The professor and Luke stared in absolute disgust at the pungent comestible which sat upon their dinner plates served by Flora. The only nicest description of her latest culinary masterpiece one could give it was that looked like it had been scraped from the bottom of a rubbish bin. That was as nice as you could get.

"Eat up!" beamed Flora "There's plenty more if you want seconds!"

She made her way back into the kitchen leaving her friends to their unfortunate predicament.

Luke was the first to speak up "Professor, please tell me you know a puzzle to help us get out of this?"

"A true gentleman never refuses a delicious meal made for him by a lady, Luke" replied Layton.

"Delicious?" cried Luke in astonishment.

"Er...not quite the word for this occasion" said Layton upon realising his mistake "but I cannot risk hurting Flora's feelings, so...bon appetite."

Both bravely picked up their forks, scooped up a small portion and slowly consumed it.

One hour later

Flora fed her two sick friends some medicine as they lay in their beds.

"You poor things, you must have caught some virus that's been going around."

Luke mumbled something that sounded like "Or we could have eaten YOUR cooking!"

Luckily Flora did not catch that. She fluffed up both Luke and Layton's pillows and tucked them in.

"Get plenty of rest and you'll be all better!"

Before she left the room, Flora delivered some parting words that struck sheer terror into both Layton and Luke.

"Tomorrow I'll make you both a big breakfast in bed!"

Luke quickly turned to one side and violently threw up all over the floor

"For heaven's sake, Luke!" groaned the professor "If one must regurgitate the entire contents of one's own stomach then one must execute the task more like a gentleman!"

Luke slowly looked back at him in utter confusion.