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Danny POV.

"Sam! I don't want to go to the UK." I said. Tucker was also with us but was to busy on his PDA to pay attention to the conversation.

"Come on Danny! It will be fun!"

"No Sam. I don't want to. I won't have any fun cause I'll have to worry about the stupid ghosts back here."

"Ugh! Fine what ever." She said. I grabbed her hand in mine and we kept walking. About two years ago Jazz and Tucker had forced us to share our feelings and boy was I glad. We finally made it to my house. They came in with me and we went to my room. Jazz was home from collage and was reading in the living room.

"I'm going to go get snacks. You want anything Danny?" Tucker asked. I shook my head.

" I am going with you to make sure the meat doesn't get on my fruit." Sam declared.

"Fine." The two of them left. I listened to their steps going down and them opening the fridge. Super senses truly are great. Out of no where there was an explosion. I ran down only to find that the whole downstairs was on fire. I looked and saw that Jazz was already gone. I went ghost and used my ice powers to try and put it out. But it wasn't working. I looked in the kitchen and saw that Tucker was on fire and not moving but I couldn't see Sam at all. I finally went down to the basement and nearly vomited. There wasn't a single whole body in the entire lab. I saw bits of hazmat suits around that were blue and orange. I quickly went back up to the kitchen and saw that Tucker wasn't breathing any more. I looked around again and saw the fridge knocked over and a hand with a black band sticking out from under it. I felt tears coming to my eyes and I flew away. I didn't know where I was going to I landed out side Vlad's house. I knocked on the door and waited till he came.

"What do you want little badger?"

"My all where to go." Was all I manged.

"What? Daniel I don't under stand."

"Mom, dad new invention, big explosion, family dead, Tucker...Sam dead all gone."

"I am sorry about that little badger. Come in and spend the night." I nodded my head because I was to sad to really think about this at all.


I woke up the next morning after having a dreamless sleep. I looked around and remembered where I was. I quickly shot out of bed changed and phased out of the house. Being there would only make it so that HE came. I flew in towards the UK. I had decided that I would honor Sam and go there. I just kept flying. I paused to sit on a passing plane to rest. Lucky for me it was going the same way that I was. After that I went on flying. I finally stopped when I found an old empty house. I fell asleep on the bed as soon as I hit it.

Harry's POV

"What is it you need professor?"?" I asked. I was sitting in his office for the third time this week since I had defeated Voldemort.

"There is a young man I need you to get. I know that it is your free hour now. He is currently in the old Riddle house but doesn't know that it was the house of Tom. He is just glad that it is warm and empty. I need you to go there and get him for me."

"Why can't you professor?"

"Because I have other items to attend to. I can however allow you too apparate there."

"Okay. What should I do with him when I find him?"

"Take him to the burrow. I will inform Molly."

"Okay I guess... What should I tell him?"

"That you are a wizard and so is he. But because he was in America and muggle born they could not take him." After he said that I nodded and left. After I got to the Riddle house I walked inside. I looked in all of the down stairs rooms first. Nothing even looked moved not even the dust. After that I walked up stairs. I looked in two rooms before finding a bed room. There was a boy with black hair just like mine sleeping on an old bed. Before I could take one step he shot up and landed in a fighting stance. He looked at me for a second while I had my wand pointed at him.

"Who are you? Why are you here?"

"My name is Harry, Harry Potter. I am here to tell you that your a wizard and that I am to take you to a safe place. What is your name? How old are you?"

"My name is Danny...Fenton. I'm sixteen. How do I know your really a wizard?" I sighed. I pointed my wand at a nearby chair and made it float.

"There happy now?"

"Please. Any ghost can do that. For all I know it is just simple telekinetic powers."

"Fine you want really magic?" He nodded. I took out my wand and made sparks shot out the end. After that I made a floating fire.

"Fine, your a wizard. I don't see why not. First there are ghosts now wizards. What next unicorns and pixis?" he said.

"Okay now that you believe me your also a wizard. And right now I need to take you to the burrow so Molly can make sure that your okay."

"Fine what ever." Just as we started to head out a blue wisp came out of his mouth he let out a low growl. Than he started to look around in the sky. Out of no where a green blast hit him in the back.

"I have found you at last ghost brat!" Said a flying metal thing.

"What ever Skulker! My family dies and you hunt me? What is your deal! I mean come on! It hasn't even been a week since the fire!"

"To bad that this isn't for me whelp. Vlad isn't very happy that you left without a word."

"Well tell the fruit loop that I had to or the world could have been in horrible danger!"

"But whelp he has already talked to Clockwork and knows what would happen." Skulker said. I looked at to Danny for answers. He shrugged and a white ring formed around his waist it split and one went up while the other went down. Soon he was wearing a black hazmat suit. It had white sleeves and black gloves. The bottom was all black with white boots. His eyes turned into a bright glowing green and his hair was bleached white. His hair looked like it had a small breeze messing with it. He let a green ball form in his hand before tossing at the other thing. After that he pulled out a thermos type thing and it sucked up the metal thing.

"What was that?" I asked.

"That was Skulker. A ghost. I fight him all the time and he tries to get my pelt or my head. Kind of depends on his mood."

"A ghost? But he looked solid!"

"Um yea. All ghosts I now are solid. Why do you know some non solid ones?"

"Yea all the ghosts at Hogwarts are never solid. Well peeves can be but only long enough for pranks."

"I knew a ghost like that for a bit. Only saw him once though. He said his name was Nick. I always called him not so headless though."

"Oh you mean nearly headless Nick. He is ghost at the school." I said. He nodded.

"So what now?"

"Grab my arm." He grabbed it and I took us to the burrow.

"Harry! How are you dear? This must be Danny! How are you sweety? Are you hungry?"

"Yea a little. Long flights you know."

"I thought Albus said you had black hair."

"That I did Molly. Harry you best get back to school now. Use the floo network." I nodded and went in to go back before my next class.

Danny POV.

After Harry went in Molly and Albus led me inside. I sat down in the living room with them. Molly waved her wand and three drinks appeared out of no where.

"So if your Danny why is your hair white? And why are your eyes green?" Molly asked.

"Well... back when I was fourteen my parents built a machine that would allow us to get into the ghost zone where all the ghosts live. It didn't work. My friends and I went to see it and one of them told me to go in. I decided to check it out. I went in and almost tripped till my hand hit the wall. I looked and saw that I had hit the 'ON' button. I got shocked with ectoplasm and ecto-energy. When I finally got out I looked like this. It was freaky at first cause I couldn't control my powers at all. I wold pass through stuff and drop it all the time. My pants fell down a lot too. Finally I got control over them and fought the ghosts the attacked the town. Than I got my ice powers and my Ghostly Wail. After a bit I changed my look. So I am only half a ghost. I am also half wizard I guess." I changed back to my human half.

"What brought you to the UK might I ask?"

"My girlfriend wanted me to come here on vacation with her. I had said no cause of the ghost troubles. Less than an hour later at my house there as an explosion from the lab where my parents where making ghost hunting weapons. The fire killed them all. I only lived cause I flew out. I saw that they where dead before I could even try to safe them. I flew to the house of my enemy than I woke up and flew here."

"Oh you poor dear! I am so sorry that happened!" Molly said.

"Why would you go to the home of your enemy?" Albus asked.

"Because he was the only one that knew about my other half that wasn't a ghost."

"Very well. The school year for Hogwarts is almost over. You can live here."

"Thanks. I guess. What about school though?"

"Hermione will be able to catch you up to the sixth year which is what you'll be in."

"Okay. I guess." I said.

"Okay, I'll take you up to the twins old room. They are both living above there shop any way." Molly said I nodded and followed her up the steps. I had a feeling that I was going to like it here.


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