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The pairing of Gabrielle/Lilyii was discovered by me. I would greatly appreciate being given credit if you use them.

1. sky

She fell from her broom, the sky spinning around her.

2. lock

Lily had the door to her heart locked.

3. key

Gabrielle found the key.

4. saved

The redheaded spitfire saved her from herself.

5. chance

She took a chance and pressed her lips against the younger woman's.

6. bonfire

Lily first laid eyes on her around the yearly PotterWeasleyScamander bonfire night.

7. diary

Her handwriting is scrawled across the pages that tell of heartbreak, forbidden feelings, love, and everything in between.

8. hours

There was never enough hours in the day to spend together.

9. fun

"Let's go out on the town and have some fun."

10. place

Gabrielle's place would always be beside her.

11. wait

She couldn't wait to get her alone and take off that so very short skirt.

12. learn

It took her less than two hours to learn that Lily liked to be tickled.


Her eyes were almost iridescent.

14. princess

Lily never was one who believed in fairy tales until she met an angel with blonde hair and dark eyes.

15. yellow

Yellow really wasn't her color but she wore it for her.

16. weather

Lily liked to fly every day, no matter what the weather.

17. pillow

Her pillow is stained with tears.

18. linger

Her touch always seems to linger on Lily's skin.

19. coffee

By now, she knows how she likes her coffee.

20. nameless

Before her, she was just another Potter.

21. letters

There was a stack of letters in the attic that told of an amazing love story.

22. eat

Lily loved to eat her apple pies.

23. peace

When they were with each other, they were finally at peace.

24. storm

Their relationship was a storm of passion.

25. breakfast

They ate together in comfortable silence.

26. belonging

Lily finally found the place where she belonged.

27. flower

She was her little Lily-flower.

28. wonder

Gabrielle found herself wondering what she did to deserve the little redhead.

29. still

The world went still when their eyes met.

30. butterflies

Her stomach fills with butterflies when she looks at the redhead.

31. faith

They had faith in their relationship.

32. die

Lily would never tell anyone but her greatest fear was to die without her by her side.

33. missed

She missed her when she was away working.

34. story

Their story had only just began.

35. helpful

"Can you help me with this paper?"

36. tragedy

Everyone thought it was only going to end up one way...they were wrong.

37. goose

The first thing that Lily ever cooked was a goose.

38. simple

Gabrielle realized fairly quickly that anything connected to Lily Luna was never simple.

39. forgetful

She was a bit forgetful when she was around.

40. red

Every time she saw something red, she would think of her flaming locks of hair.

41. desperate

She was desperate for her kisses.

42. never

"I won't ever leave you."

43. go

"I should go," she says before she's cut off with a kiss.

44. heartless

Lily Luna isn't as heartless as she pretends.

45. watermelon

Her lips tasted like watermelon.

46. song

It was their song, okay?

47. daisies

Her name's Lily but she likes daisies better.

48. jolted

Gabrielle was always slightly jolted when she woke up to find her in bed beside her - how could she be so lucky?

49. leaving

She swore she would never leave.

50. record

Lily recorded every moment of their relationship.