What Happens Twice Can Happen Thrice

Ch. 1 Screech

Abby looked into the eyes of her childhood friend again. No, this wasn't her friend. Her friend was gone, replaced by this monster. This murderer that killed her friends and family.

"We were kids," she bit out, the piece of glass shaking in her hand. "Don't blame me for what you've done."

She stepped forward and made Henry retreat.

"Y-You're sick," she added. "You need help."

Henry didn't look threatened, only amused. It scared her even more.

"You were gonna marry Trish," she let out in a rush, her blood pounding in her ears.

"The wedding was the only way I could think of to get you back to the island," Henry answered.

Abby backed him up into the kitchen. "Everyone's dead."

"They had to go. They were in our way," Henry explained easily.

"Wakefield killed my mom and dad," Abby's voice shook. Sudden realization swept over her. "She was your mom too."

"She threw me away," Henry's voice had hardened, full of hatred.

"You're my brother," she whispered.

"I can do the math," Henry replied.

Abby stared at him, her breath coming in short gasps.

"Abby, it doesn't matter. No one else knows." Henry said, spreading his arms out. "Hell the Dunns never told me, do you know how that felt?"

"I don't care how that felt," Abby spat.

Then Henry began to explain everything, but Abby didn't want to hear it. She didn't want to listen to this demon talk in her friend's voice. Then he said those three words.

"I love you."

"NO!" Abby yelled, throwing down the glass piece and grabbing the telescope to her left. She shattered the glass in the door and ran.

Abby woke up to a screeching sound. She bolted upright in bed and her eyes flew around the room. Where was she? Where was Henry? An arm wrapped around her waist and she screamed.

"Abby, Abby it's OK," her husband shushed. "It's Jimmy."

She turned around and faced her shirtless husband of ten years. "J-Jimmy?"

Jimmy Mance pulled his distraught wife into his arms. "Another nightmare?" he mumbled.

Abby gripped him as she nodded. Tears fell out of her dark eyes as she recalled her time in hell.

"He's dead Abby, remember? You killed him. Henry can't hurt you."

Jimmy was so absorbed on comforting his wife that he hadn't noticed a little girl peaking in the door.

"Dawn sweetie, what are you doing up?" he asked the child.

The ten-year-old pushed her dark brown hair, the same shade as her mother's, behind her ear. "I heard Mom yell. Is she OK?"

"Come here baby," Abby cooed to the little girl.

Dawn's dark brown, almost black, eyes lit up as she scurried over to her parents. She climbed into the bed between them.

"Are you alright Mom?" she asked.

Abby sniffed and tried not to burst into tears at the sight of her daughter. "Yes I am. I just had a bad dream."

She loved her daughter with all her heart, and she wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. But sometimes she wondered…

"I hate those," the little girl agreed, nodding.

"Well Dawnie, how about you and me make breakfast?" Jimmy asked, standing and stretching.

"Okay Dad!" the girl grinned, giving her mother a fleeting kiss before following the man who raised her.

Abby watched her little girl and her love go. She knew Jimmy diverted Dawn's attention away from her so she would have time to pull herself together. She went into the bathroom attached to her and Jimmy's room and turned on the hot water in the shower. She stripped and climbed in, wanting the pulsing of the tap to loosen her tense muscles and the heat to cleanse her mind of the memories. Of course, this was only a temporary fix, but it was a fix well warranted. After they had escaped Harper's Island, she and Jimmy got engaged after the media attention died down. The reason they did so was simple: Dawn. Abby had been pregnant. Jimmy was happy no matter what, he had been planning on proposing anyway, Dawn had just sped things up. There had been no ceremony, no white dress, only a judge and a nice sun dress on Abby's part. Jimmy had worn a simple button down shirt and nice pants. They hadn't said it, but it seemed that they were both afraid of having an elaborate affair, after what had happened to poor Trish.

Despite the hot water, Abby shuddered at the memory of Trish lying on the altar dead, her wedding dress stained with blood.

Abby swallowed hard and shook her head. She had to get rid of those thoughts, or else she would never be able to go to work, and today she was bringing Dawn. Her daughter had been so excited when she was told that Mommy was bringing her to the newspaper building. Abby was a journalist who worked for the LA Times. She liked writing, and it had helped her work through her grief. She kept a diary that no one ever saw, not even Jimmy. No one could ever see it. The tiny, leather book held secrets that could destroy everything. She hid it in a place no one would ever find it.

"Mama, breakfast is ready!" Dawn's voice brought her out of her thoughts.

"Okay sweetie, I'll be ready in a minute!" she called through the closed door.

Abby finished washing then turned the water off. She stepped out of the shower and got ready for her day.

"Hi sweetie," the mother greeted her daughter, kissing the top of her dark locks as the child ate pancakes.

"Morning Mommy!" she chirped. "Are you feeling better?"

Abby smiled and hugged her daughter, "Much better Dawnie, thank you."

"Good morning Mrs. Mance," Jimmy said, putting a plate of pancakes on the table.

"Good morning to you Mr. Mance," Abby returned, kissing Jimmy on the mouth.

The couple heard their daughter giggle at the sight. Unlike most children her age, Dawn liked the romance between her parents. Sometimes they weren't happy, but they always had each other. That's why she liked seeing it.

"Eat good today Dawn, we have a busy day ahead of us," Abby said as she put pancakes on her plate. "And what's this? Daddy didn't burn them?"

"Ha ha, funny," Jimmy said sarcastically. "Your daughter helped."

"No wonder they're so good."

The little family chatted over breakfast. You would have never known that two of them were once victims of a psychopath.

Dawn sat in the backseat of her mother's car. She waved out the window to Jimmy as they pulled away. He smiled and waved back. The child turned her attention back to the book in her hands. She loved reading. She read anything she could get her hands on, and she read above her age level, delving into high school level literature. She loved loosing herself in a story. Dawn particularly liked reading adventure books. She settled down into the seat and buried her nose in the book.

Abby glanced in the mirror and smiled at the sight of her daughter reading yet another book.

"What do you got there Dawn?"

Her daughter's dark eyes shot up from the words to her mother. "I Am Number Four."

"What's that about?" Abby asked, smiling.

She knew her daughter loved to be asked about her books, and so her question encouraged the little girl to prattle about the plot and characters. Abby listened and occasionally asked a question to prove she was listening.

"That sounds like a good book. What chapter are you on?"


Abby was surprised, "Didn't Dad buy that book for you yesterday?"


Abby laughed, "My little reader."

"I wanna be a writer like you Mom!" Dawn said.

Abby smiled, "I'm sure you could be sweetie."

Dawn went back to her book, and Abby continued down the crowded street.

As she drove down the street, Abby glanced at the crosswalk to make sure no stray passerby was coming. Her eyes drifted to the corner ahead of her.

That's when she saw him.


He was standing on the corner, looking straight at her car, looking straight at her. He was still while the people walked around him. Abby's eyes widened in fear.

Henry smiled.

Suddenly, the blaring of a horn brought her out of her shell shocked state and she noticed the light had turned red. Abby stepped on the brake and her car screeched to a halt.

When her car finally did stop, Abby paused and tried to control her breathing.

"Dawn! Are you alright?" she asked, worried.

"I'm fine," her daughter replied quietly. "What happened Mom?"

The ten-year-old looked pale and shaken up. Abby felt concern for her child over her own fear.

"I just got distracted. Are you sure you're OK?"

Dawn nodded and Abby finally let herself look at the corner again.

But Henry was gone.

If he had even been there at all.