The story you are about to read is my first fanfic. Please no flames. This is told entirely from Sonic's POV, so keep that in mind.

Chapter 1

The Melody of the Unknown

The base was like an old factory, suddenly restored by some demonic force. Tails, Silver and I were standing at the front doors, getting ready to enter the obvious traps waiting inside.

The day before, the GUN commander sent the Team Dark agents into Eggman's fortress, in order to acquire his latest plans. Several hours later, he had received a distress call from inside the base, signaling that they had discovered his plans, but have been captured. Although none of us were affiliated with the Guardian Units of Nations, the three of us were drafted onto the rescue team, with communicators to remain intact with each other.

Silver then pushed the door open with his psycho kinesis, interrupting my train of thought. "So, you two ready for this?" He asked confidently. Tails and I followed him into the base. The interior was fairly typical, as per Eggman's standards went. Large amounts of metal, few escape routes, and factory-esque designs.

Shortly after we set foot in the metallic hall, I heard something…out of place. A strange song played on what sounded like an English vessel flute. I than felt my head ache horribly, and I closed my Eyes to try and erase the pain. The second I did, an odd I saw what seemed like an old video play on the inside of my eyelids. I watched as a young boy clothed in green approached this tiny pedestal, in which a majestic looking sword was embedded. It had a purple handle that ended with wing-like hand guards at the hilt, with a yellow gem embedded in it. The boy walked up to the sword, and pulled it out of the stone like it was the easiest thing in the world as a wall of light engulfed the circular platform it was on. Everything went white, but through it I could see a dark-skinned man about the same age as Eggman standing triumphantly in his ebony armor. He laughed evilly, his ultimate goal almost achieved thanks to that boy…

"Sonic… Sonic… are you alright?" I snaped back to reality at the sound of my bro's concerned voice. I looked at him and saw that he was holding onto my shoulders, keeping me upright. The pain in my head had subsided, and I was able to see straight.

"Man, what was that?" I asked nobody in particular. Tails and Silver just stared at me, like I was still out. "What was what?" the white hedgehog responded. I explained about the odd melody and the vision, but both of them said that they did not hear anything like that song. I wondered why only I had heard that song.

"Sonic, forget about it for now. We came here to find Team Dark, remember?" Silver stated. I nodded my head in response. We decided to split up and cover more ground. I took the central hallway, Tails went in the direction of the boiler room (A/N do not ask how they know where the boiler room is) and Silver lifted himself through the skylight to utilize aerial surveillance. While I was walking down the hall, I heard the instrument again, but it was playing a different tune. Something more…soothing and relaxing. I found myself humming along to it when it started repeating. It was just so enjoyable.

I eventually found the core of the base. In there, I found Shadow, Rouge, and Omega in stasis pods along the furthest wall. Using the master release code the commander supplied, I freed them from the prison, and they collapsed onto the floor. When they came to seconds later they looked up at me then looked around my back. I followed their line of sight and saw that egghead hovering in front of the exit, Orbot and Cubot floating at his side.

"Eggman" the four of us all said at once. The guy just laughed at us manically. I then noticed that he had Tails and Silver tied up and gagged, being restrained by a small group of Egg Pawns. "Do you honestly think sheer numbers is going to make a difference against me?" The doctor taunted. Silver tried to utilize his powers, but one of his holders simply hit him across his head. The same was done to Tails, but was done a lot harder and for no apparent reason.

"WHY DID YOU HAVE THAT HAPPEN? NO ONE ATTACKS MY BEST FRIENDS FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER AN GETS AWAY WITH IT!" I screamed at him. I looked at Eggman, expecting him to be humoring me with a face of mock horror, but instead he looked confused. The same was true for his robotic companions. It then hit me like a thunderclap that I had said that threat in another language, and if I was not aware of my own sentences, I would not have understood a word I had said. I looked around the room, and saw the puzzled looks of everyone present. I noted that Silver displayed a look of surprise instead of confusion.

"What is-" I began to say, but I cut myself short when I noticed I was still using that bizarre language. I grabbed my throat in shock. I heard Omega attempt to translate what I had said, but failed when he could not find any match in his databanks. I looked at Silver again and saw him attempting to signal Eggman. But he was completely ignored by the perplexed genius.

"Hey, he's trying to talk to you!" I screamed at Eggman, but he continued to stare at me.

"I have no idea what you just said, but now is the time to finally destroy you, Sonic!" was the doctor's response. A large army of his robots flooded the room, and quickly got Tails and Silver free from their captors. Shadow and I undid the knots on Silver's bonds, while Rouge handled Tails. The six of us then looked at the sea of machines surrounding us.

"Well, this could be fun." Rouge muttered to no one in particular. Shadow was about to ask me for any ideas, but he then remembered that everything I said was coming out in what had to be gibberish, so he asked Tails instead. As my buddy began outlining his battle strategy, I heard that same melody from last time, but it was played on a harp. I could swear that I felt the notes seem to pull on me. A bright light engulfed my vision, and I lost all feeling in my lower legs, and fell to my knees. It felt as if I was being pulled away from everyone. I heard everyone there call out to me before I passed out, feeling myself vanish from this reality.

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