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Chloe looked at him, trying not to sob. They taunted and teased each other like siblings. He was constantly around her because of his job. It annoyed the hell out of her that he thought he could protect her. She was only a little younger than he, but he treated her like a child. But what hurt the most was the fact that he only thought she was a pain in the ass. She cared about him. She liked his easy-going manner. She liked the fact that he never held back. He told things the way they were; there was no bullshit with him. But the thing she liked the most, although she would never admit it, was the fact that he was always protecting her. He was like the knight in shining armor she dreamed about as a child. He had, after all, saved her life. Twice. Chloe hadn't realized just how much she cared until that moment. Until it was too late.

Chloe smiled as she walked home, her hand in Brian's. She kept telling her mom, her friends, and Alek that they were just friends, but she couldn't lie to herself. They went out. Alone. Just the two of them. He held her hand. The way he smiled at her was not the way a friend looked at another friend. And the butterflies in her stomach - definitely not friend territory. Brian was walking her home. He insisted that it was because San Francisco wasn't safe at night. She knew that the threats he was thinking of would be easy to handle, but she liked walking with him, and it wasn't like she could explain how she could take care of herself.

Brian's phone rang. "Batman theme? really?" Chloe wrinkled her nose at him. Brian pushed her playfully.

"I'll turn it off." He said looking at his phone. He stopped walking.

"What? Why'd you stop? Is it the Joker?" She teased him.

"Close. It's my father." He sighed. "I have to answer."

"It's okay." She nodded.

"Dad," he answered, "yeah...what?...I'm kind of busy...right now?...are you serious?...yeah. fine." His face turned somber. "I'm really sorry. I have to go. My Dad needs me to help with some work-thing. Apparently it can't wait. I'm so sorry. Let me call you a cab."

"Brian, it's fine. I'll be fine. My house isn't far anyway." She could use a good run. It'd been awhile since she'd been able to run outside of training.

Brian opened his mouth to protest.

"Besides, I'm more likely to get kidnapped by some creep cab driver."

He chuckled, "you're probably right." A Rezza Company car pulled up, "I'll call you later?" Brian didn't wait for an answer; he hopped in and sped off.

"Yeah...sure...that'd be great." she mumbled, watching the car speed off. Brian confused her. Sometimes he was a perfect gentleman, other times he acted like a complete numbskull. It was starting to get on her nerves. She turned to run, and walked face first into the chest of a very hot, very sculpted, very annoying chest of Alek Petrov, one-half of her Mai guardians. He seemed to be more like three-fourths lately, the way he was always taking Jasmine's shift. "Ooof," she glared into the pools of chocolate he called eyes. "Stop watching me." So much for a solo run. She walked past him, not waiting for him to catch up. Alek always caught her at the wrong times. She was still annoyed with Brian. First he lied to her, letting her believe he had waited for her at the warehouse, only to go home later and find a message on her phone that he had left. He had only returned when he saw she had left her phone on the seat. Now he barely said goodbye. It wasn't that big of a deal, but it bothered her. More and more things were bothering her with Brian lately. The Batman theme ringtone? Come on! Sometimes he acted like he was 12 instead of 19.

"Bad date?" Alek smirked, catching up with Chloe.

"It was fine." She emphasized, glaring at Alek.

"Uh huh. Sure it was." Alek grinned.

"Look, Alek," Chloe turned, catching Alek in surprise, "you're probably right," Alek grinned, "I probably shouldn't be dating Brian, but I care about him. Why is it such an issue for me to keep Brian around, when you have all those girls surrounding you at school? I don't see how it's different." She smirked in a 'Beat that' sense.

"Because, Ch-loe," he dragged out her name, "I don't date those girls. I can't help it that I'm so attractive." He grinned.

"attractive, but an ass." She muttered under her breath so low even a Mai couldn't hear it.

"What did you say? Did you say I have an attractive ass?" he asked smugly. Apparently in addition to his speed and good looks, Alek had especially good hearing, even for a Mai.

Chloe blushed. "I said attractive-my-ass." she stumbled, trying to recover.

They just walked in silence. "Anyway, I don't know that Brian and I will last much longer." she mumbled.

"Really?" Alek perked up like a cat who smelled tuna.

"Yes really. You don't have to be so smug about it. He can just be childish and flaky. I don't know. When he said he was going back to school, I felt bad about yelling at him, but when he sprung the news that he wasn't leaving...I just wasn't nearly as excited as I thought." She sighed, "Do you think you can fall out of love with somebody?"

"Chloe Mai aren't supposed to be with humans. We're not supposed to fall in love with humans. Mai are supposed to be with Mai. And then they make little Mai babies." He grinned broadly, showing a full set of dazzling white teeth. Chloe just sighed.

"For once in your life can't you be serious." She shook her head. Alek could be really endearing at points and so aggravating the next.

"I am. There's a reason dogs are attracted to dogs, apes to apes, humans to humans, Mai to Mai." It's how our races stay alive.

"hmm. I suppose you're right. But wait how do you explain a mule?"

"Freaks?" He smirked. "Mules can't have little mules."

Chloe just sighed, not sure what to believe or do. They walked in silence for awhile.

"Hey Alek," Jasmine appeared, "you can go home now, I'll watch Chloe."

"Thanks guys." Chloe muttered sarcastically.

"Nah, that's cool." Alek responded. This was what Chloe was talking about. He could be so compassionate sometimes. She looked at him sweetly. "No game tonight." He lied. There was actually a huge basketball game going on between the Kings and the Bulls, but that was what TiVo was for. He could watch it on his iPad while Chloe was sleeping sometime. He'd rather spend time with her awake.

Jasmine looked at him funny. She could have sworn there was a game tonight. Alek had been talking about it for a week. She shook it off. Maybe it was tomorrow.

They walked in silence, Chloe kicking a rock. She loved how they could walk in silence without it being awkward. When she was with Brian, she always felt the need to fill the silence.

Tonight, though, the silence was shortened by a man in the alley as he reached out and grabbed Chloe.

"Dammit!" She swore.

Alek cursed himself. He should have been more focused on the surroundings. Instead he was too busy watching Chloe kick a stupid rock. She could be so cute when she kept her mouth shut about Brian. He liked Chloe. Always had. He noticed her long before she chucked his ball in the garbage can. She had talked to him two years prior when they had been assigned a project and she volunteered to work with the "kid-who-just-transferred-from-England." But after he made Varsity Basketball that year, she stopped talking to him. He got the message, and shortly there after the changes started and he finally realized that what Valentina had always said was true: a relationship with a human was out of the question. so when she spoke to him and threw the basketball, he was elated, and he didn't waste anytime making up for lost time. Unfortunately Jasmine had interrupted not realizing that our suspicions that Chloe was Mai were true. Every time he was alone with her, someone had to interrupt it. This bastard was going to die!

Jasmine just stared as Alek did a hook kick. It was painstakingly risky. The assassin had a knife to Chloe's throat, but it was also completely unexpected. The surprise attack worked as Alek knocked the wind out, effectively freeing Chloe.

"Shit!" Jasmine had been too busy watching Alek that she hadn't noticed another assassin behind her. She was able to perform a takedown, but not without damage. Jasmine took off, successfully luring him away from Chloe. However two more assassins had appeared in the alley.

"How the hell did they know I was here?" Chloe cried incredulously. She had one assassin on the ground and was about to land her kill strike.

"Brian." The assassin smirked. Chloe stopped.

"What? No." the guy just shrugged.

"Maybe, Maybe not."

"Chloe, get your head in the game. This is not the time to daydream" Alek scolded.

Chloe clawed one nail across his throat ending it painfully. Chloe was focusing too much time on this guy she knew, but she was pretty sure Alek had the other guy covered.

"Chloe! Watch out!" Alek and the remaining assassin had been evenly matched, but with Alek worrying a bit too much about Chloe, the assailant gained the upper-hand and was able to throw Alek, and fire a well-thrown knife in her direction. Alek sprung from the cat that he was and hurled himself in front of a paralyzed Chloe King. Chloe recoiled expecting the feeling of a knife driving in to her flesh, but instead she heard Alek cry out as the knife instead impaled his gut. Chloe's eyes flashed from Alek to the trained-killer as she ran at him full force, screaming. She used all her strength to slash his throat.

"Alek," She turned to him, kneeling, their threat gone. "Oh god, Alek." She sobbed, "This is not the time to daydream; get your head in the game." Chloe tried to tease him, but with her tears rolling down her face the remark didn't have quite the same affect.

"Look at it this way," he winced, "I'll no longer be watching you." He tried to give his classic smirk, but it was offset by the pain in his eyes. "That's what you wanted right?"

"Don't you dare say that! You're not dying on me." her tears turned into full on water works. She hadn't meant it. Not really. She looked at him, flashing back to their first encounter.

He head only been there a couple days. He was in her English class. English was the one period she had without Amy or Paul. The teacher was assigning a partner project. She internally groaned. It wasn't that she didn't know anyone, but she was only acquaintances with them and they had their best friends to partner up with. She looked around seeing if anyone was partner-less besides her. Her eyes landed on the new kid. Of course.

"Alek, isn't it" She asked, "you have a partner?" He smiled at her.

They ended up getting an A on the project, she remembered. They had become good friends when they hung out. But shortly after the project ended, he joined the basketball team. She knew it was over after that. He would be a "Jocko." She cut it off then and there. It was easier for her to initiate the friend-dumping than being dumped.

She looked at him, remembering that first day. He could still be the guy she met. He hadn't changed that much.

They had grown so much closer since her 16th birthday. He could be an ass, but she could trust him. She knew when he was an ass, he didn't mean it. He was trying to joke. Maybe she was just too sensitive. She cared about him so much. He knew things she couldn't even tell Amy. He just...He understood her. She pushed a lock of golden hair out of his eyes.

"Alek, I-"

"Alek! Chloe!" Jasmine called, running back into the alley, "Everyone taken care of?" She stopped when she saw Chloe over Alek's body. Jasmine gasped. "Alek." she whispered. She turned to Chloe, "What can I do to help?"

"Call Valentina." Jasmine nodded and walked away. Chloe pulled the knife out of Alek's abdomen and wrapped her sweater around the wound, trying to staunch the bleeding. She worked in a daze, unable to truly comprehend the situation.

"Chloe?" Alek's voice brought Chloe back to the present. She looked at him with sadness. There wasn't anything she could do. "I can't last much longer. I'm dying. There's no way around it," she could only nod, facing the truth. "Before I die, will you do one thing for me?"

"Of course. Anything."

"Kiss me."

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