Five years ago...

Doremi Harukaze, all decked out in her junior high uniform, rushed down the beach, hoping that the boy she wanted to see was still there.

The sun was beginning to set over the horizon, casting a radiant glow across the sand and water and giving the scene quite a lot of ambience.

Doremi took a few gazes around the area, suddenly catching sight of someone. There he was.

Not wasting any time, Doremi rushed over to the boy, panting heavily due to how fast she was running.

Looking up at the boy and regaining her composure, Doremi quickly reached into her pocket and pulled out a letter, just like she had those four years ago, when she had first become a witch.

"I got this for you!" Doremi exclaimed, holding the letter towards the boy and holding her breath.

A few seconds passed, though we can't see the boy or his reaction.

A little more time passed, and Doremi smiled brightly.

Putting the letter back in her pocket, Doremi walked forward a couple steps, whispering something into the boy's ear.

"Thank you..."

The scene fades away, and Doremi begins talking.

"I've never been so happy in my life. Though things weren't the same as they were before, now that our group had split up, I was happy. Life was good, and things were stable. Five years passed since that day, our lives staying in relative normality. But then, something happened..."

(Author's Note: Our first opening theme for The Final Cut will be "Chu-bara" by Kelun!)

(Footage: As the opening begins, we can see flashes of all eight of the previous Ojamajos playing at the beach, all dressed in swimsuits. Momoko suddenly points towards the other side of the beach, and everyone looks over there. The camera zooms in to show Nick standing there, smiling brightly. He grips his wand before tossing it into the air.)

Onaji dorama wo nandomo miteru
(I've watched the same drama unfold so many times)

(Footage: The sun shines brightly as the Ojamajo Doremi Diamond and Pearl: The Final Cut logo overlaps it.)

Kyou mo na sonna ki ga shiteta zutto
(Today kinda feels like I'm watching it again and again)

(Footage: Doremi can be seen at the window of a steakhouse, drooling like mad. Beside her, Poppu is just shaking her head.)

Kimi ga waratte kureta shunkan ni
(That instant you started smiling...)

(Footage: Cut to a basketball court, where Hazuki is sitting on a sunchair while reading a romance novel. In the background, Aiko is taking a few shots.)

Atarashii story ga hajimatta
(...was when a new story began.)

(Footage: Cut to Onpu and Momoko inside a clothes shop, where the yellow witch is trying on cute outfits. Onpu nods and Momoko walks out of the changing room in a cute, lace-trimmed outfit. Onpu gives a thumbs up and Momoko blushes brightly.)

Chuuburarin na aseta hibi ga
(But I know these days will still...)

(Footage: Fami appears from a time portal with Hana close behind her. Fami grins, tossing a piece of caramel back to the white witch. Hana squeals in delight and rushes up to glomp Fami.)

iruzuiteiku no ga wakattan da
( full of uncertainty and apprehension.)

(Footage: Momoko, with her hair down and tears in her eyes, reaches up to the star-covered sky. After a second, she notices something and smiles.)

Sa, mabuta o akete
(So open up your eyes...)

(Footage: Cut to behind Nick, and the view rushes towards Nick at a high speed. He quickly turns around, noticing something approaching him fast. He quickly backflips away from the strike of a black-hooded woman, landing right in front of the eight Ojamajos.)

Kodoku ni surigaeteta
(...and replace your loneliness with something more.)

(Footage: The hooded woman draws two key-shaped weapons, both of them brimming with dark energy. The Ojamajos look surprised, but Nick just draws his wand and smiles.)

Nakushiteta yuuki wo kono te ni kakageyo
(Find your lost courage and hold it up high!)

(Footage: Nick and the hooded woman rush at each other, trading a few strikes before backing off. The hooded woman thrusts her palm forward and shoots a few energy bolts for Nick, but he raises his hand and conjures a shield to deflect the shots. He looks back at the Ojamajos before glaring back to the hooded woman.)

Koraeteta namida ima omoidashita kara
(I finally remembered all the tears you've had to endure...)

(Footage: The hooded woman charges forward at an alarming rate, striking at Nick with both of her weapons and sending him sprawling to the ground. Nick quickly picks himself up, much to the Ojamajos' relief. Nick flicks his wand to the side, causing it to transform before slashing it vertically across the screen.)

Kimi no te wo nigitta monogatari wa hajimaru
( we'll join hands, and a new story will unfold.)

(Footage: Momoko falls to her knees and starts crying, only to stop when she sees Nick offering to help her up. Momoko smiles and takes Nick's hand so he can pull her to her feet. Nick quickly unhooks Momoko's hair clips so her hair falls down. Nick looks behind him at all of the Ojamajos, who are smiling. Nick turns back to Momoko just in time for her to embrace him as the sequence ends.)

(When one story ends, a new story begins. This is just turning the pages to the next chapter of an ongoing story.)

S.P.D. Gold Ranger presents:
Ojamajo Doremi Diamond and Pearl: The Final Cut
Story Created: July 8th, 2011

Summary: It's been five years since Ojamajo Doremi ended. All the conflicts were resolved, and the girls went their separate ways, enjoying their stable lives. But was that really the end of the story? When Nick Kelly, a long-time friend of the Ojamajos, is attacked by his own parents, it forces him and Momoko to make their way back to the Majokai after five long years. This simple act inexplicably brings the rest of the gang back to Misora and back to their magical lives, due to similar circumstances. Now equipped with new gear and brand new powers, the Ojamajos must solve the mystery of why their parents have turned on them. It won't be easy, though, as a mysterious force is watching them from the shadows, intent on taking over the Majokai by any means necessary...

Author's Note: All right, I'm back, with a story I've been wanting to do for a good few years! The original Ojamajo Doremi Diamond and Pearl, my first big Ojamajo Doremi story, is something I had fun writing, trying to continue the legacy left behind by one of the greatest mahou shoujo anime shows ever. However, when I look back on it nowadays, I suddenly realize "Hey, I can do a lot better now that I'm more proficient at writing!" That, basically, is what Ojamajo Doremi Diamond and Pearl: The Final Cut is all about. It'll basically be fifty chapters long, sorta like an anime series, with more plot twists, more character development scenes, and many things I wanted to put in the original story but couldn't. Simply enough, this will be much more true to my original vision of the story. Now, these chapters won't be OMEGASUPERULTRA long, say about as long as a chapter of "Lessons in Friendship" by my penpal and fellow writer YukiShinoya444. I don't always have the patience to write big chapters. (The longest chapter of something I think I've ever written was the Timeless River chapter of W.I.T.C.H.: Key to Her Heart, clocking in at just about 7,000 words.) And considering all the ideas I have for this that I want to save for the right times, well, there you go. But enough of my pointless rambling, let's get on with the show!

Disclaimer (since I know I have to say this): I've said it for the better part of nine years and I still have to say it. I do not own anything related to Ojamajo Doremi or any of its affiliations. It belongs solely to Toei Animation and whoever licenses it for their country. The only things of it I DO own are any characters created by yours truly for the story. And I am not infringing on any copyrights. I'm just doing this for the entertainment of my readers. Besides, if I did own Ojamajo Doremi, which I don't, why would I be writing fiction on a fan site?


"Why do you always fall for that, Doremi?"

Sixteen-year-old Doremi Harukaze began chasing her thirteen-year-old sister Poppu across the Harukaze household. Not much seemed to have changed, despite the long time since their magical adventures had ended.

Doremi had long ago decided to let her hair down every now and then after her boyfriend had complimented her hairstyle, so she wore it down occasionally. Nowadays, her preferred attire was a pink vest over a bright aqua blue shirt, a pleated yellow skirt, and Capri shoes that Nick had often pestered her to try.

Poppu hadn't changed much either, though, like Doremi, she had matured quite a lot during the five-year interim. Her hairstyle hadn't really changed much, but the gaggle of boyfriends she'd had during her time at Sonatine Kindergarten often wanted her to let her hair down like her big sister, so she did that on occasion, too. Everyone at Misora Middle School had complimented her whenever she had her hair down.

The siblings' mother, Haruka, watched from the kitchen, quite amused at her daughters' antics. Despite maturing greatly in the past five years, the two still retained a lot of their childlike innocence.

"Did Poppu do her thunderstorm trick again?" Keisuke Harukaze asked.

"Just like when they were kids," Haruka giggled.

As the two parents watched their kids, they suddenly twitched a few times, going completely rigid as they stood there. Their eyes flashed red for a second as they began to slowly walk towards Doremi and Poppu.

"Even after all these years, you still fall for that, huh, sis?" Poppu giggled, her pink ponytails bouncing.

"You know I don't like having thunder erupt right in my ears, especially when it's you faking it, Poppu!" Doremi exclaimed.

As Poppu reached over to help her sister up, she saw her parents walk up to her, looking like they were in a trance of some sort.

Only Doremi noticed that her parents' eyes were glowing red... the sure sign of evil magic.

Hazuki Fujiwara looked up from the book she was reading, her hazel eyes twinkling as she looked outside.

Hazuki had grown up quite nicely during the few years she'd spent studying at Karen Girl's Academy. She'd let her hair grow a few inches so that it framed her face perfectly. A lot of the boys had swooned over her, too. Over the years, she had finally lost the glasses when her parents wanted her to try out contacts. It took Hazuki a few weeks to get used to it, but she eventually decided that she preferred contacts.

Now she was riding smoothly through her first year at Misora High School. It didn't feel the same without Doremi or her friends, but she was pulling through.

"How's everything going, Hazuki?" Hazuki's father Akira asked as he walked into the room. The orange witch didn't notice that, like Doremi's parents, Akira's eyes were glowing red.

"I think I'm done with studying for now," Hazuki answered. "I'm ready for that test now."

Hazuki turned around to face her father, just then noticing his glowing eyes.

"And number forty-two goes up for the shot!" Aiko Senoo exclaimed to nobody in particular, dribbling a basketball outside her home in Osaka. During the five years since the end of her adventures, Aiko had let her hair grow a bit longer, but the most visible change was that she herself had grown a couple inches. Now she was about as tall as Momoko was, which made it easier for her to reach the higher basketball hoops that Leon Sokuryoku always insisted on using for his challenges. Aiko still played a lot of sports, challenging Leon to a game every now and then. And, as always, Leon always lost to the blue witch.

"Ai-chan," Aiko's father Koji called.

"Just a sec, pops!" Aiko responded before flicking her wrist and taking a shot. The basketball went in perfectly.

"And Senoo SCORES!" Aiko exclaimed, punching the air in victory as Koji walked out.

"Still practicing, Ai-chan?" Koji wondered. Aiko didn't realize that, just like the others, his eyes were glowing a sharp red.

"The big game's comin' up soon, pops," the blue witch responded. "I'm stayin' in top shape so those fools have no reason to mock us."

"Your mom's coming to the game, too," Koji continued.

"She is?" Aiko gasped. "I haven't seen mom in ages! What a perfect time, too, huh? She gets to see me knock those losers from Okinawa into next week!"

Aiko picked up the ball and walked up to Koji. "You wanna take a few shots?"

"Yume? (day dream)
Tada no yume (sweet dream)
Na no ni unmei (zutto)
Furueteru (zutto)
Koi o shitte (missing)
Kuchibiru ga (wishing)
Setsunasa ni anata dake o yonden da..."

Onpu Segawa put down her microphone to write down the lyrics to her newest song, a cover of one of her favorite Misato Aki songs.

Onpu was still quite the popular idol even after five years, though she had recently decided to try out for movies alongside her work on Battle Rangers, which to everyone's surprise was still very popular nowadays.

Over the five years since she gave up being a witch, Onpu had let her hair grow down a bit, though she usually tied it into two ponytails instead of one like she used to. It was a look that seemed to go down really well with her fans.

"Is everything okay in there, dear?" Onpu's mother and manager Miho asked, walking into the booth just as Onpu had finished recording.

"Clear as crystal, okaa-san," Onpu responded. "Just about finished with my Kuchibiru Daydream cover, so we can go see the movie we promised, right?"

Miho nodded, walking up to Onpu and taking a look at her composition. "You've really been working hard on this, haven't you?"

"Ever since I announced this cover, I've been trying to keep the original feel of the song while giving it something that makes it more my style as well," Onpu giggled.

Suddenly, Onpu realized something. She looked over at her mother in confusion.

"Okaa-san, your eyes are glowing red for some reason..."

Sixteen-year-old Nick Kelly was thinking hard on his way home from school. Something was on his mind, but he couldn't quite put a finger on what it was.

He brushed a bit of his spiky brown hair out of his face, his similar-colored eyes blinking a few times as he searched his mind for what was bothering him.

Every now and then, his mind would flash back to the adventures he'd had with the other Ojamajos.

Nick had met them for the first time as an exchange student, quite literally bumping into Doremi on the way to gym class. The two had become fast friends, but when Doremi hastily excused herself from the class, Nick realized that something was up. After school that day, he'd discreetly followed Doremi to the Flower Shop MAHO-dou, meeting the other members of Doremi's group and baby Hana as well. Becoming quite taken with the cute little infant, Nick had spent the day there and helped the girls take care of Hana.

But when Majorika, the girl's mentor, had busted in and started talking about the Majokai (not even realizing that Nick was there), the proverbial gig had been up. Rather than freak out about the situation as Doremi had expected him to do, Nick had stayed calm and agreed to keep their secret if he could help out with Hana on occasion. After a conference with the queen, she'd agreed on the deal. Though Nick hadn't been given magical powers like the girls, he'd quickly become a valuable member of the team, even if he tended to be treated more like a "magical slave" (Aiko's term and idea) than an actual apprentice.

But Nick had managed to prove himself during the final battle with the FLAT 4, when Oyajide was about to finish off Hana with a giant electric ball. Nick had taken the hit for the team, and despite being electrocuted to near-death, he had helped the Ojamajos defeat Oyajide and save Hana's life.

By this point, Nick had finally been accepted onto the team, despite not having magical powers.

Or so the girls thought, as when Majotourbillon had possessed fellow witch Momoko Asuka almost a year later, Nick had surprised everyone by revealing that he did, in fact, have a tap like they did. Nick had then transformed and managed to force Majotourbillon out of Momoko's body in time for the Ojamajos to defeat the former witch queen.

And Nick had been one of the many trying to get Doremi to come out of the MAHO-dou when it was time to say goodbye to their magical lives.

After all had been said and done, he had accompanied his childhood friend Momoko back to New York with his family, getting letters from the girls on occasion. (In one of the more memorable ones, Aiko had actually apologized for treating Nick like a "magical slave" so long ago. And everyone knew how tricky it was to get Aiko to apologize for something like that.)

His mind snapping back to the present, Nick saw his house coming up quickly. Suddenly realizing what today was, he broke into a sprint.

"I'd better not keep Momoko waiting," Nick stated to nobody in particular as he continued to run.

Nick always had a sleepover with Momoko for one weekend out of every month. This was due to a monthly trip that his parents had to take for their job (they both worked for a technology company outside the city). When Nick had been younger, this trip had always left him in the care of a babysitter, or some of his other relatives as he grew up. But when he'd become better friends with Momoko, Nick's parents had allowed him to stay with her when they went on their trip.

That time had come, basically. Nick's parents were getting ready for their trip, and Nick was on his way home to get his gear for the weekend. Nick was never very patient for anything. Most of the time, his impatience had led the Ojamajos straight into trouble, but Nick had always managed to get them out of it in the end. So, Nick liked to consider his impatience both a strength and a weakness.

After finally reaching the front door, Nick brushed some dust off of his clothes (the dirt road he usually tended to take as a shortcut home from school had been extra dusty today for some odd reason) and knocked twice on the front door.

"Mom! Dad! I'm back!" Nick exclaimed, reaching for his key and heading inside. Then, he noticed something that seriously irked him: his parents hadn't responded to his call yet. Normally, whenever he called for his parents, they'd respond within five seconds. Now, nothing had happened for almost a minute, and Nick was starting to get worried.

"Eh, they're probably locked in their room, doing god-knows-what," Nick noted, laughing softly to himself as he headed for his room.

But as he started up the stairs, some unseen force slammed into his stomach and sent him tumbling back to the ground floor.

"ITAI!" Nick shouted. "Who did that?"

Nick quickly picked himself up, only for something to strike him in the back, causing him to crash back to the ground.

"Okay, whoever's playing a joke on me, this isn't funny!" Nick shouted, instinctively going for his wand, only to realize that he didn't have it.

Unfortunately for Nick, that moment of distraction cost him dearly, as something hard impacted the back of his neck the very next second, instantly knocking the consciousness right out of him.

As Nick tried to adjust his vision to get rid of the darkness covering it, he noticed someone was staring down at him.

I swear, if that's whoever hit me, I'm gonna destroy him, Nick thought.

But as his vision began to clear up, he noticed it was actually Momoko, who was gazing at him with a concerned look.

"You okay, Nick?" Momoko asked.

Momoko hadn't changed much in terms of appearance, still holding her hair in her signature ring-shaped buns, though she let her hair down more than she used to. She still wore her earring, having promised Majomonroe she would never take it off.

"What the heck happened?" Nick wondered. "Did I just get hit by a freight train or something?"

Momoko just shook her head. "You might not believe this, but your parents attacked you."

"They WHAT?" Nick screamed, only to feel a sharp pain in his back. Momoko quickly wrapped her arms around Nick to steady him. "Okay, so shouting is not a good idea when my back hurts... wait, how'd you know it was my parents?"

"I kinda got impatient waiting for you, so I decided to head over here and see if you were ready for our sleepover yet," Momoko explained. "But when I got here, you door was hanging open and I saw you falling down the stairs like you'd been attacked. The next thing I know, I see your dad backhanding you and you were out. Then, they just walked out of the house like I wasn't even there."

"Whoa... that was weird..." Nick noted, looking up at the yellow witch.

She's still on my mind even after what just happened, Nick thought. Am I... am I seriously falling in love with her?

What Nick didn't know was that Momoko was having similar thoughts.

I never realized how handsome he looks when I'm looking at him up close like this, Momoko thought. Am I in love with him? I did kiss that Okajima kid, but that was more of a congratulations than anything else...

Nick thought for a few seconds before eventually deciding to bite the bullet and go for it. "Hey, Momoko?"


"There's... there's something I've wanted to say to you for a while now," Nick started. "Oh, god, I hope I don't sound stupid saying this..."

Momoko instantly perked up at this. What? Oh, my god, is he going to...?

"Well, Momoko, it's actually been a few years since I've started feeling like this, and... I... oh, jeez, I must sound so stupid, Momoko. I'm no good at showing my feelings in words, so if it's okay, I'm just going to do this."

Before Momoko could ask what Nick was doing, he had laid his hands on her shoulder and leaned forward, planting his lips onto hers.

When their lips connected, Momoko's eyes shot open to their widest. But after about a second or two, her eyes closed and she leaned into the kiss, returning it with all the emotion she could.

Nick was relieved to know that he hadn't made a complete and total idiot of himself.

When they separated, clearly out of breath, Nick looked at Momoko, seeing nothing but love in her emerald-green eyes.

"Is that what you wanted to say, Nick?" Momoko gasped, still short on breath but extremely happy.

"Yeah," Nick answered. "I love you, Momoko. I think I always have."

Momoko couldn't help but smile. "I love you, too, Nick. I think I felt the same way."

As they reached out to hug each other, Momoko suddenly remembered something. "Hey, Nick! I just remembered, when your parents walked out, I sensed something really strange. Their auras were corrupted beyond anything I've ever seen before. You think that's why they attacked you?"

"Has to be," Nick answered, cuddling with his new girlfriend. "It's really the only reason I can think of. But why ARE their auras corrupted?"

"Not sure," Momoko continued. "We'd probably need some first-hand experience to figure this one out, since this problem is obviously magical. Why don't we postpone the sleepover and head to the shop?"

Nick perked up at that. "You mean Majomonroe-san's shop? It's been ages since you've been there!"

"I have a feeling Majomonroe dealt with this before," Momoko giggled. "It'd be the best place to start. Let's go!"

Nick nodded, and together, the green and yellow witches rushed out into the early evening streets hand in hand.

After about fifteen minutes, Nick and Momoko had reached Majomonroe's Magical Sweets Shop.

"Well, Momoko, what do you think we'll find in there?" Nick asked.

Momoko smiled at her boyfriend. "Hopefully, the answers to what we're looking for."

To be continued...

(Author's Note: The first ending theme for The Final Cut will be "Koi Suru Miracle" by Ayako Kawasumi, Yuki Matsuoka, Chiwa Saito, and Tomoko Kawakami!)

(Footage: The moon sparkles brightly as the sequence begins.)

Setsunai koi no kazu dake yozora ni hoshi wa kirameku
(This painful love shines like stars in the night sky)

(Footage: Pan down to the Jewelry World MAHO-dou as the sequence begins. All of the lights in the shop are on, and everyone is apparently very busy.)

Dakara kujikenai de itsu no hi ka negai wa kanau no
(So don't break down if your day's wish comes true)

(Footage: After a couple seconds, Nick opens the door, looks around a few times, and shuts it again, giving the all-clear to his fellow Ojamajos. During the instrumental break, cut to Momoko walking down the late-night streets of Misora, her hands behind her head.)

Sotto mitsumete ite jikan ga tomaru hodo ni
(I sadly stare at this clock, wishing it would stop)

(Footage: Doremi squirts cake frosting from a tube, trying to spell something on a cake.)

Koi shitara donna koto mo supesharu ne kitto
(If I fall in love with you, what sort of special things would happen?)

(Footage: Hazuki is hanging random cut-out objects from a large banner. Most of them resemble pastries and basketballs.)

Yume miteta shunkan otozureru sono tame ni
(I benefit from the dream I had when you visited me)

(Footage: Aiko twirls her wand around, using her magic to create lighting effects in the air. Cut to Onpu looking over her lyric sheets.)

Namida sae mo jueru ni kaeru mahou o kakete
(You work your magic even if jewels become tears)

(Footage: Hana does a few twirls while giggling happily. Poppu quickly points out some of the streamers, causing both her and Hana to laugh, and Fami just smiles at the antics of the group's youngest members.)

Yuzurenai kimochi mirai no watashi ni natte iku hazu
(I'll never give up my feelings to my future)

(Footage: As Momoko continues to walk, she notices the lights and bustle of the Jewelry World MAHO-dou. After looking at it for a few seconds, she nods and starts walking towards it.)

Dakara akiramenai de jounetsu o moya shitsuzukete ku
(It burns with pain and pleasure, but I won't abandon it)

(Footage: As everyone continues the preparations, Nick suddenly notices Momoko approaching, and turns to the Ojamajos while waving both of his hands. The Ojamajos all salute and scatter in different directions.)

Hageshii sukuoru no naka kenage ni saku hana no you ni
(Even in the face of a violent storm, the brave flower blooms)

(Footage: Momoko opens the door to see Nick waiting for her. Nick takes his girlfriend's hand and kisses it lightly, causing Momoko to blush. Not wasting any time, Nick leads her in.)

Mainichi o motto kagayakasete ashita no egao o shinjite
(With the sky becoming brighter every day, I give a smile for tomorrow)

(Footage: Momoko takes a few steps in, and all of the Ojamajos burst out, surprising the yellow witch. A large banner reads "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOMOKO!" Momoko stares for a few seconds, and then she smiles very brightly. She takes Nick's hand and rushes forward. The sequence ends with a still shot of Momoko rushing to the other Ojamajos.)

On the next episode...

Doremi: Hey, everybody! It feels so good to be back!

Aiko: It hasn't really been that long, has it?

Fami: Um, try FIVE YEARS, Ai-chan.

Onpu: We've all been busy doing something or another, but now we've returned!

Hazuki: I'm so happy Kellysi-chan and Momo-chan confessed their feelings for each other!

Doremi: But this is only the beginning of this adventure, right?

Momoko: That's right! We all meet up in the Majokai and try to find out just what's going on, why Nick's parents attacked him.

Aiko: Sounds like a lazy couch potato's storyline.

Poppu: Ai-chan, don't be rude!

Hana: Hana-chan's so excited! So excited!

Momoko: So am I, Hana-chan, but we'll have to wait a bit for the next episode.


Fami: Only about a week, I think.

Doremi: I hope a week is all it takes, because I really wanna see where this is headed! But wait... who's that strange girl with the long keys? And what's with that shadow thing?

Nick: Next time on Ojamajo Doremi Diamond and Pearl: The Final Cut! "Escape to the Majokai! The Ojamajos Stand on Solid Ground!"

Momoko: Remember, memories are pearl and friendships are diamonds!

Doremi: Stay true to what you believe, and don't ever give up!