The Oogiejess Dare 2


Emmy sighed since she was feeling very board. Raina, trachie17 and Starz were away and so were her boyfriends Nosedive and Brooklyn, with almost an entire day over she didn't know what to do... Suddenly an idea poped into her head. She remembered the dare she had made with her friend Oogiejess and this was the perfect time to make another one!

Emmy went to Jessy's house and found Jessy, awake and happy to see Emmy. "Emmy, nice to see you!" "Jessy, i just have an idea." Emmy said as she went in the house of her friend "Remember the Oogiejess dare?" "I sure do." Jessy said then she said "Should i turn into Oogiejess your way or my way?" "Your way." Emmy said Jessy nodded and drinked her Hyde drink and transformed into Oogiejess.

"You wanna sleep over Little Supper?" Oogiejess asked "Acctually," Emmy said "I want to expand the dare, i wanna see if i can live in you for a week." "A week?" Oogiejess asked with a smile "Sure! But first maybe i could 'decorate' you a bit."

Later that Night.

Oogiejess's stomach growled loudly as it un-easily waited for Emmy to be inside "Easy you." Oogiejess told her growling stomach. "Now Emmy, are you ready?" "Let's go for it." Emmy said as she sat down inside a pot. Oogiejess got some chocolate ice cream and covered Emmy all over in the ice cream. The chill of the ice cream made Emmy giggle happily soon Emmy was burried in ice cream from chocolate to even vanilla. Next Oogiejess covered whipped cream all over her best friend's body making her laugh.

"Are you done yet?" Emmy asked "Almost," the monster said "I just need a cherry." Oogiejess looked around but couldn't find a cherry "Nuts, all out." "Then maybe we could use other foods." Emmy sugested as she moved some slipping whipped cream on her head "You're right!" Oogiejess said "How about, one of everything?"

In no time Emmy was covered in fruits and vegetables along with chocolate sauce, nuts, and other toppings Oogiejess licked her lips hungrily and said "Just look at you," She cooed "Just perfect to eat." "Yes," Emmy said.

Oogiejess grabbed her friend and placed her head inside her mouth. She then started gulping Emmy down as the food trinkled down her lips and into the pot, careful not to spill any on the floor. In less then a moment Emmy plopped inside her friend's tummy with a splash.

Oogiejess licked her lips happily as she started caressing the wobbling orb Emmy made in her stomach as the girl inside squirmed inside "You taste wonderful." HE/she said as the monster burped lightly as Emmy kept moving "Tomorrow, it's the starting point." Oogiejess rubbed her tummy as Emmy kept moving around inside. "You think next time we can do a month or a year?" "A year?" Emmy asked "That's to long! "Ok, Ok," the gender fused monster said "Just a month."

Oogiejess patted her huge gut as Emmy kept moving around, with no sign of stopping "Is she going to keap this (Hic!) up all night?" the monster asked his/herself. Her stomach gurgled as Emmy kept kicking around inside happily with giggles. She/he patted her gullet sweetly as Emmy slowly stopped kicking and wiggling Oogiejess belched as her massive belly slowly calmed down until finally the orb in her belly was still.

With a sigh of happyness Oogiejes patted her tummy as Emmy slept inside, safe and sound in her second home. "Good Night, Little Supper." She said motherly she went to her bedroom and got into bed. As she drifted to sleep Emmy suddenly started kicking and punching in her sleep. "Oh my," the monster said quietly and playfully "Even when she's asleep she still active inside me." As she/he moved her/his arm across the saged out large belly while Emmy kept moving inside she said "And that's (Hic! Hic! Hic!) just fine by me."

The Oogiejess Dare was on again.