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They flew across the desert flying back to where their teammates were. It had been a long and hectic day and all that Superboy wanted to do was to lie down in his bed and relax. Taking a glance at the girl next to him, he suppressed a smile. M'gann had played the hero today—she had not only saved him, but restored all of their memories—and by the grin on her face, he could tell she was proud of her accomplishments.

Hell, he was proud of her. It seemed like every day M'gann was becoming stronger and more powerful. Sure, she was still a klutz. He could still picture her trying to wipe away all the stuff she had spilled on him when he had tried to help her cook, but she was becoming a more capable fighter and proving herself to be a valuable asset to the team. He was glad that he had been able to help her out tonight when she needed him. Together, they had stopped that psychic freak.


That word caused a strange feeling to bloom in his veins. An almost warm feeling seemed to rush through his system, making himself more and more aware of M'gann's presence. What was going on with him? Why did he feel this way? He searched through his mind and tried to come up with something—a word—that described what he felt but nothing appeared in his mind.

They landed gracefully in front of the ship as Kid-Flash rushed out to greet them. He looked expectantly at M'gann.

"So," His voice was clipped and impatient. "Where's my souvenir?" With a smile, M'gann took a step back and with a dramatic wave of her hand, presented the little ball that had saved Superboy once before. It chirped at Kid-Flash who stared at it curiously.

"What is it?" He asked suspiciously.

"I dunno," M'gann confessed. "But it seems friendly and it saved Superboy, so it must be a good guy."

"Hmm," Kid-Flash muttered as he motioned for the little machine to roll over to him; it didn't. "Here boy! Come on! Here!" The machine chirped and reluctantly rolled over and Kid-Flash seemed to beam. "Cool!"

"Yeah," Superboy added. "Cool."

"How's Kaldur?" M'gann asked, concern lacing her voice.

"I'll be fine," Kaldur stepped out of the shadows. "I'm doing much better now, especially now that I have my memories back."

"Funny how a little bit of water could cause such a difference," Artemis mumbled as she and Robin stood beside their leader. "But, I'm relieved everyone is alright."

"So," Robin began anticipation in his voice. "Mission success?"

"I think that's a good—" M'gann's voice suddenly cut off and she placed a hand to her forehead. She was burning up!

"Miss M?" Kid-Flash took a step towards her.

"Megan, are you alright?" Robin asked. The youngest of the team had suddenly grown more serious and for a brief second, M'gann could tell that one day he would make a wonderful leader. She tried to focus on that thought, but dizziness clouded her vision. Had she pushed herself too far earlier?

"Hey," Superboy touched her shoulder and she jumped at the contact. "What's wrong?" His brilliant blue eyes met hers and she found herself compelled to answer, but her voice wouldn't work. Thoughts were rushing through her mind and she couldn't focus on a single one of them.

"Call," She managed to choke out. "Uncle J'onn."

She knew that she had pushed herself too far. Isn't that what her uncle had warned her about whenever they studied together? The one cardinal rule had always been to never push past her limits. And yet, she had done just that.

"Wait, why?" Kid-Flash asked with a startled look on his face.

M'gann tried to force herself to answer, but it was no use. She could feel herself being sucked into the dark recesses of her mind. Superboy was shouting something at her and her team was slowly moving in closer, but it was too late.

She collapsed into Superboy's arms.

"She's burning up!" Superboy shouted. "Call her uncle!"

"And Batman," Kaldur added, quickly taking charge. Robin nodded and quickly entered the ship to establish a video feed. "Superboy, could you bring her inside?" Superboy rose, securely holding M'gann in his arms and nodded.

"What should I set up for her?" Artemis questioned. "We don't even know what's wrong with her!" Kaldur took a step forward and placed a hand on M'gann's forehead. He instantly pulled his hand back as if he had been burned.

"Saline," Kaldur ordered. "It will hopefully keep her temperature down until we can reach the base."

"But that's for humans!" Artemis protested.

"I know," Kaldur replied. "But we have nothing else. Set it up." Artemis nodded and vanished into the ship. Superboy's gaze was focused on M'gann and Kaldur knew that it would be hard to reason with him. He was pretty sure that there was something developing between these two and although he had no proof, he knew from personal experience that people in love were stubborn. Coupled with Superboy's natural stubbornness and this made it nearly impossible for logic to get past his thick skull. So, Kaldur settled for comforting instead.

"Superboy," The young clone looked up, his eyes clouded with worry and fear. "She's going to be ok."

"I know," He replied. "She has to be."

Kaldur nodded and then headed into the ship, Superboy trailing at his heels.

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