A/N: Inspired by the novel "Dark Demon: by Christine Feehan Part 2/2

The dark demon within rises up

raises it's head an sniffs danger

it unfurls deep within the belly of the host

stretching and straining for release

a roar rumbles in the back of the throat

the demon claws and rips and tears

yearns to be unleashed on evils greater than itself

it takes over and fills veins with new life

replacing fear with quiet action

pulse kicks and jaw works; waiting

the demon strikes, rips bone and flesh and branch

fisted claws break through graven chest

it grips the still beating heart, jerking and pulling

the enemy falls, gasping and shrieking

the heart tries to return to its body

raising the torn bloody flesh above its head

lightening strikes down, incinerates the heart

another evil vanquished, frozen in aging

the dark demon has been satisfied

it coils back, into the belly of the host

darkness nurtured, it waits to be called upon again

the host, breathless with battle

returns to the shadows of the wood

where the hunt rages on.