Here it is! The climatic finale to Wind of Time! Expect a lot of action and in depth battle scenes. For here, everything will end.

Chapter 14

Ganon's Final Stand

Link and I immediately ran out of the Temple, chasing down the Gerudo Tyrant. After dealing with ReDeads, we came to the castle that I woke up in when I first arrived in Hyrule. Wow, I completely forgot about the bottomless pit of death. Fortunately, Rauru and the other sages provided a rainbow bridge that granted access to the castle. It felt solid enough, so I ran straight into the stronghold, the Hero of Time following behind me.

In the center of the fortress, a large tower stood erect, with these six sinister barriers blocking access to it. They were easy enough to dispel, and the two of us ran into the tower without a second thought. The trials inside the tower heading up were fairly challenging, but nothing we couldn't handle. At the top of the tower, there was our villain, the captured Zelda floating in her crystal cage near the ceiling of the room. Ganondorf had his back to us, playing some dark tune on an organ in front of him.

Link reacted as if in pain, and glanced at his hand. I did the same and saw his Triforce of Courage glow with renowned brilliance. The same happened with Zelda's Triforce of Wisdom. Looking at Ganondorf, I noticed his mark was glowing as well. I knew exactly what was happening; the pieces of the Triforce were resonating with one another, attempting to merge back into one once more. The only thing holding them back is their holders.

Ganondorf chuckled at the feeling, enjoying the pull of the other pieces.

"Why do you resist?" he asked the hero. "These toys are far to powerful for you to use."

Link glared at the tyrant, his hatred imminent with immense clarity. "Why shouldn't I hold this back? I wouldn't trust a man as evil as you with this kind of power. As if you needed any more of that." I smirked at Link's crude joke, but the tyrant felt little of it. Prepared for battle, he hovered into the air, spewing waves of darkness into the area. With a mighty pound, a ring of floor panels around him fell, force us to back up.

He soon gathered energy in one hand, and launched an orb of magic at Link, which he knocked back with his sword. I sensed a game of Dead Man's Volley coming on, and got into a ready stance. Sure enough, the King of Evil knocked the ball back at Link, who knocked it back at Ganondorf, who sent it my way, and I kicked the ball right back at the tyrant, and he sent it towards Link. He knocked the ball back at Gaonodorf, who finally faltered and received the brunt of the attack. Link quickly notched a light arrow, and sent it at Ganondorf. The light pierced his dark armor, and he went down, to which Link quickly jump attacked him. Ganondorf caught the blade in between the middle and index fingers on his right hand, though still reacted in pain at the blade's touch. I laughed at his stupid decision. The Master Sword is nicknamed "The Blade of Evil's Bane" for a reason. It contains the power to repel darkness, and it would be impossible for someone with an evil heart to even touch the handle without feeling immense pain. Link was holding the sword in his left hand, which would have canceled out any resistance the Triforce of Power might have given Ganondorf.

Provided it gave him any.

Taking the opportunity, I charged at the tyrant and gave him a good kick to the ribs, taking advantage of his lowered guard. However, he simply swatted me aside with his free hand, and I crashed into the far wall. I had to be more careful with this guy. That strength is incredible. I guess that was to be expected, given that we're dealing with someone who possesses the Triforce of Power.

As the battle raged on, I noticed the tyrant seemed to be getting more and more desperate, as if he knew we had him on the ropes. After several hours of Dead Man's Volley and botched magic, the Great King of Evil finally went down for the count. The walls of the room crumbled away, and Zelda's crystal prison shattered. However, the castle soon started to fall apart, forcing all of us to flee. I decided to take an easy route and using my blistering speed, ran over to the edge of the room, and leapt over to safety.

Once I landed, I turned to see the castle crumbling into a pile of rubble. I watched Link and Zelda run out of a side door just as the place completely fell, and they met up with me near the front gates.

"Link, Sonic, it is relieving to…" the princess began, but a sinister presence interrupted her. I looked over to the rubble, and noticed some dark aura gathering under some still pile of stone. The Hero of Time moved closer to the anomaly, with me not too far behind. Instantly, Ganondorf emerged from the rocks, and hovered above us. His Triforce glowed fiercly, and it looked like he was undergoing some kind of change. The mark glowed so brightly that I could hardly see the guy, but when the light faded, I immediately wished that was still the case. The Gerudo King had transformed himself into something that was difficult to describe, but in simplexes resembled a giant, muscular warthog with Ganondorf's torn robes hanging from its body.

He had become Ganon, the demon of power.

Two golden swords materialized in his hands, and Link immediately drew his weapon. However, the King of Pigs (A/N: thanks yet again to Heart of PureSilver for the insulting nickname for the guy. Someone remind me to ask her whenever I need to think of some insulting nickname for a fic's primary antagonist) was wise to this, and he immediately knocked the blade out of the Hero's hand, and the weapon flew several feet through the air, landing point down behind the princess, just before a wall of flames cut her off from us.

Just great.

The unarmed hero backed up slowly, watching the pig monster unflinchingly. He pulled out that hammer he found in the Fire Temple, but I had little idea of how much help it will be.

I could see he will be outmatched, but I had a decent Idea of what had to be done. While Link distracted the monster, I mustered up all of my concentration, and focused on the memory of my friends.







Everyone bock home on my world…

On cue, the seven Emeralds materialized around me, and their power lifted me skyward. I began the mantra.

"The servers are the seven chaos… chaos is power… power is enriched by the heart… the controller serves to unify the chaos… This is our last chance. I ask of you, lend me your strength… the strength to protect everyone I hold dear. That is my only wish."

As I finished the mantra, the Chaos Emeralds began to orbit my body, at a steadily increasing speed.


With that, the Emeralds circled so that all view of me was obscured. A cocoon of light, born of the Emeralds' power, encased me, so that the transformation would take place. I felt the energy piercing my being, empowering my heart. The light of the Emeralds seemed to grab everyone's attention, but they were aware of what I was doing before hand. As the last of the energy entered my body, the cocoon dispersed, revealing Super Sonic in all his Golden Glory. The sight seemed to captivate the holders of the Triforce, as the battle came to a temporary ceasefire as I left the field of light. Zelda herself seemed captivated by the golden hedgehog floating above her.

Ganon quickly came to his senses and turned his attention on me. He tried to swipe his swords at me, but was unfamiliar with my super form. I dodged the attack in the blink of an eye, and flew around behind him and slashed the tail with a blade of light I conjured up. The magical muscular mutant pig writhed in immense pain at the blow. His tail is his weak point. Ganon fought with immense determination, but between me and Link, he did not stand a chance. Eventually, Link was able to recover his sword, and then we really went to town on him.

With the finishing chance at hand, I empowered the Master Sword with the Chaos energy burning within me, and Link proceeded to dig it into the tyrant's head. Immediately after that, Zelda and the other sages proceeded to seal Ganondorf in the Sacred Realm, but I could hear him promise the two Hylians that he would one day return to extract his revenge on their decedents. With the battle over, Zelda said her apologies to Link and I and used the Ocarina of Time to send the hero back to his own time to live out the time he missed sealed in the sacred realm. The same power sent me on my way back home, the emeralds guiding the way.

I arrived at Angel Island, the bodies of my six friends sitting comatose in a circle near the Master Emerald. The wormhole closed behind me, and my super form ended itself. The spirits of my friends soon returned to their bodies, and all of them came over to me, offering me their congrats at Ganon's defeat. Like there was ever any doubt?

I closed my eyes and saw one last image of the adventure. A younger Link approaching a fair young maiden who could only be Princess Zelda.