"Mom? Mooooom! Are you off today?" Ella asked as she walked in to Elizabeth's bedroom. "Mooooom! It's time to get up!" "What time is it?" "7 am." Ella said. "I'm going to school in a hour." "Ella..please don't wake me up this early. I'm on maternity leave, remember? Make sure the twins go to school too." Elizabeth said. "I'm sooo tired, and my back is killing me." "Can I get you anything?" "Nope, it's okay. I wouldn't wanna hurt the baby, because my back is killing me." "We'll be gone then. See you this afternoon."

"Mooom! I'm home!" Ella yelled, standing down the stairs. "The twins are outside." Ella didn't get a reaction and she assumed her mom was still sleeping. Half an hour later she went upstairs, because her mother still hadn't come downstairs. "Mom?" It was dark in the room. Ella turned on the light. "Mom?" She walked to the bed and touched her mother's face. Elizabeth's face was burning."Mom are you okay?" Ella lifted up the blankets and saw that her mother was laying in her own blood. "Oh my god! Moooom! Wake up!!!" Ella cryed. Elizabeth didn't react. Ella ran to the phone and dialed 911.

"Sorry kiddo, you can't get on. You'll have to get to County yourself." The ambulance drove away, leaving a desperate Ella in front of the house. "Think Ella, Think. Get yourself to the hospital as soon as possible...but how?" Ella said to herself. She thought for a moment. "Abby! Abby!" Ella locked the doors of the house, ran to the playground, told her sisters to come with her and then ran as fast as she could to Abby's house. Ella rang the doorbell and banged at the door. "Relax man!" She heard Abby saying. "Ella, what's up?" Abby asked when she opened the door. "Hi, girls." Abby continued as the twins ran to the doorstep too. "You....You need to take me to the hospital. It's mom." Ella said. "What? What's wrong?" "She's...I don't know. I came home, she was still asleep, I thought. But when I checked half an hour later, she was burning up and she was laying in her own blood." "Oh my god.....John! John! I gotta take Ella to the hospital, Elizabeth had a bleeding!" "What, what? Calm down." John said. "What's wrong?" "Elizabeth had a bleeding, Ella found her in her own blood." "Ella, bleeding from what?" "I don't know, I think from downthere." Ella pointed between her legs. "What could it be John?" Abby asked. "I think it's an internal bleeding...but I'm not sure. It's possible she's just gonna have the baby, but it could be something else. I can't tell. Abby will take you to the hospital." John said. "I'll take care of these two, you can't take them with you." He took the twins inside and said goodbye to Abby and Ella.

"Randi! Where's Dr. Corday?" "She's not working." "Never mind, Randi." Abby said. "Why can't they hire normal people here?" She whispered to Ella. "Let's go find mom!" "Sure, sorry." Abby said. "Luka! My mom was brought in, have you seen her?" Ella asked. "No, sorry."

Abby told Ella to relax and she took her to the admin desk again. "Dr. Weaver?" "Abby. How can I help you?" "This is Ella, Elizabeth's daughter?" "Oh..you're looking for Elizabeth, aren't you?" "She's upstairs. Susan took care of her. I suggest you go to Susan. She's in the suture room." "Thanks." Abby and Ella walked to the suture room.

"Susan! How's my mom?" "Excuse me?" Susan turned around and looked at a girl who looked exactly like Elizabeth. "You took care of my mom, right?" "Oh Ella, right." Susan said. "We were able to stop the bleeding. She's upstairs now, having an ultrasound. We need to make sure the baby is okay too. What happened to her?" "I don't know.I think she's been in bed all day, because she was still in bed when I came home from school. I went upstairs 30 minutes later and I found her, bleeding. Can I go see her?" "We had to give her several drugs to wake her up. Sure you can see her. I'll find you someone who can take you upstairs." "Can't Abby take me?" "Sure, sorry."

Ella told Abby she was scared. She didn't know what to say to her mom. Abby comforted her and Ella went in the room to see her mother. "Ella." Elizabeth smiled. "Thank you." "For what?" "For taking me here." "What happened, mom?" "I don't know. I wanted to get up, but I couldn't. Few seconds later I think I passed out." "It was scary.I thought you would loose the baby or something." "I'm glad I didn't." Elizabeth said. "Come over here." She said to Ella who was still standing on the doorstep. Ella slowly walked to her mother, who kissed her. "Hi, beautiful." "Hi." Ella smiled. "Where's the twins?" "With Carter. Abby took me here and I left the twins with Carter." Ella said. "When can you go home, mom?" "Not yet. They want to keep me here for observation, because of this sudden bleeding. It didn't have an effect on the baby, but if it will happen again it might." "Do you have to stay here for a month??" "No, sweetie. Only for a few days. Listen to me: You can't stay home by yourself with the twins. I need to figure something out, you need to stay somewhere." "Maybe we can stay with Abby?" "The 3 of you? 5 kids in one house? I don't think Abby and John really appreciate that!" Elizabeth said. "Can't we ask?"

Abby took Ella back to her place. She and Elizabeth had agreed the kids could stay at their place. It was getting pretty late and Abby was glad to enter a quiet place. All the kids were asleep. "Shit!" Ella said. "What?" "I need my notebook!" "We have paper and a pen too." "No, I need Rachel's notebook. I have to go home." "What are you talking about? Oh.never mind. I'll take you home." "Thanks." 5 minutes later, Abby and Ella came back. Ella had told Abby about the notebooks, she'd given Abby one to read. "I'm going upstairs." Ella said. "Read." Abby smiled and she said goodnight. John was asleep on the couch. She didn't want to wake him up, so she decided to go upstairs too, after covering John up with a blanket.