of a give away."

"What? I haven't brought new car in a few weeks, Priscilla. What are you talking about?"

"The car on the drive, like I just said." Priscilla said slowly.

"Don't take that tone with me madame, I am not the one who is being childish enough to create imaginary cars!"

"Come home and see it for yourself if you don't believe me then!" Priscilla snapped, then hung up.

An hour later, her father pulled up in his Mercedes DB9.

"This better be good, Priscilla. I cancelled an extremely important meeting..." her father trailed off when he set eyes upon the car.

"See what I mean?" she said quietly.

"Yes. Yes I do." her father replied equally quietly.

"Well? What is it doing here? Not that I mind or anything." Priscilla added hastily.

"I don't know." her father said slowly. "Priscilla, excuse me while I make a few calls."

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