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The newly expanded Dumbledore family woke a scant five hours later for the second feeding of Theseus' life. As Minerva was still too weak to leave the bed, Albus rose to gather up their squawking child. The moment he lifted the child out of the bassinette, the mewling stopped. A great sense of fulfillment and confidence flooded Albus. Here was a man who had ended war, forged new frontiers in magic, and spoken before the most important heads of state. And yet, to him, his most impressive, important accomplishment to date was quieting his newborn son. And because he was a wizard of such power, his pride filled the room, warming and gently turning up the bedside lamp. Minerva turned her head to see why he could possibly have turned up the lamps. But seeing the bliss in his smile, the fierce devotion in his eyes, she stilled her question. The answer stood clear before her: Albus Dumbledore had finally become a father. One look in his eyes, and Minerva knew her husband would never be able to leave her side again. The ecstatic, but exhausted new mother wiped one solitary tear of joy from her eye.

Albus handed the baby down to her weary arms, and Minerva savored the feeling of the tiny weight in her arms. Her son was not very heavy, weighing in at just half-stone. But he was a long baby, with the elongated fingers of Dumbledore men. It was only when she could not longer stay awake that she had surrendered her precious little bundle. The fascination of this little life was endless to her. She had not much thought about being a mother, with her work, her bought of depression, and then Albus little memory mangling. But now that the child was in her arms, it was the most glorious feeling in the world.

However, the baby in her arms did not agree. He began to squirm, rubbing his face against the round part of his mother that held what he sought. Minerva was startled from her daydreamy admiration by a sharp breeze on her shoulders. The dressing gown she was wearing had vanished. Content, Theseus latched on to his prize.

"Albus! What did you do with the dressing down? I'm cold!" She gasped, shivering in the chill.

Albus was startled out of his own dreamy gaze at their son. He looked befuddled, "I did nothing with the gown, dearest, I assure you! Could you have vanished it by accident? Your wandless magic was fairly powerful earlier when you ignited my beard, twice." He smiled, leaning in to kiss her temple.

"But I didn't! I was thinking about our son, and how perfect he is! My mind was miles away from removing my nice, warm tartan gown!" Minerva protested.

"Well, my dear, we are ruling out one very strong possibility!" Albus chided, his gaze shifting back to the suckling baby.

"And what is…" She saw her husband's pointed look, "You don't think…Albus! Surely not this early! He's only a few hours old!" She whispered, turning back to the babe in awe.

"There is no other explanation, my love." Albus chuckled, "It may be a bit hopeful, but I do believe we have an incredibly powerful little wizard."

"I knew he was going to be a handful," Minerva sighed, sleepily.

"Without a doubt!"Albus laughed, "Not even a day old, and he's all ready undressing women with his mind!"

That remark earned him a playful bat on the shoulder.


The Next Christmas

The McGonagall mansion was cozy and peaceful after a busy day. Minerva, Albus and Theseus were all spending the holidays at the Manor with Neptune and Deirdre. Aberforth had stopped by for the feast, and had even given Theseus a toy goat charmed to eat grass. Poppy and her new beau, Euripides, had decided to spend the night after stopping by to watch Theseus open his presents.

And what a mountain of presents! The young Dumbledore had a pile of presents that almost stood taller than the Christmas tree in the sitting room. He used his now-honed vanishing skills to remove the wrapping on each one, spending careful time drooling on each toy. The entire family was enchanted by his infant giggles and exclamations.

But the household were all to their separate rooms now. Albus had carried the sleeping Theseus from his mother's arms to his crib a few hours before. Neptune, Deirdre, Poppy Euripides, Minerva, and Albus had all enjoyed a few mugs of mulled wine together by the fire. Two by two they had each drifted to their respective quarters.

Minerva and Albus were the last to waltz away together. It had been an intimate year for the couple. Albus had toiled to establish his penitence for previous actions. He spent nearly every night of the week with his tiny family, and could frequently found romping with his son around the McGonagall Estate on weekends. In private, he had fawned over Minerva. He kept her in his every confidence, they took frequent walks together, and the house elves were kind enough to babysit the tiny Dumbledore, providing occasional seclusion. By this point, Albus and Minerva were closer than they had ever thought possible. The special form of Legilimency their shared was a nearly flawless communication stream between their minds. And the strength and radius of the spell kept growing. Despite all of these connections, Albus could tell that Minerva was intentionally hiding something from him.

"Darling," he murmured into her hair, as he leaned down to kiss the top of her head as they strolled.

"Hmmm?" She returned, barely awake. Saying that Theseus was a "handful" had been the biggest understatement of her life.

"Are you hiding something from me?" He tested, playfully.

"You know I am, Albus," she sighed, "Well, I suppose I should tell you." And she stopped, turning to face him in the deserted corridor, "I've suspected for the past month or so, but today, Poppy confirmed it for me…"

"What is it, my dearest?" Albus' voice held a worried tone. If Poppy was involved, it could be something serious. Minerva had experienced a few setbacks in the past year from all the magical injuries she had suffered during the war. He prayed it was nothing that serious.

"Albus… We're having another baby this summer!" She grinned, tiredly. And the only sound to be heard outside the room after that was a squeal as Albus swept Minerva into his arms and whisked her into their rooms.

After that, the only sounds that could be heard were those best kept to the occupants of the room.

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