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My Name Is Blaine Anderson. You Hurt My Boyfriend. Prepare To Die.

So Karofsky's dirty secret is out. At least, Blaine knows. And he's determined that he won't ever let Karofsky hurt his boyfriend again. Neither of them are about to back down when something this big is at stake - Karofsky's secret and Blaine's boyfriend. Eventually, something will have to snap. Featuring angry Blaine, protective ND, kinda sexy Klaine, and a much-needed conversation between two rivals.

Blaine slammed a carefully aimed fist into the punching bag, satisfied at the solid thud and the slight movement of the bag. He threw another punch, then two in quick succession, keeping a steady rhythm as he put all the force he could muster behind his fist. He'd been doing this for the past half-hour and he was covered in sweat, his muscles sore and aching, and he hadn't stopped at all during that period for a rest or water. His motivation refused to let him take a break.

He was angry.

He couldn't remember being permanently this angry in his life. Even when he'd gone through all that crap at the hands of that psycho at St Dominic's, he hadn't been this angry. He'd tried to fight back, gotten a little mad and then just given up because there was just no way out. He hadn't been this angry at his father for not listening to him, for trying to send him back to that hellhole. He hadn't been this angry at his mother for constantly pushing him and degrading him with every second word.

He remembered trying to punch Santana once, although Puck stepped in to stop the blow. He'd been furious at how people treated Kurt during once of his panic attacks. He'd purposely hit Puck when Kurt had been attacked in the locker room by Karofsky, unable to handle what had just happened – and he hadn't even known the full story. He knew he'd been this angry before, but not like this. Not for so long. It had been a quick flash before, but now it seemed he was stuck with it; this anger smouldering inside him, making every muscle hot and twitchy, every nerve set on fire and constantly urging him to lash out. He hated it. But more than that, he was scared. He was violently angry, feeling as if he were a wire stretched taut and any second he was going snap, and it scared him. He was afraid that he would snap, and that someone might get hurt. And the people who'd get hurt might be his friends again. Might be Kurt. That thought terrified Blaine more than anything. But he couldn't get rid of this anger without physically letting it out, which was why he was beating the crap out of a punching bag until he felt a little calmer.

Except he'd been going at it for half an hour and it didn't seem like calm was coming to him any time soon.

He heard the door to the locker room open but he didn't look up, not breaking his rhythm. One, one, two, one, one, two, harder slam, one, one, two…


He didn't stop – he wasn't sure that he could. It was the momentum for his routine that was keeping him upright and if he stopped he was pretty sure his legs would give out under him. That, or his heavy, tired arms would drag him down.

"Blaine, please…"

Kurt's tone of voice tore him in two. Half of him wanted to stop; his boyfriend was clearly worried about him. But the other half, the part of him that was fuelled by relentless anger, told him to keep going – he was doing this for Kurt. He had to protect him. He hadn't been able to keep him safe before, but he'd be damned if Karofsky hurt his boyfriend again…

The name, even just thought of in his mind, was enough to send him over the edge. It was like someone had just poured gas on the fire inside him and it flared, raging. He pounded the punching bag mercilessly, fast and hard, letting out a shout as one fist missed its target and he lost balance, crashing to the floor. He lay there for a moment, unable to really move from exhaustion, breathing heavily, the fire still hot in his chest.

And then above him Kurt appeared, a worried expression on his face as he touched Blaine's face hesitantly and asked if he was okay – and suddenly he felt that calmness he'd been trying to find. Blaine nodded, waiting until he could breathe before asking the brunette to help him sit up. Dizziness hit him for a minute and he held his head in his hands, Kurt's light touch on his back reassuring him. Something was pressed into his hand and he stared at it blankly for a moment before realising what it was. Quickly he unscrewed the bottle's cap and downed a third of the water in one breath.

"I'm okay," he said, glancing at Kurt. But one look in his concerned eyes and Blaine had to drop his gaze to the floor. If it were any of the other guys, they would have let the matter drop and Blaine would have been glad. And he knew Kurt wouldn't ask any more about it if he knew his boyfriend didn't want to talk. But seeing how afraid he was made Blaine feel as if he owed Kurt an explanation for why he was being so stupid.

"I'm sorry…" he started but before he could continue Kurt pulled him into a hug. He returned it without thinking, nestling his head against his boyfriend's neck and sighing. "I'm sorry. I just… I feel so angry all the time, and this is the only way I can let it out. I didn't mean to scare you."

"C'est okay." Kurt said quietly "Au moins tu n'es pas blesser des gens. Mais tu dois être prudent-"

It's okay. At least you're not hurting people. But you have to be careful-

Blaine smiled, "I know. I should have stopped a lot sooner."

They were quiet for a minute, Blaine regaining a little strength and finishing the last of the water. His stomach growled – he was starving but he didn't particularly want to get up. His limbs were still weak and trembling, and he wasn't sure he could stand on his own, let alone walk anywhere.

Suddenly, out of the blue, Kurt spoke up. "Fais pas de bêtises. S'il te plaît?"

Don't do anything stupid. Please?

Blaine looked up at him. He had the feeling he knew exactly what Kurt was talking about, and it wasn't boxing. But, feeling the way he did, he wasn't sure he could make that promise.

"I'll try."

Kurt smiled sadly, and Blaine looked away. It was clear it wasn't good enough, but Kurt would deal with it – and not for the first time, Blaine wished he wasn't so angry.

For a week Karofsky left the glee club mostly alone, only throwing a few insults their way. Occasionally if Blaine and Kurt were alone – which wasn't often – he would stand in their way and generally be a menace watching them in the halls. Kurt would stare at the floor but Blaine would meet the bully's gaze, silently telling him in no uncertain terms that he wasn't afraid of him. That he would do whatever it took to keep Kurt safe from him. And for a week nothing sinister happened. No one ended up with bruises, no one disappeared during the breaks and no one ended up with a slushy to the face. It was like a tense ceasefire now that Karofsky knew Blaine knew about his dirty little secret.

But it had to end sometime.

"Are you sure you're…" Tina started to ask but Blaine waved her off "We'll be fine. I just have to grab something from my locker and then Kurt and I can walk to glee on our own. Thanks for the offer though."

Tina bit her lip and beside her, Mike nodded. "We'll see you soon then."

The pair walked off towards the choir room but Blaine and Kurt turned the other way, heading in the direction of Blaine's locker. He'd left his phone there as the teacher of his last class had the annoying habit of confiscating them for no apparent reason. If he could see them, they got taken and Blaine didn't like the idea of not getting it back until the next day.

The corridors were quiet since everyone had gone home already and the two walked hand in hand, Kurt smiling over at his boyfriend. Blaine caught the look and chuckled. "What?"

"Rien." Kurt replied, his smile widening to a grin "J'aime juste être seul avec toi."

Nothing. I just like being alone with you

Blaine couldn't – and didn't – fight the smile that broke out on his face and as he reached his locker, stopped and turned to his boyfriend. "Well, how's that for coincidence? I like being alone with you too." He kissed him gently, the hand that wasn't holding Kurt's reaching up to rest on the back of his neck. As Kurt kissed back – and was therefore distracted – Blaine attempted to slide his hand up into the brunette's hair but Kurt smiled against his lips and pulled his hand away.

"Aww, baby, I love your hair," Blaine laughed, and his boyfriend raised an eyebrow. "Moi aussi. Et je voudrais qu'il reste comme il est, merci."

So do I. And I'd like it to stay the way it is, thank you.

Blaine started to respond but Kurt shut him up with another kiss, and he wasn't about to complain. He knew they had glee to get to but they could be late for once. He wasn't going to stop kissing his boyfriend for glee, especially when Kurt was tentatively running his fingers through Blaine's hair.

He'd begun gelling it back less and less until it was only hairspray that held his crazy hair in place – albeit a generous half a can at times – because Kurt had once mentioned off-hand that he found his curls cute. He was rather glad he'd made that decision now because Kurt's hands in his hair, gently tugging on his curls, was making him feel all sorts of amazing things. It didn't help that the brunette was still kissing him and he couldn't stop the low moan that escaped his throat.

He froze in horror for a split-second. I've probably just freaked him out, and why the hell am I even feeling stuff like this? This is Kurt, I shouldn't feel like this! Even if he is attractive, and amazing, and hot… But before he could stutter out an apology, one of Kurt's hand dropped to his boyfriend's chest and he shoved him back against the lockers, kissing him hard. The breath was knocked from Blaine's lungs and he gasped as Kurt claimed his mouth and gave him little to no chance to breathe. Not that he was complaining. He pulled the brunette close and ran his hands down his back as their tongue clashed and Kurt pulled roughly on Blaine's hair.

As suddenly as it had started, it ended in a second when Kurt pulled back, eyes wide. Blaine took a minute to get his breath back, smirking to himself at his boyfriend's kiss-bruised lips.

"P-Pourqui j'ai fait tout cela?" he asked, blinking in slight confusion. W-Why did I just do that? The expression disappeared quickly and he giggled as Blaine grinned and took one of his hands, kissing his knuckles lightly.

"Because," Blaine said, putting his arms around his boyfriend's shoulders and holding his gaze "You're a teenage boy with raging hormones."

"Because you're a freak." The loud, familiar voice echoed through the hall, making the pair jump. They turned to see none other than Karofsky standing a little way down the corridor with two football jocks behind him. Blaine stepped in front of his boyfriend protectively as they advanced.

"I've had enough of you two parading around like you belong here. You need to be put in your place," Karofsky said, but as Blaine locked eyes with him he saw the fear behind the boy's bravado. He had a good idea what he was scared of too. He was afraid his secret would get spilled, and he couldn't handle the thought that someone could potentially ruin his life by letting it slip that he'd kissed a guy. And not just a guy, but Kurt.

A hand reached out for him and he tried to dodge, but he was knocked down fairly quickly. As he hit the floor on his ass, he couldn't protect Kurt from the two jocks who stepped forward as Kurt stepped back, torn between running and staying with his boyfriend.

"Get out of here, Kurt," Blaine said, more harshly than he meant. Kurt flinched and it was only when Blaine shouted, "Kurt, go!" that he turned on his heel and ran. Karofsky's minions glanced back at him and a nod from their leader had them running after him, Blaine able to do nothing but watch helplessly from the floor as the three disappeared from sight around a corner.

Karofsky grabbed Blaine by the shirt and lifted him easily to his feet. Their faces an inch apart, Blaine refused to let his fear for Kurt show on his face. He wasn't going to give that to him. Karofsky said nothing more; just dragged him down the corridor with Blaine fighting all the way. He couldn't hear anything but Karofsky's footsteps and he was glad for that – it meant those guys hadn't caught up to Kurt. He'd be screaming blue murder if they'd grabbed him.

He didn't realise where he was being taken until they were outside. The sunlight was still bright enough to make Blaine squint at the sudden change but the parking lot was empty of most cars. There were a few teachers' vehicles, and what Blaine knew would be the glee clubbers' cars as well. He could spot Puck's truck and Mercedes's little black car with the custom plates – M3RCY 18. He had the abrupt fear that Karofsky was going to lock him in the trunk of his car or something, and dump his body out of town. At the moment, he wasn't sure he'd put it past him.

But Karofsky didn't pull him in the direction of the cars – he dragged him over to one of the dumpsters. He slammed Blaine into the side of it, gripping the front of his shirt tightly as he glared down at him.

"Who'd you tell?" he demanded.

"What?" Blaine frowned in confusion.

Karofsky pulled him forward then shoved him back hard against the dumpster. "Who'd you tell!?"

"I didn't tell anyone!"

"Liar!" Karofsky growled "I know you told! They're all looking at me! They know!"

"You're paranoid," Blaine said, fighting against Karofsky's grip and glaring up at him "I said if you hurt Kurt again I'd make sure you went down for it, and I swear to God if your friends have done something to him I will tell every single person at this school that you sexually abused my boyfriend. You won't be able to hide from it, no matter where you go."

Karofsky actually paled at that threat. "I never touched him. Not… not like…"

"You didn't have to." Blaine could feel the fire in his chest heat up and he struggled to keep it under control. "You kissed him. He didn't want it. It counts."

There was a moment of silence as Karofsky stared down at him with wide, scared eyes. Blaine felt a little afraid too, but he couldn't show it. He wanted to get out of this in one piece, as quickly as possible. But the silence was over too soon. Karofsky's expression changed from fear to anger and he lifted Blaine off the ground by the front of his shirt easily, heaving him over the edge of the open dumpster before the other boy could even react. He landed heavily in the rubbish that half-filled the dumpster, coughing at the smell and at having the wind knocked out of him briefly. He reached up, one hand grabbed at the edge to haul himself up but pain spiked down his arm as Karofsky slammed a fist down on his fingers. A second later the lid came crashing down and Blaine was locked in, surrounded by darkness and dirt.

Getting on his knees, Blaine pushed against the lid but it was too heavy – Karofsky was leaning on it, or had put something on top to keep him from opening it. Coughing, he tried harder, putting as much force as he could into his assault. But it did nothing. The only thing that stopped him from screaming for help – and giving Karofsky the satisfaction of hearing him scared – was the sound of voices talking. He paused and tried to listen. He could only catch a few words, but whoever they were (he assumed the two jocks from before), they sounded panicked.


He heard Karofsky swear and, with his hands still pressed against the dumpster's lid, felt the pressure on it lift. He seized his chance and shoved hard, the lid flipping up with enough force to crash into the wall behind it and scare Karofsky and his minions. Someone yelped as Blaine shot out of the dumpster and tackled the taller boy to the ground.

The fire inside him burned white-hot as he scrambled over to a confused and winded Karofsky and punched him in the face.

"What did you do to him!?" he shouted, not even sparing the two other jocks a glance as they fled the scene, one yelling something about not signing up for psycho midgets and the wrath of the glee club.

"Blaine!" That was a different voice, but he paid little attention to that as well. He was too focused on bringing another fist down on Karofsky's face and shouting, "What did you do!?"

The jock held his arms up, protecting his face, but Blaine didn't let up. It was only when someone grabbed him around the chest and dragged him away that he actually stopped throwing punches, though he fought the hold. Karofsky pushed himself away from Blaine, wiping blood from his mouth and staring at him. He almost looked surprised.

"Blaine, calm down," a steady voice said, the grip around his chest tightening until Blaine acquiesced and relaxed a little. He glanced up to see it was Sam holding him back, and a look around showed him the entire glee club watching with various emotions. Some, like Quinn and Tina, Artie and Mr Schue, looked horrified at the scene. Puck and the guys were fixated on Karofsky, warning him without words to stay back. But some – Mercedes, Santana – had a look of understanding in their eyes. They knew what had set him off and neither of them blamed him at all.

And Kurt.

Kurt was standing just a few feet away from him with a terrified look on his face. But unharmed. He was okay. Blaine let out a deep sigh of relief and finally relaxed completely. Kurt was alright – that was all he needed to know. Seeing him there was more than enough to quell the raging fire and calm him down.

"What happened here?" Mr Schue asked, looking from Blaine to Karofsky and back again. Blaine didn't look away from Kurt as he answered, "It was a misunderstanding. Right?"

It was clear who the question was directed at, and Karofsky nodded, spitting out a harsh "Yeah." He hauled himself to his feet and staggered away, keeping his head down and avoiding anyone else's gaze.

"Kurt, are you okay?" Blaine choked out, suddenly exhausted. The brunette nodded, moving slowly to kneel next to him – just out of reach. He was scared of him. Sam let go of him and Blaine reached out with one hand, waiting until Kurt hesitantly took it before pulling him in and kissing his knuckles, reminding him of what they'd been doing before all of this. Good things. Kurt managed a smile and he took it as a good sign.

"What happened?" Rachel asked, arms folded across her chest "One minute we're starting a nice, calm meeting and the next Kurt's shouting out in the hallway and he's being chased by two guys."

"The second we walked out of the choir room and they saw us, they ran," Sam said and Blaine nodded, grateful. They hadn't got Kurt. That was the only important thing right now.

"Karofsky cornered us and I told Kurt to get out of there," he said quietly.

"We should have walked with you," Mike said. Blaine shook his head. "If he hadn't got us then, he would have done it some other time."

Kurt helped his boyfriend to his feet, moving to pull him into a hug but pausing. Wrinkling his nose, he muttered, "You smell."

For a short moment, everyone was quiet. And then slowly, they all started chuckling and laughing, Blaine grinning as he replied, "Dumpsters aren't exactly the nicest accommodation. I think I should probably go home and shower."

Home. Kurt's house. Even after all this time, the thought still gave him butterflies. Kurt smiled and pushed him away as Blaine tried to kiss his cheek, to the amusement of the rest of the glee club.

Arrangements were made quickly, and Mr Schue agreed they should all go home instead of staying for the glee club meeting. But just as everyone was leaving, he called for Blaine to stay back a moment. Biting his lip, he did as he was told, telling Kurt he'd catch up with him. Mr Schue was clearly unhappy and as soon as the rest of the teenagers had headed towards their cars, he voiced his concern. "Blaine, I'm going to have to tell Figgins about what just happened."

"Karofsky won't let anyone find out it was me who hit him," Blaine replied "It won't do any good."

Mr Schue sighed. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah. I'm fine."

"Go on then. But I don't want to see that sort of thing happening again, understand?"

Blaine agreed, but he wasn't sure that was going to be the case.

He was right. Figgins had asked the pair of them to his office, but Karofsky had staunchly denied being hit by Blaine. The bruise around his eye had been caused by an unfortunate accident with a football according to him. As there were no witnesses willing to come forward, there was nothing Figgins could do and he let them off. But it didn't take long for the rumours to spread.

Did you hear? That midget attacked Karofsky!

Oh my God, have you heard the rumour? Apparently Karofsky got punched by that Blaine guy! From the glee club! You know, the cute gay one!

Dude, you hear what's going around? Something about Dave getting his ass handed to him by some glee club fag?

When the two football players Karofsky had sent after Kurt showed up to school with bruises, it didn't take a genius to figure out where the rumours had come from. They circulated around the school like wildfire, and soon neither Blaine nor Karofsky could walk down the hall without getting stared at. It was a little disconcerting in Blaine's opinion, having the entire school watching him as he made his way to classes. And because Kurt was always with him, he also had to bear the weight of everyone's eyes.

He thought that after their little fight, and the fact that the rumour mill was positively churning with the idea that a football player had been beaten up by a tiny gay kid, that Karofsky would leave him alone. But if anything, he stepped up his attack against Blaine and Kurt, and the glee club in general. Slushies made a triumphant return in the form of Mercedes, Finn and Sam walking into the choir room for a glee club meeting soaked to the bone and radiating the colours of the rainbow. Then Puck got ambushed after one football practice and he'd been tossed into a dumpster. Half the cheerleaders – the ones with boyfriends on the football team – started boycotting Santana and Brittany whenever they could, turning away from them in the halls and 'forgetting' to catch them in Cheerio practice. It was when Blaine turned a corner one day and found Karofsky and some of his friends teasing Tina to the point of tears that he knew enough was enough.

Karofsky had a problem with him. Not the rest of the glee club – just him. There was no justification in him hurting the others. He wanted Blaine. And he was going to get him.

Blaine tapped his foot nervously, biting his lip. He'd sent the text half an hour ago, not long before school had ended, and since he'd been let out of class he'd been waiting in the locker room for the recipient of the text to find him. If he wasn't too afraid. As much as he wanted this whole thing to be over with already, Blaine couldn't help but hope that the guy wouldn't show up. He knew that if this went bad – and it most likely would – then he'd probably end up with a beating to rival those he'd received at St Dominic's.

But it wasn't to be. The door to the locker room swung open and in walked Karofsky, looking around for him. When he caught sight of the smaller boy, he tensed visibly and closed the door behind him firmly.

"What's this about?" he asked in a harsh tone "Talk quick, or I might decide to stuff you into one of those lockers. You'd probably fit easily."

Blaine swallowed. "I want to talk about what's going on. And about what you did."

Karofsky flinched. "What?"

"This has to stop," Blaine said "Hurting everyone in glee club – it has to end. It's me you're mad at, not them."

"So?" Karofsky was trying to sound brave and confident, but he came off as the opposite – his voice trembled a little as he spoke and he was noticeably moving away from Blaine. "I can do whatever the hell I want to those freaks. And you."

"So why don't you?" Blaine stared at him directly, holding his gaze. "If it's me you're mad at, why not hurt me?"

The other boy didn't have an answer to that. He huffed angrily and sneered, but said nothing. After a long moment of silence, Blaine spoke again, this time in a harder tone and as much as he tried to keep the anger from his voice, he couldn't quite do it.

"Why did you do it?"


"You know exactly what I'm talking about."

Karofsky glared, walking a little closer to him and towering over him purposefully. Blaine was definitely intimidated but did his best not to show it. "I don't have to tell you anything."

"Then why are you even here?" Blaine demanded. "I have to know. Why would you do that? To him, of all people? He couldn't even stand to be around you, and after… after what you did, he wouldn't even let me touch him. He couldn't hear a boy's voice without screaming. Why the hell did you do that to him?" Blaine's voice rose as he continued until he was almost shouting. He didn't care anymore that Karofsky was probably going to kill him. He had to have his answers and he didn't care what the consequences were.

But he couldn't have predicted these consequences.

Karofsky opened his mouth to shout but stopped, closing his jaw tightly. He stepped back a pace and said in a small voice, "I didn't mean to hurt him."

Blaine stopped dead. Of all the things the boy could have said, that hadn't been something he'd expected. He worked his jaw for a moment, trying to get the words out, and in the end settled on, "W-What?"

Karofsky growled, "You heard what I said. I didn't mean to hurt him! He probably wanted it anyway!"

Blaine gaped. "Did you even ask him? Say anything to him? Or did you just grab him and hurt him because you're a big scary guy and you just could?" His knees felt weak. "How dare you say he wanted it. Kurt was heart-broken because of what you did. He thought I'd break up with him because you kissed him! He thought I wouldn't love him! I can't believe… you can't possibly think he wanted it!"

"He's a teenage boy with hormones," Karofsky mimicked him in a high voice, before reverted to his normal tone "Of course he wanted it. I could do the same thing to you right now and you'd get off on it."

Blaine was speechless. He didn't know how on earth he was supposed to respond to that, because that white-hot rage was building up inside him again to the point where he thought his chest might explode from the pressure. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. None of it made any sense.

"I don't know why the hell you would even kiss him in the first place," Blaine managed to say "Why Kurt? Why my boyfriend?"

Now it was Karofsky's turn to not be able to speak. He opened and closed his mouth a few times, trying to think of the right thing to say but coming up empty every single time. And then Blaine saw it – he saw it in the boy's eyes. He didn't know how he hadn't thought of it before, but it made perfect sense now. He'd seen the look a thousand times before in his own eyes.

Before he'd come out.

All it took were four small words.

"Are you actually gay?"

The reaction was instantaneous. Karofsky reeled back as if he'd been hit and spluttered out, "Wh… I… N-No!"

Blaine lowered his voice and did his best to keep calm. "You know… you know it's…"

"Don't!" the other yelled, making Blaine flinch. He swallowed and with an expression on his face that seemed a mix between furious and terrified, Karofsky said in a quieter, more dangerous voice, "Don't tell me it's okay. It's not."

Blaine was silent. He didn't know what to do. Karofsky was standing in front of him looking more like he was going to have a nervous breakdown every minute and he didn't know what to say. Karofsky was so far in denial about himself that he was hurting other people because of it – what the hell was supposed to do?

"Kissing a guy doesn't make me gay."

He sounded as if he were trying to convince himself. Blaine said gently, his voice trembling a little, "No, it doesn't. Even if you…" He had to force the words out. "Liked it, doesn't mean you're gay. But… you still might be, I mean… either way, it doesn't matter…"

"It does!" Karofsky stared at him like he was crazy "Of course it matters! But I'm not gay anyway. It's you stupid fags hanging around the place, spreading all your gay around."

"It's your parents, isn't it?" He didn't even need to ask the question. He recognised it from his own coming out – being afraid of the reaction from the people around him. One look at the footballer told him everything.

"Are you sure they wouldn't-"


Blaine was pretty sure that the one word was the most accepting thing the boy had said so far.

"I know how you feel."

"Don't talk to me."

"My parents hate me. I had to move in with Kurt to avoid being sent somewhere that would have killed me, just because I had a boyfriend." Blaine wasn't sure why he was telling Karofsky this. "So yeah, I know how you feel. Maybe your parents will hate you for it. Maybe they won't. I don't know – I don't know your parents, but whether you tell them or not, you still have to accept it yourself. The more you try to deny it, the worse you're going to feel."

"I'm not gay."

Blaine sighed. "Okay. Whatever you say. But… if you need to talk or anything…"

"I already said," Karofsky interrupted, heading for the door "Don't talk to me."

He paused in the doorway. "You leave me the hell alone, and I'll leave your precious friends alone. I'll even lay off Kurt. But if you even think of mentioning any of this to someone, especially my parents…" He turned to face Blaine, and the boy was struck by the cold, dead determination in his eyes. "I'll kill you. You hear me?"

And then he left. He left Blaine standing in the locker room with his jaw hanging. He'd had death threats before – it had been almost a daily occurrence at St Dominic's, but there was something different about the way Karofsky had said it. At the other school, Blaine had quickly learned to take the death threats very seriously – his main tormentor was certainly mean, cruel and a sadistic bastard, and also very capable of carrying out such a threat.

Karofsky? He couldn't see it happening.

But Blaine knew he wouldn't tell anyone about this conversation of theirs, or any of the revelations that had just been let slip. He wasn't like that. He wasn't like… him. He wasn't going to out Karofsky, whether he was sure about himself or not. He'd keep quiet – for the footballer's sake as well as the glee club's.

That brought his thoughts back to Kurt. Karofsky had said he'd leave his boyfriend alone. That alone was enough to make Blaine smile to himself. Kurt was safe. Safer, at any rate, he thought as he left the locker room, letting the door shut with a thud behind him.

Karofsky was apparently as good as his word. He went out of his way to stay away from Kurt and the other glee clubbers, and avoided Blaine's eyes in the hallways and classrooms. He couldn't stop any of the other jocks taunting or tormenting them, but he didn't encourage it or join in, and that was enough for Blaine. He knew the guy would be terrified at his situation, where he could be forcefully outed any second by the boy that hated his guts, and it was a lot that he was keeping a lower profile.

No one in the glee club could quite comprehend that change in Karofsky. Finn continued to glare at him in the corridors until he realised the footballer wasn't meeting his gaze and was instead doing his best to keep out of his way. Santana complained a little that she didn't get to verbally abuse him as he wasn't doing anything worthy of her time. Mercedes and Kurt were the only ones that seemed to realise it had something to do with Blaine, and they constantly asked him about it.

But when they cornered him and demanded answers, he gave them nothing.

"Everything's sorted out now. We're going to be fine. You don't have to worry."

And Blaine finally dared to hope that it might, for once, actually be the truth.

Next: It's the long weekend and Klaine have separate plans. Blaine's dragged off on a roadtrip with some old friends, and Kurt enjoys a few days just hanging out with his own friends. It's always good to have a little time apart... right?

I feel like I owe you so much fluff. I will honestly try to get the next chapter out quicker but as I'm sure you've figured out by now, I can't promise anything. Oh, and what does everyone think of the new cover? Made it myself :) I'm certainly not a pro but I'm fairly proud of it.

(Why yes, I do love Princess Bride. What of it?)

Until next time y'all ;P